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Chapter 1437 – Lin Feng’s Return

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   The next day, the Northwest was very busy. Ni Huang’s realm was decorated with lights, drums and firecrackers, and the courtyard where Luo Zhao Sheng lived was covered with red curtains, decorated from inside to outside.

   With the rising of the sun, Ni Huang’s men were busy preparing everything, including the wedding feast.

   Luo Zhao Sheng didn’t need to make any preparations, beyond sending invitations. He invited all the Overlords on the World of Battles List, and his friends were everywhere… except for Kun Dao, who he had offended by defending Lin Feng.

   That morning, Ni Huang’s border was completely closed, but all the banquets were arranged on the back mountain. The peak of the back mountain had been flattened and several luxurious banquet halls had been set up. All the representatives who should have come were present.

   Save for Luo Zhao Sheng, who had not yet arrived because of the preparation of the bride escort team, most of the representatives had arrived, and every time when a representative arrived, Ni Huang’s men would shout loudly to let others hear the name of the arriving guest.

“The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points of the Eight Corners!” Feng Cai exclaimed, and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, dressed in a blue robe, stepped onto the mountain top and went straight to the banquet hall. There were also representatives arriving before the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. The Leader of the desert people, the Leader of Jing City, and the Clan Leader of the Battle Spirit Clan, who was also the representative of Kun Dao.

   The Ancestor did not pay attention to the other three people, but went straight to the side of Jing Rui, sat down silently, not even looking at the banquet, and asked Jing Rui directly, “Still no news of Lin Feng?”

“Senior, my men have been sent out, but I haven’t heard from them yet. We have to wait for Lin Zhe Tian.” Jing Rui sighed helplessly.

   The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points frowned tightly. Chu Chun Qiu and the others had been gone for a month. However, no messages came back, and neither did they. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was worried that there had been an accident.

 The Eight Corners wouldn’t be stable until Lin Feng returned. 

“Senior, don’t worry. Brother Lin Feng will be fine,” Jing Rui comforted the worried Ancestor.

  The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points nodded slightly. He couldn’t do anything else except wait.

“The Master of the Tai Qing Sect, Qing Yu Sheng, has arrived! With a gift of snow ginseng!” Feng Cai shouted

The Master of the Tai Qing Sect, Qing Yu Sheng, stepped inside. Everyone was in shock. Tai Qing Sect belonged to the Southwest. He had come to the wedding of Qian Jin Cai Yue?

   After careful consideration, it seemed to make sense. Luo Zhao Sheng had lots of friends, so it wasn’t weird for him to be able to invite Qing Yu Sheng. Maybe it would even be normal for the Human Ancestor to come here himself.

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had seen Qing Yu Sheng once, but they didn’t know each other. Most of the Overlords in the Northern War Zone didn’t know Qing Yu Sheng. Qing Yu Sheng led two of his people to sit at a table alone.

“It’s about time for Luo Zhao Sheng to arrive,” Qing Yu Sheng chuckled and waited, playing with his own beard.

“The Hell Judges, Han Yan, has arrived! With a gift of thirty million war coins!””

 That shout shocked most people from the North. It was another Overlord of the South! The Hell Judges only showed up once in a blue moon. But for the wedding of Qian Jin Cai Yue, he also came in person!

“Ha ha, you arrived long ago!” Han Yan didn’t know the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and other people. The only person he knew was Qing Yu Sheng, so he naturally came to Qing Yu Sheng and sat down. They exchanged greetings for a while.

“Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian from Sword Mountain pays a visit personally, sending a long sword Godly Ancestor Weapon.”

“Gui Hun Yue Du Sheng, Bai Mu Xiao, arrived! With a gift of two sets of porcelain!”

“The son of the Human Ancestor, Fu Lang Po, is here! With a gift of a Light!”

   After two familiar names, the appearance of Fu Lang Po pushed the whole wedding banquet to a climax. Fu Lang Po, the son of the Human Ancestor, was ranked thirtieth on the List. Most people had heard of his name, but had never seen him. He was the youngest Overlord in the World of Battles, only three thousand years old. He was the youngest son and beloved by the Human Ancestor.

