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Chapter 1460 – The Treasure from the Sima Family

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 “Coming to the Zhen Wu Dynasty again, what do you feel?” Nian Ling Jiao was happier as they were returning to her home. She was a bit shy. At least these days, she could stay with Lin Feng, which was better than anything else.

   Lin Feng shrugged and didn’t answer the question. Instead, he looked at the luxurious buildings below the Ancestor’s Cloud. After so many days, he had returned to the Zhen Wu Dynasty again. He had a complicated feeling. The trip to the Zhen Wu Dynasty was unexpected. He didn’t have to be here.

   He had first come here by fate. He got to meet Nian Ling Jiao and Ancestor Tai, and even obtained a Sarira from Lang Shi Ning. That he had given to Song Chou Jiu so he could make a breakthrough to the realm of Earthly Godly Ancestor.

   It was all connected to his destiny. But today, he had returned with many doubts and puzzles, because he didn’t know why Yi San Ren and Di Zu wanted him to come back to the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

   There were still many things in the Region of the Eight Corners that had not been resolved. His second revenge target, the Spiritual Warriors Clan, had not been eliminated.

   But since the two old men asked him to do so, why not make another visit? Just treat it as a trip escorting Nian Ling Jiao back home.

   Lin Feng and Nian Ling Jiao stood on the Ancestor’s Cloud together silently, and finally landed outside the core area of the Zhen Wu Dynasty. Due to the new Bodhisattva Lu Zhan, everything seemed to be calm, and the situation of officers bullying people hardly appeared.

   When Lin Feng and Nian Ling Jiao landed from the sky, many people saw them. As they arrived, the people were very happy and cheered. The quiet world was suddenly ignited, and the atmosphere turned lively soon.

   “Come on, it’s Lord Bodhisattva. Ha, Lord Bodhisattva is back!”

   “Let’s see. Lord Bodhisattva is back. I see hope.”

   “Lord Bodhisattva, we were looking forward to your return.”

   The Zhen Wu Dynasty suddenly became noisy. Every member of the Zhen Wu Dynasty was very excited. They ran from everywhere and surrounded Lin Feng. These people even ignored Princess Nian Ling Jiao. Everyone only cared about Lin Feng.

   Whether it was the scene of Lin Feng’s leaving or the carnival of his coming back, it deeply impressed Nian Ling Jiao. She had to admit that Lin Feng had a charming personality. It was so great that it seemed that he hadn’t done anything here, but his behavior had given confidence to the ordinary people of the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

   Nian Ling Jiao did not forget those people, who cried when she left. When she came back again, all she saw were smiles on their faces.

   “Sir, will you leave again?”

   “Sir, will you still be an official in the Zhen Wu Dynasty?”

   “Lord Bodhisattva, please don’t leave us anymore.”

   One question came after another, and Lin Feng didn’t know how to answer. He could only smile and walk by these people.

   Ancestor Tai knew about Lin Feng and Nian Ling Jiao’s return, so he immediately sent the Law Enforcement Army to meet them. The leader of the Law Enforcement Army was Lu Zhan, who was the current Bodhisattva.

   Lu Zhan was shocked at first, and then ecstatic. He was looking forward to Lin Feng’s return, so he couldn’t help hurrying out to meet him.

   Hearing some sounds, Lin Feng looked forward and saw the magnificent Law Enforcement Army coming. They were all Holy Godly Ancestors, but when they saw Lin Feng, these people all hid their pride.

   They showed great respect for Lin Feng. After all, Lin Feng had contributed a lot to the establishment of the Law Enforcement Army.

   “My lord, it’s you!” Lu Zhan clenched his fists. He trembled a little and was excited, but he didn’t know what to say.

   Lin Feng smiled and he patted him on the shoulder. “OK, go back. I’m here for Ancestor Tai. I won’t stay for a long time!” Lin Feng told them directly. Because he was surrounded by the crowd, he couldn’t get into the palace successfully. 

Those people were disappointed when they heard the answer. At least Lin Feng had left behind the Law Enforcement Army, who were honest officers. They were more important than a Bodhisattva.

   Gradually the people left. The street was empty again.

   Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to these things. He went into the palace with Lu Zhan immediately, the Law Enforcement Army following him closely. Indeed, Nian Ling Jiao felt like she was ignored.

   They were in the Zhen Wu Dynasty, not the Region of the Eight Corners! But she could only keep up.


   Ancestor Tai had been nervous for days. Since he had met the only two survivors from the Sima family, he hadn’t slept for a few days. The news from the Sima family was so shocking that he couldn’t make a decision.

