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Chapter 1456 – The Evil Demon Kirin

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“Lin Feng, I hear breathing!”

   The moment Ancestor Nü said that, Lin Feng stopped. They had walked thousands of miles along the deep hole, but it was still endless. They didn’t know where to go. Lin Feng even wondered, Can the sinkhole in the Region of the Eight Corners lead directly to the sinkholes in other areas?

   If that’s the case, that evil is so terrible! It has almost infiltrated the whole World of Battles…

 The voice of Ancestor Nü interrupted Lin Feng’s thoughts and made him look ahead. Although it was still dark and boundless, Lin Feng also heard the sound of breathing. It was a bit hoarse, and the deep hole gradually filled with the smell of blood.

   This smell was very strong. Lin Feng covered his nose, so did Ancestor Nü. The smell of blood and corrosion were indescribable. If it wasn’t for both of them being tough Earthly Godly Ancestors, they might have been poisoned right away.

“You back up, I’ll go inside and have a look,” Lin Feng said firmly, not waiting for her to respond. Lin Feng stepped out directly and disappeared into the deep hole in front of her. Ancestor Nü was slightly shocked, and then smiled bitterly. Lin Feng really thought he was a man and should protect women!

   I’m Ancestor Nü. Do I need him to protect me? But this feeling was good. Apart from Dao Yi, this was the second man who had protected her, even if she didn’t need it.


   After Lin Feng rushed in, he didn’t see anything in front of him. Suddenly, he felt moisture on his face. He touched his cheek with his hand and looked at the liquid on his hand. Lin Feng suddenly became nervous, raised his head slowly, and was shocked.

   He saw a pair of red eyes the size of lanterns staring at him, and a mouth like a big blood pot with sharp tusks. It was drooling, the length of the red tongue Lin Feng could see was dozens of meters long.

   This evil thing was covered by scales. All he could see was its head and neck. He couldn’t see all of it. It was at least tens of thousands of meters long, at a conservative guess.

 Lin Feng already knew what this evil thing was: the Demon Kirin! It was very similar to the Celestial Kirin. Lin Feng temporarily called it the Demon Kirin.

   The Demon Kirin suddenly opened its mouth and roared. The whole sinkhole vibrated, and stone and grit fell down. Lin Feng dodged from left to the right to avoid the stones and sand. However, he was not fast enough. The Demon Kirin was like a hurricane. Nothing could be faster than it. What’s more, only its head was moving.


   Lin Feng felt a strong impact. He was hit by Demon Kirin’s huge head and flew away. Lin Feng covered his face with his hands and flew away directly, hitting the ground hard in front of Ancestor Nü. 

Her face suddenly changed. Lin Feng was blown away. What kind of monster was it?

“Come on, let’s go!” Lin Feng was startled. He didn’t care about the wounds on his body. He took hold of the hand of Ancestor Nü and ran towards the entrance of the deep hole. Behind them was the Demon Kirin, tens of thousands of meters long, chasing after them!

“Hurry, smash the token and have the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points come here.” Lin Feng cursed the Demon Kirin in his heart, and said to Ancestor Nü. Although she was being told what to do, she didn’t object.

  Ancestor Nü smashed the token, and began to speed up. Eventually, Lin Feng was being brought along with her, and they were much faster. Lin Feng’s face turned red as he realized that the woman was far more powerful than him. He forgot it just now due to the emergency and embarrassed himself.

   The sound of footsteps made the sinkhole tremble wildly. The Demon Kirin was getting faster and faster, and Ancestor Nü had reached her limit, but she couldn’t draw away from the Demon Kirin at all. The pressure on Ancestor Nü and Lin Feng suddenly increased.

“Lin Feng, how…”.


   At that moment, Leader Jing Rui and The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points appeared, but before they had a chance to act, they were knocked away directly by the Demon Kirin. Leader Jing Rui smashed into the Demon Kirin’s chest. He felt that his bones were going to break, and blood was rushing out.

“Jing Rui, let’s go.” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points grabbed Leader Jing Rui in time, and then fled from the deep hole with Ancestor Nü and Lin Feng. If the Demon Kirin kept catching up with them, he would have a chance to flee. As long as the Demon Kirin left the sinkhole, he would be beaten down.