   Fu Lang Po walked into the banquet area slowly, dressed in a very simple white robe. His hair was scattered, eyebrows slightly raised, but his eyes were like the eyes of a wolf, making people fear when they met them.

   Fu Lang Po sat alone at a new table and didn’t care about the gazes from other people. He lowered his head slightly and waited for Luo Zhao Sheng to appear.

 Bai Mu Xiao first said hello to Fu Lang Po, and then to Han Yan and Qing Yu Sheng. As the only agreeable old man in the World of Battles, Bai Mu Xiao had lots of friends.

“Demon Child from Demon Clan sends a ten-thousand-year snow ginseng!” Feng Cai shouted again, and the crowd saw a black-robed man less than a meter-seventy on the top of the mountain. His head was a little big, and he looked uncoordinated, but his strength was impressive.

   The Demon Child, who ranked twenty-ninth on the List of the World of Battles, was the blood nephew of the Demon Ancestor of the Demon Clan. He was extremely vicious, but he was also a friend of Luo Zhao Sheng, so he came to congratulate him.

   The Demon Child ignored the crowd. In addition to exchanging greetings with Bai Mu Xiao, he went directly to Fu Lang Po. His eyes were intensely cold, and the eyes of Fu Lang Po were also full of killing intent.

   All of a sudden, the wedding banquet immediately had the atmosphere of a battlefield. They had always been enemies. Now, they were invited to the same place, their conflict was inevitable.

“You, stop for a while! This is the wedding of Luo Zhao Sheng!” Bai Mu Xiao couldn’t help shouting. No one else had the desire to stop them, and Luo Zhao Sheng was not here. He could only do it himself.

Fu Lang Po and the Demon Child glanced at Bai Mu Xiao, and turned away from each other. They seemed to be ignoring each other, but the Demon Child sat down beside Fu Lang Po.


   Time passed minute by minute, and soon noon came. The sun was high in the sky. At this time, Ni Huang also appeared at the back mountain. She was glad to see so many Overlords and representatives had come. Her future son-in-law was really popular.

“Everyone, thank you for coming to the wedding of my daughter, Cai Yue, and Luo Zhao Sheng. There are some Overlords I know, and some I don’t know. But I hope you’ll be kind enough to congratulate the new couple entering the wedding hall!” Ni Huang politely said a few words, but in fact, the meaning was very clear. It was to warn these Overlords not to make trouble. This was not a place for conflict.

   Fu Lang Po and the Demon Child both curled up their mouths wisely. Although they were very proud, they did not want to anger Ni Huang. After all, Ni Huang, the Human Ancestor and Demon Ancestor were all at the same level.

   With the arrival of Ni Huang, the atmosphere got livelier. More and more representatives came, and the banquet hall was about to be filled.

“The daughter of Ancestor Nü, Bai Nü is here! With a gift of a porcelain doll!” Feng Cai cheered again. 

Bai Nü handed the porcelain doll in her hand to him. She then walked into the banquet area slowly, with dignified steps. Today, she was dressed in a plain dress, which looked very dignified and had some flavor of her mother.

   Ni Huang glanced at Bai Nü, but did not make a sound. The appearance of Bai Nü indicated that the Ancestor Nü would not come. She was not disappointed, but instead a little thankful. She did not want her daughter’s wedding to lose some light because of the beauty of the Ancestor Nü, but she forgot about her own beauty, which would also cast a shadow over the wedding.

   At the same time, both Lin Feng and Nian Ling Jiao were dragging their slightly tired figures and continuing towards the Ni Huang border, standing on the Ancestor Cloud. Nian Ling Jiao wanted to lie down on a comfortable bed for a rest.

   Lin Feng had been standing on the Ancestor Cloud, and was relieved when he saw the familiar Eight Corners. They could get to the foot of the mountains at Ni Huang’s border in an hour.

Lin Feng looked back and saw that Nian Ling Jiao’s tired face was not very good. He said apologetically, “Ling Jiao, thank you.”

 Nian Ling Jiao shook her head. There was a trace of sadness on her beautiful face, but it was fleeting. She didn’t speak, but looked to the northwest. It was really wild. Compared with the luxurious buildings in the Zhen Wu Dynasty, it was so much better, a natural scene of beauty.

