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Chapter 1427 – Shocking Scene

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“Jeston has won.” At the words of Ancestor Tai, the fight was settled. Even though Duan Long had the help of his master’s sword, he still couldn’t resist Jeston, the Holy Godly Ancestor, so he failed. Jeston succeeded in advancing to the finals.

   Jeston breathed deeply and felt weak. Although he reached the finals successfully, no one could see that his body was like a hollow mine at the moment. If he wasn’t given time to recover his strength, he could not continue at all.

“We will give the two of you three hours to recover. Fight before the evening.” Ancestor Tai was not an unreasonable person. He gave Lin Feng and Jeston three hours of rest.

   Lin Feng was silent, because he was recovering his Pure Qi and physical strength at the moment, and knew Jeston would not refuse it. Jeston was very clear about his internal condition, so he stepped down from the challenge arena quickly and returned to his chair to close his eyes and adjust his breathing.

   The two elders of Tian Dao Yuan and the two young generations of Tian Dao Yuan began transferring their energy to Jeston. They wanted the final battle to be won by Jeston, so as to prove that their choice was correct.

   When Lu Zhan saw that there were four men on the other side transferring Pure Qi to Jeston, he looked at Lin Feng and inquired in a deep voice, “Master, would you like me to transfer Pure Qi to you?”

“No, I’m almost recovered. Keep it for yourself.” Lin Feng naturally saw that Jeston had accepted the Pure Qi of other representatives of Tian Dao Yuan, but he didn’t intend to do so. In three hours, many things could be done. There was no need to do so!


   While Lin Feng and Jeston recovered, the whole square was rather staid for a while. Ancestor Tai and the Overlords didn’t know what to say to ease the atmosphere, so they could only wait for three hours in silence.

   But down in the square, nobody noticed that in a corner above the main hall, an older man and a woman were squatting and watching the scene calmly. From the beginning of the Court Meeting to now, they had not missed anything.

“It seems that Lin Feng is really good,” the man smiled faintly. He didn’t have the weakness and incompetence of when he was bullied by the Dun Crown Prince’s men before. Instead, his face was red and he was wearing clothes given to him by Lin Feng, so he looked noble.

“Father, Mr. Lin is our benefactor. Shall we give him the secret?” The girl hesitated a little, but she recognized Lin Feng in her heart. At least, it was better to give something to Lin Feng than to the others.

“No, we don’t know Lin Feng very well. We can’t easily hand over our treasure with one word. Do you forget what your grandfather said?” The old man’s face changed suddenly, cold and full of resolute refusal.

   The girl could only give up, and dared not say more. She only sighed. Wandering for so long, now still can’t find a reliable person, was it really the doom of my Si Ma family?

“Daughter, I know you like Lin Feng, but you should see clearly that he is not one you can control. Although the Si Ma family is a small family, our treasure is related to the rise and fall of the World of Battles.

“If it was so easy to give Lin Feng the treasure, what do you want him to do? He’s not even an Overlord now. Wouldn’t it be trouble for him if we gave it to him?” Seeing that the girl was disappointed and sad, the old man sighed and comforted her.

   The girl nodded slightly: she also knew this truth, but it was difficult to do nothing.

“Father, we could give the treasure of the Si Ma family to the Human Ancestor. He is the leader of the Human Clan in the World of Battles, so we can trust him.” Suddenly, the girl remembered that there was still a force named the Human Clan in the World of Battles. Their leader was the Human Ancestor, and he was one of the best in the World of Battles.

“We should observe Lin Feng for a while. If he is not suitable, we will find the Human Ancestor.” The old man shook his head. His face was very complicated. He didn’t know what to do. He could only walk step by step.


   The father and daughter were silent. Time went by, and the square was also quiet and restrained. Near the evening, the sky began to dim. The setting sun was about to fall, dyeing the sky red.

   At this time, Ancestor Tai stood up and looked at the setting sun in the distance. He nodded to all the people slowly and said, “The time has come; here is the final match of the Court Meeting of Zhen Wu Dynasty. Everyone, please welcome our two young gentlemen.

“First of all, the fourth Gong Qing of Zhen Wu Dynasty, and also my most valued Bodhisattva, Lin Feng!

   At the words of Ancestor Tai, the whole atmosphere was aroused immediately, no longer restrained. Most people applauded, and watched Lin Feng walk into the arena.

“Next is the next leader of Tian Dao Yuan, Jeston, who is equally young and promising, with unique talent and terrible strength!” Ancestor Tai also put his eyes on Jeston, who was watched by countless people as he also walked slowly into the challenge arena.


Lin Feng and Jeston were facing each other. An invisible flame was burning, only to ignite on the challenge arena. They had no intention of killing one another, but they were angry with each other. 

