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Chapter 1431 – The Marriage of Qian Jin Cai Yue

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“Cai Yue, tomorrow is your wedding day. Adjust your mind today and be ready to be a bride.” Ni Huang studied Qian Jin Cai Yue in front of her, her heart filled with emotion. There were so many things going on in the Northwest of the World of Battles, and the Region of the Eight Corners had met a lot of trouble. If two Ancient Overlords and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points were not supporting it, it might break up.

They didn’t know where Lin Feng was at this time. If Lin Feng could come back, why was the Northwest so chaotic? When Ni Huang thought of this, she couldn’t help but smile bitterly. When did she think Lin Feng was so important? He was just a genius. Could he be more powerful than her as an Overlord?

After all, the Northwest still depended on their own strength! Ni Huang thought of this and couldn’t help but smile, but she was suffering.

Qian Jin Cai Yue sat at the head of the bed. Her face was very calm, and she didn’t have too much sadness. She had adjusted her mind to the best level, so she wouldn’t cry when she left the boundary the next day.

“Mom, I’m fine. You can rest assured,” Qian Jin Cai Yue smiled faintly, gesturing to Ni Huang not to think about it any more. She could take care of herself.

“Are you still missing Lin Feng?” Ni Huang hesitated, but she still asked the question she wanted to ask most. If her daughter was still in love with Lin Feng, the love might be a hidden trouble for Lin Feng and Qian Jing Cai Yue.

Luo Chao Sheng and Lin Feng were sworn brothers, but if Qian Jin Cai Yue couldn’t forget Lin Feng, the relationship between Lin Feng and Luo Chao Sheng might deteriorate because of Qian Jin Cai Yue, which was undoubtedly unfavorable for Lin Feng.

So, Ni Huang had to ask for a clear answer at this time. If her daughter couldn’t forget Lin Feng, then she had the right to stop the marriage.

However, Qian Jin Cai Yue finally shook her head and smiled, “There is only just one person in my heart who is reluctant to give up. After all, I was persistent for a long time, and at present it is very difficult to put it down. But don’t worry about me. Since Luo Chao Sheng will become my husband, I will definitely be considerate of him in the future.

“Luo Chao Sheng is very just. I think it’s good to marry such a person.” Qian Jin Cai Yue was very sincere with her smile. When Ni Huang saw this, she felt relieved.

“Well, since that’s the case, I’ll send the invitations. They’ll arrive everywhere tomorrow morning, maybe…” Ni Huang said half of it, and swallowed it. What she wondered was that if Lin Feng knew that Qian Jin Cai Yue was going to be married, maybe he would hurry back as soon as possible?

Of course, it was not intended to bring Lin Feng back.

Ni Huang left Qian Jin Cai Yue’s room, carefully closed the door, and ordered Feng Cai and several other World of Battles of Ni Huang to copy the wedding invitations. The invitation would be released to all the major powers of the World of Battle. Anyone with power would send a representative to the wedding banquet.


After Qian Jin Cai Yue watched Ni Huang leave, there was a complicated smile on her lips, but she didn’t say anything. She was waiting for tomorrow’s wedding day. Maybe it was the right choice for her to marry Luo Chao Sheng. Lin Feng was a unicorn, a fierce dragon, not meant to be grasped by a woman like her.

A little bit later in the night, the Region of the Eight Corners received the invitation sent by Ni Huang. Seeing it, Song Chou Jiu’s face changed and his heart trembled.

“Qian Jin Cai Yue was going to be married to Luo Chao Sheng.” Song Chou Jiu’s brain couldn’t respond to this. What was the matter? Why did they send the marriage news so abruptly, and the marriage date was set to tomorrow!

Song Chou Jiu thought for a long time, and finally sighed. What did this mean for Lin Feng? But Song Chou Jiu also knew that Lin Feng didn’t have any sense of possessiveness for Qian Jin Cai Yue, just regarding Qian Jin Cai Yue as a good friend.

“Nowadays, the Region of the Eight Corners are eventful, and there are four sets of geniuses who are going to fight against each other. Bao Sha and Zhan Han can only suppress them. However, Lin Feng was the only one who wanted to unite the Region of the Eight Corners.” Song Chou Jiu’s face was full of sorrow, and he found that his sideburns had turned white.

“Come, give the invitation to the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and let him decide.” Song Chou Jiu ordered his servants to take away the wedding invitation. He didn’t have time to deal with those things. There was a lot of chaos in the Region of the Eight Corners, because Zhuang Chong Huan had made the whole Region of the Eight Corners chaotic.

He wished he could kill and uproot the whole Jun Hall. Of course, that was impossible. Without Lin Feng, no one would do this.

“Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Zhe Tian went to find Lin Feng. I don’t know if they have any news,” Song Chou Jiu murmured, and his thoughts drifted far away.


The group of four people including Chu Chun Qiu were invited to the Dragon Kingdom by the Dragon Emissary. The four of them were standing in a very luxurious gold-chased Dragon Palace. The brilliant gold decorations in the Dragon Palace were everywhere, and even the floor was inlaid with gold.

