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Chapter 1432 – Twelve Meritorious Officials

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“The Imperial Mausoleum is located near the southern boundary of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, only a few million li away from the boundary of the World of Battles. The Imperial Mausoleum covers an area of thirty thousand square li, among which the Ancestral Tomb of three great Ancestors Tai occupy half the place.

“You can see that the flatland below formed the square of the Imperial Mausoleum. The Imperial Mausoleum is one thousand li away. Let’s get ready to go down.” Nian Ling Jiao introduced Lin Feng and prepared to land from a high altitude.

A moment later, Lin Feng and Nian Ling Jiao came to the edge of the Imperial Mausoleum one by one, looking at the magnificent courtyard from a height of several hundred meters. Lin Feng could not help but feel that in the Zhen Wu Dynasty not only was the place where the living people lived magnificent, but also the places where the dead people lived was great.

“To the Ancestral Tomb or the Official’s Tomb?” Nian Ling Jiao asked casually, as she continued to walk forward, the distance from the big gate getting farther and farther.

“Go to the Official’s Tomb first.” Lin Feng guessed that the Ancestral Tomb was the tomb of three ancient great ancestors, and Official’s Tomb should be the place for those who had made outstanding contributions since the Zhen Wu Dynasty, at least Earthly Godly Ancestors or Overlords.

Nian Ling Jiao didn’t speak, leading Lin Feng straight to Official’s Tomb. However, no matter where she went, she needed to walk for a long time. She looked at the flat ground built by the white stone floor in front of her eyes. It reflected a sense of holiness, but she didn’t have any fear of entering the tombs of the dead.

The two people walked for almost half an hour. After half an hour, Nian Ling Jiao stopped. Lin Feng also stood by and looked at the white palace in front of her. It smelled of sandalwood.

“We see the princess!”

At this time, two three-meter-tall giants in armor came out of the hall. These two giants were armed with long spears. Lin Feng was shocked and could not help but change his face. Was there someone here?

“Two grandfathers of heaven and earth, I want to go in and pay a visit to the twelve meritorious officials. Please do me a favor.” Nian Ling Jiao smiled with a little mischievous tone, but she did not lose her princess demeanor.

“The princess can go in, but this is?” The two giants themselves were Earthly Godly Ancestors. At present Lin Feng, who was also an Earthly Godly Ancestor, had to be cautious and speak in a much better tone. If it were Holy Godly Ancestors who were standing here, they would not be so good tempered.

Lin Feng just wanted to introduce himself, but was told not to speak by Nian Ling Jiao’s eyes. He stayed silent. Nian Ling Jiao replied with a smile, “He is the son-in-law of Zhen Wu Dynasty, my husband.”

“We see your husband, please come in!” When the two giants’ faces changed, they held their spears tightly and bowed their heads respectfully, and retreated to one side. Nian Ling Jiao held Lin Feng’s arm and walked in. Although Lin Feng was surprised at this time, he would be silly to ask.

When they entered the palace, the light suddenly was gone. Although it was not where they couldn’t see their fingers, it was indeed dark. With a wave of Lin Feng’s hand, the whole hall immediately lit up, and the golden light spread all over the hall.

“They are the two elders guarding the Official’s Tomb, almost of my grandfather’s generation. Even when my father saw them, he had to call them the two uncles from heaven and earth.

“As for why I called you the husband, it was because people other than the royal family are not allowed to come into the Official’s Tomb and the Imperial Mausoleum. If I say you are my husband, they will make an exception to let you in.”

Nian Ling Jiao explained the situation just now. Lin Feng nodded and didn’t ask much after he understood because his eyes were all deeply attracted by the twelve dozens-of-meters-tall portraits on both walls.

Every portrait was lifelike, and every stroke was outlined with high spirit, just like a real person standing here, which made Lin Feng marvel. After seeing the name and brief introduction of each portrait, Lin Feng’s heart couldn’t help but pay more respect.

“Lin Lang Tian, the first assistant of the Empire, defeated the Buddha three times!”

Dong! Lin Feng felt his heart beat faster and his heart jump to his throat. Who was the Buddha? In the eyes of his master, Buddha was the most powerful Overlord in the World of Battles. Even in today’s World of Battles, among the Overlords, the Buddha was still the most powerful, followed by the Human and Demon Ancestors.

But the Buddha lost three times at the hands of Lin Lang Tian? That was a myth!

Lin Lang Tian was dressed in a golden silk robe and wearing a kirin official hat, which was very similar to his own official hat. He held a moon-bending knife and was riding on a kirin, which was very powerful.

“Lin Lang Tian was my great-grandfather’s chief auxiliary minister, the important minister beside Dong Fang Yu Qing’s grandfather. He was the chief auxiliary Minister of the second generation of the Empire, with the greatest merits, so he was hung in the first position.” Nian Ling Jiao explained to Lin Feng, but she laughed silently. The second generation was Lin Lang Tian, so the fourth generation was Lin Feng, right?

In the future, Lin Feng’s portrait of a meritorious official would also be hung here. It was an honor for a family, to be admired by future generations.

Lin Feng made a silent bow, and then put his eyes on the second meritorious official. However, he was a little surprised, because it turned out to be a woman with a fiery red phoenix robe. Although her figure was gorgeous, her face was cold.

