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Chapter 1433 – Lang Shi Ning’s Sarira

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“Lang Shi Ning, the third meritorious Minister?” Lin Feng was a little surprised, but he soon recovered his calm. He could not see the other side’s appearance; he could judge that the other side was worthy of the title of meritorious official just by virtue of his hoarse voice.

“Ha ha, what is the third meritorious official? It’s just a passing reputation,” Lang Shi Ning spoke again, but there was a trace of indifference in his words. He didn’t value any third meritorious person. He only served the Zhen Wu Dynasty, and did so faithfully.

“Did you die?” After thinking over and over again, Lin Feng asked the most impolite question.

“That’s right,” Lang Shi Ning had some helpless reluctance in his tone. Lin Feng’s heart settled down a little bit.

“Do you want something?” Lin Feng continued, his face still solemn.

  Nian Ling Jiao on the other side was almost certain. After her trip to the imperial mausoleum, she naturally guessed that there might have been meritorious officials contacting Lin Feng at this moment. This was the same ten years ago, when grandmother Zuo Qiu Ning contacted her. Otherwise, she would not have broken through to Earthly Godly Ancestor. That had been Zuo Qiu Ning’s gift to her.

“Naturally, I want to ask you for a favor. We have been dead, but our souls are still here. This is also due to the strength of being Earthly Godly Ancestors. Even if we die, the soul will never die, but only live in the spiritual world from now on.”

   When Lang Shi Ning said this, he sounded a little worried and helpless. His consciousness was still alive, but he had no body to control. This feeling was very painful. After hearing his words, Lin Feng thought for a while. Was the soul of a dead god still there? So that was to say, if he killed Dong Fang Yu Qing, in fact, the soul of the latter was still alive?

   If there was a chance, Dong Fang Yu Qing’s soul could still be reincarnated or entrusted to a stronger being. Once that happened, he would not be in more trouble. Dong Fang Yu Qing, who was waiting to strike him, was more dangerous than the fake Cheng Shan.

“Master Lang, I venture to ask you, what can we do to help your soul?” Lin Feng asked under great pressure. Lang Shi Ning would be a little upset by this question, but he should know that there was no enmity or malice between them.

   Lang Shi Ning was stunned. As expected, Lin Feng’s question left him unable to answer for the time being. But after he thought about it, he smiled lightly, “You ask this, you must have an enemy at the level of Earthly Godly Ancestor.” Lang Shi Ning was very clever, otherwise he would not have been valued and put in an important position.

“Well, that’s right.” Lin Feng answered neutrally.

“There’s only one way. If you kill him, you can turn his body into a demon corpse within ten seconds. Only in this way can his soul be refined, and no longer exist!”

   That’s what needed to happen? After listening to Lang Shi Ning’s explanation, Lin Feng felt a little moved, and remembered that there were 90 demon corpses in his Spirit World, but they were of little use.

   If he could refine Dong Fang Yu Qing into a demon corpse, maybe he could improve the strength of the demon corpse legion and kill Dong Fang Yu Qing at the same time!

“Thank you, Mr. Lang.” Lin Feng nodded.

“Well, I’ve solved your problem. Can you agree to my request?” Lang Shi Ning asked Lin Feng anxiously after a faint hum, and his tone seemed to be anxious, which surprised Lin Feng a little. 

He asked in a deep voice, “Sir, what request?”

“Do you agree to my request?” Lang Shi Ning was acting more and more anxious, just like something terrible was chasing him, and he had to ask for help.

“Please tell me more details.” Lin Feng wouldn’t be fooled so simply, and wouldn’t promise when the other party didn’t say anything concrete about the problem, although Lang Shi Ning was anxious.

“I, I will go out with you and leave the world of the soul. In order to thank you for your great kindness, I am also ready to give you my Sarira.”

“Go out with my body? Leave the world of the soul?” Lin Feng was a little surprised, and heard Lang Shi Ning’s panting voice. He guessed that the other party might be getting chased by others. Could there be any vengeful murder in the soul world?

   After a little meditation, he thought about the Ice Spirit, the Overlord in his Spirit World. If Lang Shi Ning dared to harm him, he and the Ice Spirit would work together. Lang Shi Ning had no real chance to cause troubles, so he could agree.

“Good, Master Lang, I promise you!” Lin Feng nodded heavily and said. He heard the deafening sound of an explosion in his ear. A fresh wind came into his body and a holy force came into his chest.

“Haha, Pang Hui, how can you beat me?” Lang Shi Ning laughed out loud, and then set up a border within Lin Feng’s body to prevent Pang Hui rushing in, which was not necessary. With Lin Feng’s current Ancestral Body, without his consent, Lang Shi Ning’s soul could not have successfully come in.

“Lin Feng, I’m Pang Hui!” Just as Lang Shi Ning said that, a slightly thick voice came into Lin Feng’s ear. His face changed again. Pang Hui’s soul was here!

“Mr. Pang Hui, are you…?” Lin Feng was afraid that Pang Hui would also ask that he wanted to rely on Lin Feng ‘s body to come out of the soul world. Lang Shi Ning had imposed enough pressure on Lin Feng. If he and Pang Hui joined together, Lin Feng couldn’t imagine what would happen if they joined forces.

