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Chapter 1447 – The Reactions of Everyone

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The middle-aged lady died miserably at Zhuang Chong Yuan’s hands, but he felt happy. It was not Lin Feng who he should hate, but this sister-in-law and the former Overlord of Xiao Hun, the sad elder brother, who didn’t even know he was betrayed.

“Well, the Jun Hall is no longer my Jun Hall. Leader Lin Feng,  I ask you to treat the Jun Hall people kindly. Please!”

With a plop, Zhuang Chong Yuan knelt down on the ground directly, kowtowed three times hard, and there was blood on his forehead. It could be seen how powerful these three bows were.

Lin Feng watched the scene without expression. Zhuang Chong Yuan pleaded for mercy, but Lin Feng didn’t have any emotions. Before Zhuang Chong Huan died, he didn’t think about how the Region of the Eight Corners would end up. How many people could have died miserably because of his words? Why would he release the people of the Jun Hall?

It was not that they were killing innocent people indiscriminately, it was because they were born in the wrong place. In this Hall, no one could live!

“Keep killing!” The cold angry voice spread all over the whole Hall. All the people of Jun Hall paled and despaired. Then they all sat on the ground, no longer fighting, waiting for death.

Zhuang Chong Yuan smiled bitterly, then slowly got up, glanced at Lin Feng, and took out a bloody sou-seizing dagger, preparing for suicide.

“Zhuang Chong Huan, you’re a fucking sinner!” The dagger deeply stabbed into his chest, and with a long cry to the sky, a generation of cultivators disappeared!

Lin Feng silently watched Zhuang Chong Yuan, a dagger in his chest, kneel in front of Jun Hall, head bowed down, as if praying to make amends.

“Master of Jun Hall, I’d like to accompany you, haha!” With a roar to the sky, people saw another cultivator holding a dagger tightly and driving it into his own chest. At this time, he insisted on walking over to Zhuang Chong Yuan’s body, then kneeling in front of the Hall with the latter and dropping his head.

“Master of Jun Hall, wait for me.”

“Master of Jun Hall, I would like to go to Hell with you.”

“Master of Jun Hall, wait for me.”

At this moment, people didn’t know how many cultivators of the Jun Hall took out their prepared soul-robbing daggers, inserted them into their chests, and knelt in front of the Jun Hall as if to pray… but there was no breath to do so.

It was understandable that there were dozens of cultivators in the Jun Hall who chose to commit suicide and kneel on the ground.

The atmosphere was silent. In front of the huge Hall, there were nearly seventy cultivators kneeling, but they were all dead. They all prayed and bowed their heads in the same posture. When those still living saw this scene, they felt panic, and fear appeared in their hearts.

“All the cultivators who committed suicide, bury them!” Lin Feng shook his head and sighed. They were all the cultivators who were loyal to Jun Hall and the Zhuang. Although such people were enemies, they were still respectable. The others were cultivators who were greedy for life and fear of death. They knelt on the ground and prayed for their release. Such people were not worth being pitied.

“All those kneeling on the ground, kill them!”

With one command, Lin Feng ended Jun Hall. After one hour, there were no Zhuang people in the whole of Jun Hall and no cultivators willing to say they were the Zhuang’s people. As long as the remaining people did not threaten their lives, Lin Feng didn’t care who was in charge.

“From now on, the Mo Forest returns to the Region of the Eight Corners!” Lin Feng looked at the million miles of the Mo Forest and finally chuckled. Zhuang Chong Huan tried to get clever and outsmarted himself. In the end, he even lost the Jun Hall. Instead of dying, Lin Feng had taken his territory. It was quite ironic.

At this moment, Lin Feng had expanded the territory of the Region of the Eight Corners to the Mo Forest and the area once controlled by the Jun Hall. The area of the Region of the Eight Corners would more than triple. The whole Northwest, except for the residences of some Overlords and the territory of Ni Huang, belonged to Lin Feng!


“Lin Feng is not simple. When he came back, he didn’t need to take a breath. He directly extinguished the Jun Hall?”

They had stayed with Luo Chao Sheng for a few days to console him about the wedding, but what Luo Chao Sheng thought at the moment was more open than these people. Instead, it was Fu Lang Po, Demon Child, and Han Yan who were thinking too deeply.

When Fu Lang Po received the report from his subordinates, he regretted that Lin Feng had really grown up, and his wings were getting bigger and bigger. Jun Hall was an old force, who had taken advantage of the time, the place, and the people. The Mo Forest was so mysterious that almost no one had dared to provoke them. But Lin Feng led the Region of the Eight Corners cultivators out, and wiped Jun Hall away.

Lin Feng completed the integration in only four days. The Region of the Eight Corners now managed the territory that had been the Jun Hall’s. In the future, the Region of the Eight Corners was no longer just eight domains, and it was triple the size. The vast Jun Hall had become a part of the Region of the Eight Corners.

“Lin Feng was cruel, but soft-hearted.” Luo Chao Sheng had thought about his relationship with Lin Feng before. He thought he knew his sworn brother very well. But at present, he still didn’t know much. Lin Feng had so many methods that he didn’t know about.

