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Chapter 1451 – Lin Feng vs Demon Child

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“It’s so busy. You are both right!”

   Nian Ling Jiao was going to explore the Mo Forest, but when she went left, she heard the noise from the square, and came here with some surprise. When she saw Fu Lang Po and the Demon Child quarreling, Nian Ling Jiao couldn’t help laughing and broke up the quarrel.

   The Demon Child and Fu Lang Po turned around and saw Nian Ling Jiao. The Demon Child didn’t feel anything, but Fu Lang Po was nervous. He had been a little flustered before. He could say that he fell in love with the Royal Princess of the Zhen Wu Dynasty at first sight.

   Now it was the second time he saw her. He couldn’t help but smile at Nian Ling Jiao. And the smile was so bright, “Hello Miss Nian!”

“Why?” The Demon Child’s face was full of wonder and shock. He looked at Fu Lang Po. What’s the matter with this boy? He usually had a bad face, like someone who was owed many cultivation resources. How can he be so happy after seeing Nian Ling Jiao?

   Nian Ling Jiao covered her mouth and giggled. She shook her head and said, “Enough, enough. Don’t call me Miss Nian. It’s too rude.”

   This Fu Lang Po is more wooden than Lin Feng. How can he not even know how to speak when he sees a woman? Is this still the son of the Human Ancestor? She could not help but begin to doubt.

   Lin Feng was looking on and couldn’t help laughing. It turned out that Fu Lang Po had such a side. Today, his run of aloofness was out of luck!

   Fu Lang Po put on an embarrassed smile and touched the tip of his nose, but he couldn’t think of any good title, so he fell into silence for a while.

   The Demon Child ignored Fu Lang Po, looking at Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, a few days ago, I told you to wait for me in the Eight Corners. Now I’m here. Can I fight with you?”

“It’s true by reason, but it’s my own business whether I accept it or not!” Lin Feng nodded slightly. The Demon Child did challenge him a few days ago, but whether he agreed or not was up to him.

   Not everyone could challenge him casually. If everyone could challenge him, and then they could achieve what they wanted, then wasn’t he just too available?

   The same was true for Demon Child. If the Child wanted to challenge him, Lin Feng himself had the final say, not the challenge that the Demon Child said.

   The Demon Child chuckled and thought it was meaningless. He didn’t like this kind of twisting and turning. He asked directly, “One word: accept or reject!”

“I’m greedy. I can’t do anything without a bet,” Lin Feng lightly chuckled, not refusing the Demon Child, but not directly agreeing.

“Well, if I win, I want you dead. If I don’t win, you can live!” the Demon Child nodded, and then he let out a cold and crazy shout. There was a sense of arrogance in his eyes, as if he could control people’s life and death.

   Lin Feng frowned, slightly unhappy, so he directly retorted, “I won, I want you to die, I don’t win, you can live!”

   Like two peas, Lin Feng’s expression was taunting the former, and great gloom came over the face of the Demon Child. He nodded slightly, and could not help laughing, “Well, it is a good man, a fellow of the Eight Corners. I promise you, this is the bet!”

“Let’s start!” Lin Feng nodded slightly and agreed to the challenge from the Demon Child, because he wanted to know where his limit was. It was more informative to compare his power with the Demon Child

   Fu Lang Po was not in the mood to challenge Lin Feng at this moment, and the bet presented by the Demon Child was not very different from what he would propose, so he just stood there and waited safely.

   Nian Ling Jiao also retreated, but she was a little worried. The Demon Child had been famous for a long time, and was the favorite nephew of the Demon Ancestor. The Demon Child was paid more attention than the first disciple of the Demon Ancestor. The strength of the Demon Child was passed on by the Demon Ancestor, so it would be terrible.

   It was not too long since Lin Feng broke through the Earthly Godly Ancestors. Nobody knew if he was the opponent of the Demon Child. This was also the reason why Nian Ling Jiao was worried.

   The fight started in an instant!

   There were more and more geniuses around. Everyone who heard the news was coming back from all over the Eight Corners. Even geniuses guarding the Mo Forest were coming back, although they might not reach it in time.

   Lin Feng was the first one to fight. Facing the Demon Child couldn’t be the same as facing ordinary geniuses. If he tried to be calm again, he would suffer a great loss. When Lin Feng shot out, there was a boom of thunder. Under the huge light, his hands went straight to the Demon Child’s chest and struck him.

   His strength was enough to attract the attention of the Demon Child. He could almost believe that this was an epic fight. He had experienced countless battles. The only one who could use such terrible energy from the first move, except Fu Lang Po, was Luo Chao Sheng!

   This time, maybe there was one more, Lin Feng! Of course, the final result was the most important.

   The Demon Child would not be merciful just because he was in the Eight Corners, he was a maniac, like a wild animal or barbarian. An unprecedented violent momentum rolled out, just like ten thousand hurricanes, filled with terrible power, straight at Lin Feng’s chest.

   Lin Feng’s thunder and power collided with the hurricane force, which burst out with the destructive light of heaven and earth. The aftershock erupted, turning the air into a vacuum.

