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Chapter 1455 – All the Overlords Come

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   The sky was going to change, and the World of Battles was going to be rocked. Everyone was frustrated. There was a sense of suffocation. There was no longer a blue sky above, but a red sky with a bloody smell. The earth was no longer so thick and steady. More and more sinkholes appeared, not just in the Region of the Eight Corners.

   In the border area of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, huge pits extending to three thousand Li had appeared. All the buildings in this area were swallowed up by blue poison gas. Ancestor Tai established a barrier at the first one, but the gas spread little by little, and the barrier would break up sooner or later.

   There was more and more thick and bloody fog over the Dragon Clan, which blocked the blue sky. An unprecedented sense of fear appeared in everyone’s heart. The Dragon Ancestor, with many sons and grandsons, stood in the sky, creating the hardest defense line with their power.

   This also happened in the Northeast, which was in the charge of Ancestor Nü. There were deep pits all over the place, ranging from dozens of Li to thousands of Li. Ancestor Nü also felt puzzled. But she quickly gathered all the Overlords in the Northeast to discuss countermeasures.

   In the West, the Buddha’s domain, anomalies appeared in heaven and the earth at the same time. There were sinkholes on the ground, and the sky was full of bloody light. However, the Buddha reversed the heavens and the earth with his own power, blocking the hole in the sky. As for the collapsed ground, there were six Buddhas guarding it.

   The only thing that hadn’t been affected was the Demon Clan in the South. As for the reasons, they all understood very well. After all, the ancient demons came from cultivators. The Demon Clan was where the demons were most concentrated. Even if the ancient demons destroyed the World of Battles, they wouldn’t destroy their fellow demons.

   The Demon Ancestor was still in seclusion, not sure of what was going on outside. The news brought back by Demon Child had been banned by his brother, Mo Kun. The Demon Child was also forced to stay in the Demon Clan and not allowed to go out.

   It seemed that the security of the rest of the World of Battles had nothing to do with the Demon Clan. No one mentioned it, even other Overlords, who seemed to have left the demons out of their plans.

   The four great beasts did not just go to the Region of the Eight Corners to explore. Anywhere such a situation happened in the World of Battles, they would soon arrive. 


For an entire month, the World of Battles was shrouded in a shadow, the appearance of the four great beasts indicating that such a terrible time was getting closer and closer.

   On this day, the Region of the Eight Corners sent people to guard Ye Yu early. Lin Feng sent away his people, except for Song Chou Jiu, who was in seclusion. He also sent some of his young children – Lin Sheng Jie, Lin Sheng Xie, Lin Nian Er, and Lin Heng Er – back to his Spirit World.

   It was true that it meant an opportunity for Lin Feng, but during such a big crisis, he didn’t even know if he could protect himself, let alone his children, so it was the safest way to protect them.

   In the Region of the Eight Corners, only the center of Man Yu still had the Sea of Fire. As for other places, they were temporarily in danger. The Fire Spirit had left the Sea of Fire. Nobody knew when the ancient demon would appear.

   The Fire Spirit knew that she could not beat the demon, and she would not die foolishly.

   Two ancient Overlords, Yi San Ren and Ancestor Ta, and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, also a powerful Overlord, all came to Man Yu personally. Today, all the powerful and influential people in the World of Battles would appear to solve the sinkhole problem together.

   It was said that the Western Buddha had also appeared, but he took a group of people to the sinkhole area of the Zhen Wu Dynasty to solve the crisis in the World of Battles together with Ancestor Tai, while the Human Ancestor was together with two Dragon Ancestors to solve the threat to the dragon and human realms.

   Lin Feng’s Region of the Eight Corners, in addition to Ni Huang and two ancient Overlords, also had the Northern Ancestor, Kun Dao. Lin Feng didn’t welcome him very much, but he couldn’t be distracted by his personal grudges with Kun Dao at this time. They all joined hands to fight the ancient demon.

Ancestor Nü, Godly Ancestor Bei Jian, Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian, and the Overlord of Xiao Hun arrived at the Region of the Eight Corners. In addition to the collapsed sky between the dragon and the human race, the most dangerous other location was undoubtedly the sinkhole in the Region of the Eight Corners. Ancestor Nü gave up on mending her sky temporarily and came to help Lin Feng.

   Ni Huang, Ancestor Nü, the Ancestor of the North Kun Dao, and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points; four great Ancestors gathered together to solve the sinkhole problem, along with two ancient Overlords, Yi San Ren and Ancestor Ta. They had more chances to win.

   In addition to the four great Ancestors, there were also powerful Overlords, including Ancestor Zhu Jian, Ancestor Bei Jian, Leader Jing Rui, Zhan Ling Yan, and Lin Feng, all Earthly Godly Ancestors. This was the main force at present.

