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Chapter 1450 – The Challenge from Demon Child and Fu Lang Po

Edited by RED

  Lin Feng was free for the next few days. He spent a little more time with Qian Jin Cai Yue and Nian Ling Jiao. Although Qian Jin Cai Yue was still odd and cold, it was not like before. Since the time Lin Feng was angry, neither she nor Nian Ling Jiao had dared to ask for anything from him.

   Seeing that Qian Jin Cai Yue was stable, Lin Feng was relieved. After Qian Jin Cai Yue lost her memory, she didn’t remember her relatives any more. It was good enough for her to live in the Region of the Eight Corners.

   Nian Ling Jiao’s situation was much better than Qian Jin Cai Yue’s. After all, she couldn’t really be mean to a woman who had lost her memory. She didn’t know the Region of the Eight Corners at first, but understood it very well after a few days. Even if the Region of the Eight Corners and the Mo Forest were added together, they were not as broad as the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

   However, there was young, positive energy here. There was no distinction between nobility and low-born, and there was no misuse of power. The cultivators in the Zhen Wu Dynasty had to be respectful to the authorities. Even if the other was nothing, but he was a noble, then even if you had the strength of the Ancestors, you must be respectful to him!

   But it was totally different in the Region of the Eight Corners. If anyone’s strength was low, he would be challenged and ridiculed. In this place, more and more cultivators would appear.

   Thinking of that, Nian Ling Jiao was afraid. She realized that if the Region of the Eight Corners developed at such a pace for hundreds of years, it might become better than the Zhen Wu Dynasty. It was lucky that the Zhen Wu Dynasty and Lin Feng became friends, not enemies!

   If the Zhen Wu Dynasty was the enemy of Lin Feng, maybe it was not Lin Feng who should be afraid in the end, but the Zhen Wu Dynasty!

   Nian Ling Jiao hadn’t stayed in her room these days. Instead, she went and saw the whole Region of the Eight Corners. She saw too many geniuses, and almost every genius was working hard. In the Region of the Eight Corners, as long as one had strength, he would be taken seriously and be in a high position. It was extremely fair.

   But on this day, Nian Ling Jiao received a special invitation, which surprised her. It was from the Ancestor of the North, Kun Dao!

   Four days from now is a good day for a banquet. I sincerely invite the Royal Princess of the Zhen Wu Dynasty. I hope that the Royal Princess will come at that time. Please don’t refuse.

Sincerely, Kun Dao.

   After reading the letter, Nian Ling Jiao chuckled. She was so smart that she could see the little tricks of Kun Dao. It was said that there were confrontations and hatred between Kun Dao and Lin Feng. No doubt Kun Dao wanted to sabotage the relationship between her and Lin Feng with this invitation. Even if it couldn’t be sabotaged, it was worth celebrating if Lin Feng was disgusted.

“Although this Kun Dao is young, he is sophisticated.” After reading the invitation, Lin Feng couldn’t help laughing with Nian Ling Jiao. Both of them read the letter.

“Do you think I should go?” Nian Ling Jiao was not sure. Considering Lin Feng, she shouldn’t go. But on the side of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, she had to go. This was a basic etiquette.

“Go, how can you not go?” Lin Feng smiled, but there was a bit of sarcasm in his eyes. Since Kun Dao had invited her, she certainly should go, but what to do when she got there was unknown!

“Come with me.” In order to make sure he wouldn’t misunderstand, Nian Ling Jiao still wanted him to go with her. After all, she was a woman; what would she do when she was in Kun Dao’s territory? What if she was in danger?

   Lin Feng nodded and agreed. Even if Nian Ling Jiao didn’t say it, he would have asked to go with her. It was not safe for a woman to go to Kun Dao’s territory alone.

“I’ll ask my subordinates to spread the news, especially to the Zhen Wu Dynasty, letting Ancestor Tai know. That way, Kun Dao won’t dare to do anything to you!” Lin Feng said, grinning, like an old fox succeeding with its conspiracy.

“I didn’t know you were so cunning in the Zhen Wu Dynasty,” Nian Ling Jiao said with a beautiful smile. It was so charming that all other beauties in the world lost their attraction. Lin Feng looked elsewhere, to avoid embarrassment.

“Are you so afraid of me? Afraid of me falling in love with you like Qian Jin Cai Yue? Well, I think you are overconfident,” Nian Ling Jiao smiled with a free and easy look, arms around her chest, laughing constantly.

“That’s for the best. I have something else to do. I’ll leave.” Lin Feng said with an embarrassed smile. He felt he couldn’t stay any longer, so he said goodbye to Nian Ling Jiao and left her room.

   Nian Ling Jiao didn’t stop smiling until Lin Feng disappeared from the room with the closing of the door. She was a little sad and annoyed. She didn’t like Lin Feng at first, but she didn’t know whether that idea had changed within the time.

   Soon her room was in silence!


   At the same time, two guests suddenly came uninvited to the square outside. Their arrival added a nervous feeling to the peaceful Region of the Eight Corners, like a stone smashed into the surface of the calm lake, and ripples rose.