  Lin Feng retreated hundreds of yards through the air, and the Demon Child and continued to dive forward. The energy from this move was shocking, and the Demon Child was also excited, his blood boiling.

   Lin Feng’s was not? Lin Feng would not give up the chance to fight, let alone step back!

“All Demons Change!” The Demon Child’s body filled with black light, each light full of a terrible power from Hell. This breath seemed to corrode the air and devour energy. Under the light, what was hidden was the energy that the Demon Child had changed. This energy could be called the purest among those here.

   Lin Feng, as a demon practitioner, didn’t know any more. Lin Feng was a three-way practitioner now, and no longer took the purity into account, but it didn’t mean that he didn’t understand.

   If Lin Feng used pure Qi, it couldn’t reach that level. But when the three energies worked together, it might be hard to say.

“Three in One!” With a roar and clenched fists, Lin Feng burst out with powerful energy from every meridian of his body: Buddhist power, demon energy, and the energy of his Ancestor’s Body. The combined energy of the three sources converged into a huge light cluster, which became a world of light clusters thousands of feet across.

   Once the light burst out, there was energy to destroy the sky and the earth, enough to shake the surrounding buildings for tens of thousands of miles.

“Demon Child, dare to enter the thirty-three heavens with me!” Lin Feng roared, and flew straight up into the sky, his head wreathed in lights. Every kilometer he flew up, people would shout, it was too terrible to see.

“Ha ha, why not?” The Demon Child knew Lin Feng’s intent; Lin Feng didn’t want to destroy the Eight Corners because of the battle, but he didn’t care. It didn’t matter where they fought, the result would not change. He must be the winner!

   The Demon Child swooped into the sky, the black light looking like a huge dark spider at first sight. When he climbed higher, his face turned pale.

“It may be a blessing to see this kind of battle.” A genius was almost raving subconsciously, attracting many people.

“Yes, the Lord and the Demon Child are terrible. Is this the strength of Earthly Godly Ancestors?”

“Not necessarily. Zhuang Chong Yuan is also an Earthly Godly Ancestor, but he can’t even take ten moves of the Leader! There is a big gap between some Earthly Godly Ancestors.”

“I hope the Lord wins, and wins honor for our Eight Corners!”

…Thirty-three heavy skies; that is, thirty thousand Li above the ground. From the Eight Corners, there were only two black spots left, and nothing could be seen clearly. The only thing anyone could see was the energy explosions of collisions, producing brilliant flares.


   Lin Feng’s light burst into the sky. The Demon Child’s black light also went straight through the light, striking more than three thousand acupoints all over Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng’s face suddenly changed, and his fists flashed out, his domineering fist constantly smashing the dark light.

   He didn’t know how many times he punched. The dark light finally failed to break Lin Feng’s defense. The Demon Child’s face grew heavier and heavier. For the first time, he felt that he was facing a problem genius.

“Are you going to copy the result of the three thousand rounds of the duel between me and Fu Lang Po?” the Demon Child murmured, but he quickly roused himself. He broke the world with one hand, and the Qi raged towards Lin Feng’s whole body. It turned into a demon, roaring and roaring. The bloody fangs wanted to swallow Lin Feng whole.

“The Great Buddha Died!” Lin Feng’s hands clasped, and the golden light swept over the thirty-three skies. The Buddha’s light shrouded him. The demon began to burn under the illumination, like beans being fried. The demon screamed and retreated several kilometers under the Buddha’s light.

“Buddha light? Let’s see who is more powerful!” The Demon Child saw that Lin Feng was covered with the Buddha light, and a huge Buddha landscape emerged from the sky behind him. The Buddha’s hands were closed and his eyes were closed tightly, but his aura was terrible.

“The Demon Comes Out!” The Demon Child clenched his fists and roared violently. At this moment, his eyes were red, his body was blue, and his veins were black. At the same time, a foul spirit filled the whole sky like dark ink. The sky was gradually polluted by the demon spirit. Originally, the Holy Buddha light shrouded Lin Feng, but now it was mixed with gold and black, which seemed very strange.

   The black illusion of a great master appeared after the demon spirit. The master sighed slowly. Lin Feng felt that he was lost in time for ten thousand years. He saw the image of the great master swooping down, ready to smash his Dream of Buddha with one blow.

“Amitabha! Once the ferry is turned into a void, it will turn all demons into true disciples!”

   The Buddha’s voice was filled with rage, just like the voice floating in the sky, penetrating into Lin Feng’s heart, and the mood of being lost in time was mended. Lin Feng opened his eyes and mercilessly faced the dark master without fear.

   The Buddha opened his eyes, which reflected two golden Buddha lights and purified the whole world.

   Two images collided and melted silently into each other, as if all this was a dream.

   The Demon Child and Lin Feng were both stunned. There was no explosion in front of them. Why did the summoned images disappear?

“I don’t believe that your close combat will be so perfect.” The Demon Child clenched his teeth, not believing this. Lin Feng’s energy attack and long-range attack were so perfect. Was his close combat also as good? He didn’t believe it, so he moved to melee range quickly.

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