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Chapter 1428 – Double Breakthrough

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“Lin Feng, let’s see who’s the winner today, then we can resolve our grudges!”

 Jeston leapt into the sky. His whole body reached an altitude of nine thousand miles. Between his palms blue light was glaring, and a huge blue sword was there, long and sharp and full of killing spirit. At this moment, Jeston was no longer reserved before Lin Feng. He had to use all his power.

The terrifying aura of the ten thousand swords led to everyone exclaiming in panic. Ancestor Tai and the other Overlords arranged a barrier of their own, but the barrier was still slowly collapsing. This scene was so astonishing: even the barrier arranged by several Overlords themselves was collapsing, showing the real power of Jeston.

“We will have a winner, but I’m the only one who will win!” Lin Feng breathed deeply. Although he didn’t want to have a face-to-face collision with Jeston, since they were the only two people who came from Earth together, they were also very different. Jeston was a Westerner, and he was a Chinese, so he would fight for his nation in this battle.

“Once you Westerners bullied my Chinese people countless times, today I will take revenge! Jeston, come on, Waves to The Sky!”

   Lin Feng stood in a lower position, but his aura was not weak at all. His arms reached out, and the whole sky became a sea. Its icy aura destroyed many buildings. Almost all the houses of Lin Feng’s estate were smashed, but Lin Feng did not care.


“Move, move, everyone move quickly!” Ancestor Tai was startled. After the barrier was broken, he could only ask all the cultivators under the Overlords to evacuate Lin Feng’s estate, otherwise these weak people would be killed as the fight progressed.

“Law Enforcement Army, withdraw quickly!” With a roar and a wave of his hand, Lu Zhan quickly retreated with the hundreds of his troops. They were the result of Lin Feng’s hard work. If they were destroyed by Lin Feng’s hand, he would regret it after the war.

“Battle Army, retreat!” With a yell from Dong Fang Yu Qing, Minister of War Li Pin immediately retreated with hundreds of fighting troops. Soon everyone had left the courtyard outside Lin Feng mansion, but the core of Zhen Wu Dynasty was still tense.

“It seems that this battle must be stopped, or this will be a disaster for the Zhen Wu Dynasty.” Ancestor Tai sighed, his mind made up. If this battle was not stopped, the Zhen Wu Dynasty would suffer!

“I don’t think so. The two of them will not damage the core area. Wait and see.” Duan Rong shook his head slightly. Though he frowned, he was not too worried.

   After listening to the words of the Imperial City’s eunuch, Ancestor Tai thought for a moment, then he only nodded, “We will wait for a moment. If something is wrong, let’s stop the two from fighting.”


 The sound of the explosion spread for tens of thousands of miles over the Zhen Wu Dynasty, no one could hear the voice of Ancestor Tai clearly. Several Overlords showed the most shocked faces. 


High in the sky, the energies of Lin Feng and Jeston collided fully. Jeston’s ten thousand Swords were all broken and turned into the glaring lights all across the sky, and then dissipated. Meanwhile, the wave of energy from Lin Feng also dissipated.

   But they didn’t stop. Their bodies collided with each other, just like two planets, producing a dazzling light. Lin Feng and Jeston both flew backward, they vomited blood, and their faces turned extremely pale.

“Emperor Yan’s Scripture, Tao!”

“The Celestial Wind of the Nine Rounds!”

…Silence, just like ruins in the desert, and then dozens of miles all around were blasted into ruins. 

Above the ruination, two figures fell to the ground. Lin Feng vomited blood, his face pale to the extreme, and his black robe torn. As for Jeston, his blue robe was almost gone, and his left arm was almost broken into pieces.

It was an unprecedentedly cruel fight, which left everyone feeling cold. Countless people watched this from dozens of miles away. They couldn’t help sighing when they saw this scene. These were two demon stars; they were only Holy Godly Ancestors, but they were more powerful than Earthly Godly Ancestors!

 There was a deep shock and bitterness in the minds of Ancestor Tai, the Governor of the Imperial City, and several Overlords. They were shocked by the power of two young geniuses. The bitterness was because if the two became Overlords, they would not be able to catch up with the two.

“Look, look, what is that?”

 All of a sudden, Ta Mu Xuan exclaimed, and looked straight at Jeston. At the moment, Jeston, who had little strength and was laying on the ground, was glowing white. Gradually, he was wrapped up by the light. His breath was extremely holy, with strong power behind it.

“Is this a breakthrough? My God! “Ancestor Tai was stunned. He couldn’t imagine what kind of monster Jeston was. At such a moment, physically exhausted and with no energy, he was still breaking through?

 It was a vast gap for Holy Godly Ancestors to break through and become Earthly Godly Ancestors. Once he broke through, Jeston would be reborn. It would be too easy to beat Lin Feng!

“Ha ha, it seems that the champion will have to go to Tian Dao Yuan.” Duan Rong’s face showed that he was a little bitter and helpless. He came to claim the champion, and he even gave Duan Long his own broadsword, but his disciple’s strength was pitifully inferior.

 Now Jeston was breaking through. After the breakthrough, the champion would be Jeston. Who else could compete with him?

“We’re all empty,” Ancestor Tai sighed and stared at Jeston. Who could imagine Lin Feng, the most promising winner, being crushed by Jeston, who was about to break through? No one could imagine that.

