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Chapter 1449 – Late Night Conversation about Power Transfer

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  Ni Huang’s world held gorgeous buildings and golden light. A group of Kun Peng and Jin Wu was being trained. All the generals under Feng Cai were there.

   When Lin Feng came, it was already in the middle of the night, but the world of Ni Huang was still peaceful. There was a golden light here, and there was no darkness in the middle of the night.

Lin Feng flew in front of Feng Cai and asked in a deep voice, “Where is Ni Huang?” Feng Cai was concentrating on training these people and was shocked by Lin Feng’s appearance. He wanted to shout out angrily, but when he saw Lin Feng, he stifled his anger and replied with a red face, “My Lord, she is in the Imperial Palace.”

“Well, keep training them,” Lin Feng nodded and left directly, disappearing from in front of Feng Cai. Feng Cai just felt like he had gone to Hell. The oppression and fear made him feel terrible.

   As for the people in front of them, their faces were even paler. This kind of aura might not reach the level of Ni Huang, but it was still frightening. They couldn’t resist it.

“My Lord, was that Lin Feng?” a young man asked in a low voice, unable to resist his curiosity.

   Feng Cai subconsciously nodded and replied, “Yes, that was Lin Feng. Don’t ask anything more. Continue training.” Faye coughed awkwardly and continued to train the soldiers.


   Lin Feng flew directly to Ni Huang’s palace, and walked in. Instead of wearing a black robe, Lin Feng changed into a more transparent blue robe, with a green and white jade belt around his waist and a black scarf. He looked very handsome.

   Since breaking through to the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer, Lin Feng felt that he had changed more and more. If he used to be like a bloody magic knife, now he was like a holy sword. Be it state of mind, strength, or temperament, there were all-around qualitative changes.

   After entering the hall, he found Ni Huang waiting for him on her Phoenix Chair. Tonight, Ni Huang was dressed in a gorgeous loose Golden Phoenix robe, a light blue tulle gown, a pair of jasper-like boots, and a lady’s temperament.

   There was no need to say more about her appearance. A woman of the highest quality had no fault or flaw. The only detraction was that she had become someone else’s wife, and a mother.

“Lord Ni Huang!” Lin Feng and Ni Huang looked at each other with smiles. Lin Feng nodded slightly, establishing the etiquette of meeting. Ni Huang couldn’t require too much of Lin Feng now, since Lin Feng was no longer what he used to be.

“Was Jun Hall destroyed?” Ni Huang had heard the news, but she asked Lin Feng directly in person.

“Yes. Except for Zhuang Chong Quan, all the people with the surname Zhuang in the Jun Hall are dead!” Lin Feng declared firmly.

   Ni Huang slowly nodded. She wanted to say that Zhuang Ling Xiao and Zhuang Ling Yun had not been destroyed. What if the two brothers took revenge in the future? Thinking about it, it was natural that Lin Feng had such a consideration since he kept his adopted son, while Zhuang Ling Xiao wouldn’t die for a while, because he was with the Overlord of Xiao Hun.

“Congratulations to Lord Lin, two-thirds of the land in the Northwest is yours!” Ni Huang’s face was bright with a smile, and her tone was clear. She didn’t seem to be jealous. But Lin Feng could hear that Ni Huang was feeling helpless, and blamed him.

   Since Lin Feng had come to the Northwest, it had gradually slipped out of Ni Huang’s control. From the independence of the Eight Corners to the Region of the Eight Corners, now Jun Hall was occupied by Lin Feng, and the Mo Forest was also controlled by Lin Feng’s subordinates.

   On the other hand, in addition to the virtual Ni Huang border, there was almost no land under her actual control. All that could be controlled was obtained by Lin Feng!

“The Eight Corners or the Mo Forest is in your land, and there is also your world!” Lin Feng smiled and said to avoid Ni Huang misunderstanding. He wanted to explain, but Ni Huang also waved her hands, beautiful in the golden light.

“I’m tired. Now that you’ve taken it, you should take care of it!” Ni Huang sighed, and shook her head slowly. She was really tired. Fu Xi left without saying goodbye, which had made her sad. The marriage of Qian Jin Cai Yue left her tired physically and mentally. Now her daughter had lost her memory, which made things worse.

 She was known as a proud woman of heaven, and was not weaker than a man. But after all, she was still a woman, and couldn’t bear certain things. At this moment, she was really tired. She hoped that Lin Feng would grow up as soon as possible and control the Northwest.

“Once upon a time, when that man helped me, I felt that it was a happy thing to be with him in the world. I vowed to control the whole World of Battles with him, ha ha, but…” Ni Huang smiled bitterly, and her eyes were full of self-mockery.

“Since he left, I’ve been decadent, and have no dream of controlling the world, even the Northwest. I was extremely tired of it until you showed up…”.

“The reason why I have repeatedly made trouble with you is not that I hate you, but that I just wanted you to be frustrated and grow up as soon as possible. In order to make you hate me, I would rather humiliate you with the marriage; that is, you would feel shamed and then be brave and catch up with me!”

