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Chapter 1424 – Lin Feng vs Wu Ming

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“Now that there are the semi-final winners, let’s begin the finals. In order to be fair, none of those from Zhen Wu Dynasty, Tian Dao Yuan, the Governor of the Imperial City and the Hell Judges will participate in the battle.

“Ta Mu Xuan, would you please pick candidates for the two battles for these four people with Qing Yu Sheng,” Ancestor Tai said seriously. He looked at Ta Mu Xuan, Leader of the Tower City, and Qing Yu Sheng, the Leader of the Tai Qing sect.

   Ta Mu Xuan nodded slightly. Although his son was eliminated, he had not lost at all. It’s a great courage to come to the Court Meeting. This was all because Lin Feng and Jeston were too abnormal. Their Holy Godly rank could compete with Earthly Godly Ancestors!

   Qing Yu Sheng was not dissatisfied. Qing You didn’t use tricks like Wu Ming had at the last moment, so it was proper to lose the game!

“In that case, two groups will fight against each other: Lin Feng and Wu Ming, and Jeston against Duan Long. How about that?” Qing Yu Sheng pointed to Lin Feng and Wu Ming, and then looked at Jeston and Duan Long.

   Ta Mu Xuan nodded slightly: he had no objection to both sides of the two games, and could see that today was meant to be a game between Lin Feng and Jeston. Both of them were geniuses, and the best of the Holy Godly Ancestors. The final had to be an exciting game.

   So, this arrangement was very reasonable. At the same time, if both of them were eliminated by Wu Ming and Duan Long, it was still possible. It could also prove that it was impossible for Holy Godly Ancestors to truly defeat Earthly Godly Ancestors!

   This was a win-win solution. Most people wouldn’t have any objections. In this way, Ancestor Tai decided immediately that Lin Feng would compete with the Hell Judge’s Wu Ming, while Jeston would compete with Duan Long, the Vice Leader of the Imperial City.

“You will compete in the order of the first and second groups. Lin Feng and Wu Ming will compete first, Jeston and Duan Long second.

“But it’s not fair for Lin Feng and Jeston to fight continuously. You don’t have to fight with Pure Qi. In this way, you can have a winner without disrupting the harmony. How about that?” Ancestor Tai thought about the problem carefully to avoid any dissatisfaction.

   After the battle of life and death between Lin Feng and Dong Fang Yu Qing, Ancestor Tai didn’t want to see something like that. If he couldn’t control it, the competitors might lose control of their feelings, which would be dangerous to both sides.

   All four people nodded. Since they didn’t need Pure Qi, it didn’t matter. As long as their energy was enough, Pure Qi was only a supplement, at least for Lin Feng. The formation of his Ancestor’s Body allowed him to fight without Pure Qi.

   The Ancestor’s Body might be my final body, Lin Feng thought silently.

“Lin Feng, no matter what the result is, I admire you!”

   At the moment, Wu Ming had come to Lin Feng’s side, full of admiration. He had seen the fight between Lin Feng and Dong Fang Yu Qing. Although Lin Feng had to be rescued by Ancestor Tai, everyone was deeply shocked.

   He was the same. He admired and didn’t hold contempt for Lin Feng. He didn’t mind if he could be the champion. He only hoped to meet a good opponent and then leave without regrets.

   Now he thought it was a great decision to attend the Court Meeting. No matter what, he had no regrets. It was a blessing to have Lin Feng as an opponent!

“Wu Ming, don’t use the Illusion Skill on me later, ha ha,” Lin Feng muttered in Wu Ming’s ear when no one was paying attention. Hearing that, Wu Ming’s face changed; he looked at Lin Feng in shock and nearly started sweating. He couldn’t understand. Even many Overlords couldn’t see it carefully, Lin Feng saw it through a glance!

“That’s really impressive.” Wu Ming admired Lin Feng even more, and couldn’t help clenching his fists. Maybe it was his luck to have this fight!

“Nonsense. This is the Court Meeting, it’s not a place for chatting. Shouldn’t you have started yet?” Dong Fang Yu Qing couldn’t stand Lin Feng’s smiling face. He was more jealous of Lin Feng having a good relationship with others, so he couldn’t help but scold them.

   Lin Feng ignored Dong Fang Yu Qing. He looked at each other with Wu Ming and nodded slightly.

“Sorry to offend you!” Wu Ming disappeared sooner than his voice and appeared beside Lin Feng suddenly. The Thunderbolt Palm hit Lin Feng’s chest with a blood-red demon shadow. Lin Feng snorted but was not hurt, because at the same time, Lin Feng also took a few steps back, leaving only a shadow.


  Wu Ming’s face remained unchanged, and he continued to fly forward. There were more and more demon shadows in his hands, and his gloomy Qi grew stronger and stronger. This made many strong competitors in the Court Meeting take the match seriously. Maybe it could not be as wonderful as the battle between Lin Feng and Dong Fang Yu Qing, but it would definitely be historical!

