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Chapter 1444 – Killing Chen Di


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“We are both from Man Yu.”

“I’m from Shi Yu.”

   Ten Geniuses declared their home regions. Lin Feng frowned more when he saw that Xue Yu had four, and they were all leaders. There were four people from Gan Yu, two in Man Yu, and one in Shi Yu.

“The worst is Ye Yu, the next worst is Man Yu, and the fourth from last is Shi Yu and Gan Yu. The rest of Huang Yu, Jiao Yu, and Li Yu will obtain sixty percent of the cultivation resources next year!”

   Lin Feng was completely angry, but at this time, nobody dared say a word. His aura was too strong. Even Yi San Ren and Tai Zu could only stare at each other and dare not ask for mercy.

   However, Huang Lei, who was in charge of Shi Yu; Li Ju, who was in charge Xue Yu; Song Chou Jiu, who was in charge of Man Yu; and Qian Yuan Chang, who was in charge of Ye Yu; only felt that their faces were hot, and they did not have the face to report the achievements for this year to Lin Feng.

   These were their so-called geniuses; half of them were traitors!

“Save for Chen Di, all ten of you will find your region’s masters, and spend a year thinking about things!”

“As for those who supported the division of the regions, I would like to advise you that the Eight Corners survived to this day because of unity. If this unity and honor are ruined because of your stupidity, I will have questions for you!”

   A cold sense of killing hung over the whole of Man Yu, which could not be dispersed for a long time. Some of the cultivators who knew clearly did not know how to leave the square.

   As for why he didn’t kill Chen Di, it’s because Lin Feng read something in the latter’s heart, so he had to ask clearly!


   “Tell me, who is the man in black? What’s his purpose for taking my son?”

   In the small enclosed room, Lin Feng’s eyes were extremely cold. He stared at Chen Di, who was lying on the ground. He could see what Chen Di was thinking. Chen Di was afraid of revealing his secrets, but Lin Feng still learned everything.

   It was very easy for an Earthly Godly Ancestor to explore Chen Di’s mind, and he didn’t need any measures at all. Chen Di has been keeping this matter in his thoughts, so Lin Feng learned some things after exploring his mind.

   Chen Di’s face was pale to the extreme, but he could only smile bitterly. He knew there was no chance for him to live. How could Lin Feng spare him after he led the way to breaking up the country, and Zhan Gan was killed, and Lin Zu was kidnapped?

“May I not say?” Chen Di smiled bitterly and looked at Lin Feng, but he was a little depressed.

“Say it or not, I know everything. And whether you say it or not, it will not change your ending,” Lin Feng nodded and smiled indifferently, but the smile was too penetrating, and made Chen Di desperate.

“The man in black… I don’t know who it is, but he has a feud with you. As for your son, he may use Lin Zu to take revenge on you. That’s all I know,” Chen Di sighed, closed his eyes slowly, and waited for death.

   Lin Feng turned and left. When he got to the door, he threw a flaming lotus flower into the closed room. The temperature reached several hundred thousand degrees. There was a shrill scream and a smell of cooked meat in the air.

   With a loud bang, the closed door was pushed open, and a man covered in crackling flames broke free and tumbled out. Lin Feng did not turn back and left directly. Soon, the flaming man no longer struggled, and melted into the fire.

   It was the last flaming lotus flower, and Lin Feng chose to use it on Chen Di. He dared kill Zhan Gan and took away Lin Feng’s son. It was not too much to kill him in this way.

   When people saw the flash of fire here, they were shocked. They all knew that Chen Di was in the room. The fire showed that Chen Di had died miserably. Some cultivators who had joined the rebellion left quickly for fear that Lin Feng would kill them.

Lin Feng went to Song Chou Jiu’s side and told him in a low voice, “Go and inform those ten Geniuses and their vassals. When they hear this none of them will stay!” Song Chou Jiu nodded silently, and then left here quickly.

   Lin Feng breathed deeply. The most complicated things have been solved, and the internal strife in the Eight Corners had come to an end. As long as he was in the Eight Corners, there was no one who would dare propose a break-up again unless they didn’t want to live. But after the Eight Corners’ affairs were handled, there were more complex things waiting for him. First was Lin Zu. According to Chen Di, the man in black kidnapped Lin Zu, he must be his enemy.

   Was it the false Cheng Shan? Lin Feng didn’t forget the disaster that one had caused. He also dressed in black. If it was him, he would not let him live if he was able to see him again. Even with all his strength, he would kill him!

