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Chapter 1442 – Mysterious Man in Black

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“Girl, girl, ah, girl, don’t go!” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points rode on his cloud to catch up with Nian Ling Jiao. The old man’s face was full of bitter smiles. Lin Feng got into trouble with a romantic debt. Now, he had to solve the problem himself.


   Nian Ling Jiao slowed down, and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points caught up with her directly. He couldn’t help but smile and say, “Miss, Lin Feng asked me to come, he doesn’t want to let you go alone.”


“Master, go back. I’m alone in the Northwest. Why would I stay here?” Nian Ling Jiao still had some resentment in her heart, but she didn’t really want to go.


“Ha ha, you think I don’t know what you are thinking? But you also need to understand Lin Feng’s situation at the moment. Qian Jin Cai Yue’s amnesia is entirely due to him, so he can’t provoke Qian Jin Cai Yue anymore, and if you leave, Lin Feng will feel guilty for a lifetime.


“Don’t you understand him after being around him for such a long time? You don’t need to be angry with him.


“In addition, Lin Feng will have a lot of things to deal with soon. He must be focused, so you need to understand him.” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points advised Nian Ling Jiao to act with empathy and reason. Of course, if she didn’t listen to him, he could only let her go.


   Nian Ling Jiao was not unreasonable. Instead, she was very rational, so she had chosen to leave directly without quarreling with Qian Jin Cai Yue. She really didn’t want to embarrass Lin Feng. But in Lin Feng’s eyes, if she just left, he would feel embarrassed.


“What can he do? He only stays with the amnesiac Qian Jin Cai Yue!” Nian Ling Jiao sighed. She was a little disappointed and helpless.


“No, ha ha, I’ll just tell you once, and you will know Lin Feng’s difficulties at this moment.” With a faint smile, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points stroked his beard and told Nian Ling Jiao about Zhan Gan’s death, Lin Zu’s disappearance, and the events of the Northern War before that, and the recent split in the Region of the Eight Corners.


   After these things were narrated, Nian Ling Jiao turned around and flew to the Region of the Eight Corners. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points smiled and studied at Nian Ling Jiao. This woman was really level-headed.


“It’s strange that there are women in the World of Battle who can compare with Ni Huang and Ancestor Nü. But Lin Feng is lucky, isn’t he?” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points smiled and stared at Nian Ling Jiao, who was disappearing from sight. If Lin Feng promised Qian Jin Cai Yue, would he have any reason to refuse other women?


   Once Lin Feng attracted Qian Jin Cai Yue’s attention, he could not get away from her. He had felt guilty for the death of Qing Huang Tian for a long time. The Ancestor hoped that he could get rid of that guilt completely.


   The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points recited his mantra, waved at the cloud under him and turned around for the Region of the Eight Corners. He had to speed up. After all, although Nian Ling Jiao knew the general location, she didn’t know where she should land.




   The news of Lin Feng’s return was like a bomb going off all over the Region of the Eight Corners. Everyone was excited, but some people were very unhappy. Their thoughts of rebelling might be done. They had wanted to split up the Region of the Eight Corners, and then get benefits for themselves.


   But Lin Feng’s return meant that this plan had completely failed, for which many geniuses were very unwilling.


“What do we do? Is that really enough?” Chen Di was the first geniuses of Xue Yu. Along with Li Ju, who was in charge of  Xue Yu, Chen Di had the highest strength and had broken through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. However, he was unwilling to become a member of the Region of the Eight Corners. He wanted to become the master of a domain, or even the master of the Region of the Eight Corners!


   His ambition was so great that he wouldn’t let it go!


“What else can I do? Do I kill another Zhan Gan again?” a man in black said in a deep voice and a very bad attitude from in front of him. His intent to kill was strong, but not for killing Chen Di, but the returning Lin Feng.


   The man in black had a mask on, so people couldn’t see who he was. But after he appeared here on the day of Lin Feng’s kidnapping, he had found Chen Di, who was very ambitious.


“I don’t like it. By the way, how’s that child? Do you want to kill it, um!” Chen Di said this, looking at the man in black, and then made a neck cutting motion.


   The man in black was surprised. He did not realize that Chen Di was so cruel that he even dared to kill Lin Feng’s child? Was he not afraid that Lin Feng would take revenge on him?


“Don’t even think about it. I will kill Lin Feng by using this kid. In a word, don’t worry about it. After Lin Feng comes back, you just mind your own business, understand?” the man in black shouted angrily, his face cold.


   Hearing this, Chen Di’s face changed a little, but he still nodded unwillingly. He turned around and left the mountain forest to go to the center of Man Yu from the cave.


