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Chapter 1457 – Coronation of Ancestors

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“Quickly use your own resources to restore your vitality. Ancestor Nü can’t hold on for long,” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points breathed deeply and told the three people, Lin Feng was silent. His Ancestor Body was working fast, just like the crystal stone producing energy. As long as Lin Feng had time, his Ancestor Body could regain its vitality.

   As time passed, there was dust and smoke on top of the four people, but the giant body of the Demon Kirin had long been lost. The people with Ancestor Nü and Kun Dao were desperately fleeing from the Demon Kirin.

“Sixty percent is recovered. It’s too long. Hurry up!” With a deep cry, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points flew up again and flew straight to the top. In such a situation, it was too late to recover everything. It was very lucky they were even able to recover at all.

   Lin Feng also nodded heavily, following Di Ancestor towards the top, and Jie Xuan and Jie Hong could only follow. They regretted that they had come down, but they dared not say it, because saying it meant being disdained by the powerful of the World of Battles.


   Time went by. Ancestor Nü’s group was exhausted. They were still thousands of miles away from the exit of the crater, but they couldn’t hold on. The Demon Kirin was alive and well, and the whole crater was full of loud explosions.

“Get out of the way!”

   When the Ancestor Nü was about to give up, Lin Feng’s angry voice came to her ears, and she immediately moved away. The same thing happened to Kun Dao and City Lord Jing Rui. Ancestor Zhu Jian was a step slower, so the blood and flesh of the sword stroke hitting the Demon Kirin flew out. The strike’s brutality could be seen as the long sword flew by.

   However, no one paid attention to the tragedy. Lin Feng and his three people quickly passed over the Demon Kirin, and Lin Feng punched it in the eye with his fist, making its eye crack like a glass. One of the Demon Kirin’s eyes directly exploded.

“That’s the price for crashing into me!” Lin Feng roared ferociously, then fled for the exit with all his strength.

  The Demon Kirin roared, tensed its four legs like crazy, and ran after. Its speed was more than twice as fast as before. Di Ancestor and the two chiefs of Jie Long, were stunned. The next moment they were all knocked aside, but the Demon Kirin rushed straight after Lin Feng.

   Once hit by the crazy Demon Kirin, Lin Feng would either be dead or gravely wounded!

“You deserve this! You wanted to be a hero!” Kun Dao’s face had turned extremely pale. Seeing Lin Feng damage one of Demon Kirin’s eyes, he couldn’t help sneering. Lin Feng deserved to be chased!

“It’s over, it’s over!” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points’ face was pale as he wiped the blood from his mouth. He could only pray for good luck. The Demon Kirin was mad and completely enraged by Lin Feng’s actions. He thought that it was at its ultimate speed. Now it seemed he was super wrong.

“No, the Demon Kirin is berserk!” Lin Feng saw the evil Demon Kirin racing towards him like crazy. At the moment, it had no care for other people. Even if other people stood in front of the evil Demon Kirin at this time, it would not look at them. Its target was only him!

   Lin Feng clenched his teeth and quickened his pace again, but the energy consumption was huge. There was a lot of green toxic gas around him underground here. He had to try his best to keep himself away from the Demon Kirin. It was hard. He nearly fell unconscious three times. It was impossible to hold on for long.

“Damn it. I should have blown both your eyes out.” Lin Feng didn’t regret what he had done, but now he didn’t think it was enough. If he had gotten both the Demon Kirin’s eyes, it would have lost its sense of direction. It would not have been impossible to kill it at that time.

   But there were no pills for regret, so Lin Feng could only accept his punishment of being chased by Demon Kirin. Lin Feng was almost at his limit, but still couldn’t evade the powerful Demon Kirin, whose legs were huge and robust. It was roaring and galloping through the crater. It had made this pit, no one would be more familiar with the terrain than it was!

   Demon Kirin seemingly understood the angry words of Lin Feng just now, which made it even angrier. It had never thought a puny human would dare to crack his eyes. There was only one idea in its heart, and that was to kill this human!

   Bang! With a loud crunch, Lin Feng’s chest was directly hit by two of the Demon Kirin’s legs. Three more of his ribs were directly broken, and blood flew out. Lin Feng clenched his teeth. At this time, he wanted to break through to Heaven Godly Ancestor and kill the Demon Kirin with one palm!

   But it was impossible. Lin Feng laughed bitterly. Four of his ribs were now broken, but there was no way out of the sinkhole. There were still hundreds of miles to go. If there were no reinforcements, he could only give up his life at this time.

   Do you want to die to this beast? Lin Feng was really unwilling. He had not been killed by his opponent in his whole life. Was he going to die to the so-called Demon Kirin? It was said that the Ancient Demon was coming. Couldn’t he even see the Ancient Demon, he would be ended by the Demon Kirin?

   No, there is another way. You can’t just give up!

  Lin Feng’s consciousness was a little blurred. He had been hit by the Demon Kirin more than once. After being overtaken by the Demon Kirin, its claws and legs coordinated with each other and collided with Lin Feng’s chest, back, head and even abdomen. In short, Lin Feng was experiencing extreme pain at the moment.