“Lin Feng, I also want to go out. As long as you let me out, I will give you my Sarira!” Pang Hui, in order to leave, also put forth all his efforts.

   Buddhist relics were a kind of energy crystal formed after people died. They also called the Essence of a person’s lifetime. They contained countless Pure Qi and numerous insights. Of course, those who were entitled to form Buddhist relics were all cultivators.

   Therefore, the Buddhist relics of Lang Shi Ning and Pang Hui was enough to show that both of them were once powerful Overlords. There was no ranking list in the World of Battles at that time, but their strength was higher than today’s Overlords.

“Lin Feng, don’t promise him. That old man is full of evil ideas,” Lang Shi Ning said with a hoarse voice, reluctant to let Pang Hui follow him.

“Lin Feng, Lang Shi Ning just lost three years of mental strength gambling. I was just about to claim his strength. You just appeared here, so you become his Savior, but I tell you, Lang Shi Ning is not a good person, either.”

“Lin Feng, don’t believe him, that old bastard. He has been bullying people in the soul world since he died. Don’t save him!” Lang Shi Ning said gloomily.

“Lin Feng, believe me, as long as I go out, you will definitely get my Sarira!” Pang Hui’s face was full of expectation. There might not be a single person inside the whole official mausoleum for hundreds of years, because all the people who came in were the core figures of the Zhen Wu Dynasty or the descendants of the Imperial family.

   However, the people who had entered here before were not Earthly Godly Ancestors, so they could not carry their soul. Now they met Lin Feng, they would not miss this opportunity.

“Ha ha, brothers, come out quickly! The emperor’s son-in-law Lin Feng can take us out!” At this time, somebody laughed. Lin Feng’s ears only felt the wind coming closer and closer.


“Lin Feng, I’m Xie Yu. Take me out!”

“Lin Feng, I’m Tang Chen.”

“Lin Feng, I’m Zhang Qiu. Let us go out quickly. We’re tired of the soul world. Little brother, please.”

“Dong Fang Tang Jing and Xi Guan Yan, ask the emperor’s son-in-law to be kind and let us go out!”

   At this moment, Lin Feng’s ears were almost deafened by the seven lords in coffins in the official mausoleum. Their souls came to beg Lin Feng, and were making Lin Feng worry.

“Nian Ling Jiao, these seven souls are asking me to help them leave. What should I do?” Lin Feng turned around and asked Nian Ling Jiao, who knew what was going on here better than himself.

   Nian Ling Jiao’s face changed suddenly, too shocked to say a word. How could this happen? Seven great meritorious officials asked Lin Feng at the same time? Was it possible? However, Lin Feng’s expression showed that he wasn’t lying.

   The seven meritorious officials were really begging Lin Feng. What was the matter? She had no idea, too.

“Lin Feng, if you don’t mind, you can bring them out.” Nian Ling Jiao laughed with a little embarrassment, which might be the best solution. At least Lin Feng could get some great benefits.

   Lin Feng laughed bitterly, thinking Nian Ling Jiao didn’t give him very good advice. But listening to the seven powerful people constantly begging, Lin Feng really didn’t know what to do.

“Hum, where are you souls from? Daring to disturb my rest here!”

   As Lin Feng didn’t know what to do, the cold air suddenly spread in his body, and his soul was almost frozen. Fortunately, he could resist with his Ancestral Body. However, these souls were unlucky, especially Lang Shi Ning, who had already entered his body, grinning and crying constantly.

“Hello, master, please stop, please stop!” Lang Shi Ning shouted out in a hurry, hoping the Ice Spirit would stop at once. This cold air was unbearable to his soul.

   The Ice Spirit snorted and stopped. Then she said to Lin Feng, “If you are not afraid of becoming a gloomy evil body, let them in!”

   The Ice Spirit’s words sobered Lin Feng up, and he showed a firm look on his face. His heart gradually hardened towards these souls. “Sorry, everyone, I only promised to help Master Lang out!”

“Ah, let’s go. We can only look forward to the next arrival.” Pang Hui sighed faintly, then left. Dong Fang Tang Jing, Xi Guan Yan, and the other souls quickly disappeared.

   Everything quieted down, Lang Shi Ning took a deep breath and felt lucky that Lin Feng helped him, otherwise he would not be able to leave.

“Lin Feng, put your hand on my coffin.” Lang Shi Ning instructed Lin Feng in a deep voice.

   Lin Feng nodded, putting his left hand slowly on the coffin in the middle, touched it, and then a cool feeling spread all over his body. A strong energy ran through his whole arm, then into his meridians.

   With a loud bang, there was a deafening sound in the official mausoleum, and the whole underground palace shook. Fortunately, it was strong here, or it would have collapsed.

  A golden thumb-sized Sarira bounced out of the coffin and fell into Lin Feng’s left hand. It was full of cold feeling and its pure Qi was holy, which was just boundless and vast.

“A Sarira is enough to create an Earthly Godly Ancestor, faster than the Flower of Glory!” Lang Shi Ning said to Lin Feng.

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