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Chapter 1459 – Just Challenge Me

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   “What happened?” Yi San Ren and the Ancestor Ta were stunned. He just saw the Demon Kirin disappear, and then the sinkhole healed itself naturally.

   The alliance of the Overlords hadn’t worked, and the Demon Kirin still escaped!

   Yi San Ren punched his fist on the ground casually. Some deep pits appeared in the area the sinkhole had appeared before.

   In Lin Feng’s mind, the voice of the Demon Kirin appeared again “Lin Feng, tell those people not to challenge me anymore!”

  If Yi San Ren continued to act, it was possible that The Demon Kirin would be back again!

   “Master, stop it!” Lin Feng stepped out to stand in front of the Yi San Ren, and grabbed his fists.

   Yi San Ren looked at Lin Feng and knew that something must have happened during this period. There should have been some communication between Lin Feng and the Demon Kirin. Otherwise, the Demon Kirin would not leave quickly and heal the sinkhole, and Lin Feng would not have stopped him.

    “What’s going on? You have to explain this.” Yi San Ren was very fond of his little disciple, but Lin Feng had to give them some explanation.

   Lin Feng nodded slightly and looked around at so many hegemonic and powerful overlords. He calmly talked about his conversation with The Demon Kirin. Of course, some contents of their conversation were hidden.

   When Lin Feng told them everything, everyone, including Ni Huang, Ancestor Nü, and even Kun Dao felt deeply shocked and disbelieving.

   “Lin Feng, you’re just talking nonsense. Such a beast could not possibly beat the Human Ancestor. You are lying!” Kun Dao was angry, and looked gloomy. He had been seriously injured by the Demon Kirin, and was upset it had escaped. What Lin Feng said made him even angrier.

   “The lies I spoke were less than the bad things you have done,” Lin Feng looked at Kun Dao and sneered. 

   After hearing that, Kun Dao’s face suddenly changed, and he roared, “Do you want to die?!”

   “Just challenge me if you don’t agree with what I said.” Lin Feng didn’t look at Kun Dao anymore, and just smiled. There was a fierce battle Qi coming out of him. Kun Dao felt the Qi and didn’t say anything else. He was not afraid of Lin Feng, he was just badly hurt. Lin Feng somehow was alive and well. Even his injuries had been cured.

   It was unwise to challenge Lin Feng at present. Kun Dao was very clear about that!

   His forbearance surprised the other Overlords and they became more cautious, especially Zhan Ling Yan and Kui, as well as the Overlord of Xiao Hun. They all knew Lin Feng’s strength.

   “Lin Feng, are you serious? Are you sure you are not lying to us?” Leader Jing Rui also couldn’t believe what Lin Feng had said, so he asked again to make sure.

   Lin Feng nodded slightly, his attitude towards Leader Jing Rui was naturally different. “Yes, what I said is true. I didn’t cheat you, and it’s unnecessary for me to lie to you.

   “The Demon Kirin was born on the first day of the World of Battle. To some extent, he enjoys the same life span as the world. How strong would such a creature be?

   “I didn’t ask him if he has reached Heavenly Godly Ancestor, but he described the Human Ancestor and the Buddhist Ancestor as losers.

   “In addition, he said that he was not weaker than the Ancient Demon.”


   Later that night, when all the Overlords had left, Lin Feng stood alone in the Ye Region, right on the healed sinkhole.

   ” Demon Kirin, you can hear me. I would like to advise you not to be used by the Ancient Demon. His purpose is to ravage the whole World of Battle, so that he can benefit from the chaos. To some extent, you live here and you grew together with the world. If the world is destroyed, it is not good for you.

   “So master, if you choose to sleep, you should stay in the underground of the Region of the Eight Corners. At least compared with other places, if you sleep here, I’m here with you!”

   It looked like Lin Feng was speaking to himself alone, because others couldn’t hear their conversation.

  “Lin Feng, go to the Dragon Clan. Meet the Overlord of the Dragon and Phoenix Clan!” The Demon Kirin’s reply was beyond Lin Feng’s expectations, but his answer immediately attracted Lin Feng’s attention.

   “What do you mean?” Lin Feng didn’t understand the meaning of his words, so he asked again.

   “I mean that you should go to the Dragon Clan and find the Overlord of the Dragon and Phoenix Clan. You have the Dragon and Phoenix Blood and a strange constitution. That’s why we are connected by consciousness.”

