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Chapter 1426 – His Real Strength!

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 “Haha, Jeston, right? Do you see my sword? If you recognize it, you should quit wisely!” Duan Long stood on the side of the challenge arena and looked at Jeston. He couldn’t help laughing wildly. His voice was thick and proud.

   They were few words, but when he said them, it put a lot of pressure on Jeston. Jeston breathed deeply. It could be that Duan Long was the most difficult Earthly Godly Ancestor to deal with, but it didn’t mean anything. Lin Feng could defeat Wu Ming. Why couldn’t he defeat Duan Long?

   What Jeston wanted most was the final battle with Lin Feng, because that battle was about a lot of things. The most important thing was that after that fight, they would no longer be connected, and Lin Feng would not have too many ideas about the issue of Tian Dao Yuan. Otherwise Lin Feng would still feel unwilling and upset.

   He had done almost everything and nearly died to the Old Servant for Tian Dao Yuan. He offended countless people and forces. But now it was Jeston who sat on the Leader’s chair. Jeston could imagine Lin Feng’s anger.

   This fight was for the anger in Lin Feng’s heart. No matter who lost or won, it was a battle of great significance to Lin Feng and he!

  In order to fight against Lin Feng, Duan Long is the mountain I must go over! Jeston thought of that, clenched his fists silently, and his aura burst out suddenly. It seemed that the heavens and earth had turned upside down.

   The terrifying aura rushed out with Jeston’s figure and he went straight to Duan Long. There was no nonsense at all. The battle broke out directly.

   Duan Long’s face changed a little. He did not expect that Jeston would not even say anything and fight directly, which made him a little dissatisfied. But in this case, he would also fight. He would not lose. He had confidence in his strength.

   His goal was Lin Feng. He wanted to defeat Lin Feng and won the whole contest. Now Lin Feng was in full glory. If he defeated Lin Feng, Duan Long couldn’t imagine his future achievements, but he would definitely step over Lin Feng to a bigger stage.

   At the beginning of the battle, they collided directly. Although they had different realms, Duan Long did not think that Jeston did not have the qualification. The collision generated a series of light circles, which radiated for several kilometers around. Everyone could not help but close their eyes to avoid being blinded.


   Lin Feng was sitting in a chair in the corner, Lu Zhan behind him, saving his physical strength with his eyes closed. No matter who his final opponent would be, he would try his best, so his strength had to be restored.

   Lin Feng didn’t see the battle between Jeston and Duan Long, and there was no need to see it.


High in the air, Jeston and Duan Long were forced back hundreds of meters. Jeston turned around and surged with power. His body was full of white cold light, which grew more and more terrifying. At the same time, his light blue eyes reflected a murderous cold, and his curly yellow hair was shaking, generating a different kind of fear.

   Duan Long roared. The true dragon’s Qi he emitted was unprecedented. The terrible energy of the sword went straight into the sky. With the sword upraised, Duan Long went straight at Jeston and lunged at him hard.



“God, will he die?” a Holy Godly Ancestor could not help exclaiming, his heart leaping.

“So serious; it seems that Duan Long is really eager for the final battle.” Seeing this scene, Lu Zhan prayed for Lin Feng silently.

“Leader won’t lose, don’t worry.” In the camp of Tian Dao Yuan, two old people motioned to the two young disciples to be calm. They had boundless confidence in Jeston. After all, he was the apprentice of Ancestor Tian Qi. The fate of Tian Dao Yuan would be handed over to him!

   This was the right decision. As for Lin Feng, although he had unique talents, great strength and even higher status, he still did not meet the requirements of Tian Dao Yuan.

   At the critical moment, everyone stared at the sky, but only Lin Feng kept his eyes closed, restoring his Pure Qi and physical strength.


  Jeston’s eyes erupted with a strong white light, which quickly gathered into a big barrier. Although the barrier was broken by the sword, it delayed the attack. Jeston punched out with his fists this time. It looked like only 2 fists, but in fact, it was more than a hundred of them!

   Duan Long clenched the sword, but couldn’t avoid using his own fists to avoid being hit by Jeston’s. In the end, the fists didn’t hurt Duan Long, and the sword didn’t hurt Jeston, either. Instead, Jeston accumulated more energy. Duan Long clutched his sword, but he could only step back and turn pale.

   With a loud bang, the sword was bounced away. Fortunately, Duan Long held the sword tightly. If he lost the sword, his hope of winning was slim. But after that humiliation, Duan Long was even more anxious. He couldn’t let Lin Feng’s winning result repeat. Earthly Godly Ancestors always triumphed over Holy Godly Ancestors. If not, the World of Battles would be turned upside-down!

