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Chapter 1423 – Selection of the Top Four

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“Congratulations, ha ha!” Jeston brushed against Lin Feng and walked over. He looked back and smiled. They exchanged positions. Jeston sat in Lin Feng’s position.

   Lu Zhan and Nian Lun were also sitting in a corner on the edge of the challenge arena, but they didn’t have the same purpose at the moment, so there was no need to cooperate with each other. They could only fight with all their strength for their teams.

   Qing You and Wu Ming looked cold. They sat in the corners of the challenge arena one by one. Their expressions were ambivalent and seemed to tell everyone that contest was not too important for them.

   The broken crystals had been replaced with new ones. The five people looked at each other, and the battle started quietly.

   As soon as Jeston came up, he was powerful and unstoppable. The power of his crystal was far more than that of the other four people. His attack seemed to provoke the other four people. This led to Lu Zhan getting angry. Lu Zhan didn’t want to be promoted. He just wanted to do his duty.

   In addition, he also saw from all aspects that there seemed to be some grudges and contradictions between his master and Jeston. He knew that this was a very good opportunity, so he would not let it go.

   Lu Zhan clenched his fists, and put all his energy out. The crystal was also full of sharp power, as if this was not a crystal at the moment, but a sharp sword, which made people deeply afraid.

   Lin Feng watched silently, feeling that Lu Zhan’s strength was really dangerous. If Lin Feng could fight with him with all his strength and he had forty percent to win, it would be very good. Lu Zhan’s strong figure and fierce fighting spirit were not common to others.

   Lin Feng also wanted to thank Dong Fang Yu Qing. If it wasn’t for the latter, how could he get such a useful helper to pressure him? He looked at Dong Fang Yu Qing sitting opposite him. The latter’s face darkened. Of course he knew the meaning of Lin Feng’s smile.

   The aura on the challenge arena suddenly became tense. Lu Zhan was aiming for Jeston everywhere, which made Jeston quite angry. He no longer looked at Lin Feng’s face and turned to Lu Zhan. His fists flashed out, and the crystal exploded with more dazzling light after the gesture. The sharp aura also changed abruptly, and a tremendous energy rushed to him.

   Lu Zhan’s face suddenly changed. He realized that a Holy Godly Ancestor as Jeston was able to fight above his level! At the very least, Jeston didn’t lag behind. Lu Zhan believed that his master Lin Feng had such strength, but he didn’t think that Jeston was the same.

   No wonder there were some unspoken contradictions between the two people. Two excellent people naturally had a feeling that when equals met, there would be conflict!


   At this moment, Lu Zhan’s crystal not only collided with Jeston’s, but was also attacked by Nian Lun on the other side. Under the energy of the two strong fighters, the crystal was smashed, and Lu Zhan was taken out.

   Lin Feng flashed out, reached out to grab on to Lu Zhan, to avoid Lu Zhan being hit and flying out of the challenge arena.

“Thank you.” There was some reluctance and anger on Lu Zhan’s face. He knew that it was Nian Lun that had suddenly defeated him. Otherwise, he would not have been defeated by Jeston so easily.

“It’s OK, you did your best.”

   Boom! Kah!

   At the same time, Lin Feng comforted Lu Zhan and heard the sound of crystal breaking again. Lin Feng was suddenly shocked. He looked up to the challenge arena with Lu Zhan.

 Nian Lun was angry and saw the crystal in front of him had been smashed by Jeston. He couldn’t accept it for a while.

“Why?” Age and complexion are very ugly. He helped Jeston to drive out Lu Zhan. Why did Jeston turn to attack him?

“You don’t have to mind my business!” Jeston shouted back coldly. He only felt humiliated, because he could not blow Lu Zhan out without Nian Lun’s sneak attack. This was unacceptable to Jeston, so he could only blow out Nian Lun in a rage.

“You deserve it, hum.” Lu Zhan’s face was overjoyed as he cursed. He wished that Nian Lun had been killed. Why had he pretended to be kind to Jeston? He helped Jeston and then was eliminated through competition by the other side. Was this a joke?

   Nian Lun stood up in a corner of the arena with an ugly face. After fiercely staring at Jeston and Lu Zhan, he retreated silently behind Ancestor Tai. After such a scene, they dared not stand behind Dong Fang Yu Qing. After all, the emperor of Zhen Wu Dynasty was Ancestor Tai, not Dong Fang Yu Qing!

“You really made an unnecessary move. Now, the four Great Ministers of Zhen Wu Dynasty have been eliminated. Are you ashamed?” Nian Ling Jiao mocked Nian Lun indifferently in her low voice. Nian Lun could only smile awkwardly, then nod his head in flattery. He dared not have any objections to the lesson of the eldest princess.

   There were only three people left on the field: Jeston, Wu Ming, and Qing You. The latter two were Earthly Godly Ancestors. They could be described as extremely strong. From the beginning to the end, neither Qing You nor Wu Ming attacked Jeston. When Jeston fought against Lu Zhan, they kept their crystals in place.