If the luxury of the Zhen Wu Dynasty was a kind of overall luxury, a kind of luxury with unprecedented imperial spirit, then the palace of the Dragon nation was a kind of extravagant wind, completely belonging to the arrogant spirit of the Dragons.

Dragons were greedy. This would never change.

“This is Ancestor Long’s palace. Wait here for a moment, and then Ancestor Long will come out to see you.” The four young dragon emissaries spoke a few words, then they left the palace, leaving Chu Chun Qiu, Lin Zhe Tian, and the others standing in the palace.

“Sit down, since the other invited us, it was not good that we stood outside.” Chu Chun Qiu was the calmest of the four of them. He was similar to Lin Feng in character. Now that he had arrived, what was the use of being in a hurry? It was better to sit down and enjoy.

Chu Chun Qiu sat on the luxurious chair in the middle of the hall, almost a brand-new gold chair. Sitting on it, he felt cool and comfortable. Prince Ghost also nodded and sat down. Only Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Qiong Sheng were still worried. They naturally wanted to find their father quickly.

Of course, Lin Feng had been invited by Ancestor Long to join the Dragon Clan. There was no sense about worrying any more. The two brothers looked at each other and sat down silently, waiting for Ancestor Long to appear.


When Ancestor Nü and Kun Dao learned of Qian Jin Cai Yue’s marriage to Luo Chang Sheng, they were very surprised. Especially Ancestor Nü, as she couldn’t imagine what Ni Huang was thinking. She wanted to marry her daughter to Luo Chang Sheng? After all, Lin Feng and Qian Jin Cai Yue had an unclear relationship.

However, she was a smart woman. She could think of the chaos in the Northwest the World of Battles, especially the Region of the Eight Corners, which was a time bomb that might explode at any time. When Qian Jin Cai Yue married Luo Chang Sheng, she could help stabilize the Northwest of the World of Battles with the help of Luo Chang Sheng’s interpersonal relationship, and there would be no Overlord to make trouble.

Ancestor Nü sighed. Even Ni Huang needed to use this method to ensure the stability of the Northwest. It seemed that Ni Huang did not have many ways to solve her problems.

“Mother, are you going?” Bai Nü asked curiously, after she took the invitation from her mother’s hand and looked at it. She really wanted to see the wedding of Qian Jin Cai Yue. At the same time, she was secretly happy. After Qian Jin Cai Yue got married, her heart could let go. At least Lin Feng and Qian Jin Cai Yue would not have any more entanglements.

“No, do you want to go?” How could she not know her daughter’s little idea in her heart? So, she asked in the right way. Under the pure and holy smile, Bai Nü had a cold and proud heart.

“If you want to send a special envoy to congratulate them for you, then I am willing to serve you,” the white-haired girl chuckled and blushed. She would not let go of such a great opportunity.

“Well, then you could go for your mother. Ask two Earthly Godly Ancestor elders to escort you.”


“Ha ha, Ni Huang didn’t know what to do. She married her daughter to Luo Chao Sheng. Does she just want peace? Ha ha, it’s better to marry me than that!” Kun Dao grinned and thought about the small figure of Qian Jin Cai Yue, which was very attractive. If such a morsel wanted to get into his bed, it would be a great pleasure.

It was a pity she was going to marry Luo Chao Sheng. He could only look and sigh, and just think about it. Who was Qian Jin Cai Yue’s father? Although he didn’t know, he knew that he was a character that even the Human Ancestor, and the Buddha and Demon Ancestors were afraid of.

“Bei Zu, are you going to go in person?” Zhan Ling Yan looked at Kun Dao and asked with a smile. He wanted to attend the wedding and see what it looked like. Of course, his main purpose was to inspect the Region of the Eight Corners.

“I’m not going. If you want to go, please go on my behalf and say hello to Ni Huang for me,” Kun Dao waved his hand. When he thought of Yi San Ren’s terrifying strength, he couldn’t help but feel bitter. He didn’t know that Yi San Ren’s organs were also injured after he was severely damaged. At present Kun Dao was very afraid of Yi San Ren, so he wouldn’t go.

He needed to rest for a few days to recover from the injury, so he would not go out easily. Since Zhan Ling Yan wanted to go, this opportunity would naturally be left to him.

“OK, I’ll go now.” After Zhan Ling Yan bowed to Kun Dao with his fist, turned around and left. 

Looking at the hurried appearance of Zhan Ling Yan, Kun Dao could not help sneering, “No wonder Lin Feng didn’t care about you. Ha ha, you are not a bit of an Overlord…

Lin Feng, I don’t know which Overlord of the South captured you. Are you still alive?, Kun Dao looked at the ceiling and thought with a smile. He expected Lin Feng to be spattered with blood. He preferred to see him die of abuse. In a word, the worse Lin Feng was, the more comfortable he was.

However, the truth was that Lin Feng and Nian Ling Jiao had at present traveled thirty thousand li in the Zhen Wu Dynasty, and were about to leave the core area of the nation.

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