“I’m the only one who should win!” At this moment, Duan Long broke out a move that even Duan Rong had not seen, which made Duan Rong’s face change dramatically. He opened his mouth slightly, never thinking that Duan Long even hid a secret move.

  Most of the watchers gaped. Looking at the bloody light pouring out of the sky, it shrouded the sky a little bit. Unlike Wu Ming’s blood-red demon shadow, Duan Long’s blood light showed true dragon’s Qi.

   This was the real dragon under the bloody sun, bringing out an unprecedented deterrent force. This force sank Jeston’s heart. The promise of winning was becoming stronger and stronger, but the threat was also growing!

My Pure Qi and physical strength are not as good as his. I’ll lose if time goes on. Jeston knew clearly that the other side was an Earthly Godly Ancestor, who had advantages in Pure Qi and physical strength. Therefore, if he wanted to succeed, he had to fight against him with strength and skills.

   At the thought, Jeston’s face grew dignified suddenly, like snow in the cold night and a glacier on the mountain, cold but sacred. Everything under the blue sky was ants. Once this domineering aura appeared, who would fight?

Duan Long’s sword made a buzzing sound, trembling slightly. It seemed that it was afraid of Jeston’s aura. Duan Rong, the Governor of the Imperial City, saw that, and his face changed slightly. How could his sword be afraid of a Holy Godly Ancestor? It was a joke, but it was true!

   Under the buzzing sound, Jeston broke out his real strength. His blue robe could not hide his aura, just like a pearl of the sea. After being baptized by the sea, it finally broke out a bright luster. 

   Duan Long was shocked. He felt that Jeston at this moment was becoming even stranger. Not only had his Pure Qi changed, but his aura was following the change. If Jeston was a tiger before, he would be a kirin now!

   Duan Long breathed deeply and clenched the sword. His final move could only be used in advance. If he still couldn’t suppress Jeston, he could only swallow the fruits of failure!

“Tao Skill, One Blade Killing!”


   All the people inhaled a bloody smell from the sky, and insidious Qi grew stronger and stronger, but there was a more terrifying existence hidden under the sword light: Duan Long himself!

   Duan Long held the sword in his hand and turned it up towards heaven. The power of heaven and earth erupted in his sword. The energy of heaven and earth was integrated into the blade. The blade of sword was a beacon, shining with bloody light. Every time it touched the air, it wounded the people below.

   This time, everyone panicked. Such a horrible sword could hurt people through the air, even unconsciously?

   When this sharp sword light came to Lin Feng, Lin Feng raised his hand, and the Godly Battle Sword broke out a greater deterrent, smashing the sharp edge of the sword directly. Lin Feng’s action attracted many people’s attention, including Duan Rong’s.

   Duan Rong was an expert in weapons, especially swords. When he saw the shadow sent from Lin Feng flickering in front of him was a sword, he was shocked. He felt that Lin Feng’s weapon was no weaker than his own sword!


Up in the air, the atmosphere grew more and more terrible. The bloody sword light radiated the energy of heaven and earth, and it made Jeston retreat a hundred meters. Jeston clenched his teeth and breathed deeply. Until now, he had yet to use this unique skill.

   Originally, he wanted to use it against Lin Feng; he didn’t want to disclose it in advance. But if he didn’t use it, he couldn’t win. How could he fight with Lin Feng then?

   His real strength!

   Lin Feng opened his eyes suddenly at this time, and glanced into the sky. There was a slight arc to his mouth. Finally, Jeston used his unique skill.

   Lightning flashed and thundered in the sky. The power of the thunder was like a dragon roaring. Suddenly, hundreds of golden lightning bolts tens of thousands of meters long were flying in the sky. The bolts turned into one giant dragon and destroyed the whole sky in a blink of an eye.


   The crack of thunder spread all over the Zhen Wu Dynasty, and lightning was shining in the sky. The storm filling the sky made the inside and outside of the challenge arena dark. Everyone seemed to have a big stone pressing on their chest, which was extremely uncomfortable.

   Ancestor Tai looked at the scene and knew who the winner of the battle would be.

   Duan Rong sighed and shook his head. His final efforts might have been wasted. Even with the help of the sword, he couldn’t do it himself. How much of the sword’s power could Duan Long play with?


   All the bloody lights were smashed by the lightning. As for Duan Long, he was struck by the lightning directly. 

He didn’t look like a human being anymore. His clothes were all broken. The lightning left black and purple scars on his face.

   Jeston’s face was extremely cold. He didn’t want to give Duan Long a chance to fight back, so he had to make a lot of moves to insure the latter had no chance to retaliate.

“Enough, enough!” Duan Rong roared, catching Duan Long in the mid-air. If it was a little more serious, his life might be in danger!

   Domineering ruthlessness was displayed. At this moment, Jeston replaced Lin Feng to become the master of the field and enjoy the glory.

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