“I’m looking forward to this kid more and more,” the Demon Child grinned coldly, but his smile grew more and more gloomy. His intent was naturally clear to the others. It was nothing more than challenging Lin Feng. If he had a tie, that was good, but he would die if he lost.

There were only two situations for a person challenged by Demon Child: one was that he didn’t kill, the other was that he must kill. The situation depended on the strength of the other party, rather than the decision of Demon Child. For example, he couldn’t kill Fu Lang Po!

“Fu Lang Po, are you sure you don’t want to help a group from the Alliance of Young Geniuses?” At this moment, he couldn’t help asking Fu Lang Po about the Alliance of Young Geniuses in the World of Battles.

Fu Lang picked up his eyebrows and looked at the Demon Child. He understood the meaning of the latter. However, the Alliance of the Young Geniuses already had Fu Dao and Mo Jun in charge, and didn’t need him.

“You’d better not meddle in their affairs. They are all engrossed in issues, whether it’s Fu Dao or Mo Jun,” Fu Lang Po warned Demon Child clearly. His face was gloomy and cold, but Demon Child turned his mouth in disdain. He didn’t think so.

Lin Feng had broken through to Earthly Godly Ancestor, the Region of the Eight Corners was becoming stronger and stronger, and the geniuses at the lower boundary of the Region of the Eight Corners were growing rapidly. Once they retaliated against the Alliance of the Young Geniuses, what should they do?

“Although Mo Jun was my uncle’s eldest disciple, he also wants to listen to me. If I join the Alliance of the Geniuses, he can only promise things. In addition, Mo Jun is at present in closed seclusion and breaking through to the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer. I can’t believe that the Alliance of Young Geniuses relied on only Su Qing!”

“Your father’s the Human Ancestor, who does not favor anyone, so he shut up Fu Dao to think about things for a year. At present he should let him out, too?” the Demon Child asked Fu Lang Po with a smile, but his tone was thoughtful.

Fu Lang Po stared at Demon Child, then ignored him. He turned away from the chair and walked out the room. The Demon Child gave a smile and felt bored.

“It is said that Fu Dao was closed away. Ha ha, this time it’s really interesting! The master and the apprentice are separated from each other. The Ancestor and Fu Dao are in isolation. The Human Ancestor and the Demon Ancestor are too! Ha ha! Maybe soon, there will be two great gods in the World of Battles, and there will be two gods in the World of Battles!” Han Yan could not help laughing.

The Demon Child was shocked in his heart. The most unconvincing fight in his life was against Fu Dao. His opponents were being closed away, one after another. Once they got out, he was afraid there would be another bloodbath. Including Lin Feng, it was hard to imagine what the World of Battles would look like.

“It was time for me to see Lin Feng!” Mo Jun murmured, looking in the direction of the Region of the Eight Corners, showing a strong desire.


“Lin Feng has destroyed all the Halls. The next goal was the Spiritual Warriors Clan.”

Kun Dao sat on the chair to sip tea while staring at Zhan Ling Yan cruelly, but he couldn’t help laughing sarcastically. However, Zhan Ling Yan was restless at the moment. When he heard the report from his subordinates, he came to Kun Dao without stopping, hoping that the latter could give him a better suggestion.

But he didn’t expect that after he came there, he was mocked by Kun Dao before he spoke. He was a little upset, but he didn’t dare to say it. He could only sit in the chair and bow his head slightly. The atmosphere suddenly became heavy.

Kun Dao drank a few mouthfuls of tea, silently observed Zhan Ling Yan’s expression, and time passed by.

“How many Earthly Godly Ancestors, how many Holy Godly Ancestors, and how many Spiritual Godly Ancestors?”

At last, Kun Dao put down his teacup and gradually became solemn. He didn’t want to see Lin Feng grow stronger and stronger. What’s more, the Spiritual Warriors Clan was under his jurisdiction. Once it was destroyed, it was a challenge to him to some extent, which he would not allow.

Zhan Ling Yan was secretly happy. It seemed that the Ancestor of the North would not ignore him.

“Ancestor of the North, at present in addition to me, there are five Earthly Godly Ancestors in the Spiritual Warriors Clan. One of them is a new Earthly Godly Ancestor. As for the number of Holy Godly Ancestors, there are fifty, and one hundred and twenty Spiritual Godly Ancestors. Ordinary Godly Ancestors have not been counted.” Zhan Ling Yan answered honestly, not daring to hide anything.

“Not bad, no worse than the Region of the Eight Corners.” Kun Dao nodded and smiled. What could the Region of the Eight Corners do after their territory was expanded? The strong couldn’t be cultivated in a day, but it was easy to be thrown down if your foe had inside information.

If the Region of the Eight Corners did not have the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, it would not have become what it was today. However, there was no such thing as “if”. The facts were the facts. Lin Feng had a strong personality and charm, which didn’t need Kun Dao’s recognition.

“My younger martial brother…” Kun Dao regretted some. If he didn’t betray the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, maybe Lin Feng would have been a great help to him. If Lin Feng fought with him side by side, wouldn’t the North be theirs?

Kun Dao had a grand plan, but Lin Feng would not be in collusion with him. In addition, Lin Feng was not the apprentice of the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points anymore, but his younger martial brother! If Kun Dao knew that news, what would it be like in his heart? He would have to call him Uncle Lin Feng!

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