   “I’m a Kirin. Although you call me the Demon Kirin, I’m the only Kirin in the World of Battle. A Kirin’s blood is very close to the Dragon and Phoenix Blood, so your Ancestor’s Body can absorb my blood and repel the Dragon and Phoenix Blood.”

   “Now that your Dragon and Phoenix Blood can’t serve your Ancestor Body, it’s useless. It’s better to find the Overlord of the Dragon and Phoenix Blood and do him a great favor. Then you will have one more assistant in the future!

   “The World of Battle will soon be full of chaos. I was awake, which means that the world is confused now!” the Demon Kirin muttered to himself. Lin Feng felt that the Demon Kirin did care about the World of Battle, just like he did.

  He was only regarded as evil because he couldn’t communicate with people!

   “Since you can’t sleep again, why don’t you come out to help us and overcome the difficulties together? After all, your strength…” Lin Feng didn’t go on saying, as the Demon Kirin understood what he meant.

   The Demon Kirin’s answer disappointed Lin Feng. “I can’t leave the deep ground for a long time, or my strength will decrease sharply. The earth belongs to me, but I don’t belong to the earth, which makes it necessary for me to stay underground.

   “I’m not a Heavenly Godly Ancestor, and I can’t break through the realm of the Heavenly Godly Ancestor. But Earthly Godly Ancestors, the Overlords and even the ancient Overlords are much weaker than I.

   “Don’t ask me questions anymore. Don’t you want to know my strength? I’m telling you now. Take care of yourself!” Realizing Lin Feng’s purpose, the Demon Kirin shouted unpleasantly. Then its voice disappeared completely, and its consciousness also disappeared.

   Lin Feng could no longer feel the consciousness of the Demon Kirin.


   Lin Feng didn’t stay longer. The Demon Kirin broke off the connection with him. Only the strong could decide the future of the World of Battle. The Demon Kirin would keep watching, but would not contribute any strength.

   Back in the center of Man Region, Lin Feng came to the meeting hall. Yi San Ren and Ancestor Ta were waiting, and seemed to be discussing something. When Lin Feng walked in, neither of them seemed to notice him.

   Lin Feng sat casually and sipped tea. He did not disturb the conversation between the two old men. The ancient Overlords knew much more than he did.

   Soon, it was dawn, and sunlight came in from the window. Lin Feng breathed deeply, and the conversation between the two old men came to an end.

   “Lin Feng, I’ve discussed with Ancestor Ta, and we decided to have you and Nian Ling Jiao go back to the Zhen Wu Dynasty!” Yi San Ren looked at Lin Feng and said firmly. 

   Lin Feng’s face changed greatly. He was full of doubts. Why would they have him go back to the Zhen Wu Dynasty with Nian Ling Jiao? 

  “Don’t be confused, just go!” Yi San Ren looked mysterious. He seemed to have a plan in mind. In fact, he was also very worried. Everything would depend on Lin Feng.

   “Master, I can go, but what about Cai Yue?” Lin Feng didn’t forget Cai Yue, who lost her memory. She was able to stay in the Region of the Eight Corners because of Lin Feng. If Nian Ling Jiao and he left, where should she go? Follow him? Or go back to Ni Huang’s realm? 

   “We will take care of her. We are ancient Overlords, so we should have a way to restore her memory! After all, she just lost her memory because she was overwhelmed, it is not very complicated.” Ancestor Ta reassured him. 

   Lin Feng nodded. Although he was still confused, he went to find Nian Ling Jiao and prepare to leave the Region of Eight Corners with her, returning to the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

   This time was different from the last time. This time, his plans were clear, so there wouldn’t be any rebellion. Even if Lin Feng disappeared, no one dared to split the Region up.


   In the middle of the day, Nian Ling Jiao and Lin Feng walked up onto the Ancestor’s Cloud, left the sky over the Eight Corners, and flew south.

   Nian Ling Jiao still had some doubts. Why did Lin Feng want to go back to the Zhen Wu Dynasty suddenly? But she was very happy about this, because it meant that Lin Feng would go back to the Zhen Wu Dynasty for a while.

   Qian Jin Cai Yue didn’t say a word, but her face was pale, and she was extremely aggrieved. She had pretended for so long, hoping that Lin Feng could accompany her more. She was willing to go on like this, even if she could just accompany Lin Feng.

   However, when Lin Feng and Nian Ling Jiao left again, her heart was completely broken, and all her fantasies were shattered.

   Looking at the two old men in front of her, Qian Jin Cai Yue only felt that she had been seen through.

   “Girl, do you still want to pretend?”

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