“Zuo Qiu Ning, the first empress, the first woman who dared to call herself emperor queen in the World of Battles. Once she defeated her husband, Emperor Ancestor Tai Dong Fang Heng, in one hundred moves!”

Lin Feng almost choked again. It turned out that this woman was Dong Fang Heng’s wife, the first ancestor of the Zhen Wu Dynasty; that is, Nian Ling Jiao’s great-grandmother. She was the grandmother of Ancestor Tai!

“I can’t believe that a woman was more powerful than their own man,” Lin Feng really sighed, and then put his eyes on the third meritorious official.

“Yu Hua Qing, the first subsidiary of the first empire; he expanded the territory of Zhen Wu Dynasty by one million li, defeated the three Western Buddhas and had immortal achievements.”

“In the fourth picture, Lang Shi Ning, the first generation of imperial assistants, forged tens of thousands of weapons for the Zhen Wu Dynasty, from the emperor’s utensils to the ancestor’s utensils, without exception, giving the greatest assistance to the Empire.”

“Fifth, Pang Hui, the third-generation imperial chief and assistant. Once cut off four Earthly Godly Ancestors and twelve Holy Godly Ancestors in order to save the young master. This preserved the blood of the royal family.” Seeing that, Lin Feng couldn’t help looking at Nian Ling Jiao, wanting a more detailed explanation.

“He saved my father, the emperor, who was also a dandy son, from falling to the enemy. Of course, father destroyed the enemy forces. In order to thank his benefactor, father hung Pang Hui’s likeness as the fifth picture.”

When Lin Feng heard this, he admired Pang Hui. A minister should be loyal. It had nothing to do with secular power. If he had such a loyal person, he would be happy.

Lin Feng studied the remaining twelve pictures of meritorious officials one by one. All of them were brave and extraordinary figures, all of them were Overlords during the ancient times, three of them belonged to the List of the World of Battles of the ancient times, and the remaining three were figures of the Ancestor level.

“Lin Lang Tian!” Lin Feng silently read the name, He didn’t know if it was a coincidence that he and Lin Lang Tian were Lin’s, but his achievements were dazzling, He just didn’t know if he would have such a day, and also get to hang his meritorious portrait here… 

What was he thinking? He just wanted to get rid of Dong Fang Yu Qing. How could he get into the ranks of meritorious officials?

“Have all these predecessors died?” Lin Feng turned around and asked Nian Ling Jiao. These men all had great power. They would not fall easily.

“Come with me.” Nian Ling Jiao didn’t answer Lin Feng directly, but curled her finger and indicated that they were going inside. Lin Feng and Nian Ling Jiao continued to walk into the deeper part of the hall side by side, and soon left the pictures of twelve meritorious officials behind.

“Go down.” Nian Ling Jiao and Lin Feng had come to a stairway leading to the underground. Nian Ling Jiao gave him notice, and began to walk down the stairway, as did Lin Feng.

About five minutes later, Lin Feng realized that he had descended tens of thousands of meters. At this time, the temperature suddenly dropped to freezing. There was a crystal with blue light in it illuminating the whole underground tomb, but it was very cold.

“Look, the seven coffins in front.” Nian Ling Jiao pointed to the seven huge coffins in front of her, acting very dignified. When Lin Feng looked at the seven coffins, he was more confused.

“Lang Shi Ning, Pang Hui, Xie Yu, Tang Chen, Zhang Qiu, Dong Fang Tang Yan, Xi Guan Jing!”

Lin Feng saw the tombs of those seven people, but there were no tombs of Lin Lang Tian, Zuo Qiu Ning, Yu Hua Qing, and nine other meritorious officials.

“Lin Lang Tian is not dead, but his whereabouts are unknown. Grandma Zuo Qiu Ning and grandpa were buried in the Imperial Mausoleum, and Yu Hua Qing disappeared. The remaining nine meritorious officials were all killed in the four corners of the World of Battles, and the Zhen Wu Dynasty could not recover their bodies!” As Nian Ling Jiao said that, there was a little depression and sadness on her face.

The powerful officials of the Zhen Wu Dynasty could only watch when they finally fell, but they couldn’t help save them.

Lin Feng was silent. He felt sad, but expectant. Lin Lang Tian and Yu Hua Qing had not fallen, or at least their whereabouts were unknown. That is to say, it was possible to see them one day in the future.

“Lin Feng, light a stick of incense in respect for the elders.” Nian Ling Jiao couldn’t command Lin Feng to offer incense, but only prodded him. After all, Lin Feng was not a person of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, but only here because Dong Fang Yu Qing kidnapped him and he was highly valued by her father.

The incense told these meritorious officials that there was still hope in the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

Lin Feng did not respond, but stood silently in front of the seven coffins, and drew a sandalwood incense stick prepared on the ground. With a flick of his finger, a dark red flame ignited the sandalwood incense, and he finally inserted the sandalwood incense into the censer in front of the seven coffins.

“You are all heroes, Overlords, and great figures that we young people admire. I hope your spirits can rest in peace and bless the real martial dynasty!”

Lin Feng prayed silently, then bowed deeply.

“Your name is Lin Feng?”

Suddenly, Lin Feng heard a slightly hoarse voice, which startled him momentarily. Nian Ling Jiao also felt something wrong, but did not dare to interrupt.

“Well, my name is Lin Feng. You are…?” Lin Feng asked in return.

“I’m Lang Shi Ning!

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