“Everybody, run!” When The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points saw Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian, Kun Dao and other people who were also coming in a hurry, he cried out loudly. Everyone’s face changed dramatically. Seeing a giant thing tens of thousands of meters long chasing them desperately, they were shocked.

“Heavens, we would have been eaten if it were you and me who went in.” Jie Hong’s face changed a lot, and he felt a deep sense of fear. Fortunately, it was the eight powerful people who went in this time. If it were only him and Jie Xuan, they would only be a snack for the Demon Kirin.

   The eight people fled toward the entrance of the sinkhole as fast as possible. They moved faster and faster, but the Demon Kirin was also faster and faster, and only a few hundred meters away from them. The rotten bloody smell of the Demon Kirin almost made Lin Feng collapse.

   He could only bear it and continued to flee!

   The other Overlords were waiting anxiously outside. Ancestor Ta and Yi San Ren were especially nervous. They were pacing back and forth, hoping nothing bad would happen to the others. If something bad happened, there would never be a day of peace in the Region of the Eight Corners!

“I hope nothing bad happens to these people!” Ni Huang clenched her hands and prayed, but she was very worried.


  Lin Feng and Ancestor Nü couldn’t hold on anymore in the sinkhole. They had consumed too much energy. Let alone Lin Feng and Ancestor Nü, even The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was like that, and so they slowed down. However, the Demon Kirin was full of strength and grew even closer.

“If it goes on like this, we will be killed by this beast sooner or later!” Kun Dao roared. His energy was falling, and he was much slower than before. They had nearly been caught.

“Then what can you do?” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points asked coldly. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had only hatred for this rebellious apprentice in his heart, but now was not the time to care about personal hatred, so he could only bear his anger.

   Kun Dao glanced at The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, then at Lin Feng, who was seriously injured at the moment. His white robe was stained with blood, and his chest was torn, showing his white bones. This was the most serious injury Lin Feng had suffered so far; not from his enemy, but from this beast!

“Four people recover their physical strength, and the rest make full efforts to block. When the blocking fails, the four people quickly pull over, and then the four people who recovered their physical strength quickly run out. In this way, the Demon Kirin will continue to chase. When the four people who are on the other side recover their strength, they attack the Demon Kirin from behind, and we attack Demon Kirin from the front of it, forcing it to follow us. As long as it comes out of the sinkhole, everything will be easy.”

   Although Kun Dao was treacherous, his tactics were the best. No matter if he was facing the enemy or Demon Kirin, his plans were clever.

“Well, don’t talk nonsense. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, Jie Hong, Jie Xuan, and I are in charge of blocking; you guys, recover your strength quickly!” Lin Feng shouted, then without time for any to refuse, he stopped directly, let go the wrist of Ancestor Nü, and then used the Emperor Yan’s Scripture!

   So far, only the Emperor Yan’s Scripture could do a little damage to the Demon Kirin. Except for it, no skill had any effect.

   Lin Feng stopped, and The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points chose to stay. Jie Xuan and Jie Hong were not happy, but at this time, they all chose the way of justice. If they were useless, they would be looked down upon by others. So they also chose to stay, using their most powerful moves so far.

“Emperor Yan’s Scripture, Tao!”

“The Tao of Soil Smashing Sky!”

“The Mount Tablet, devour!”

“The Mount Tablet, melt!”

   Lin Feng and The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, as well as Jie Hong and Jie Xuan, fought against the Demon Kirin with all of their strength at this time, and Demon Kirin also felt a terrible pressure attacking him. He had to slow down, then roared up at the sky, his sharp tusks shining with blood, his tongue writhing inside. A poisonous blue smoke came out, hurtling straight towards those four people.

“Hold your breath, don’t breathe!” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points reminded the three of them so there was no change in their moves, and they attacked resolutely. Although the scales of Demon Kirin were thick, they were still beaten through.

A sharp pain spread all over the body of Demon Kirin, making it angrier, and it rushed to escape with a roar. Its terrible energy was like a mountain of several billion kilograms. If they were hit, they would turn into powder!

“Get out of the way, quick!” Ancestor Nü cried, and the four of them continued to flee, while the other four dodged by the side of the Demon Kirin. Jie Xuan had used too much strength, and blood came out from his mouth as he fell away. Fortunately, the Demon Kirin was chasing the four from Ancestor Nü’s group like crazy.

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