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Chapter 1452 – An Outstanding Battle

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“Close fighting?” Lin Feng suddenly wanted to laugh. He was likely to be defeated in a fight of various techniques, but he never worried about a close fight. If anyone wanted to get close to him, he could only tell the other person to prepare more healing medicine!

   Even as Lin Feng wanted to laugh, Demon Child had already rushed over. His speed was like a hundred hurricanes. In the blink of an eye, he was less than half a meter in front of Lin Feng. Demon Child struck out with one palm. His horrible palm seemed to embrace the power of heaven and earth. With one palm, the air around him broke, forming a vacuum.

   Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed, and his heart beat faster. He had underestimated his opponent and was a bit overconfident. Demon Child was stronger in close fighting. It might be his greatest strength. Lin Feng dared not to think much about it. He quickly raised his arms, passed Pure Qi from his Ancestor’s Body, and blocked the fatal attack.

   Bang! After a loud crash, Lin Feng felt that his arms were about to break. He stepped back with a grin. The cold wind howled in the void, and light scattered everywhere. Every step he took back symbolized a kind of failure.

   It was not easy for Demon Child either. Lin Feng’s arms were extremely hard, making him feel like he had hit an iron plate. He was limp and numb, but he grew more and more confident. If he continued to attack like this, Lin Feng would be defeated!

“It seems that you can do no more than this!” Demon Child smiled happily. His previous sorrow was gone, and he could see a glimpse of victory. 

   A terrifying aura rushed forward like a fierce beast. Everywhere it went turned chaotic. Lin Feng only felt a strong energy rushing at him. In Lin Feng’s eyes, it was more like a chariot, strong and terrible.

“Aggressive Punch!” Lin Feng punched out both fists with billions of pounds of energy. The rolling fist power carried an invisible sense of killing. Demon Child felt it, and his face darkened again. Perhaps he was thinking too much ahead. Lin Feng was really a tough opponent. He couldn’t take anything for granted…

“Let’s stick to it and see who can stay to the end.” After Demon Child made that decision, he clenched his fists and rushed straight at Lin Feng. The hurricane roiled the air. Lin Feng took a deep breath, stabilized his mind, and then punched out again. 

Lin Feng had no idea how many fist shadows he hurled out. He could only see that the vague fist kept beating in front of Demon Child, but the hurricane in front of Demon Child isolated the blow.

If I continue to fight in this way, it won’t work. It costs me too much, Lin Feng thought, realizing that he could not go on like this. He had given the Sarira to Song Chou Jiu for his breakthrough. Once his Pure Qi was insufficient, it would be very dangerous. His Ancestor’s Body could recover his Pure Qi quickly, but he was going up against Demon Child. How could Demon Child give him a chance so easily?

   In an instant, the situation changed. Lin Feng changed his strategy of fighting and began to collide more recklessly. This time, he didn’t use just fists, but fists and feet directly. The disordered fighting style soon left Demon Child a little confused, because he had never seen someone fight like that.

“Bastard, how dare you use this kind of crooked method?” Demon Child was a little angry. He had never seen this way of fighting. Lin Feng used heavy kicks right after his fists, which were extremely difficult for Demon Child to block. It was natural for him to be furious.

“There is no high and low in fighting. Whether it is your orthodox or my non-mainstream method, either one is worth practicing. Who do you think you are, to look down on me?” Lin Feng sneered. He was sure that Demon Child was angry, but it was meaningless.

   Demon Child took a deep breath. He realized that Lin Feng had done this on purpose. Such a disordered attack could be used to disturb his mind, find out his weakness, and defeat him in one stroke. He couldn’t let this boy succeed so easily…

   Thinking of that, Demon Child suddenly calmed down. Lin Feng’s disordered moves were no longer effective. Lin Feng could not help thinking that true geniuses were different. Demon Child had recognized his strategy so quickly. It seemed that if he wanted to win, he had to fight harder…


   The battle in the sky was so fierce, but the people on the ground were confused, because even now, there was no winner. It had been about an hour. Could they not reach a result in these hundreds of moves?

“It’s not bad for Lin Feng to hold on until now,” Fu Lang Po nodded and laughed. Whether he was talking to himself or Nian Ling Jiao, Nian Ling Jiao heard it. 

She was a bit displeased and retorted, “Lin Feng’s strength is way more than that!”

“Huh?” Fu Lang Po’s heart sank. He suddenly felt extremely unhappy about Nian Ling Jiao being on Lin Feng’s side. He couldn’t tell what the feeling was, but it was all because of Lin Feng. Unconsciously, Fu Lang Po also wanted to challenge Lin Feng, and to do so in front of Nian Ling Jiao.

   But now was not the right time. No matter who was the winner, the next challenge would be a wheel race, and people would laugh at it. If he missed this chance, he didn’t know when he would see Nian Ling Jiao again.

   Yes, perhaps he was in love with this woman!


   Up in the air, Lin Feng was making deadly attacks. Every fist included an invisible sense of killing. His coldly sharp palm and powerful fist made Demon Child feel great pressure. In return, Lin Feng realized that it was difficult to handle Demon Child’s moves. His attacks were not only fast, but also stable and ruthless. Every move was fatal, which made Lin Feng very uncomfortable. Therefore, Lin Feng had to be even more accurate.