“Gentlemen, we come here for the sake of the safety of the World of Battles, so let go of each other’s grudges for the time being. Don’t destroy the whole World of Battles because of personal grudges, OK?” Ancestor Nü asked in a solemn voice. Her beautiful eyes could not help glancing at Lin Feng and Kun Dao. Kun Dao nodded slightly and looked at Lin Feng with a smile, waiting for Lin Feng’s attitude.

   Lin Feng waved his hands and indicated that he could go on cooperating. He was not unreasonable. He would not resolve their conflicts at this time.

“Next, Yi San Ren will go over everyone’s division of labor. I hope you won’t have any resistance!” When she said that, she put her eyes on Yi San Ren. At this moment, all the Overlords looked at Yi San Ren, because no one here had more seniority than the Old Mentor.

   There was no time for Yi San Ren to talk nonsense and he spoke directly, “Yesterday, I spoke with the Four Great Beasts and decided to lead out the evil things in the sinkhole. Then I would like to kill them with one strike. I think with the number of Overlords we have, we can kill them!

“Not only will we use this method here, but also in other places, because it is the only feasible way.”

“As for the candidates who will enter the sinkhole to lure them out, I have already selected them. If you have any objections, you can quit!” In order to ensure that there was no doubt or unwillingness to enter the inner part of the crater, Yi San Ren spoke in advance to avoid any rebellions after announcing his choices.

   When they heard that, they all nodded. They were not stupid. If they dared to play clever games at this time, they really wanted to die. So many strong people came in person to deal with this. They dared not say no.

“Sir, don’t worry, we will obey you to the death,” Ancestor Bei Jian nodded heavily. His face was unusually grave, but his tone was firm.

  The people nodded together, looking at the crater. It had extended to twenty thousand li on the ground, its scope continuing to expand. The smoke was rolling and the poisonous gas was exterminating people.

“The people who enter the crater will be the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, Lin Feng, Leader Jing Rui, the Ancestor of the North Kun Dao, Ancestor Nü, Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian, Jie Xuan, and Jie Hong”.

“Yi San Ren, Ancestor Ta, Ni Huang, Ancestor Bei Jian; the Overlord of Xiao Hun, Kui; and Bai Mu Xiao, we are going to kill this evil thing.”

   After saying that, Yi San Ren looked at everyone, but nobody objected. Such a distribution was relatively fair, and even his disciple Lin Feng was going down the hole. What else could they object to?

“Action!” Kun Dao said in a deep voice. He was the first to dive down and disappear into the crater. His figure disappeared quickly. Then Overlord Kui and Zhan Ling Yan both flew to the crater.

   The geniuses watching them from hundreds of miles away, only felt that there were some dark shadows drilling into the crater. It was very shocking and exciting, but they were also very clear that they were not qualified to get close to it.

   Lin Feng and Ancestor Nü entered the crater at the same time, and soon all eight people selected had entered.


   As soon as he entered, Lin Feng felt a severe pain in his eyes, as if there was a flame burning them. He had to close his eyes. At the same time, he shielded his body with his power, which felt much better instantly.

   There was a stench in the crater that Lin Feng couldn’t bear. The corrosive smell was just like the Fire Spirit had described, and the blue gas could corrode people’s skin away. It may corrode your own skin if you did not have cleansing power.

  The eight cultivators showed their own abilities. Lin Feng’s body was shining gold. Ancestor Nü’s was cold and isolated from the blue gas. Jie Xuan and Jie Hong carried large black stones, which seemed to have no effect, but were absorbing the blue gas.

   When the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points’ robe was thrown away, his speed was the fastest. The green gas didn’t touch him, which made the others envious. Here he was at an advantage. His original title was the Ancestor of Earth. In this crater, he had the advantage of earth all about him.

   The sinkhole was very deep, almost unimaginably. Lin Feng observed the shape of the sinkhole wall, and how it was all broken down. That was to say, it was not eroded away slowly, but something swept up from below, shattered it, and formed a collapse.

   For ten minutes, these Overlords including Lin Feng flew to the bottom of the crater. After landing, everyone was stunned. Did the monster treat the underground as his own home? The deep hole in front of them was thousands of meters high, not to mention its width. It was dozens of miles long. Even if a dozen people flew side by side, it wouldn’t be crowded.

“No one knows what’s going on inside, so please work in pairs to explore the deep pit. If there’s an incident, signal immediately!” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points gave everyone a token. As long as the token was crushed, the other six people could feel it and react quickly.

Jie Xuan and Jie Hong were naturally a group. They were two clan leaders of the World Dragons. Naturally, they would not be separated, nor need to worry about being abandoned by one another.

“I’m in the same group with Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian.” Kun Dao looked at him, and then two people chose the nearest deep hole, went in, and disappeared.

“I’m with Jing Rui.” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points chose a partner; Lin Feng glanced at Ancestor Nü and smiled bitterly. He couldn’t help but walk with her.

   Ancestor Nü would normally have teased Lin Feng, but at this critical moment, neither of them were in the mood, and they started for the farthest deep hole.

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