“Thunderbolt Demon Palm!” Wu Ming roared, he couldn’t be more serious. His two fists blew out thousands of demon shadows and skeletons, just like a Hell Judge. He had fully inherited the teachings of his master Han Yan.

   Han Yan watched and nodded inside. No matter if he won or lost, at least he was worthy of the reputation as the best apprentice of the Hell Judge. This kind of Evil Qi was fearsome enough!

“Ha ha, Han Yan, this Wu Ming is really like you.” Ancestor Tai watched from the high platform and couldn’t help laughing. He hadn’t seen Han Yan fight for a long time, but he could see the power of Han Yan through the skills of Wu Ming.

“Well, he is just fighting blindly,” Han Yan was very modest; no one dared to exaggerate and be arrogant in front of Ancestor Tai.

   Ancestor Tai didn’t say more, continuing to look at the arena. Wu Ming’s moves were sharp. The Thunderbolt Palm with two demon shadows was extremely sharp, just like the claws of an eagle.

   Lin Feng kept stepping back and almost never took initiative, which disappointed many people. Did Lin Feng consume too much physical strength when he was fighting with Dong Fang Yu Qing? Why didn’t he attack?

   It’s true that Lin Feng spent a lot of physical strength in the battle with Dong Fang Yu Qing. Although there was the pill from Nian Ling Jiao, it was a pill that recovered Pure Qi, not physical strength. At the moment, Lin Feng was lacking some physical strength, but he still had the strength to attack.

“It’s time for me to fight back after you chasing me for so long, bro!” Lin Feng chuckled, his left foot stepping on the white stone plate of the arena firmly, and then his whole body shifted. He hit with his fists, and the threat of the Aggressive Fist was out in a flash. Wu Ming’s face changed a little. He rushed around and knocked Lin Feng back, but didn’t expect Lin Feng to strike with his fists suddenly.

   He couldn’t step back faster than the Aggressive Fist, so Wu Ming was attacked by the Aggressive Fist at this moment. With a loud bang, Wu Ming took several steps back, and his foot even left the ground, as if he was blown back.

  Wu Ming stepped on the ground, clenched his teeth and stopped his retreat In turn, he rushed back. Lin Feng only saw a bloody figure in front of him. The gloomy Qi of Wu Ming grew higher and higher, making his skin bristle with sweat.

“The Gloomy Eighteen Killings!” Wu Ming’s eyes were bloody red, his two hands were like a demon knife, the rigid energy blew with a demon wind, as if ghosts were rising from Hell, swooping forward eighteen killing gusts of winds.

   Lin Feng looked at the eighteen killing winds howling like a hurricane. Each killing wind brought a terrible feeling and sound, just like a fierce ghost kicking on a coffin, very frightening.

“It’s worthy of being an apprentice of the Hell Judges, but it’s not enough to defeat me,” Lin Feng chuckled calmly, then took a step back and turned abruptly. At this moment, he burst out with the light of a golden Buddha. A Golden Buddha wall went straight toward the eighteen killing winds in the sky.

   Clang, clang, clang!

   The crisp and deafening bells went into everyone’s ears alternately, making their eardrums painful. Lin Feng was really powerful, the eighteen killing winds not only broke, but Wu Ming was also driven back for hundreds of meters before he landed halfway in the air before the light of the Golden Buddha.

   Wu Ming glanced at the ground behind him: he was almost out of the arena. That is to say, if he stepped back half a meter, he would have lost. He breathed deeply, and his head hurt even more. Lin Feng was difficult to deal with, which he had imagined, but he did not imagine it was this difficult!

“Sorry, bro. I can only use a Godly Tao Skill.” Wu Ming breathed deeply, looking gloomy, pulling all his breath back into his body. Wu Ming was like a batter, but the energy about to burst out would make the whole world crazy.

   Lin Feng sensed danger, and didn’t dare to look down on it. After all, Wu Ming was an Earthly Godly Ancestor. He was qualified to compete with the Overlords, so he could no longer be confident that he could defeat the Earthly Godly Ancestor with no effort.

  He had to use a Godly Tao Skill!

  The whole arena was quiet, Wu Ming was standing in the air without a word, his face even more serious. On the contrary, Lin Feng closed his eyes. The light of the Buddha never dissipated, but there was no threatening energy.

“What happened to both of them?” Lu Zhan was a little confused, but he clenched his fists silently. As a servant, he hoped that his master would win the final victory. but he knew that it was very difficult. Wu Ming was an Earthly Godly Ancestor. No one could ignore this, even if Lin Feng was more powerful.

   Jeston had always been watching Lin Feng’s fighting moves quietly, deeply shocked. Compared to the Lin Feng of the past, Jeston knew he had made a qualitative change!

   Lin Feng was no longer the same person as when he was at the Country of Eternity. Now Lin Feng was far stronger, both in strength and boldness. Lin Feng was not a king anymore, but he looked more like one!

“I’m looking forward to fighting you!” 

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