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Chapter 1453 – The Crater

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“You’re-?” Nian Ling Jiao was a little surprised. How could Lin Feng and the Demon Child have their own demon spirits? How was that done?

“As of now, there are two more great and perfect Mo Xiu in the World of Battles!” Fu Lang Po said with a little ugly face. Once the Demon Child was done, it meant that there would be a life and death fight between himself and Lin Feng.

“Ha ha, Lin Feng, you are truly a noble man!” The Demon Child looked up to the sky and laughed. He had wanted to find a way to achieve the Great Perfection of demon Qi for centuries. He killed more people, hoping to accumulate more Blood Demon Qi, but it was all in vain.

Who knew that Lin Feng would give him such a big surprise. Lin Feng had the most perfect Blood Demon cultivator in the whole world. The Demon Child naturally didn’t give up this opportunity. It seemed that it was just a collision, but actually it was a negotiation between them.

Finally, the two reached a cooperation, and Lin Feng gained the spirit of the Black Demon, and also refined his demon cultivation. Now, not only could the Demon Child use the power of the Black Demon, but also the power of the Blood Demon from Lin Feng!

Great Perfection of the cultivation of demons! even the Demon Ancestor had not achieved that, but their fight had increased the demons in the World of Battles by two!

The demon cultivation world paid attention to the mixing of evil spirits. Killing and aura were indispensable. Killing meant ruthlessness, and aura meant the heart of becoming a demon. At present both of them had it!

Lin Feng felt that his strength might have increased a little, but was limited to the use of Qi. As for his Buddhist power and his Ancestor’s Body, they did not increase much.

When they descended into the square, everyone felt that this duel would be recorded in history forever. Who could fight to such a degree, under an Overlord? Lin Feng and the Demon Child fought six hundred moves without winning!

But in the eyes of every genius of the Region of the Eight Corners, Lin Feng was undoubtedly the winner. Lin Feng was younger, and the Demon Child had relied on the power of the Demon Clan and the power of the Demon Ancestor to reach his current status. It was not known how many thousands of years older than Lin Feng he was.

In that way, the Demon Child was undoubtedly the loser, but in the World of Battles, success or failure was never based on age, but on strength.

“Lin Feng, if you have a chance to-“


The Demon Child was smiling at Lin Feng, his face a little red. He wanted to invite Lin Feng to the Demon Clan to sit down. But just as he spoke, the whole Region of the Eight Corners suddenly shook violently. It was like an earthquake. Everyone almost lost their balance, and a huge gap opened under his feet. Smoke came out of the ground.

“What’s happening?” Lin Feng’s face changed dramatically. How could the Region of the Eight Corners suddenly have an earthquake? And it was obviously not an earthquake. It was likely that something had happened underground.

Underground? When Lin Feng thought of that place, his face suddenly changed. Wasn’t the underground a Sea of Fire? Where was the Fire Spirit?

“Alliance leader, it’s not good! Ye Yu suddenly collapsed, revealing a crater that is three thousand miles across, and smoke is billowing from it!”

A crater!

After hearing the flustered report from his subordinates, Lin Feng’s heart grew heavier and heavier. How could the Region of the Eight Corners have such a big problem? The Fire Spirit wouldn’t do such a thing.

At this time, the Fire Spirit came out of the ground, but her fiery red dress was covered with dust, her beautiful face was covered with ash, and her aura was extremely weak.

“Lin Feng, hurry up, go to the crater, there are monsters!” The Fire Spirit suddenly turned white and spewed out black blood, falling down. Lin Feng quickly stepped forward and held her up.

“Hurry up, bring the Fire Spirit to my room to rest. Everyone, hurry to the crater!” Lin Feng didn’t care how Fire Spirit was hurt like this. What he wanted to go to at present was that crater. What kind of monster was born, making the whole the Region of the Eight Corners vibrate?

The face of Fu Lang Po was as heavy as that of the Demon Child. They suddenly realized that something bad was going to happen. Once such a thing happened, it would change the pattern of the whole World of Battles. What kind of monsters would appear in the crater?

What’s more, they could see clearly that the fiery woman was obviously a cultivator at the level of an Overlord, but even she was seriously injured. What was this monster?

With the emergence of the crater, things suddenly become tense. Countless people turned pale, but no one flinched, all of them rushing to Ye Yu. A few scattered people were already on the way.

“You two, I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Let’s have a look,” the Demon Child interrupted Lin Feng, and directly stepped into the sky and rushed to the origin of the loud sound, which was Ye Yu.


Lin Feng and Nian Ling Jiao went straight through the cave world to the empty area, which greatly shortened the time. As for the cave, they didn’t show it to Demon Child and Fu Lang Po, as it was a secret of the Region of the Eight Corners, after all.

Nian Ling Jiao could learn of it, Lin Feng believed, but for the time being, not those two.

In front of him was a mess. The ground had collapsed in all directions. Blue smoke was rising from it, and there was a smell of corrosive flames in the air. The hole was still spreading. When his subordinates reported, it was only a few thousand miles across, but now it was ten thousand miles!