“Zhuang Chong Huan was killed by Ni Huang. It’s a pity!” Lin Feng clenched his fist, knuckles popping. If Ni Huang hadn’t killed Zhuang Chong Huan, he wouldn’t have let Zhuang Chong Huan die so quickly. His words almost buried the whole Eight Corners. His son’s whereabouts were unknown. How could he explain this to Liu Fei?

   Fortunately, except for Lin Zu, the rest of the children were under the care of the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and Old Mentor. No one would have a chance to take advantage of them. Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Qiong Sheng, together with Chu Chun Qiu and Prince Ghost, were looking for him in the South. If they were not in the Zhen Wu Dynasty, they could only go to the Dragon Clan.

“I need to ask Ancestor Tai to contact Ancestor Long.” Lin Feng didn’t want any accidents to happen to his two eldest sons. They were indispensable parts of Lin’s family. No matter what happened, it was his own loss.

“Tomorrow we will destroy the Jun Hall, and the day after tomorrow we will destroy the Spiritual Warriors Clan!” Lin Feng has made up his mind, and it would not be changed. It was impossible for the Jun Hall and the Spiritual Warriors Clan to survive. They had to be destroyed. This was the top priority. If these two forces were not destroyed, the Eight Corners could not survive.


   Lin Feng went back to his room. He had just walked into the room, his head pounding. He saw Qian Jin Cai Yue staring at Nian Ling Jiao coldly. She was so angry that she had a piercing cold aura all over her body. 

On the contrary, Nian Ling Jiao sat at the head of the bed, just like a newly married bride, with some coyness. As for the provocation of Qian Jin Cai Yue, she pretended not to see it.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Feng wanted to run out and ask the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points how he could arrange for both women to be in one room. Wasn’t that designed to make him suffer?

   He thought so, but he didn’t know the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was even more hateful. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had been screwed by Lin Feng, so he was not going to let Lin Feng off. He wanted Lin Feng to suffer!

“It’s time to pay off the boy’s emotional debt.” In the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points’ room, a group of people were having a drink with Ta Zu, and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was grinning, imagining the scene.

“Do you think Lin Feng will be eaten?” Ta Zu smiled at everyone. He was looking forward to something. It was likely that Lin Feng’s room would be trashed.

“Nothing’s wrong. Don’t you embarrass your younger martial brother?” The Old Mentor was dissatisfied with the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points’ deed, and could not help scolding in a low voice. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points could only nod along, but he also could not help laughing secretly. Finally, Old Mentor could not help but start to cover his mouth and laugh. Three old men, two ancient Overlords and one contemporary one, laughed loudly.


  Lin Feng silently closed the door, moved the doorplate, and stared at Nian Ling Jiao and the amnesiac Qian Jin Cai Yue. He didn’t know what to say.

“Why is she still here? Give me an explanation!” Qian Jin Cai Yue angrily scolded Lin Feng and asked, cold aura in full.

“Why can’t I be here? Is this your home?” Nian Ling Jiao refused to show weakness, retorting and pouting her lips. She was a princess of the Zhen Wu Dynasty. When did she ever receive such treatment? If Ancestor Tai knew the situation, he would definitely swallow Lin Feng whole.

   The elder Princess of Zhen Wu Dynasty, acting like a little girl at the moment, competed with Qian Jin Cai Yue in jealousy, an astonishing thing.

   Lin Feng shook his head. He didn’t know what had happened to Nian Ling Jiao. Why was she against the amnesiac Qian Jin Cai Yue? 

She was a woman. He really didn’t understand.

“I don’t like you, ok?” Qian Jin Cai Yue did not wait for Nian Ling Jiao’s words and rebuked angrily in a cold voice.

“You have no right to drive me away.” Nian Ling Jiao also raised her head and chided back.

“I want you to go!”

“I don’t think so!”

   Two females were like needle-to-head, fighting each other with one sentence after another. Lin Feng’s face was growing uglier and darker with each word exchanged.

“Enough! Both of you are distinguished guests of the Eight Corners. You don’t need to ask me who leaves. Please stay here well!”

   Lin Feng couldn’t stand this strange atmosphere, especially with the disappearance of Lin Zu, the tragic death of Zhan Gan, and the frame-up of Zhuang Chong Huan. All these things had made him impatient. His horrible aura directly shocked the two women.

   At that time, the room stopped, and the two women stared at Lin Feng, neither speaking.

   Neither had thought that Lin Feng would have such a frightening temper. 

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