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Chapter 1425 – Lin Feng Advances!

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“The calm before the storm is terrible!” Han Yan murmured, but his eyes were full of worry. He was not worried about Wu Ming; he was confident about the disciple. But Lin Feng’s strength was far beyond expectation. Wu Ming needed to pay a great price to win the battle!

   Just after Han Yan spoke, the atmosphere over the challenge arena suddenly became very heavy. It was more like a wave of annihilation, as if both a beast and a real dragon were waiting for them. Under this aura, many powerful people under the Holy Godly Ancestor level backed up to avoid being caught in it.

“Lin Feng, it’s over!” Wu Ming breathed deeply, his eyes fixed on Lin Feng. A hand was slowly stretched out, a kind of death claw from Hell. This blood-colored Yin Qi was unbearable, Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel a cold wind at his back.

  Facing the claw, Lin Feng was surrounded by blood and evil spirits. The chill and murderous power of Hell were vividly reflected by Wu Ming. Lin Feng was very clear that at this moment, he couldn’t win by luck at all. If he wanted to win, he could only use his own trump cards!

“It’s time to end, but it’s you, not me, who will step down!” When Lin Feng opened his eyes, there was a flash of golden light in his eyes, but it did not belong to Buddha light. It was more like a more sacred energy, which made people feel uneasy.

“Godly Tao, Fire and Ice!”

   The roar sounded like a god as the power suddenly appeared in the blue sky. There was originally a warm sun there, but obeying Lin Feng’s palms, the energy on two sides of the sky were now extremely concentrated. If the west was a cold world which was suffocating people, then the East was a sea of fire coming, and people were afraid.

   One east and one west, one hot and one cold. Under the twin pressures, the heaven and the earth, all things crawled on the ground, except for several Overlords. The rest of Spiritual Godly Ancestors’ faces changed dramatically.

   At this moment, there was no need for fancy moves. The ice and fire fields above the clouds were the result. There was no need for any applause and shock. The bloody claw went up into the sky for tens of thousands of feet, which was the proof.

   There was no voice for discussion or surprise. Everyone held their breath and waited, subconsciously clenching their fists. Ancestor Tai’s sweat also came out of his palms. He had unprecedentedly hoped that his camp would win!

“Lin Feng, you are really powerful, but you can’t overstep the gap between the Holy Godly and the Earthly Godly, so it’s all over!” At this moment, he was like a devil of hell. After one claw, he was soaked in blood. Everyone could help being frightened by the sight.

“It depends on the result!” Lin Feng grinned, not wanting to talk too much nonsense. The ice and fire quickly converged and went straight at the bloody claw. The Devil’s Claw of Hell, no matter how fierce it was, could only look and sigh before the ice and fire.

   Ancestor Tai, Qing Yu Sheng, Han Yan, and even Ta Mu Xuan, the City Lord of Ta Cheng, all stood up independently with different facial expressions.

   Calm, unprecedented calm, the expected collision on the high altitude didn’t seem to have happened, but the ice and fire were wrapped in blood claws. Everyone saw it, but there was no energy generated by the collision.

   After a long time… “Oh, I lost!”

   A sigh, extremely unwilling, but extremely helpless. It was Wu Ming. Wu Ming had to take back his arm, because if he continued to persist, the ice and fire might devour his arm in the next moment. Lin Feng stopped at the critical moment; he appreciated Wu Ming, so didn’t want to hurt him.

   When Wu Ming saw this, his heart was even worse. Originally it was an upright battle, but at last he gave up his ruthlessness. All that could be said is that it was destined, but he had to say that Lin Feng, the evil spirit, won again!

   Lin Feng ended the battle without injury, but Wu Ming suffered a trauma of the heart. This scene would stay in his mind forever, Lin Feng’s stop at the critical moment would become his biggest humiliation, although Lin Feng did not intend it.

   After landing, he went back behind Han Yan step by step. Wu Ming did not say a word, he needed sufficient time to consider.

   Han Yan’s face was also dignified. He naturally understood his eldest disciple’s mind. But the more he did, the more worried he was. Who was Wu Ming? He knew the best as his master. Wu Ming was deeply hit at the moment. He didn’t know how he would still have the courage to continue to work hard.

   Lin Feng sighed, and suddenly regretted. If his ice and fire energy broke completely, maybe Wu Ming would be hurt, but at least he would not let Wu Ming be humiliated inexplicably. When Wu Ming’s cultivated in the future, he might be his demon! If he could not defeat himself, he wouldn’t be able to grow.

