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Chapter 1422 – Domineering Advancement

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“Well, Lin Feng just spent too much energy and strength on the battle, so the morning competition will be held first by our team.”

Jeston secretly admired Lin Feng. Despite the conflict caused by Tian Dao Yuan, Jeston really admired Lin Feng. He always took Lin Feng as an example, so when Lin Feng’s energy consumption was extremely serious, he chose to speak up.

Of course, he would attract a lot of attention when he did this in such a noble manner. Otherwise, the whole court would focus on Lin Feng, and Jeston’s heart would be a little reluctant. As the representative of Tian Dao Yuan, that meant several people behind him would feel embarrassed.

“Ha ha, good. You are worthy of being the master of Tian Dao Yuan. You are really extraordinary.” Ancestor Tai’s face was full of smiles. He was still worried that Lin Feng would suffer a lot after consuming too much energy. But since Jeston said that, he was relieved.

Nian Ling Jiao went to Lin Feng and didn’t say anything, but put a blue pill in her hand directly into Lin Feng’s mouth. Lin Feng immediately felt a great vitality entering his meridians. The original lack of energy immediately eased a lot. Of course, there was no way to compare it with being at his peak.

“This was from the Tai Qing Sect. There were only three in the Zhen Wu Dynasty, one for father, one for me, and one for Dong Fang Yu Qing.” Nian Ling Jiao smiled gently and generously, a slight smile at the corner of her mouth. She didn’t give up anything, it was just a pill in her eyes. Anyone could take it.

Lin Feng remembered this kindness. There were only three pills in the Zhen Wu Dynasty, so it must be extremely precious. Otherwise, more than Ancestor Tai, Dong Fang Yu Qing, and Nian Ling Jiao would own it. After taking the pill, Lin Feng could see her kindness.

After adjusting the energy of his meridians, Lin Feng went straight to the challenge arena, listing off, “I, Lin Feng, Duan Long, Ta Ke, Li Pin the Minister of Battle, and Xu Changyi the Minister of Officials are in one group.”

“Jeston, with Nian Lun, Lu Zhan the Minister of Punishment, the Minister of War, the Hell Judge Wu Ming, and Qing You are in one group.

“My strength is OK. I don’t need other people’s humility. As the host, I’ll take the initiative first. Don’t be impatient!” Lin Feng said coldly, glancing at Jeston beside him, and finally walked up to the challenge arena, looked around for a moment, and called out, “Our other four friends, come up!”

At this moment, Lin Feng’s arrogance was all on display. After fighting with Dong Fang Yu Qing, he was still so calm. He took the initiative and made many people admire him secretly. He was worthy of being the Bodhisattva of Zhen Wu Dynasty. He was really powerful!

Lin Feng’s ferocity just now and the horror of fighting with Dong Fang Yu Qing had shocked the whole people of Zhen Wu Dynasty. No one dared to sneer at Lin Feng anymore. No matter who was the champion, Lin Feng was undoubtedly the most impressive.

Dong Fang Yu Qing wanted to cry without tears. His plan to harm Lin Feng was planned meticulously, and he even took the initiative himself eventually, but it became a stepping stone for Lin Feng, making his name more famous.

This feeling of loss wasn’t something Dong Fang Yu Qing, an Overlord, knew how to solve. At present, the whole Court Meeting would be Lin Feng’s showcase and he, even as an Overlord, could only be a spectator.

It was impossible to expect the four people in his group to kill Lin Feng. Lin Feng had been able to fight against an Overlord. Even facing Earthly Godly Ancestors, they guessed that Lin Feng wouldn’t suffer any losses. Even if he let Li Pin, the Minister of Battle, and Xu Chang, the Minister of Prisons, fight him, it was meaningless.

Lin Feng was a rising dragon. Unless he was killed, he would not be contained!

All of them ignored Dong Fang Yu Qing’s sour face, and were staring at every move and gesture of Lin Feng, which could affect everyone.

“Are you sure you want to join us?” Ta Ke, the son of Ta Mu Xuan, the City Lord of Ta City, asked in surprise, coming to the stage. If he had not paid attention to Lin Feng before, he would still regard Lin Feng as a Holy Godly Ancestor. At present he only had unease in his heart, because anyone who was in a group with Lin Feng was in for some bad luck.

“Of course.” Lin Feng didn’t think too much, just had a light smile.

“Let’s make a group.” Compared with Ta Ke, Duan Long was a lot more stable. If it didn’t matter if the final result was won or lost, at least he would not be afraid, nor would he shrink back. He would only march forward bravely, just like the Governor of the Imperial City.

“I see Lord Bodhisattva.”

“I see Your Excellency.”

Li Pin, the Minister of the Battle Department and Xu Chang, the Minister of Prisons, might often have to see the fourth minister, whether they wanted to or not. This was the rule of Zhen Wu’s superior and inferior ranks. Whoever dared to break the rules would be punished!

Lin Feng ignored the two men and turned to a corner of the challenge arena. He sat cross legged on the edge of the challenge arena, waving his hands, which glowed with a golden light. There was a golden light shadow looming hundreds of meters above Lin Feng, looking just like a guardian over Lin Feng. Although the light and shadow were vague, they formed a big Buddha.

A Buddha with hands closed and a smile on the corners of his mouth seemed harmless to human beings and animals, but the pair of dark red Buddha eyes made people afraid. It was not the pure Buddha? This seemed like a Buddha devil?

