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Chapter 1458 – A Talk with the Demon Kirin

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   After the coronation, his Ancestor’s Body was much stronger than before, and could absorb all kinds of energies, including the energy of Earthly Godly Ancestors, the resources of the whole world, and the spirits of the dead. With his hands on the ground, Lin Feng could even absorb the earth’s power with the help of his Ancestor’s Body.

   His Ancestor’s Body after its coronation had great magical power, while Lin Feng had only some idea of it. He did not realize that the Demon Kirin he was sitting on had become the first target to be absorbed. As the energy of the Demon Kirin was continuously absorbed into his body, its consciousness was also absorbed into Lin Feng’s mind.

   The Demon Kirin wanted to struggle, but every thought from Lin Feng would affect it. Even though it wanted to flee, without Lin Feng’s permission, it could only hover in the sky. Its giant body loomed over everyone. In the dark, only Lin Feng was gleaming.

“Is Lin Feng going to break through again?” Leader Jing Rui was nervous. Lin Feng had just broken through to the realm of Earthly Godly Ancestor recently. If he broke through again, he would be at the realm of Heavenly Godly Ancestors. But soon, Jing Rui smiled bitterly.

   It was not easy to achieve Heavenly Godly Ancestor, even for the Human Ancestor and the Demon Ancestor. Lin Feng, who had just broken through to the realm of Earthly Godly Ancestors, could not possibly achieve it. But it was true that Lin Feng would improve a lot.

   Experts like Yi San Ren thought the same as Jing Rui. But only Lin Feng knew that, after the coronation, he didn’t feel his strength had increased; instead, he felt it had decreased a bit.

   That is to say, after the coronation, his Pure Qi had been reduced!

   Lin Feng was very afraid of that situation. It was a turbulent time. Once his strength was sharply reduced, it was a really bad thing for him. But after feeling the energy of his Ancestor’s Body, he was relieved.

   It seemed that his energy was reduced, but it was just because the impurities in his blood had been eliminated after the coronation. The most compressed energy was left, and the strength it generated was only stronger than before.

   Lin Feng had never had such a situation happen before, and he never expected that this would happen to him.

   With a deep breath, Lin Feng focused on the Demon Kirin underneath him. The Demon Kirin’s remaining eye looked like a red lantern. He roared and opened his huge mouth, showing his sharp teeth. The Kirin’s arms were extremely fast and strong. Lin Feng had felt the power of its arms before, as they almost broke his meridians.

 “What else do you want?” Lin Feng didn’t speak, but his consciousness was directly conducted to the Demon Kirin. It was a special way for Lin Feng and the Demon Kirin to communicate with each other.

  “Weak human being, let me go!” came into Lin Feng’s mind. Lin Feng frowned and was curious about the Demon Kirin’s voice. 

   Lin Feng’s face remained calm, and he continued to ask, “You have destroyed the Man Region in the Region of the Eight Corners. What else do you want? “

   “That was not me. I just want to go back to sleep. Human beings provoked me first, or I wouldn’t have come out!” It seemed that the Demon Kirin was extremely angry and aggrieved. He couldn’t speak, or communicate with people. Lin Feng was the only man who understood him.

   In the sky, the Demon Kirin and Lin Feng looked at each other. It seemed that they were talking, which shocked everyone.

“You said you were provoked by someone?” Lin Feng continued to ask, and knew he must find out the truth. Otherwise, no one would know how this chaos started.

   “Well, he called himself the Spirit of the Ancient Demon. He appeared where I was sleeping and constantly provoked me. Naturally, I chased him. So he led me to every corner of the World of Battle, except for the forbidden area, which he didn’t dare to go to, and I didn’t dare to go either.”

    “Forbidden area?” Lin Feng frowned. Soon, he realized that the forbidden area must be the Hong Meng Area, the area in the center of the World of Battle.

   “So, the sinkhole and the split sky were left by you when you chased him?” Lin Feng had a lot of doubts, and he couldn’t believe this easily.

   “Almost. In a word, the Ancient Demon provoked me first and wanted to destroy the World of Battle with my power,” the Demon Kirin continued. The Demon Kirin continued to nod, and the more it spoke with Lin Feng, the more natural it became.

   Lin Feng immediately fell into deep thought. He doubted these words. Once the Demon Kirin appeared in the sky, he would have been noticed by the Human Ancestor and the Dragon Ancestor. If so, how could the Demon Kirin succeed?

   Lin Feng and The Demon Kirin were connected in mind. The Demon Kirin soon found Lin Feng’s thoughts, and immediately replied, “Those strong people you said are so weak. How could they find me?”

   “Hum, if it were not so, why do you think the Ancient Demon would provoke me?” The Demon Kirin sneered, as if he was mocking Lin Feng for not being able to realize his power. Hearing this, Lin Feng was a little shocked. According to the Demon Kirin, all these strong experts in the World of Battle, including the Human Ancestor and the Dragon Ancestor, were no match for him!

   How could that be possible? Lin Feng was completely shocked, because it was far beyond his expectation. He believed that The Demon Kirin was stronger than many strong cultivators, but not the Human Ancestor!

   In the World of Battle, the Human Ancestor and the Buddhist Ancestor symbolized the highest strength of human beings! 

   “Human being, don’t refuse to accept it. I was born when the World of Battle was built. I was the first living creature here. You can consider me the first spirit of the World of Battle.”

   The Demon Kirin laughed at Lin Feng’s ignorance, proud of its achievements.

   Lin Feng was shocked. The beast was born with the World of Battle? That is to say, since the first day the World of Battle had existed, the Demon Kirin had existed. In this way, he was really much stronger than the Human Ancestor!

  “Could you describe to me the strength of the Ancient Demon?” Lin Feng finally realized that he had left out the Ancient Demon. Everything was caused by him. The Demon Kirin had such a terrible power. What about the Ancient Demon?

   “Him? Never thought about it, but he won’t be stronger than me!” The Demon Kirin shook its head indifferently. No matter how strong someone was, as long as someone provoked it, it would fight back with all its fury!

   “Is that all?” Lin Feng was nervous. If the Human Ancestor was no match for the Demon Kirin, then the Human Ancestor was weaker than the Ancient Demon. In this way, the World of Battle would meet up with trouble soon.

    “Hum, you have destroyed one of my eyes. What are you going to do about it?” the Demon Kirin asked angrily. Since he was born, no one had dared to hurt him, but the boy in front of him destroyed one of his eyes!

   Lin Feng couldn’t help laughing. “Master, you are born with the World of Battle. Do you care about this injury? I believe you can recover soon!” Lin Feng laughed and looked at the Demon Kirin. 

   The Demon Kirin blinked and shook its head. Then, the injured eye radiated red light, and finally the destroyed eye appeared again, intact!

“Your name is Lin Feng, right? I will remember you. You are the first human who dared to crack my eye!” In his whole life, Lin Feng became the first human being that the Demon Kirin would remember.

   When Lin Feng saw that the Demon Kirin was about to leave, he hurriedly said to it, “When you go back to the bottom of the earth, please remember that the owner of the Sea of Fire is my friend. Don’t hurt her!”

The Demon Kirin turned around and glanced at Lin Feng. “It’s that girl. Don’t worry. As long as she doesn’t provoke me, I won’t kill her! I’m leaving!”

  The Demon Kirin roared, and its giant body turned around. Soon, it disappeared into the sinkhole. At the same time, a loud sound came, and then everyone was shocked to see the Sinkhole gradually start healing!

   In the end, the wild land was restored, as if there had never been a sinkhole, and the Demon Kirin disappeared as well!

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