   This was a battle of double injuries. If one side got injured, it would hurt the other side with their defense, so it really depended on who could hold on the longest.

   Lin Feng felt a pain in his arm, as if his bones were fractured. Two of his ribs were obviously cracked. On the other side, Mo Hong had one rib broken and his internal organs had been jolted around. But neither of them was willing to give up. Once they gave up, it would mean death!

“I’ve killed so many geniuses, I don’t believe you are the same as Fu Lang Po!” Demon Child grew more furious and anxious. He was confident at first. He chose Lin Feng as his opponent not because he recognized Lin Feng’s strength, but because he wanted to use Lin Feng to raise his prestige.

   But after the battle started, he realized that Lin Feng was not a pushover, nor a mere fly on the wheel. He was not as weak as his previous opponents. Instead, Lin Feng was able to injure him seriously, which had never happened before.

   Lin Feng was delighted that Demon Child was again anxious. This proved that his strategy had come into play again. His trick had been discovered by Demon Child before, but this time he could not see through it. Even if he would see it through, he could only get angry.

   At the beginning of the battle, Demon Child came in with a commanding posture, believing that he would surely win. But now, the trepidation in his heart was growing. The more anxious Demon Child got, the calmer Lin Feng would be!

“You will lose, ha ha!” At this critical moment, Lin Feng once again ridiculed Demon Child. He burst out the Chiliocosm of the Great Tao. Lin Feng’s body leapt up into the sky. His fist, his palm, his finger, and his chop, were all done perfectly. Demon Child couldn’t bear that kind of inner suffering, so he clenched his fists to beat Lin Feng back and roared up at the sky.

“Let me see if you can defend against my Godly Tao Skill!” Demon Child had no patience to continue close fighting with Lin Feng. His advantage was gone, so he was ready to end the battle with his final card.

“Ha ha, you think you are the only one who has mastered a Godly Tao Skill?” Lin Feng laughed scornfully as Demon Child looked at him coldly. Demon Child suddenly opened his hands and his veins throbbed. An evil black gas rushed into his arms. Lin Feng could clearly see that Demon Child’s arms had gradually turned into bloody black claws.

“Demon Transformation, the Deadly Demon!” Demon Child’s bloodshot eyes were like poisonous snakes, filled with the intent to kill. The sky was no longer blue, and the white clouds were driven away by the evil gas. The whole thirty-three levels of sky had become the world of a demon, and everything was dominated by the demon!

“Lin Feng, trying to summon the power of your Buddha?” Demon Child sneered, but his voice after the Demon Transform was hoarse and it was difficult to speak.

   Lin Feng chuckled. At this moment, he was not going to use the power of Buddha against Demon Child, but his power of the Blood Demon!

“Do you think I only have the power of a Buddha?” Lin Feng grinned. They were in the world of a demon, but it was not all being controlled by the Demon Child. The dark spirits around Lin Feng gradually rose into countless blood-red demon shadows. The blood-red demon shadows were like the eye of the Blood Demon, making people tremble.

   Demon Child’s expression changed dramatically, and his heart sank. He never thought that Lin Feng could conceal his strength so deeply and also use demonic power, even the power of the Blood Demon!

“You are not simple.” Demon Child’s expression grew more complex and gloomier. He felt that it would be hard to win the fight today, or he could even lose the fight. But there was no chance to regret and he could only go forward.

“Bloody devil, eat up the sky!” Lin Feng used the power of Blood Demon, which he had not wielded for a long time. As he grew stronger, the power grew with him. It was not as pure as Demon Child’s power, but if he defeated Demon Child with the power of the Blood Demon, how would he feel?

   At this moment, all the people on the ground flashed into the sky, curious about what was going on. Nian Ling Jiao’s long skirt swung lightly, and she also flew into the sky. Fu Lang Po didn’t want to be alone, so he came with his hands behind his back. The scene in front of them was really shocking.

   At this moment, Lin Feng was the Blood Demon. His eyes were red, and his body was covered in scarlet, as if it was soaked in blood. On the contrary, Demon Child was all black, and his eyes were also red, but his Demon spirit was cold.

   The two different demons collided. The moment seemed to freeze as Lin Feng and Demon Child turned into two demon shadows. They mixed and became indistinguishable. 

“Who won?” One of the geniuses widened his eyes. The scene in front of him was too weird to distinguish, but he was deeply shocked and frightened. The leader of the Alliance was also a demon cultivator? And he was not much weaker than Demon Child?

“No one won!” Fu Lang Po stared at the scene and sighed. He was disappointed. Lin Feng had fought to a draw with the Demon Child, which was shocking.

   After about a quarter of an hour, the two evil spirits melted away. Lin Feng and Demon Child were finally revealed. But more surprisingly, Demon Child was full of the Blood Demon spirit, while Lin Feng had a stronger Black Demon spirit, his veins throbbing.

“We have helped each other!” Demon Child opened his eyes, showing a trace of gratitude.

   Lin Feng nodded slightly. As demon cultivators, at that moment they were in the most perfect state. Their demon spirits were at the maximum level, and they had contributed their own demon spirits to the other!

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