   This day was the best chance to solve past resentments. After the battle, Lin Feng would have no care for Tian Dao Yuan. Whether the latter was rising or falling had nothing to do with him.

“I always had a belief in my heart that I would not lose to you. I didn’t have to look at your face to act. Now I do!” Jeston was standing in front of Lin Feng. They were less than two meters away from each other. They didn’t need to speak loudly, as they could hear each other very clearly.

“I will inform Tian Dao Yuan with the result that their choice is right or wrong.” Lin Feng didn’t want to speak too much nonsense.

“Let’s go, Lin Feng. I haven’t seen you for several years. I’d like to see your moves!” Jeston smiled coldly. A few years ago, he had fought with Lin Feng, but at that time he was not his opponent. Now, he had become an enemy. He had to accept this fact.

   There was no need to show mercy to an enemy, an enemy is not a friend, was Jeston’s inner thoughts, why didn’t Lin Feng agree? Lin Feng did think the same way, but now the past was in the past, there was no longer a need to bring it up again. 

   It would not change the fact that Jeston had taken his reward, fame, and position.

“All that’s left for you is pain!” As soon as Lin Feng spoke, he disappeared in front of Jeston’s eyes, and the faces of the people changed. The sudden disappearance shocked them and scared them at the same time.

   However, for Jeston, there was no such feeling, but he could not help smiling, “Your disappearance has no effect on me, because not just you can do that!”

 Jeston also disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes. More and more people were shocked. Countless people couldn’t believe that the scene in front of them was true. The two disappeared at almost the same time, and people couldn’t see where their shadows were.

   Boom! Boom!

   All of a sudden, the dark sky above the sky burst with gold and white energy colliding with one another. A strong light would flash with each contact, and then dissipate immediately. After it repeated several times, people saw the figures of Lin Feng and Jeston in the sky.


“They’re really powerful. They’re worthy of being the leaders of Holy Godly Ancestors.”

“Yes, Lord Lin is really powerful. We have a treasure in Zhen Wu Dynasty.”

“I think Jeston is very stable. Although he is not as amazing as Lin Feng, he entered the final in silence, which was unexpected by everyone.”


   Everyone was talking about it. Soon, the high-altitude exchange came to an end. After dozens of moves, Lin Feng and Jeston realized that this kind of wasted Pure Qi had no meaning at all, and would decide nothing.

“Tao Skill, Roaring Attack!” Jeston bellowed. Under his curly golden hair his cold eyes flashed with blue light. His only purpose was to defeat Lin Feng, to prove himself. The energy erupted into the top of the clouds directly, and then came back down from the top of the cloud, straight into Lin Feng’s chest.

   The horrible energy was just like an impetuous lion, making Lin Feng step back and frown.

“Tao Skill, Sky Burning Fire!”

   The sound was clear across the whole sky. Under the golden fire, any energy was roasted and exploded, just like a piece of crystal. Jeston snorted, shocked by the aftershock, and his face was slightly pale.

   Lin Feng continued to attack without retreating, extremely fast. His moves were sharp and didn’t give Jeston a chance to breathe. For Lin Feng, this was a fight to prove that Tian Dao Yuan had chosen poorly.

   So, Lin Feng would not stop fighting even if he reached the last point, until the other side was defeated. In a word, there was only one result. Either Jeston laid down, or he fell down!

“Do you want to attack me? You are taking it for granted, Lin Feng.” Jeston watched Lin Feng rush in, his mouth curled in a cold smile, and a grim thought came out.

   Since there were no feelings for each other, there was no need to show mercy in the fight. 

“Three Heavy Waves of Taotie!” Jeston roared. At this moment, he looked like a Taotie. His face was ferocious, and his skin was full of a purple-red bloody light, permeating the whole arena. The unprecedented force energy rushed forward, just like three Taoties; one was stronger than the next.

   Lin Feng felt the terrible energy, 500 million jin, 1 billion jin, 2 billion jin! These three waves were unprecedented. Lin Feng had not met the level of 2 billion jin energy.

   But since he met it today, how could he hold back?

“The Aggressive Punch!”

“Chiliocosm of the Great Tao!”

   Bang! Dust was flying all over the sky. All the white stone slabs were blown up. The whole challenge arena was destroyed. Many powerful people’s faces changed as they were blown out, one after another. They didn’t even have the strength to resist.

   The Law Enforcement Army and the Battle Army were torn apart, screaming everywhere.

“No, the Governor of the Imperial City and the Hell Judges, set up a boundary!” Ancestor Tai’s face fell. Looking at the two crazy people in the sky, was it a battle between two Holy Godly Ancestors? This was a battle of Overlords!

   It was a shocking scene, rendering people speechless. They could only set up a boundary quickly with several Overlords to avoid the innocent coming to harm!

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