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Chapter 1448 – Training Song Chou Jiu

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“You haven’t said how to solve it,” Zhan Ling Yan laughed bitterly. He really didn’t know what to do. When the Jun Hall was destroyed, he panicked. He had offended Lin Feng’s forces, along with the Jun Hall and the World Dragon Clan.

The Jun Hall was destroyed, there was only Spiritual Warriors Clan and World Dragon Clan, but the Region of the Eight Corners could not destroy World Dragon Clan at present. There was only his Spiritual Warriors Clan.

“Don’t worry. In a few days, I will invite Nian Ling Jiao to visit our residence. At that time, I will announce that the Spiritual Warriors Clan will be included in my forces. That way, Lin Feng won’t dare to act rashly!”

“Really?” When Zhan Ling Yan heard this, he was very happy and excited. It was the only way to protect the Spiritual Warriors Clan.

“If you can save the Ling Clan, even if I die, I will not hesitate!” Zhan Ling Yan was sworn Kun Dao, but at this moment he knelt on one knee and clasped his fist three times for Kun Dao.

Kun Dao yawned and said lightly, “I’m tired. You may leave.”

Zhan Ling Yan was stunned. He felt a little uncomfortable. From this moment on, he was reduced to a subordinate of Kun Dao, rather than an Overlord with equal status. This sense of loss made him very sad, but there was no other way.

The Region of the Eight Corners was becoming more and more famous. Once the Northwest completely became the world of Lin Feng, then Lin Feng would be the King of the Northwest. Who would dare to fight with him? When the time came, the Dragon Clan would have to endure!


Within three days, the news of Lin Feng’s extermination of the Jun Hall spread throughout the North. Both the Northwest and Ancestor Nü’s Northeast were shocked by this event. As for the South, because Lin Feng had made a name there, they naturally paid attention to this. They were shocked when they learned what Lin Feng had done.

The West of the World of Battles was the Buddha’s world, and they didn’t pay much attention to the world’s major events. At the moment, the Human Clan was looking forward to whether the Human Ancestor could pass through his bottleneck and break through to Heavenly Godly Ancestor at one stroke, so everything was naturally filtered out.

The four person group with Chu Chun Qiu were still in the lands of the Dragon Clan for various reasons. They were warmly entertained every day, but their purpose was to learn something about Lin Feng. None of them was ignorant of this, especially Lin Zhe Tian and Chu Chun Qiu, who had the deepest minds.

So for many days, they had been talking with the Dragon Clan, but not about Lin Feng, and the Dragon Clan gradually lost patience. Finally, today, after hearing that Lin Feng had destroyed the Jun Hall, Dragon Clan immediately decided to let them go.

After the four of them left the Dragon Clan, they hastily flew to the Northwest. They were surprised by Lin Feng’s return, but Lin Feng’s god-like destruction of the Jun Hall shocked them.


Lin Feng led his people back to the Region of the Eight Corners. The Region of the Eight Corners had the Mo Forest now, so it was necessary to plan again. Only one cultivator was guarding the Mo Forest, which was twice the size of the Region of the Eight Corners. It was a joke.

It was easy to fight over, and it was difficult to guard. Everyone knew that. So Lin Feng immediately decided that the Tai Ancestor would guard the Jun Hall, and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points would go to the Mo Forest, with fifteen Holy Godly Ancestors, Li Ju, Xue Wu Tian, and Bao Sha assisting him. As for the Spiritual Godly Ancestors, they sent a hundred!

At the same time, the remaining cultivators in Jun Hall could stay as long as they had no intention of revenge. After so many years of development by the Jun Hall, there were many cultivators. How to use them was a problem.

The rest of the cultivators would guard the Region of the Eight Corners, and the Region of the Eight Corners would no longer be divided into eight areas to avoid scattering their strength. Lin Feng decided to integrate four areas into one area: Li Yu, Xue Yu, Man Yu and Gan Yu. The rest of the wilderness, Ye Yu, Huang Yu, and Shi Yu were now called the Outer Region.

Song Chou Jiu controlled the Inner Region, and Ancestor Shi and Gan Yuan Chang controlled the Outer Region.

At the same time, there was gratifying news that Shi Yu was using the Flower of Glory and had chosen to seclude herself. Once she was out, she would be an Earthly Godly Ancestor, adding an Overlord to the Region of the Eight Corners.

Lin Feng had long thought about who the Flower of Glory would help break through, and finally voted for Shi Yu, who did not disappoint people.

Lin Feng had Lang Shi Ning’s Sarira in his hand. With this Sarira, he could create another Earthly Godly Ancestor for the Region of the Eight Corners. Of course, the Ancestor he created would have some gap with a cultivator who had broken through on their own, but there was no other way.

I am already an Earthly Godly Ancestor, so this is almost useless to me, Lin Feng thought, ready to give the Sarira away. He first thought of Meng Qing. After all, Meng Qing was at present at the Holy Godly Ancestor Level. She might be able to make a breakthrough.