“And you didn’t let me down. In order to catch up with me, you don’t hesitate to shout out about challenging me in three years. It sounded like a joke to me at the beginning, but today, I believe it!”

“Lin Feng, you are the most diligent genius I have ever seen. Besides him, you are the second person who may unify the World of Battles.

“So, I give you the Northwest. I’m very relieved that you have now broken through to Earthly Godly Ancestor. You’re just a few killing wars away from being an Overlord. When the List of the World of Battles is rearranged is when you unify the world!”

   As Ni Huang said that, she grew more and more excited. At last, there was a trace of expectation in her beautiful eyes, just like her own achievements. Lin Feng was stunned. He had never seen Ni Huang praise him so much.

“Thank you for your praise. There is less than a year left for the three-year agreement!” Lin Feng smiled, thinking of the original funny oath. It was now no longer empty words, so he was very satisfied.

“Tell me the truth… can you beat the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points with your real strength?” Ni Huang’s face suddenly became heavy, and her eyes were full of urgent expectations. She just wanted to get the answer to this question, so she could know for certain.

“Not for now!” Lin Feng answered truthfully. Ni Huang felt both happy and disappointed. If Lin Feng could reach the level of the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, then Ni Huang would feel assured of letting him control the Northwest.

“From tonight on, Lin Feng, I will not care about the Northwest, unless there is a life and death crisis. You can control the Northwest, and I will not take care of it. Do what you want.

“The Northwest can be said to be the weakest territory of the World of Battles. Do you know why?” Ni Huang stared at Lin Feng and asked him carefully. Lin Feng had been to the Zhen Wu Dynasty and the North. He had a very clear understanding now.

“Yes, ah, there are two hundred Holy Godly Ancestors in the Zhen Wu Dynasty, who can be called at will. That does not include the Holy Godly Ancestor officials in the Dynasty. Besides Ancestor Tai, there are at least five other Earthly Godly Ancestors!” Looking back at the power of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, Lin Feng was still afraid.

   In addition to Nian Ling Jiao, the Royal Princess, the four Great Ministers were all Earthly Godly Ancestors, and the two giants of heaven and earth guarding the Imperial Mausoleum and the vanished Lin Lang Tian and Yu Hua Qing, were also Earthly Godly Ancestors!

  The strength of the Zhen Wu Dynasty was too terrible. The three Northwest territories couldn’t compare with it.

“Well, so, this burden is up to you. I believe that you can turn the Northwest into the strongest territory!” Seeing that Lin Feng was so solemn and serious, Ni Huang couldn’t help but chuckle and smile beautifully. Seeing this, Lin Feng couldn’t help being a little crazy.

“You are beautiful.” Lin Feng sighed from the bottom of his heart, the first time he had praised her beauty face to face.

   Ni Huang was not shy. She nodded naturally and said with a smile, “Thank you for your praise!”

   Lin Feng didn’t love Ni Huang. Ni Huang only appreciated Lin Feng because he was a descendant of her man. Her man could only be Fu Xi forever.

“Has Cai Yue recovered?” After Ni Huang smiled, she thought of her bitter daughter again, and couldn’t help but feel hurt.

“No. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her, and I’ll help her recover her memory.” If Lin Feng made this promise, then he would naturally solve this matter.

   Ni Huang nodded slightly and smiled. She believed in Lin Feng’s strength.

“You go back. There are dangers everywhere in the Mo Forest. There are ancient Overlords in it. You must be careful not to let down your vigilance just because the Tai Ancestor and a group of people are from there. You may not know how strong the real powerful characters of the Antiquity Kings are,” Ni Huang warned Lin Feng and made him nervous. He had never heard of them. He only knew that the Buddha was the best.

Lin Feng pressed down his worries and asked in a deep voice, “How strong are they?”

“The strongest ancient Overlord may be more powerful than the Human Ancestor, you know?”


   Leaving Ni Huang’s border, Lin Feng didn’t return to the Region of the Eight Corners, but flew straight to the lands of Luo Chao Sheng. As a big brother Luo Chao Sheng had supported him; Lin Feng didn’t want their relationship distorted because of Qian Jin Cai Yue.

   Lin Feng prepared more than ten jars of good wine he brewed himself, just to get drunk with Luo Chao Sheng and resolve the misunderstanding.

   Soon, he arrived at the residence of Luo Chao Sheng, but there was no light there at all. Lin Feng went into the courtyard, and no one was there. He went inside. There was an envelope on the table in the dark main room. Lin Feng picked up the envelope; there was a letter inside.

   My good brother, don’t have any heavy thoughts. I have been smart all my life and won’t destroy our friendship because of this. But I couldn’t appear in the Northwest. So I went to the South with Han Yan. Ha ha, guess you will take the wine!

   Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to drink with you. I don’t regret offending Kun Dao and Zhan Ling Yan for you at the grand meeting. I believe in you and the future belongs to you!

   Putting away the letter, Lin Feng felt some pain. He clenched his fist, and did not speak for a long time, but was completely moved by Luo Chao Sheng’s true feelings.

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