Facing such an expansion, would the whole Region of the Eight Corners be swallowed up by this crater?

When people arrived and looked down on the Crater from on high, it was like an eye had opened on the World of Battles. They didn’t know what unknown monsters existed in the dark crater. The smoke made it hard for people to move forward.

Bang! Bang! All of a sudden, two geniuses fell from the sky, straight down into the sinkhole.

The Old Mentor’s face changed dramatically, and he roared out loudly, ordering everyone, “The smoke is poisonous! Everyone cover your mouth and nose!”

Lin Feng leapt directly above the crater, only a few thousand meters away from the lip, but fortunately managed to catch the two geniuses. Lin Feng waved his arm and leapt directly back out.

If he was just a little slower, these two Geniuses would have fallen into the crater. They would surely have died, and the Region of the Eight Corners would have suffered the loss.

“Take them away.” Lin Feng ordered two others to carry away the men who had fainted. After they left, Lin Feng’s face was very calm. He had approached the crater and felt that there was an aura within, but he was not sure.

This sudden change was hard to believe for a while, but it was a fact that the crater did appear like this.

“Master, what can I do?” Lin Feng’s knowledge was not as broad as that of Yi San Ren’s, so this was time for the Old Mentor to propose something.

“First, set up a border around the crater to limit its further expansion. At the same time, tell all the people in the Ye Yu to move out immediately. Don’t leave any people behind in Ye Yu.

“Other areas should closely monitor the underground. Once there is a danger, tell everyone to withdraw.”

Yi San Ren’s face was gloomy and cold, but he didn’t hesitate to give the orders. At this time, it didn’t matter who was right. It was about the life and death of the Region of the Eight Corners.

“Pull back first. I have something to say to you.” The Old Mentor told Lin Feng, and then quietly turned away, Lin Feng frowned a little anxiously. It seemed that the old man knew something.

“All of you, pull back and do your parts.” Lin Feng waved, and immediately all the cultivators withdrew.

Fu Lang Po and the Demon Child felt a deep fear. Where had such a scene appeared? They could not see the bottom of the ten-thousand-mile crater because of the blue smoke. If it was a monster, how terrible was it?

“Lin Feng, I might need to tell this news to the elders of the Human Clan.” Fu Lang Po turned around and informed Lin Feng heavily. Such a big thing was not just about the Region of the Eight Corners, but also the Northwest, and maybe the World of Battles. He had to tell the ruling powers.

“Lin Feng, I also want to tell the elders of the Demon Clan.” The Demon Child frowned, too. If not their elders, the Human Ancestor and Demon Ancestor would probably come here in a few days.

“I understand. I also know that it’s not something that the Region of the Eight Corners can solve. But I’m warning you… if anyone dares to do something bad to the Region of the Eight Corners at this time, I, Lin Feng will not ignore them!”

Lin Feng put all the ugly words to the front to avoid this kind of problem. They solemnly guaranteed personally that there would be no such thing.

Lin Feng believed in the two for the time being. After watching the Demon Child and Fu Lang Po leave Ye Yu, Lin Feng and Nian Ling Jiao returned to central Man Yu through the cave world again.


The appearance of the crater quieted the whole Region of the Eight Corners. That night was very quiet. Everyone’s heart was like a stone, hanging for a long time, unable to fall.

Ancestor Ta and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, who were in charge of the Mo Forest, returned overnight. Such a big thing had happened. An ancient Overlord and an Overlord could not be indifferent. They first went to the crater to have a look, and then returned.

It was dark outside, and there were no stars, the sky covered by dark clouds. Inside, the atmosphere was heavy and nobody spoke.

Lin Feng was sitting in the main position, surrounded by Ancestor Ta, Yi San Ren, and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. Ni Huang was also coming from her world. The Fire Spirit was also awake, but her breathing was still weak and her mental state was very poor. The Ice Spirit was taking care of her.

All the high-level officials were gathered in the meeting hall, and Ancestor Shi had also appeared here. Shi Yu was secluded, and he was replacing her.

“You or I first, old man?” Ancestor Ta suddenly raised his head and asked Old Mentor, charging the air. Everyone’s heart was tight. The words proved that these two ancient Overlords must know something.

“Let the Fire Spirit talk first,” Yi San Ren frowned, looking to the Fire Spirit at one side.

The Fire Spirit was in the underground of the Region of the Eight Corners, so the most qualified person to speak was the Fire Spirit. Nothing underground could escape her attention.

The Fire Spirit nodded, and slowly said, “I didn’t see its physical form, just a tail. I tangled with this tail for a long time, and finally pulled it out. Its tail was thousands of meters long, covered scales, but different from dragon scales, and mostly rotten.

“Although I’m not as strong as some, I’m an Overlord, but I couldn’t beat this monster!”

Lin Feng was shocked. It was just a tail. What if its whole body appeared? How could this monster appear at the bottom of the Region of the Eight Corners?

With this worry, Lin Feng felt more and more uneasy.

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