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Chapter 1443 – The Overreaching Challenge 

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“I’ll see whoever is in charge of wishing to split up the Alliance!”


   Lin Feng’s arms were crossed in front of his chest. He looked at everyone in the square with a smile on his face, waiting for them to come out. But Lin Feng was a little disappointed. None of the geniuses were willing to stand up, admitting what they had done.


“You don’t dare to admit it? If you are still a man, stand out!” Lin Feng smiled again, still staring at the geniuses who were Holy Godly Ancestors in the front. They were all geniuses raised up by the Region of the Eight Corners this year, but they were willing to break up the country for themselves. Lin Feng was very disappointed.


   After Lin Feng’s second sentence, many geniuses looked at each other, wanting to stand up. However, they were afraid that they would be punished by Lin Feng. They were worried, but Chen Di made up his mind. What could happen if he offended Lin Feng? They were both Holy Godly Ancestors!


   Since Lin Feng became an Earthly Godly Ancestor, he could hide his aura freely. Cultivators not at the level of an Overlord couldn’t tell his level. These geniuses didn’t know that Lin Feng was an Earthly Godly Ancestor!


   Chen Di finally clenched his teeth, made up his mind and stepped out. He stood at the front of the square before Lin Feng. They were less than three hundred meters apart.


   Lin Feng had been watching Chen Di for a long time. Now that Chen Di had stood out, Lin Feng nodded with satisfaction and smiled. Then he looked at other people again and asked, “Just him? You are all unwilling to admit?”


“I also want to break up the region!”


   As soon as Lin Feng asked again, another man in white robe came out and stood beside Chen Di. After the first man and the second, then there were the third, fourth and fifth. In the end, there were twelve of them.


   Nine of them were the Holy Godly Ancestors, three of them were peak Spiritual Godly Ancestors.. They were raised by the Region of the Eight Corners, but nearly half of them had second thoughts on their loyalty.


   Lin Feng stared at the twelve geniuses, looked around and said with a smile, “Are you interested if I give you a chance?”


“What chance?” Chen Di frowned, looking at Lin Feng, waiting for an answer. Chen Di’s cold attitude towards Lin Feng made Li Ju’s face change. He held his arms tightly and was very nervous.


   Lin Feng didn’t pay much attention to Chen Di, but looked at other geniuses, waiting for their answer. They were interested. After all, they didn’t want to lose the protection of the Region of the Eight Corners.


“Find out the cultivators in all fields that support your position and kill them, then you can stay in the Region of the Eight Corners!” Lin Feng grinned, his smile extremely cunning.


  People like Song Chou Jiu and other people fully understood Lin Feng’s meaning. He wanted to kill those people with their help, which would ensure these people despaired and would never dare to split off again. 


But what if they refused to kill?


   All the people in the square were shocked. Although Lin Feng’s request seemed very simple, in fact, it was a trap. It depended on whether these people were willing to jump into the trap or not. He didn’t need to play tricks at all.


   Chen Di and others heard Lin Feng’s request and their faces suddenly changed. They were being asked to sell out their supporters? Once they agreed, they would be hated by those supporters and would never be followed again!


“Then I’d rather leave the Region of the Eight Corners. I will leave!” Chen Di shouted out, turned around to leave the Region of the Eight Corners. He would rather leave than be tricked by Lin Feng.


“Ha ha, leave? I didn’t say that you could leave! “Lin Feng grinned and his eyes were even colder. As soon as he stepped out, he disappeared. All of them were shocked. The aura made them feel terrible, but it was familiar.


“What is this? An Earthly Godly Ancestor?” Several geniuses immediately realized something, and their faces turned extremely pale, trembled unconsciously, and were completely flustered. They had thought that Lin Feng was only a Holy Godly Ancestor, and that they had nothing to fear.


   Lin Feng reappeared in front of Chen Di. He was less than half a meter away, patted Chen Di on the shoulder with his left hand. Chen Di felt a weight like a mountain, eating him alive like a wolf.


   The power controlled him completely, making him furious.


“You have no right to tell me what to do. Let me go!” Chen Di shouted angrily and punched out straight at Lin Feng. He hadn’t taken Lin Feng seriously all this time, starting from the surrender of Xue Wu Tian, so now his anger had finally busted out.


