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Chapter 1421 – The Fearsome Lin Feng


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The seventeen strong fighters were surrounded by fire, screaming shrilly. Those who saw this scene and heard the screams all felt uncomfortable, as if they were also burning in the fire sea.

“Enough, enough.” Ancestor Tai’s face changed a little, and he called out. If Lin Feng continued to torture them it was impossible for these fighting forces to survive. At that time, the fighting capacity of the fighting forces would decline, which was not good for the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

Lin Feng sneered and waved his sleeve. The flames dissipated. The situation in the challenge arena was exposed to everyone’s eyes. However, many people wanted to vomit when they saw such a tragedy.

Five bodies were burned with only bones and some cooked meat remaining. Most of the Battle Army was severely burned, their meridians seared, and their bodies were in tatters, not even looking human.

Everyone was deeply shocked by Lin Feng’s ruthlessness. For both the Law Enforcement Army or the Battle Army, the cold sweat on their faces would not stop flowing. Fortunately, the people in this arena were not them, but the fear was that this was the Bodhisattva, the leader in charge of law!

Ancestor Tai stared at the challenge arena with complicated eyes. Lin Feng had killed five people and ruined fifteen! The first three people who were blown out were very lucky. Although they had also damaged their meridians, they were still human at least. But looking at these people charred as black as charcoal, they were not human at all.

Fear, deep fear. At the moment, everyone felt panic and fear. They dared not look at Lin Feng. They didn’t take Lin Feng as a dangerous man before. However, everyone in the Zhen Wu Dynasty was very clear at present.

The three princes were also flushed red. At the beginning, they were strongly dissatisfied with Lin Feng’s arrest of the Dun Crown Prince. However, at this moment, they now knew how cruel Lin Feng was!

“Lin Feng, why do you kill them on purpose?” Dong Fang Yu Qing hated Lin Feng, and clenched his fist, wanting to kill him. He looked at the fifteen people who had been ruined, and those who had been burned to bone.

On the other hand, there were only a few people in the Law Enforcement Army who had been ruined at the moment. Most of them were still standing. The anger in Dong Fang’s heart was growing, and finally he couldn’t help it.

“Lin Feng, your people do not want to live!” Dong Fang Yu Qing roared, his fists flashed out, and suddenly dragon lights burst out. The whole of the Zhen Wu Dynasty was filled with fear. People’s faces changed greatly.

Ancestor Tai could not help roaring, “Dong Fang, stop!”

“Uncle, I will kill them!” Dong Fang Yu Qing’s eyes were red with blood. He had been enraged by Lin Feng. He had lost his mind. At the moment, he was going to kill these Law Enforcement soldiers. Otherwise, he couldn’t calm his hatred.

The terror covered everyone and even shook away the Governor of the Imperial City and the Hell Judges. They deeply felt that Dong Fang Yu Qing had hidden his real strength.

“How dare you?” Lin Feng roared, his face was ferocious and changed. He stepped out and went straight for Dong Fang Yu Qing. He had never had a chance to fight him before. This time, he had a chance!

“Then I will kill you!” Dong Fang Yu Qing burst out. The man was like a crazy devil. His eyes were red and his body was blue. He went straight at Lin Feng, raging to the extreme. They met at a high altitude. They did not say any more words and went right to it.

“Blood Howling!”

Dong Fang Yu Qing’s double fists went out. He was the center of the fight, shining with a bloody light. Not only that, his aura broke through the whole of heaven and earth, making it a vacuum. Everyone looked at the bloody mushroom cloud rising from the sky which wanted to blow up Lin Feng.

“No, Dong Fang, dare you!” Nian Ling Jiao burst out and roared. There was a cold expression on her face. 

She wanted to go straight into the sky, but was held back by Ancestor Tai beside her. He said angrily, “You can’t go. Dong Fang Yu Qing is crazy. Do you want to die?”

” Dong Fang Yu Qing is crazy. What about Lin Feng?” Nian Ling Jiao answered Ancestor Tai in a very cold voice. 

Ancestor Tai sighed, but he said with a wry smile, “There is a conflict between them. If anyone intervenes at this time, the conflict will be transferred to them!

“You can rest assured that if Lin Feng is going to be killed, I will save him, but I’d like to see the real ability of this boy.” Ancestor Tai’s face was thoughtful, with no sign of worry. Instead, he was looking forward to seeing Lin Feng’s real ability.

He didn’t believe that Lin Feng had only so little ability, so he was meditating and waiting for Lin Feng to bring out his real potential.

Up in the sky, Lin Feng was watching the changes. The fearsome blood energy of Dong Fang Yu Qing was huge. The massive bloody mushroom cloud came straight at him. It was almost too much. Lin Feng knew that at this time, he had to show all his strength, otherwise it would be hard to deal with this Overlord.

“If you want to kill me, you are daydreaming!” Lin Feng closed his eyes and relaxed his hands lazily, surrendering to the void. More and more golden light poured into his body, and an ancient wind came from afar.

Ancestor Tai felt this wind, and his face suddenly tightened in disbelief. This wind? This energy? Such a familiar taste?