   Now, each of them had their own actual combat energy, pushing the crystal stone straight forward. When the final collision was inevitable, each of them had their own maximum actual combat energy, and let their crystal rush into the aperture in the center of the final challenge arena. Getting promoted didn’t matter to them, but it was about face and winning, after all!

“I won’t give way to you,” Wu Ming said coldly. Suddenly he reflected the authority of the Hell Judges. Two black shadows appeared suddenly on his hands. The shadows were extremely fast, and the cold air spread all over his body, boosting the progress of the crystal.

“Ha ha, if you want to pass, pass me first!” Long sleeves were waved out by Qing You, but the cold white air was no less than the chilling air of the two shadows. It resisted the crystal, making Wu Ming unable to move forward.

“You two play the game slowly, and I’m going to be promoted!” Jeston chuckled. His crystal moved forward. Under the golden light, a wind that hadn’t appeared before shrouded the whole arena. At first glance, the crystal looked like a running Overlord. Any obstacle in his eyes was nothing. His goal was only one thing: advancing!

“Ha ha, I can’t let you achieve so easily!” Wu Ming sneered and acted. His left hand turned over, and a magic shadow appeared again. He opened his bloody-shining mouth and it went straight into the crystal stone. The crystal stone suddenly became the devil’s chief and swallowed the other two crystal stones. A terrible aura ran through it.

   Jeston’s face suddenly changed. He took it for granted that this time he could advance, but he didn’t pay attention to the fact that the two people opposite were also geniuses. The best Earthly Godly Ancestors were qualified to compete as Overlords!

   In the face of them, he as a Holy Godly Ancestor had no advantage. How could he try to be promoted quickly? Jeston breathed deeply. He felt influenced by Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s promotion was faster than him, which made him feel he was being compared unrealistically.

   After recovering his mindset, Jeston fought with a common heart, controlling the crystal to be more stable, and the golden light was contracted tightly. The crystal now looked like just a common stone. Compared to the crystals of the other two, the gap was a little big.

“Did he give up?” Lu Zhan was confused. He didn’t understand Jeston’s sudden weakness.

Maybe he gave up, Nian Ling Jiao also secretly thought, leaning on his chin, smiling like a peony, full of fragrance after blooming.

In such an atmosphere, few people paid attention to Nian Ling Jiao.

“No, he is certainly advancing.” Lin Feng saw through Jeston’s purpose, but he smiled, his tone a little bit ponderous. He saw Lu Zhan, but he couldn’t understand what it was like to be promoted? He pretended to be so weak now.

   But he dared not to refute Lin Feng, he could only quietly wait and see.

   Seeing that Jeston’s aura was weak, Wu Ming and Qing You thought that Jeston knew the gap between their strength and wanted to give up. At the same time, their lips curled. Did he really regard himself like Lin Feng? It was a laughingstock for Holy Godly Ancestors to be promoted. If another one appeared, other Holy Godly Ancestors would feel ashamed.

   Ignoring Jeston, Qing You and Wu Ming focused on attacking the other side. But they didn’t see that Jeston was like a viper who first showed his weakness and then lurked in the dark, ready to launch a deadly attack.

   Seeing this, many people understood what was going on.

“Three!” Lin Feng suddenly held out his fingers at this moment, which was quite unexpected. People didn’t know what it meant, and he also attracted most people’s attention.

“Two!” Lin Feng ignored others and counted himself. His fingers changed from three to two. At last, Lin Feng called out calmly, “One!”


   All of a sudden, the scene suddenly changed. During the confrontation between Qing You and Wu Ming, Jeston burst out with twice the aura and defeated them with an absolute advantage. His crystal entered the aperture in the middle of the challenge arena in a blink of an eye.

   There was absolute silence, no one spoke. They were staring at the scene and found it unacceptable.

“You lost!” Jeston chuckled, his eyes were full of playfulness. Jeston took advantage of the fight between the two sides.

“I lost.” Qing You was pained. Seeing that his crystal had broken, he could only admit failure, but he was unwilling to accept the defeat. 

“I didn’t lose. Congratulations on your advancement,” Wu Ming grinned. After the light dissipated, people actually saw two crystal stones. Jeston’s was close to the center of the challenge arena store. A crystal stone near the aperture was scattering the light there. It seemed that it was laughing ironically.

   Jeston’s face changed a little. Until then, he didn’t know how that Wu Ming had advanced? He only saw his own crystal.

“Wu Ming, you are really good at pretending,” Lin Feng murmured. He felt respect for Wu Ming in his heart, but he also paid more attention to him. Even Jeston didn’t see it. At that critical moment, Wu Ming used a very small trick, an illusion!

   Under the illusion, the crystal was still fighting with Qing You, but the crystal was just a fake from the illusion, and the real crystal had moved into the aperture when everyone was not paying attention.

   At the moment, the top four had been selected.

   Lin Feng, Bodhisattva of Zhen Wu Dynasty, leader of the Region of the Eight Corners!

   Jeston, the next master of Tian Dao Yuan.

   Wu Ming, a disciple of Hanyan, the Hell Judges, who had a very high status.

   Duan Long, the Deputy General of Duan Rong, the Imperial City Ruler, and also the Deputy Lord of the Imperial City!

   It could be said that they were all famous!

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