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Chapter 1454 – The Beginning of Chaos

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“Is this the beginning of Chaos?” Yi San Ren’s face was complex, his eyes full of deep fear and horror, and his heart was shaking. He had never been so restless. Even when many Overlords flocked to the Region of the Eight Corners, he had been calm, but today, the old man was flustered.

Ancestor Ta was also lamenting. Although he lost a lot of his memory and he didn’t know who he was, some things he didn’t dare to forget, even if all of them lost their memories.

“What is the beginning of Chaos?” Ni Huang was a little confused. Although she was also an Overlord, she did not know and understand what the two ancient Overlords were speaking of. Therefore, like most people, the more they listened, the more confused they were. However, the two old men seemed to be hesitant. In fact, they felt truly afraid.

“Ni Huang, you became an Overlord later, so you don’t know. There was an all-out evil demon in the World of Battles. Everyone called him the Ancient Demon. When he appeared, he almost broke the order of the World of Battles. Nobody knew where he came from. He was not a creature from the World of Battles, nor the creatures in the lower world. 

“However, it is this Ancient Demon that disturbed the whole World of Battles. Many ancient Overlords finally took action. Finally, the Ancient Demon was killed with the combined efforts of the Buddha, the four gods and beasts, and many great people in the world!

“But the Ancient Demon was not willing to be destroyed like that, so he made a vow that one day, when the sky broke and the earth shattered, his spirit would come back again, and would reduce the World of Battles to chaos!

“At present the Ye Yu is indeed split… No, not just split, but also collapsed for more than ten thousand li. We are sure that the Ancient Demon is reappearing.” As the Old Mentor spoke, the people in the room could only listen, and not interrupt or inquire at all, because it was too old for them to know anything.

After Yi San Ren said that, Lin Feng could clearly feel that this was absolutely a huge crisis, a crisis about the World of Battles. Why did these things happen before he became an Overlord?

 Once there was chaos, the whole World of Battles would fall into disorder. Maybe the Ancient Demon would rule the whole World of Battles. What then?

“Lin Feng, Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Zhe Tian are back!”

When the atmosphere was so grim, Zi Jing Xiao came in from the outside. Behind him were Chu Chun Qiu’s foursome, who hurriedly came back from the Dragon Clan. Lin Feng raised his head in surprise. When Chu Chun Qiu saw Lin Feng, he was deeply moved. After they had gone searching, Lin Feng had returned to the Region of the Eight Corners first!

“You’re OK, that’s great, ha ha!” Chu Chun Qiu laughed and hugged Lin Feng. Maybe only Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu could make a good friend out of a life-or-death enemy.

“Father, Lin Zu…” When Lin Qiong Sheng saw Lin Feng, his heart was choked and sour. He wanted to tell Lin Feng, but Lin Feng waved to show that he knew.

“You all go have a rest. At present there is a situation in the Region of the Eight Corners. I need your help!” Lin Feng did not let his two sons talk, but sent them off to recuperate as soon as possible. They did not know what to do about the crater.

“Lin Feng, in the process of coming back, we met with a shocking thing, which I think is necessary to say.” Chu Chun Qiu pondered a little. Seeing that the atmosphere in the room was not very good, he spoke up about this shocking thing.

“What is it?” Lin Feng indicated for Chu Chun Qiu to sit down beside him. Chu Chun Qiu said cautiously, “At the junction of the southeast boundary of the Dragon Clan and the Human Clan, the sky for three thousand li has collapsed. From the missing sky, there is a constant stream of bloody smoke. At present, it has spread for hundreds of thousands of li, and there are countless deaths and injuries!

“It was said that the Human Ancestor, who was originally in seclusion, was forced out, and even injured. He rushed to the fallen sky first and blocked it temporarily with just his power!”

After Chu Chun Qiu said this, everything went silent in the hall, especially when Yi San Ren and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points grew even paler. Their guesses were right this time. There was no mistake, the Ancient Demon had returned!

Chu Chun Qiu was surprised and asked with a smile, “What happened to all of you? This happened at the junction of the human realm and the dragons. It was not here. What are you nervous about?” 

Lin Feng looked at Chu Chun Qiu and said slowly, “Today, there is a ten thousand-li crater in Ye Yu, from which is pouring a thick blue smoke. The poison gas is spreading for hundreds of thousands of li around. At present, it has been blocked by a barrier, but how long it will last is unknown.”

“How could this happen? Why did it happen?” When Chu Chun Qiu heard Lin Feng’s words, he stood up in shock. He thought it was something between Humans and Dragons, but something strange had happened in the Region of the Eight Corners?

“Chun Qiu, my master said that this might be the beginning of Chaos!” Lin Feng’s face was extremely heavy, with several threads of tension and expectation. If Chaos came, it meant that the World of Battles would become more and more disordered, and the status quo might be completely broken.