Lin Feng didn’t care about people’s attention, holding the crystal in his hand and waiting for the other four to prepare.

Li Pin and Xu Chang looked at each other and sat down in two adjacent corners. They used their energy to control the crystal easily. They were all Earthly Godly Ancestors, but their explosive auras could not cover up the brilliance of Lin Feng.

The fourth, Ta Ke, sat down. He was close to Lin Feng. He didn’t care about crystal stones, but folded his hands together. Two blue and white lights shone in the sky. It seemed like a protective field, almost covering the whole arena. The aura was extremely powerful, and had a great impact on Lin Feng’s Golden Buddha.

Duan Long sat silently in the last position, hands on his knees, a noble Royal spirit reflected incisively and vividly.

At this moment, there was no need for any slogans, no need to announce the beginning. The five pieces of crystal flew out in unison, the goal of all to stay within one meter of the center of the challenge arena.

However, these hundreds of meters were not a simple journey. When the crystal controlled by Li Pin flew out, three pieces of crystal attacked and blocked at the same time. The crystal of Lin Feng was shining a bright gold, the crystal was twinkling with a small Buddha. The Buddha waved his hand and knocked back the crystal of Li Pin.

Ta Ke and Duan Rong were trying their best to defend, which made Li Pin’s crystal fail after three attempts. Xu Chang knew that such a competition could not be won by himself, so he could only join hands with Li Pin.

When the crystal stone lifted off, Xu Chang blocked Lin Feng’s attack for Li Pin. Li Pin’s crystal stone rushed to the center of the challenge arena and moved away. At the same time, Ta Ke and Duan Long’s mouths curved a little.



At the same time, the sound of breaking crystal and the sound of spitting blood came. They saw that the crystal of Li Pin was directly broken into several pieces by the joint force of Ta Ke and Duan Long. As for Li Pin, he was so focused that he didn’t have time to recover his energy, which made the power rebound and shocked his organs.

The broken crystal stone symbolized that Li Pin had failed. At this moment, Lin Feng’s crystal stone smashed Xu Chang’s controlled crystal stone into disarray. When the palm of the Buddha’s hand came out, it was as strong as steel. Although Xu Chang’s crystal stone might be able to bear it, it couldn’t touch Lin Feng’s stone, which threatened his own.

With a loud bang, Xu Chang’s crystal was not broken, but directly smashed into powder and disappeared in the air.

Xu Chang’s face was pale. Fortunately, he was much quicker than Li Pin. Otherwise, he would have ended up like Li Pin and been seriously injured.

No matter what, both of them were the first to withdraw from the championship competition. The two Great Ministers of the Zhen Wu Dynasty were eliminated, which made Ancestor Tai’s face slightly ugly. However, Lin Feng was still holding on. His only hope was Lin Feng!

Two people gone, leaving only three people at the edges of the challenge arena. Lin Feng, Ta Ke and Duan Long, with Duan Long and Ta Ke obviously in a cooperative relationship. It was likely that the two would join hands to advance and defeat Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s oppression suddenly increased. He was very clear that both of them were Earthly Godly Ancestors, and there was no difference between them. So, it was very hard to fight against them, but there was no other way. He was absolutely not allowed to wash out before he fought with Jeston!

Lin Feng was not greedy to be the champion of this Court Meeting, but he had to enter the finals. He wanted to show Tian Dao Yuan with his own strength that the path they chose was so outrageous, and what they missed was not just a genius!

Lin Feng was very vengeful to some extent, so petty that he was shocked. At this moment, Lin Feng would not forgive Tian Dao Yuan, because they had followed Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s footsteps!

“Attack together!” Ta Ke and Duan Long communicated with each other, and then the two’s crystal light instantly bloomed with three energies. Under the blue and white light, an Imperial Spirit was leading the way. Lin Feng’s crystal was bounced back to his side in an instant, the degree of the collapse was amazing, and then the two crystal stones ran to the center of the challenge arena side by side.

When Nian Ling Jiao saw this, her heart was in her throat. Once the two crystals entered the center of the challenge arena, she would directly announce that Lin Feng was eliminated. Her heart beat faster. 

Thump! Thump!

The heartbeat seemed to be the countdown. With each beat, the two stones drew closer to the center of the challenge arena until they were on the edge of the circle.

The sudden change was a loud bang, which made people’s ears ache. The light in the middle of the challenge arena was unforgettable. The golden light magic Buddha behind Lin Feng was smashed forward and hit the whole challenge arena. Duan Long and Ta Ke’s crystals were shot out and were driven back to them.

On the other hand, Lin Feng’s crystal stone had gone all the way to the center of the challenge arena!

Duan Long’s reaction was a bit faster than Ta Ke’s. He immediately manipulated the crystal to shoot straight to the challenge arena.

At this moment, all people breathed slowly, even dared not breathe, for fear of affecting other people’s emotions.

One meter away from the central line of the challenge arena, Lin Feng’s crystal was shining. Like a guardian angel, it stood on the top of the arena, while Duan Long’s crystal was like a killer, sneaking in at the last moment before the gate was closed.

When Ancestor Tai saw this, he did not hesitate to announce, “It’s over, Lin Feng and Duan Long advance!” and the stone in his heart was released.

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