“The Master’s Breath? How can it be?” Ancestor Tai’s face was full of horror and fear. Although the energy and Breath were far from The Master’s level, there was a feeling that made him uneasy.

“Emperor Yan’s Scripture, Tao!” Lin Feng opened his mouth, but there was no sound between heaven and earth. The ethereal sound was like the eternal mountain, more like the sound of an ancient copper clock. At this moment, everyone fell into a daze.

The bloody mushroom cloud of Dong Fang Yu Qing rose to a height of ten thousand feet, and was meant to devour Lin Feng. But Lin Feng lay in the sky, the golden light in front of him growing stronger, and the hot yellow light gradually melted the bloody energy.

At the moment, no one dared to speak, including Ancestor Tai. His face changed from panic to excitement, from excitement to ecstasy. He never imagined that Lin Feng could even use The Master’s moves!

“I don’t believe it. I can’t kill you!” Dong Fang Yu Qing had lost all his senses. He just wanted to kill Lin Feng at the moment, whatever it cost.

The bloody mushroom cloud changed from one to three, rising from ten thousand meters to tens of thousands of meters. The aura was more than twice as strong, completely stimulating his pressure and strength.

Lin Feng felt bitter. He was proud enough to fight against Dong Fang Yu Qing, but it was still difficult to deal with an Overlord completely.

He only knew the first move of Emperor Yan’s Scripture. It was very difficult to deal with Dong Fang Yu Qing. Dong Fang Yu Qing was going to kill him. He could only accept the result.

Lin Feng opened his eyes, and stood in the void. He put up all the energy, calmly watching the three bloody mushroom clouds rolling, waiting for the energy explosion.


“Enough, you’re going too far.” Ancestor Tai’s figure suddenly appeared in front of Lin Feng, both hands waving. Eighteen golden shadows separated from him. After resisting the three horrible bloody mushroom clouds, six golden virtual shadows captured Dong Fang Yu Qing and flew straight to the ground.

Ancestor Tai also clenched Lin Feng’s arm and flew to the ground.

The energy seething between Dong Fang Yu Qing and Lin Feng also disappeared, and the killing intention no longer existed. A normal atmosphere returned to the square.

The Law Enforcement Army was excited. They saw with their own eyes how the Bodhisattva had protected them, and also saw his terrible power. Although he was not as strong as Dong Fang Yu Qing, the gap was not something between a Holy Godly Ancestor and an Overlord!

   They thought that except for Lin Feng, there was absolutely no second person who could fight against an Overlord with Holy Godly Ancestor strength, right?

“Uncle, you?” Dong Fang Yu Qing had recovered some sense, but he still didn’t understand why Ancestor Tai had stopped him. Wasn’t it clear that Lin Feng was a disaster?

“Enough, today’s Court Meeting, are you allowed to disturb things?” Ancestor Tai rebuked him angrily, his face full of wrinkles, which added a lot of seriousness and people dared not look straight at him.

Dong Fang Yu Qing bowed his head slightly and dared not speak. Lin Feng breathed deeply. He was still exhausted. Fortunately, Ancestor Tai had finally intervened, or he would have been really lucky to escape alive.

“After the Court Meeting, come to the palace and I’ll ask you some questions,” Ancestor Tai passed by Lin Feng and spoke softly. No one else could hear it, only Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was a little shocked, but nodded silently.

“The Law Enforcement Army, Battle Army, start your Establishment Ceremony!” Ancestor Tai shouted deeply, looking at the two armies, the Law Enforcement Army with gold armor and the Battle Army with blood-red armor. Except for the slain and the ruined, and they were still complete.

They were also the two sharp knives of the Zhen Wu Dynasty in the future!

“Here are ten medals for the Law Enforcement Army. The remaining ten people who just participated in the examination are awarded them!” With a light shout of Ancestor Tai, he honored the ten intact men left after the battle with Dong Fang Yu Qing.

These ten people were very excited, but they still looked at Lin Feng. After all, Lin Feng had just saved them. If Lin Feng didn’t do anything, they might have been killed by Dong Fang Yu Qing!

“Come and accept them!” Lin Feng nodded and motioned for the ten soldiers to receive their medals.

The ten people’s faces were overjoyed, and they could not control their excitement. They came to Ancestor Tai’s, going down on one knee and lowering their heads deeply.

“Get up! The Law Enforcement Army is not allowed to kneel! ” When Lin Feng saw this scene, his face suddenly changed, and he bellowed out. His terrible aura was frightening.

Ancestor Tai was stunned, and then he looked at Lin Feng and ten soldiers before him. But this time, Ancestor Tai was not angry, and smiled, “Yes, get up, the Law Enforcement Army will not kneel to anyone!”

“Yes.” The ten people got up, embarrassed, but they admired Lin Feng even more.

After receiving the ten gold medals, they saluted and then turned back to the Law Enforcement Army.

Ancestor Tai waved to the Battle Army and naturally ten people walked out. They were all selected in advance, so there would be no dispute.

“Here are ten divine ancestral vessels for you!”

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