But he thought carefully and gave up, Meng Qing was a General for the Ice Spirit. If the Ice Spirit had the ability to help her break through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer, then she had the strength to help her break through to the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer.

It was also not clear whether this kind of thing had a side effect on women, as it was a man’s Sarira, so Lin Feng dared not take risks.

While Lin Feng was staying in the room with the Sarira, there was a knock on the door outside. 

“Come in.”

The door of the hall was pushed open, and Song Chou Jiu came in wearing a black robe, a little melancholic. Lin Feng saw Song Qiu Ji, and his heart moved. Wasn’t Song Chou Jiu the most suitable person to have this Sarira?

“How could elder brother be frowning?” Lin Feng saw the worry and bitterness on Song Chou Jiu’s face and couldn’t help laughing.

Song Chou Jiu sat down on a chair beside him and said everything from beginning to end. Lin Feng couldn’t help laughing. It turned out that Song Chou Jiu had a skeptical attitude towards the geniuses when he issued orders this time, but he didn’t give the orders on his own, which made Song Chou Jiu a little anxious.

He was managing the whole Region of the Eight Corners, but at present his strength was only Holy Godly Ancestor, having just made a breakthrough. However, those geniuses were all Holy Godly Ancestors, so there would inevitably be defiance. These geniuses were arrogant and didn’t want to listen to him.

He was not Lin Feng, either. He couldn’t be so arrogant and frighten them. He was very depressed, and didn’t know how long he could do his job.

“You are the governor of the Region of the Eight Corners at present, but your strength is a little low. It was inevitable that you would be provoked by those arrogant guys.” Lin Feng smiled lightly, but wasn’t worried about it, which surprised Song Chou Jiu. Didn’t Lin Feng worry? Or was Lin Feng ready to change management?

Thinking of that, Song Chou Jiu felt a little cool in his heart, but he smiled bitterly after thinking about it. It would be normal if he was replaced. After all, Lin Feng had broken through to Earthly Godly Ancestor, and the Region of the Eight Corners had expanded a little bit, but he could not keep up with it. He would be replaced sooner or later.

Lin Feng couldn’t help shaking his head after reading Song Chou Jiu’s mind. Song liked to think nonsense. It was very simple, but it had become a big thing in his eyes.

Lin Feng didn’t talk nonsense either. Seeing that Song Chou Jiu didn’t have a thought, he asked directly, “Do you want to move forward?”

This left Song Chou Jiu  feeling shocked, and a little surprised. There was only one Flower of Glory!

He was very clear that if he wanted to advance to a higher level, there was no other way except for treasures. The Flower of Glory could promote someone quickly, but the Flower of Glory had been given to Shi Yu.

“What did you think it was?” With a smile, Lin Feng slowly revealed the Sarira in his hand. The golden bead was shining. The whole house was illuminated by a bright light, and his face looked beatific and flushed with power.

When Song Chou Jiu saw the Sarira, his face suddenly changed, surprised by something he had never seen before. Then he was ecstatic, and he asked, “It’s a Sarira?”

“And from an Overlord. Would this be useful for you?” Lin Feng asked with a hard smile.

Song Chou Jiu was shocked lightly and asked, “You’re giving it to me?”

“Do you think I should give it to someone else?”

“Lin Feng, it’s hard to say thank you. I can only contribute this life to you, ha ha!” Song Chou Jiu turned from sad into happy, his face extremely excited. The bitterness in his heart had already disappeared. With the Sarira, he could break through to Earthly Godly Ancestor within half a year. At that time, he would not be afraid of these arrogant provocations!

Lin Feng patted Song Chou Jiu on the shoulder and said with a brilliant smile, “Hurry up! You and Shi Yu, who can come out first, we can only wait and see!”

Song Chou Jiu didn’t speak. He turned to leave, but suddenly remembered the real purpose of coming to Lin Feng’s residence, and clapped his head. He was so excited that he almost missed the big event. He quickly turned around and informed Lin Feng, “Ni Huang summoned you to go to Ni Huang’s world!”

“As expected. I’ll go right away,” Lin Feng nodded, having seen it from Song Chou Jiu’s thoughts. Even if Song Chou Jiu had said nothing, he would have gone.

Once someone broke through to Earthly Godly Ancestor, they could read the minds of anyone under that level, it was just whether they wanted to do so or not.

“Ni Huang summoned me; it must be for a showdown!” Lin Feng’s face was a lot more complicated. He had grown from a little kid from Jiu Xiao to the Leader of the Region of the Eight Corners of the World of Battles. He might have even more tasks and burdens soon.

Ni Huang summoned me. I am not going to talk about Qian Jin Cai Yue, or the main purpose was not that. What was the real purpose? He had a clear idea about himself and Ni Huang.

The so-called one mountain, two tigers! There were now two outstanding leaders in the Northwest; Ni Huang was bound to be afraid. With his rapid growth, this kind of fear would only increase.

Lin Feng left central Man Yu and flew straight to the border of Ni Huang’s world.

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