   The Human and Dragon Ancestors were fixing the sinkhole, as was the Western Buddhist Ancestor. After dealing with all the issues, he had to think carefully about the news from the descendants of the Sima family. After thinking twice, he decided to tell the Northern Ancestors.

   He contacted Ni Huang, his first time doing so, as she was his master’s wife to some extent. But Ni Huang replied that Lin Feng was in charge of all the issues in the Northwest now. Ancestor Tai was shocked.

   But he also rejoiced that he had chosen Lin Feng instead of Dong Fang Yu Qing. If he had made a mistake, the Southwest and the Northwest might be in a war now. It would be unwise to go against Lin Feng!

   Contacting the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, he learned that Yi San Ren and Ancestor Ta were both in the Region of the Eight Corners. It was then that he realized that Lin Feng had such a strong background, and Lin Feng had never mentioned it.

   Lin Feng deserved all he had. Others might not be so lucky.

   Yi San Ren and Ancestor Ta decided to send Lin Feng back to the South. The purpose was to make Lin Feng deal with the things about the Sima family, which was also the result that the descendants of the Sima family hoped for.

   “Your Majesty, the Princess and Lord Lin have entered the palace.” Ancestor Tai’s servants knelt down to report, but when mentioning Lin Feng, he paused for a moment, and finally called him Lord Lin.

   Ancestor Tai scolded him unhappily, “Remember, Lin Feng is and will always be the Bodhisattva of the Zhen Wu Dynasty!”

   The servant almost peed in his pants. He knelt down, his body shaking.

   “Go out!” Ancestor Tai yelled and waved his robe. The servant quickly stood up and fled the palace hastily.

   Soon, Lin Feng and Nian Ling Jiao walked in from the main hall. They passed the gate of the back hall, and came to Ancestor Tai. 

   “Father!” Nian Ling Jiao was sobbing a bit. She had been homesick after leaving home for so many days, but had not had a chance to come back. Now that she was back again, she promised she would never leave the Zhen Wu Dynasty or Ancestor Tai again.

   Ancestor Tai doted on Nian Ling Jiao’s shoulder, but he looked at Lin Feng. He said with a smile, “It’s been a while since your last visit, my friend. What can I do for you this time?”

   “Eh-eh!” Lin Feng was about to greet Ancestor Tai, Ancestor Tai’s words made him pause, and then he laughed wryly. He also had no idea why he came to the Zhen Wu Dynasty. It was the idea of Yi San Ren and Ancestor Ta.

   Did Ancestor Tai know the purpose of his trip? 

   Seeing Lin Feng was stuck, Ancestor Tai couldn’t help laughing heartily, stroking his white beard and nodding. This was the first time he had seen Lin Feng with that kind of expression.

   Lin Feng knew that Ancestor Tai had tricked him, but he was not angry. Instead, he laughed as well. Nian Ling Jiao saw the old man and the young man looking at each other and laughing, but she could only say, “Two psychos. It’s a pity that you are not family.” 

When Lin Feng and Ancestor Tai heard this, they reacted differently. Lin Feng laughed it off, but Ancestor Tai said, “It’s not impossible. It depends on you, my daughter!”

   Nian Ling Jiao was stunned, and blushed fiercely. Thinking back to the scene when Dong Fang Yu Qing chased Lin Feng and Lin Feng hid in her bathtub, she realized that as a girl, she shouldn’t be so frivolous. But at that time, she had no other choice. She couldn’t let Lin Feng get caught.

   “Well, no more nonsense. Ling Jiao, you go first. I need to talk with my friend!” When Ancestor Tai saw his daughter blushing, he knew that he had better say something. 

   “Ok.” Nian Ling Jiao understood. Lin Feng must have come for something, and her father must know what it was. She dared not to waste their time talking about her personal affections.

   She stood up and left the room in silence. She closed the door and commanded the people outside to guard strictly.


   After Nian Ling Jiao departed the room, the atmosphere got silent. Lin Feng’s heart tensed up.

   “You saved a father and his daughter before, didn’t you?” Ancestor Tai asked in a deep voice.

   Lin Feng nodded slightly. He had rescued the father and his daughter from Pin Guan’s servants. Normally, they should still be living in the Princess’s old courtyard. Were they related to the important issue?

   Ancestor Tai said nothing, but took out the important treasure of the Sima family and put it on the table in front of Lin Feng.

   Lin Feng glimpsed it, but was completely shocked! “How can this be possible?”

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