   Clenching his fist, Lin Feng felt that being irrational would be the right thing to do at this time. Lin Feng landed steadily and walked up to Han Yan in front of everyone’s eyes. Han Yan got up, looking at Lin Feng warily; he didn’t want anything to happen to his disciple.

   Wu Ming looked at Lin Feng; his eyes were extremely complex, and there was a trace of humiliation.

“If you think I deliberately lost today’s fight, you are doomed to stop.

“But if you see today’s fight as a fair duel under unfair conditions, you will be calm.

“I’m not arrogant when I say that if we were both Earthly Godly Ancestors, do you think you would be qualified to fight with me to this extent? It’s not that I beat you. I just want to tell you that I’m destined to be better than you in the future. If you don’t understand this fact, you’re doomed to achieve nothing! “

   Lin Feng, in everyone’s surprised eyes, had no hesitation saying such serious words, but even did so right in front of Han Yan, with no fear of the magistrate.

   When Wu Ming heard Lin Feng’s ‘comfort’, his face changed in deep shock. When he thought about it carefully, his heart suddenly opened!

   Yes, I have suffered from the loss of the battle as an Earthly Godly Ancestor against Lin Feng, a Holy Godly Ancestor. However, Lin Feng could still fight as he liked and won the final victory. If Lin Feng was also an Earthly Godly Ancestor, I might not even have the qualification to fight with Lin Feng.

   If so, why do I have to be obsessive? I if was not going to be able to compete with him in the future, am I even a competitor? No, no, when two people are not at the same level, they are not destined to be rivals, because they didn’t not have that qualification and opportunity.

   Lin Feng was destined to be a giant that shone over the whole World of Battles, such as Tai Zu, such as Ren Zu, and his ultimate achievement might be an Overlord on the List of the World of Battles.

   Understanding this, Wu Ming breathed deeply, feeling that life was still so beautiful. He still had a lot to do, why did he have to take Lin Feng as an opponent? Wasn’t that just self-abuse?

“Thank you for your words.” Wu Ming smiled, stretched out his hand, and waited for Lin Feng’s arm to stretch out. Lin Feng grinned, held out his hand, and Wu Ming clasped it.

“Come on, let’s work together,” Lin Feng said seriously 

Wu Ming nodded in response. “Yes and perhaps in the future, it will not be as you said.”

“I hope not!” Lin Feng also nodded solemnly, hoping that Wu Ming could get out of this strange circle of thought.

   The magistrate looked at the dialogue between Lin Feng and his apprentice in silence. Finally, he had to admit that his apprentice was not qualified to compete with Lin Feng because he was not on the same level.

   He also felt a sense of bitterness and loss, because now he was ranked as an Overlord of the World of Battles, but his childhood hero had become the Human Teacher, leaving the World of Battles in awe.

“Congratulations on Lin Feng advancing!” Han Yan sat on the chair again, but bowed to congratulate this young man from his heart.

“Thank you.” Lin Feng bowed slightly respectfully, which was due respect for a reasonable elder. If he was a man like Dong Fang Yu Qing, he could only despise him.

“Well, Lin Feng beat Wu Ming and advanced to the finals. He will compete with Jeston or Duan Long for the championship.” With a wave of Ancestor Tai’s hand, the whole court became quiet. His angry voice was even more powerful than ever, and no one dared to disobey.

“Next, Jeston and Duan Long, let’s start.” Ancestor Tai looked at Jeston and Duan Long, waiting for the fight between them, thinking it would certainly be just as wonderful.

   Everyone’s words stopped, and the scene was silent again. No one dared to make a sound, lest the cold killing atmosphere be destroyed.

   Jeston, surrounded by the eyes of all the people, stepped up to the challenge arena step by step. Before that, Jeston passed by Lin Feng and glanced at Lin Feng, but only received a cold look.

   Jeston completely discarded all thoughts. In the past, they were friends, but not brothers. Now, because of Tian Dao Yuan, they could not even be friends. They could only be regarded as strangers, and also strangers in conflict. Maybe they should really have been friends when they left Tian Dao Yuan in the Eternal Country!

  Duan Long had a broadsword in his hand. Eighteen raptors were carved on it. The two-meter long broadsword flickered with a frightening cold sword light. It was extremely sharp. The air would be cut away and a vacuum formed by a flick of his hand.

   It was an almost perfect Godly Ancestor weapon, which was quite enviable!

   Ancestor Tai couldn’t help glancing at Duan Rong. Duan Rong, in order to help his Vice City Lord win, even gave Duan Long his broadsword. Duan Rong really wanted to seize the Championship of the Court.

“Lin Feng, you have to hold on. No matter who advances it will be a fierce fight!” Ancestor Tai’s face was heavier than ever.

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