“Who are you?” Zi Jing Xiao held his fist tightly, standing there with Li Ju, and looked directly at the two men in front of him. The auras of the two men left him and Li Ju feeling a deep sense of fear and powerlessness.

“Where is Lin Feng?” The Demon Child raised his head slightly and asked coldly with the  terrible aura of an Earthly Godly Ancestor. Zi Jing Xiao and Li Ju immediately felt their chests nearly collapse, which was extremely painful. A sense of suffocation passed through their meridians to their whole body.

   A cold shout came behind Zi Jing Xiao and Li Ju. “What’s bothering the Demon Child? It’s my fault that I didn’t welcome you from afar, you don’t need to take it out on my people.” At the same time, the oppression from the Demon Child weakened a lot. Zi Jing Xiao and Li Ju retreated several steps and were steadied by Lin Feng.

“You can go.” Lin Feng said to Zi Jing Xiao and Li Ju, neither of them were opponents of these two people, so there was no need for them to be here. Zi Jing Xiao and Li Ju took deep breaths, and left the square.

   More people gathered in the square, but none of them dared to stand within a kilometer, including geniuses at the level of Holy Godly Ancestors. Yi San Ren had felt the two strong auras when they suddenly appeared in the center of the square. They were dressed in long white robes and looked like young men, giving people a feeling of being holy saints.

The Devil Child’s face suddenly changed. He felt a sense of great power from Yi San Ren. It was not much weaker than the Human Ancestor! He had to be respectful and asked tentatively, “Who’s this?”

“Yi San Ren!” Lin Feng answered for his master, and the faces of the Demon Child and Fu Lang Po changed. They were the most important people around the Demon Ancestors and the Human Ancestors. Naturally, they had heard a lot about the Old Mentor.

“The Ancestors from East, West, South, and the North together couldn’t compare with one Yi San Ren?” Fu Lang Po’s face was stiff, and he bowed hand over fist. This was the etiquette that the younger generation should have for the elder generation.

“Who are you boys?” the Old Mentor smiled at the Demon Child and Fu Lang Po, and asked while combing his beard.

   Hearing that, the Demon Child and Fu Lang Po looked at each other, but then turned their heads in disgust. Fu Lang Po said in a deep voice, “We want to compete with Lin Feng, I hope you approve!”

“Oh, compete with my little apprentice?” Yi San Ren’s face remained the same, but his smile was bigger and he nodded constantly. As for Fu Lang Po and the Demon Child, their expressions changed once. They had just learned that Lin Feng was the apprentice of Yi San Ren. That made Lin Feng the martial uncle of Kun Dao?

“I hope you approve.” Fu Lang Po was a little nervous. They wanted to spar with Lin Feng today. If they could get what they wanted, it was best. If they couldn’t, they would at least have to make an appointment for another duel.

   In short, when the famous geniuses in the World of Battle became Earthly Godly Ancestors, these two wouldn’t let anyone go. If the newcomers lost, they would die. If they won, they would be regarded as a threat in the future, and would be gotten rid of later.

“Ha ha, it’s meaningless to get the approval of an old man like me. You can ask Lin Feng directly. If he agrees, you can compete as long as you don’t make trouble.” Yi San Ren laughed loudly, his face happy, and then disappeared from the center of the square, his aura gone almost instantly.

   The Demon Child and Fu Lang Po took a deep breath. When the old man left, they felt a lot more comfortable. If Yi San Ren didn’t leave, it would be like the Demon Ancestor or Human Ancestor was standing around them. His aura was oppressive.

  The Demon Child turned to look at Lin Feng. He didn’t ask again, but it was obvious that he wanted to challenge Lin Feng. A few days ago, after the wedding banquet of Qian Jin Cai Yue, he had publicly announced that he wanted to challenge Lin Feng, and now he had fulfilled his promise.

   Lin Feng looked calm, but his thoughts were complicated. The Demon Child and Fu Lang Po were different from other geniuses. These two people were the right arms of the Demon Ancestor and the Human Ancestor, a nephew and a son, so their strength must have some true help from their elders.

   But his own strength was very disordered. He had inherited from the Buddha, Emperor Yan’s Scripture from Fu Xi, his power of the blood demon, and the Ancestor Body formed by the combination of Dragon and Phoenix blood and his Genesis Spiritual body. It could be said that this was a contest between the orthodox and the complex.

“Do you want to fight me in turns? That makes no sense, does it? “Lin Feng laughed slowly and looked at the Demon Child and Fu Lang Po. Since he knew that they were always at odds, they would not give way to each other in challenging him. If they wanted to challenge him, ha ha, they needed to have a fight between themselves first!

   Within expectation, no matter how smart Fu Lang Po and the Demon Child were, as long as they were together, they would lose some sense. They glanced at each other, and shouted at almost the same time, “Of course it is me!”

“It’s me. I challenged him the other day.” The Demon Child’s face stiffened, staring coldly at Fu Lang Po. Demon Qi ran around the square, making the geniuses and other cultivators from the Region of the Eight Corners step back again to avoid being involved.

“But I’m here today, aren’t I?” Fu Lang Po was also eager, and he sneered and looked at the Demon Child directly.

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