“You’re a moron,” the genius to the side murmured, shaking his head. Lin Feng had already shown he was an Earthly Godly Ancestor. Didn’t Chen Di realize it? 


Of course, Chen was not aware, he had been thinking of how to leave the Region of the Eight Corners.


   Lin Feng watched Chen Di’s punch and smiled more. He could beat all the Holy Godly Ancestors when he was a Holy Godly Ancestor. Why did Chen Di grow physically, but not mentally?


   Lin Feng shook his head with a little disappointment, slapping him directly. The loud bang was heard all over the square. They could only see Chen Di get slapped and flung away. Before Chen Di knew what had happened, he had already knocked down two buildings.


   Blood blew out from Chen Di’s mouth, he felt that his throat tearing and his organs were misplaced. It was horrible, but what he really couldn’t take was Lin Feng’s strength.


“You, you are not a Holy Godly Ancestor?” Chen Di laughed bitterly, realizing that Lin Feng’s strength had already gone far beyond the Holy Godly Ancestor. He had reached the level of an Earthly Godly Ancestor, the level of an Overlord. He laughed at himself; he thought Lin Feng was only a Holy Godly Ancestor!


“It doesn’t matter if I’m a Holy Godly Ancestor. What’s important is that you couldn’t defeat me even when I was a Holy Godly Ancestor. I don’t know why you were so confident that you dared to challenge me!”


“Perhaps you were the first one to bring up the idea of splitting the country?” Lin Feng looked down at Chen Di with his eyes cold and horrible.


   Lin Feng couldn’t let go of the people who wanted the split, leaving them alone was leaving a disaster behind, most importantly their leader. Even if Chen Di wasn’t the leader of the faction, he still couldn’t let him go. He already hated him and had become rebellious. Such a subordinate would stab him in the back sooner or later.


   So, he had to die!


  Chen Di had overreached himself. Everyone was laughing out their tears, but the geniuses standing in the front looked deadly pale, afraid they would be after Chen Di.


   Some of the cultivators in the square behind were also worried. They had supported the split. Once these geniuses gave them up, they would die!


“I’ll give you a chance to tell me who the leader is and who his accomplices are. In that case I will spare you from death!” Lin Feng looked at the remaining eleven geniuses with his cold eyes, for Chen Di had been sentenced to death.


“The leaders are Chen Di and Yuan Ming!”


   This was the time to see people’s hearts. For their own safety, they would inevitably give up others, even allies, and even if they had common interests.


   A man in a white robe pointed directly at Chen Di and the man in a black robe on the edge, Yuan Ming.


   Yuan Ming saw he was in a bad situation. He knelt down at the foot of Lin Feng and prayed to Lin Feng for mercy with a flattering face, almost lying on the ground, “Sir, I, I am also forced, I was encouraged by Chen Di. I, I was forced and helpless, please forgive me, I, I will do anything for you.” Yuan Ming was very afraid of death, so he had to beg to survive.


   Lin Feng sighed. Even if a genius like this weren’t killed for being a ringleader, he would be angry at the simpering fool’s weakness. Such a person was not worthy to stay in the Region of the Eight Corners, but it was not worth killing him.


“Get out of here, there are too many people like you in the Region of the Eight Corners!” Lin Feng yelled at Yuan Ming, who was kneeling on his feet. 


Yuan Ming’s face changed greatly and he said in a panic, “Don’t let me go, I…”


“If you talk more, I may kill you!” Lin Feng uttered shortly. Yuan Ming was so scared that his head was all covered with sweat. He got up from the ground, and ran toward the foot of the mountain, only wishing he had more legs.


“In which country does he belong?” Lin Feng looked at senior managers in charge of the regions with a cold face. Li Ju raised his hand in great embarrassment. His face was pale, “Mine.”


“Let’s call it the annual appraisal today. Li Ju, this is your last time running Xue Yu. Do you have any objections?” Lin Feng asked coldly. Li Ju shook his head continuously, and the sweat swept down his face. How could he dare disagree? Lin Feng’s strength was enough to crush him.


   At the same time, there were two bad guys from the Xue Yu he was in charge of; he was indeed guilty.


“Which regions do you belong to?” Lin Feng looked at those ten geniuses again, and asked them without any expression.


“We are from Xue Yu!” the man in white included the one in blue beside him.


“Gan Yu,” a genius replied.


“The four of us are from Ye Yu.”

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