   Demon Kirin didn’t want to kill Lin Feng now. It wanted to treat this tiny human like a plaything in its hand. It wanted to torture the human who dared to shatter its eyes. Although it couldn’t speak, its intelligence was not low.

   Lin Feng was in severe pain, and looking for a way to save himself. He would have to find it or give up. Neither Emperor Yan’s Scripture nor the triple wave of Fire and Ice was suitable for helping him!

   Suddenly, a warmth spread all over his body, converging from all parts of his meridians. The emergence of this warmth suddenly woke him up.

“Ancestral Body, right, I have the Ancestor Body!” Lin Feng clenched his teeth. He was on the top of Demon Kirin’s head and jumped straight up. Demon Kirin seemed to hate people standing on its head, and tried to shake Lin Feng off. But Lin Feng used his Ancestor Body to maintain his balance, and sat on top of the Demon Kirin.

   Lin Feng’s arms were clasped before his chest, and his Ancestral Body was shining with golden light. The Ancestral Body under the light supplied Lin Feng with vital energy. After the vital energy entered his meridians, it repaired the wounds that had been opened by the Demon Kirin, especially the four broken ribs, as well as his previous wounds.

   The Demon Kirin roared and roared. The Demon Kirin’s arms kept waving around, but it still couldn’t reach its head, let alone touch Lin Feng. At last, the Demon Kirin turned around and wanted to get away from Lin Feng. But Lin Feng was just like a part of the Demon Kirin, and stayed in place.

   The strength of the Dragon and Phoenix blood on his hands was greater and greater, and the golden light of his Ancestral Body was growing more and more brilliant. After being hit by the Demon Kirin countless times, Lin Feng’s Ancestral Body was moving; it was no longer like the initial form when he was in prison, and began to evolve.

   Lin Feng couldn’t give a clear explanation for the existence of his Ancestor Body. The only sure factor was the combination of the Spirit World and the Blood of Dragon and Phoenix. But what was the connection between the two? Lin Feng didn’t know.

   At this moment, his Ancestral Body evolved again, but it repelled the power of the Blood of Dragon and Phoenix. The power of the Blood of Dragon and Phoenix wanted to be integrated into the Ancestral Body. However, this time the Ancestral Body had no desire and was rigid. It had its own defense border; the Blood of dragon and Phoenix tried several times, and finally gave up. Little by little, it flowed into Lin Feng’s blood. 

Lin Feng closed his eyes, clasped his hands before his chest, and his whole body turned golden. It was like a magic Buddha, and the Demon Kirin was also a bit stunned. It had never seen such a strange human being. It was clearly a human being, but it was full of the aura of Dragon and Phoenix. The aura was even more magical, which left it more and more surprised.

   As the Demon Kirin was thinking, it unconsciously rushed out of the crater exit. Half of the Demon Kirin rushed out and was locked onto by a group of strong people.

“Shoot!” As they roared, they held out one arm. The horrible palms were full of blue and white Qi. Nearly five billion kilos of gravity were about to hit the top of the Demon Kirin’s head. When they saw the tiny figure on the big head, they barely stopped in time.

   They could only be more shocked; how could Lin Feng sit on the top of this evil thing, and be so calm?

“What’s going on?” Tai Ancestor was also confused. When all of them were ready to fight against the Demon Kirin, who would have thought that Lin Feng was in a state of cultivation on the top of it. The light covered not only himself, but also the Demon Kirin!

   Demon Kirin changed from initial great anger to shock, and was now quiet. It seemed that it did not dare to disturb Lin Feng, for fear of destroying his cultivation. Yi San Ren and other people felt the same, standing in the void and watching Lin Feng change.

  Ancestor Nü’s group of seven swooped out of the Carter, The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points’ face extremely pale. However, seeing the Demon Kirin flying in the sky without anyone attacking, he couldn’t help but wonder. He flashed into the sky, and when he saw that scene, he looked like he had been struck by thunder.

“Lin Feng, what’s the matter? How can Lin Feng sit on his head?” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was completely speechless, deeply shocked, but was born in Lin Feng not enough? Wherever Lin Feng was, there was bound to be something exciting.

   At this moment, both the Overlords who just came out of the crater and the Overlords who had been waiting in the sky gave up attacking and stared at Lin Feng.


   At the moment, Lin Feng was empty, fitting in with the heavens and earth, and his Ancestral Body integrated a little bit. Although he rejected the power of the Dragon and Phoenix, Lin Feng gradually felt the energy from the Demon Kirin in his consciousness. Not just Lin Feng was shocked, but the Demon Kirin was also in a panic.


   Demon Kirin turned and was about to go back. It realized the danger, and didn’t wait to turn around. One of Lin Feng’s thoughts made it stop abruptly. Lin Feng was also surprised.

   I am just thinking about not going. Did the Demon Kirin stop?

   There was a kind of consciousness in my mind, but it didn’t belong to me. It seemed to belong to the Demon Kirin!

   What is going on?

Nobody else knew, but Lin Feng Feng could feel that his AncestorBody was about to reach perfection!

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