   Seeing Chen Di’s departure, the man in black still had some fear in his heart. Chen Di was becoming more and more difficult to control. If this continued, the plot would be exposed one day. It seemed that when necessary, he would have to kill the fool…


   While thinking about it, the man in black glanced at Lin Zu, who was comatose beside him. Lin Zu’s small face was a little pale, but his young face still showed a strong and unyielding will. The pride between his eyebrows made the man in black even more afraid.


“You look like your father. I don’t know if you will look similar to your father in the future…”


   When his mask was removed, a handsome face was exposed. Every inch of skin was like it had been rendered by ice and snow. His eyes were full of the charm of a woman, while his brow was full of the heroism of a man.


“Lin Feng, for revenge, I have changed my face greatly. Even if you meet me, you will not recognize me!” the man in black grinned. At the moment, even if he called himself a woman, no one would have any objection.


“Kid, you will be an important chess piece for me to deal with Lin Feng in the future. I wonder what it will be like for father and son to fight each other!”




…At this moment, it was hard to fight for space in the central square of Man Yu. Almost all the cultivators and geniuses who were able to appear in the Region of the Eight Corners gathered here, waiting for their leader who had disappeared for several months, Lin Feng!


   When they heard about the return of Lin Feng, they were overjoyed and relieved at the same time. Lin Feng had returned, so geniuses who wanted to split the country up could only stop.


   Among these people, most of them were excited, but a few of them had complicated emotions. They were involved in the rebelling camp, especially some of the fiercest geniuses. They were really worried that Lin Feng would retaliate against them, but they were relieved that Lin Feng was just a Holy Godly Ancestor.


   Now they were all Holy Godly Ancestors. Li Feng was not stronger than them. If they got angry, maybe they could kill Lin Feng. Wasn’t that possible?


   Chen Di stood on the square, thinking silently. His eyes reflected an intent to kill.



   Lin Feng was still in the hall with Song Chou Jiu. When Lin Feng heard that Zhan Gan had died miserably and Lin Zu had disappeared, he was surprisingly quiet, without a wrinkle of his brow, leaving everyone stunned. Lin Feng was still calm when he heard the news again.


   At the moment, Chu Chun Qiu was not here, otherwise he would be able to tell Lin Feng was cold from the inside to outside. Lin Feng was not indifferent, he was extremely furious!


“Tomorrow, all the Holy Godly Ancestors of the Region of the Eight Corners, as well as Ta Zu, the Masters and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, will follow me to Jun Hall!”


   It sounded like a thunderclap to everyone, especially to Ta Zu and the other people. How terrible!


“I…” Ta Zu wanted to say that he had been cultivating in the Mo Forest in the deep sea and didn’t want to participate in the event, but as soon as he started, he was stopped by Lin Feng’s calm face. Lin Feng didn’t speak or even looked at him, but this invisible flame made Ta Zu swallow what he wanted to say.


   Lin Feng broke through to the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer, and was only a small distance from being an Overlord. It was a big gap from the Ancient Overlord, but this did not hinder Lin Feng’s aura, which Ta Zu was afraid of.


A person’s temperament and aura were innate!


“Lin Feng, the second thing is the geniuses who wanted to break up the region. You may have to solve that soon!” Song Chou Jiu reported to Lin Feng. As long as Lin Feng solved everything one by one, the Region of the Eight Corners could be peaceful.


“Who is involved?” Lin Feng looked at Song Chou Jiu with a raised eyebrow. Song Chou Jiu was sweating coldly. He felt that Lin Feng’s eyes were like the eyes of demons right now. If you looked at him wrong, you would be dead!


   Song Chou Jiu didn’t know what Lin Feng was going to do, and there were many geniuses involved, not just three or five.


“Initially speaking, at least ten geniuses participated in the fracture, and hundreds of cultivators in various fields participated in it.” Song Chou Jiu replied according to the facts.


   After listening, Lin Feng chuckled. His smile was very bright and natural, but quite strange, which was very confusing.


“Kill hundreds of powerful cultivators who can’t be forgiven. I’ll meet the geniuses!” Lin Feng said, leaving his seat and going straight out to the square. The people behind were stunned. They didn’t understand what Lin Feng meant. Why did he not kill the geniuses, the chief plotters who caused all the trouble, and the hundreds of cultivators who followed them? 


“Lin Feng means to warn everyone that people can make trouble, but if they dare to act in collusion and follow troublemakers, they will be very miserable.”


“After this time, if there will be another rebellion, I’m afraid no one will follow! This is what Lin Feng hates the most,” Zi Jing Xiao couldn’t help sighing. He admired Lin Feng’s strong demeanor and imperial character. Maybe he was also influenced by the growth of the realm.

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