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Chapter 1446 Apologizing with Death

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“Vice Hall Master, shall we fight to the death?” His subordinates’ expressions were extremely pale. How could they still have strong belief in fighting to the death? When they saw Lin Feng and the crowd of people around him, including Ta Zu and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, they were totally scared.


   Four Earthly Godly Ancestors, two Ancient Overlords, an Overlord, plus Lin Feng, the majestic genius! How could the Jun Hall handle this?


   Zhuang Chong Yuan was an Earthly Godly Ancestor. In addition, there was Zhuang Chong Quan, the second-ranking Overlord, but he hadn’t been seen for many days. Zhuang Chong Yuan had been looking for him for a long time, but there was no news.


  Zhuang Chong Yuan alone supported Jun Hall. Up to now, he had been exhausted.


“Lin Feng, I’d like to apologize with my death. Please let everyone in the Jun Hall go.” Zhuang Chong Yuan smiled desperately and beseeched Lin Feng.


   Lin Feng stood in the void and looked down at everyone below, including the middle-aged beautiful lady. He remembered when he and Zhuang Ling Yun first appeared in the Jun Hall, they were treated disrespectfully. At last, all the cultivators in the Jun Hall forced him back to the forbidden area of the Mo Forest.


   Now he was back at Jun Hall, but this feeling disappeared, because the Jun Hall couldn’t threaten him again, nor could it force him to flee from here in embarrassment again.


   From asking for help to being asked for help, Lin Feng had experienced this kind of role switch more than once.


“Even if you apologize with your death, you cannot save Jun Hall. Before Zhuang Chong Huan died, had he ever felt regret?” Lin Feng’s expression was bleak and gloomy, and his tone was even sharper than ever before. It reached the heart of everyone in the Jun Hall and made everyone desperate.


   Zhuang Chong Yuan smiled bitterly. He recalled that when Zhuang Chong Huan was killed by Ni Huang, he was laughing wildly and didn’t regret his decision. How could he ask so much from Lin Feng right now?


   My Jun Hall is going extinct!


“Then fight!” Zhuang Chong Yuan clenched his fist hard. Now he was against Lin Feng again, but he had no hope of victory. He had no other choice. He would rather fight to death than die not fighting.


“War! War! “


“War, war!”


“I would like to die with the Jun Hall!”


   When Zhuang Chong Yuan yelled out with a determined expression, most of the cultivators in the Jun Hall clenched their fists and were all ready to fight to death, not submit.


   Lin Feng’s heart shook a little. There were many courageous people in the Jun Hall, but it was a pity that they didn’t have a wiser master, sending Jun Hall into the situation of extinction. He wondered if Chuang Chong Quan, the master of deduction, had expected this?


“Kill, everyone!” Lin Feng smiled and waved.


   Such a bland shout led to a massive massacre in the Jun Hall. Lin Feng’s wave sent everyone into action, except for the three Overlords.


   At that time, shrill cries rose everywhere. Zhuang Chong Yuan was heartbroken when he heard the screams, but he had to hold on and not give up any chance.


“Lin Feng, let me check out your growth!” Roaring like a tiger, Zhuang Chong Yuan clenched his fist and rushed toward Lin Feng.


   The battle between the two Earthly Godly Ancestors began immediately!


“I will not tolerate you anymore!” Lin Feng shouted coldly. He blurred, rushing straight at Zhuang Chong Yuan. Zhuang Chong Yuan also held his arms ready and rushed at Lin Feng. His dive was like a fierce tiger, but Lin Feng was not afraid of him.


   Lin Feng was no weaker than Zhuang Chong Yuan in terms of strength or realm. It was only a matter of time to win the fight. Lin Feng waved his hand and his energy surged out. Zhuang Chong Yuan was thrown hundreds of meters away. His expression turned extremely ugly.


   At this time, cultivators of the Region of the Eight Corners and those of the Jun Hall were in fighting wildly. Multiple cultivators besieged each member of Jun Hall. It was easy to imagine how the cultivators of the Jun Hall would end up. Whenever he saw this, Zhuang Chong Yuan’s heart bled.


“Roaring Attack!” Zhuang Chong Yuan clenched his fists and roared. He burst out with unprecedented thunder-like energy, as if he was part of the thunder. His determination to fight to the death made many people’s expressions change.


   Lin Feng frowned. This undoubtedly showed that Zhuang Chong Yuan was ready to cause destruction to both sides. Even if he died, he wanted Lin Feng to die with him. Energy that intense could actually be a threat to him.


   But Zhuang Chong Yuan had still underestimated him. Lin Feng smiled lightly and shook his head slowly. Since that was the case, there was no reason why he wouldn’t use real skills to solve the problem once and for all.