“How long will it take to arrive at your Eight Corners?”  Nian Ling Jiao asked casually. Her hands were swinging, and she was a little bored.

“We’ve passed it!” Lin Feng answered quickly. Hearing this, she felt angry. She wanted to see the Eight Corners, but she had already passed it by.

“It’s okay. After the wedding, I’ll take you to see the Eight Corners.” Lin Feng saw that Nian Ling Jiao was a little disappointed, so he offered this quickly.

Nian Ling Jiao pouted her little mouth and said angrily, “Who is going! After the wedding, I will return to the Zhen Wu Dynasty!” That kind of loveliness was reflected again. Lin Feng didn’t mind, but only smiled. Of course, it was just an angry remark.


   Time passed minute by minute, until Lin Feng finally saw the back mountain in front crowded with people, and subconsciously clenched his fists. Finally, he was back!

“I’ll put on the mask first. Besides, don’t call me Lin Feng, call me Asura!” Lin Feng found out the Mask of Asura in his space ring and put it on. He also changed his breathing.

 Nian Ling Jiao was very smart. She didn’t need to ask the reason why to understand that Lin Feng didn’t want to appear here suddenly, so as not to cause a disturbance and destroy the marriage between Qian Jin Cai Yue and Luo Zhao Sheng.

“Is it here?” Nian Ling Jiao asked with some expectation, as she could finally leave the boring flight to attend the wedding banquet.

“Let’s land. We’ve arrived.”


“Representative of the Eight Corners, Song Chou Jiu and Zhan Han have arrived!” Feng Cai shouted again. There were two more people on the top of the mountain, Song Chou Jiu and Zhan Han. They were the representatives of the Eight Corners, and they had brought abundant gifts to Feng Cai.

 They walked over to the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and Leader Jing Rui, and sat down.

“If only Lin Feng could see the wedding.” Song Chou Jiu shook his head with some emotion.

   Zhan Han was very melancholic in his heart. Since Zhan Gan had died, he had always been in a trance. Today, Song Chou Jiu brought him to see the wedding banquet, hoping to cheer him up so that he would recover from Zhan Gan’s death as soon as possible.

“The Western Buddha’s young master, Feng Na, is here, with a gift of Ten Thousand Heart Mala!”

   When the atmosphere was a little heavy, a light floating figure appeared at the top of the mountain. A white bald monk holding a golden Buddha bead saluted everyone with a smile on his face. The etiquette of putting his hands together filled the surroundings with fragrance and a smell of sandalwood.

“This is the Buddha Child.” With a silent murmur, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points could not help but feel the strength of the West when he saw the beautiful Buddha Child. The Buddha Child had become an Overlord, with Feng Na ranking thirty-fourth, and Feng Kan thirty-third.

“Feng Na brings the Buddha’s wishes, wishing the bride and the bride-groom a happy marriage forever!” After honoring the Buddhist etiquette, he walked slowly up to Fu Lang Po and greeted him with a brilliant smile, “Long time no see!”

“Master, long time no see.” After arriving at the top of the mountain, Fu Lang Po had been silent all the time, his face sullen. At the appearance of Feng Na, his face relaxed a lot, and there was a trace of respect on his face. On the other side, the Demon Child frowned and felt a disgusting sensation from his holy Buddha power.

   He couldn’t help but move his position, keeping some distance away from Feng Na to avoid the influence of holy Buddhist power. He didn’t come here to fight. Besides, they were all Luo Zhao Sheng’s friends. As a friend, he couldn’t make a scene on Luo’s wedding day.


   As time went by, Ni Huang noticed the sun had risen above her head and the wedding had to begin. If she continued to delay, it would be afternoon, which would miss the auspicious time.

“Go and invite Cai Yue out,” Ni Huang ordered Feng Cai. Feng Cai was silent, but disappeared from the back mountain and entered the boundary of Ni Huang.

   Within a minute, Feng Cai was supporting the gorgeous Qian Jin Cai Yue to come down from the boundary of Ni Huang. After landing, the beauty of Qian Jin Cai Yue immediately earned a lot of exclamations. Although some of the cultivators present were not invited, they had also arrived at the scene after hearing the news. Even if they could not eat at the banquet, it would be good to see the grand gathering.

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