“You really are the Leader of Tian Dao Yuan. We don’t have comparable courage to you.” Qing Yu Sheng, the Leader of the Tai Qing Sect, sighed. The relationship between Tai Qing Sect and Tian Dao Yuan was not close, but he knew the ways of Tian Dao Yuan.

“Let’s hope Jeston will be the champion,” Han Yan nodded, waiting for the rise of the champion.

“Maybe you have ignored me, ha ha!”

 However, just as Han Yan said those words, a faint laugh came from behind, shocking everyone. All the Overlords looked over, and were deeply shocked. At this moment, Lin Feng was sitting in the ruins, with golden lights all over his body. Golden shadows of a dragon and phoenix were slowly moving on his chest, and his Ancestor’s Body was displaying a huge power.

 Exactly the same, he was going to break through!

“How, how could this be?” Ancestor Tai felt his scalp go numb and his back was drenched in cold sweat. It was hard to imagine that these two demons were breaking through and becoming Earthly Godly Ancestors at the same time!

“My God, are they human?” Wu Ming was completely stunned, but then he naturally smiled. Thinking of what Lin Feng had said to him, now it had come true. Maybe he and Lin Feng were not at the same level from the beginning!

“Well, once they both break through, who will win?” Dong Fang Yu Qing was displeased that the champion had been about to go to Tian Dao Yuan, but he would hate it more if Lin Feng was the winner. Such complex emotions made him a little helpless.

“I think it will be Lin Feng!” Duan Rong firmly shouted, and everyone nodded. It was reasonable, Lin Feng was able to sit up and break through on his own, but Jeston didn’t even have the strength to sit up. It could only be a subconscious breakthrough.

 Who was better could be seen at a glance.

“Wait, and maybe after a moment, there will be another Earthly Godly Ancestor in the Zhen Wu Dynasty, and then there will be two Earthly Godly Ancestors in the Southwest, and for Northwest…” Ancestor Tai spoke only half of his thoughts. What he thought was that in the Northwest and the Region of the Eight Corners, there was also another Earthly Godly Ancestor!


 As time went by, Lin Feng sat there, and his Ancestor’s Body evolved little by little. Lin Feng thought of the essence of Emperor Yan’s Scripture. Although he could not understand the meaning of the second level of Me, he had some inspiration. Maybe Me was just about being confident in himself!

 There were no limits for a self-confident person. Maybe this was the truth that Fuxi gave to all the Chinese people. But the lack of such national pride in China had made everyone think that everything from foreign countries was better. As for their own achievements, they were often belittled and satirized.

 This was because of a lack of national pride. Lin Feng was very sad about this phenomenon. But now, deeply involved in this alien continent, how could he change things? There was nothing he could do!

 I, if I become an Overlord, there shall be no Overlords in the world! If I become a demon Overlord, there will be no demon Overlords in the world!



 At that moment, golden light radiated for millions over the realm of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, reaching every region and corner. All people, whether ordinary people or officials, could feel the aura of an Earthly Godly Ancestor. Compared with a normal Earthly Godly Ancestor, it was much more powerful!

“Congratulations to the Zhen Wu Dynasty, another good general.”

  Lin Feng took a deep breath, and stood up slowly. The golden light still lingered on his body. Han Yan clenched his fist and looked at Ancestor Tai, congratulating him.

 Ancestor Tai was still in a daze, so he almost nodded subconsciously. It was hard for him to imagine that Lin Feng was such a monster, and the breakthrough was so easy…

 It’s not so easy for someone to break through, is it? How did such a monster appear?

 Ancestor Tai’s ten-million-year philosophy had completely collapsed at this moment. He felt that his strength needed some time to break through and accumulated year by year. But the appearance of Lin Feng showed that the gap between geniuses and ordinary people could not be made up at all.

 Lin Feng came up to him, under the envy and respect of all the people, and after gesturing to some Overlords, he came over to Jeston. All the representatives of Tian Dao Yuan, who were guarding at Jeston’s side, were nervous, especially the two older men, who clenched their fists without hesitation and stared at Lin Feng coldly.

 Lin Feng gave them a disdainful smile and said coldly, “I just want to tell Tian Dao Yuan that those who walk on the right road help themselves. My strength and status were earned step by step by myself.

“I have no nostalgia for or interest in the position of the Leader of Tian Dao Yuan. Although I was the Leader of Tian Dao Yuan in the lower world, there is no relationship between us in the World of Battle.

“Congratulations to Jeston, who is about to break through and become an Earthly Godly Ancestor. I hope Tian Dao Yuan will get better and better. That’s all I have to say!” After that, Lin Feng turned around and headed straight back to Ancestor Tai and others.

 At this moment, everyone realized that Lin Feng and Jeston both had something to do with Tian Dao Yuan, but in the end, Tian Dao Yuan chose Jeston instead of Lin Feng!

 Was this a kind of irony?


Are you embarrassed? Nian Ling Jiao stood by the side silently, looking at the dull faces of the two elders of Tian Dao Yuan, a trace of irony on her lips.

 You thought that you chose a real genius, but never thought that what you gave up would be someone that beat the genius!

 Lin Feng would make his legend, which everyone would only be able to look up to!

 This was Lin Feng!

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