“Tao Skill, Endless Ice and Fire!”


   Two barriers a hundred zhang tall burst out to the east and west. A red sea of fire rolled in, engulfing most of the buildings in the Jun Hall, and went straight to Zhuang Chong Yuan in the middle, while a cold blue ice quickly condensed into a hundred-zhang tall column of light, crashing in from the other direction.


   The thunder energy on Zhuang Chong Yuan disappeared. Lin Feng had not been hit hard by it, but Zhuang Chong Yuan had been hit hard by the backlash. It was an attack that even Dong Fang Yu Qing had not handled.


   The impact made Zhuang Chong Yuan spit out blood as he was sent flying, and landed heavily on the ground, creating a pit ten meters deep. It was like a meteorite falling on the ground. The vibration was much stronger than a 10-magnitude earthquake!


   More and more cultivators of the Jun Hall were not able to withstand the siege of several attackers. They could only lie on the ground and be caught by the cultivators of the Region of the Eight Corners. From individuals to groups, along with Zhuang Chong Yuan’s loss, almost every cultivator of the Jun Hall had no strength left to fight.


   Lin Feng landed on the ground and glanced at the cultivators of the Jun Hall in front of him, who were all subdued. Now, only the middle-aged beautiful lady was not bound, but she did not need any deterrent force. Where could a woman escape to?


“Since your husband is dead, you’re now in his place. His words brought death to my Eight Corners. My son was captured because of him. You are responsible for all this now!” Lin Feng shouted coldly. He slowly waved his arm and a sharp cold light flashed there. The lady was so scared that her face turned pale as a ghost.


“No, I’m not Zhuang Chong Huan’s woman! The child I am pregnant with belongs to the Overlord of Xiao Hun. If you dare to kill me, if you dare to kill me, the Overlord of Xiao Hun won’t forgive you!” The middle-aged beautiful lady was completely terrified. In order to survive, she could not care too much and burst out with that. 


   Hearing this, Lin Feng’s expression was slightly stunned, and he was a little lost. Zhuang Chong Yuan and most of the cultivators of the Jun Hall all glared at the middle-aged beautiful lady, especially Zhuang Chong Yuan, who was extremely desperate and furious.


“What? You said this, this was not my elder brother’s child? You, even you were in collusion with the Overlord of Xiao Hun?” Zhuang Chong Yuan’s face turned pale, and his heart was full of anger. The lady of the master of Jun Hall had hooked up with the Overlord of Xiao Hun? And they even had a child? Wasn’t that adultery?


“What’s the matter? This is Xiao Hun’s child. Zhuang Chong Huan didn’t even care about the Jun Hall. He didn’t deserve to be a husband. Hmph!” The middle-aged beautiful lady was completely defiant. She dared to say anything, and she also spoke out what she had in mind, arousing everyone’s shock and fury.


“I’ll fucking kill you!” Zhuang Chong Yuan only felt the burning heat on his face. This was a shame for the Zhuang family. His sister-in-law had colluded with an outsider and was even pregnant! This disgraced him and even the Jun Hall!


   Zhuang Chong Yuan thrust out with his palm, straight toward the middle-aged beautiful lady. The terrible attack made the lady pale, and she backed away.


   Lin Feng stopped Zhuang Chong Huan ahead of time and said emotionlessly, “She can only be killed by me!”


“Lin Feng, let me kill her. Then I will hand over the Jun Hall to you. How about that?” Zhuang Chong Yuan was almost praying. He looked at Lin Feng with tears in his eyes. He must kill this shameless woman, otherwise the Zhuang family would be totally disgraced.


   Lin Feng wanted to refuse, but he thought of Zhuang Ling Yun. Perhaps for the sake of the little guy, he should not be too ruthless. Moreover, he had not killed many women and was unwilling to kill them.


   Raising his hand, Lin Feng walked to the side and no longer paid attention to the situation behind him. This made the middle-aged beautiful woman nervous. She scolded him frantically, “How dare you kill me! I’m, I am the woman of the Overlord of Xiao Hun!”


“Bah, shame on you, you deserve to be killed!” Song Chou Jiu scolded emotionlessly. What he hated most was that women didn’t follow a woman’s way. The woman had made him furious.


“Chen Mei Jiao, you really disgraced our Zhuang family!”


   With a loud roar, Zhuang Chong Yuan slapped his hands, billions of kilograms of weight, directly on the middle-aged woman’s head. With a crack, her head burst and blood flowed to the ground. The headless body fell to the ground, with blood bleeding gradually pooling from between her legs.


   The crowd stared at the scene speechlessly for a long time, but the cultivators of the Jun Hall all looked happy. They clapped their hands, totally forgetting that they were in a deadly crisis.

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