“Is the world collapsing?” Chu Chun Qiu couldn’t imagine how such a situation could happen. He couldn’t help glancing at Prince Ghost beside him. Prince Ghost also shook his head. He didn’t know anything. How could he know what Lin Feng didn’t know?

At this moment, Zi Jing Xiao ran in again, his face was obviously flustered. “Lin Feng, there are golden lights in the square outside. A pure spirit is covering tens of thousands of miles. There are big people coming!”

Lin Feng heard the words, looked at all the people before him, then rushed out to the square. A fragrant golden light burst over the square. Although it was the middle of the night, the square lit up like day.

After seeing this, Ni Huang was thoughtful. As for Yi San Ren and Ancestor Ta, they nodded together. As expected, they guessed right. When bad luck came, the four beasts finally appeared!

“The Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermilion Bird, the Black Tortoise! Long time no see!” Yi San Ren narrowed his eyes and laughed, his voice like a bronze bell, waking up many people in the Region of the Eight Corners and summoning them.

High in the sky, the golden light gradually disappeared, but there were four great beasts there. In the eastern sky, a thousand-mile long Azure Dragon roared into the sky, every move full of the spirit of emperors and dragons.

Lin Feng’s body immediately boiled. His blood of the Dragon and the Phoenix was about to break away from his Ancestral Body, but was suppressed by him. Once it broke away, it would become the energy of the Azure Dragon. How could he allow that to happen?

In the western sky, a majestic blue and white Tiger roared in reply. This roar made all the beasts crawl on the ground. No one in the Region of the Eight Corners dared to stand up. The king of all the beasts was truly terrible.

In the southern sky, a red Vermilion Bird beast spread its arms and covered the sky for thousands of miles. As the red holy light burst out, the Black Tortoise in the North dropped down little by little.

Finally, the four godly beasts turned into human figures. They landed on the square together. People watched the four godly beasts with envy and admiration.

They were the Overlords ranked next to the Human Ancestor and the Buddha. They were thirteenth to tenth ranked, in the order of the Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermilion Bird, and the Black Tortoise, on the List of the World of Battles.

The Azure Dragon had a white robe, a vivid dragon carved on his shoulder. It seemed that he blinked to frighten people, while the White Tiger was wearing a blue tiger robe with two iron pauldrons on his shoulder and a battle axe in his hand.

The Vermilion Bird was a woman with a long red skirt, showing sacred beauty, while the Black Tortoise was an old man with a white  beard,The pair had a gentle appearance, but everyone was clear how much power was hiding underneath that gentle exterior. 

The four beasts, who were impossible to find in the World of Battles at ordinary times, were now active in the Region of the Eight Corners. As for the reasons, that was clear to everyone.

“Yi San Ren, I didn’t imagine that you hadn’t died in the ancient war!” the Azure Dragon smiled, the smile like a spring breeze soon intoxicating people. Lin Feng also couldn’t help feeling that the special power of the beast was beyond that of humans.

“You four didn’t participate in the war of the ancient times, it was a wise decision.” Yi San Ren laughed bitterly. Those who have been on the List of the World of Battles since the beginning were the four Godly Beasts, the Buddhist Ancestor , the Earth Goddess,  Miss Xuan Tu and Ancestor Di Qing (zu shi). Apart from them, all the others were new Overlords.

“As for the reason we come here, I think you have a clear idea. Take us to have a look.” The Azure Dragon spoke again, but his face was a little more dignified. At that time, four of them plus more than ten ancient Overlords had killed the Ancient Demon. As of now, they were duty bound!

“I’ll take you to the crater myself through a cave world.” At this time, the cave world of the Region of the Eight Corners could only be exposed. Moreover, these four beasts didn’t care about secular war at all. Their hearts were only concerned for the glory and safety of the World of Battles.

Yi San Ren took the four beasts with him, while Lin Feng stayed in the center of Man Yu and turned to look at Nian Ling Jiao. In such a situation, Kun Dao’s banquet could only be postponed indefinitely, so it was natural to disregard the event.

Nian Ling Jiao immediately wrote back to Kun Dao and declined his invitation. As the Northern Ancestor, Kun Dao naturally knew that there was a strange phenomenon of a ten thousand li crater in the Region of the Eight Corners, and his heart began to feel uneasy. He was not a fool. Such a strange phenomenon of heaven and earth indicated that something would happen in the World of Battles!

Even if Nian Ling Jiao didn’t reply to the letter, he would have taken the initiative to cancel it and go to the Region of the Eight Corners to have a look. As the Ancestor of the North, he had this necessity and responsibility.

“Inform Zhan Ling Yan, Jie Xuan and Jie Hong, and Da Mo Kui to go to the Region of the Eight Corners!”

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