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Chapter 1461 – The List of the Ancestor World


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   Lin Feng was shocked at first, then surprised, and finally thoughtful. When Ancestor Tai took it out, Lin Feng experienced an extreme shock in his heart, but finally calmed down.

   Lin Feng picked up the yellow paper, which was full of names and numbers. It looked like the List of the World of Battles, but this was actually the List of the Ancestral World!

   To put it simply, it listed the Overlords in the Ancestral World, the strongest cultivators in the Ancestral World. From the first to the thirtieth, without exception, all of them were Overlords.

   “Why would they have the List of the Ancestral World?…” Lin Feng looked at Ancestor Tai seriously. The Ancestral World had a separate system of cultivation and promotion. It was supposed to be different from the World of Battles.

   The World of Battles was based on the eternal state; the eternal state was based on the holy land, and the holy land was based on the heaven land. There was a complete promotion system, which was obviously not connected to the Ancestral World.

   It was shocking that the List of the Ancestral World was held by a father and his daughter. The List of the Ancestral World was far more precious than many treasures, because it was about the safety of the whole World of Battles.

   Lin Feng looked at names on the List and he found a familiar name on it, the most dangerous man for the World of Battles: the Ancient Demon!

   Number One: the Leader of Essence of the Universe!

   Number Two: the Leader of the Ancestral World.

   Number Three: the Ancient Demon.

   Number Four: the Xiu Lun King.

   “So, what they said was true. This List concerns the existence of the World of Battles. The Ancient Demon was an Overlord in the Ancestral World and ranked third on the List of the Ancestral World, which means the Ancestral World might have wanted to dominate the World of Battles from the very beginning,” Ancestor Tai couldn’t help saying, which made Lin Feng feel more nervous.

   Indeed, the appearance of the List of the Ancestral World itself revealed the real purpose of the Ancient Demon. It was obvious that he just wanted to conquer the World of Battles. 

   Yi San Ren and Ancestor Ta once said that no one knew where the Ancient Demon had come from when he first appeared. People had never seen him in the World of Battles, which meant that he must have come from the Ancestral World. But how did he arrive?

   After all, there were no connections between the two worlds. Lin Feng felt that the Ancient Demon was not easy to deal with. What the Demon Kirin said was right. Maybe the Ancient Demon was not as powerful as the Kirin, but Lin Feng was much weaker than him!

   The Ancient Demon ranked third in the Ancestral World, and the Demon Ancestor also ranked third in the World of Battles? Was there a connection between the two? Who was stronger?

   Was there anyone able to kill the Ancient Demon? Lin Feng suddenly felt lost and questioned the reason for cultivation. He had the same feeling as before, but it was even stronger this time.

   “What I’m more concerned about is why the Leader of Essence of the Universe ranks the first in the List of the Ancestral World, and the Leader of the Ancestral World ranks first in the List of the World of Battles.” Ancestor Tai could sense what Lin Feng was feeling, but he paid more attention to the first places on the two Lists.

   Lin Feng nodded; he had also noticed that… 

   “My guess is that the one who made the List wants us to keep fighting, and also encourages us to compete. That way all the strong cultivators know that first place on our List belongs to an outsider. In this way, we will try our best to cultivate and strive for first place!

   “The man who made the List of the Ancestral World must think the same way.” The List of the World of Battles was proposed by the Old Mentor and made by the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. So both he and the other List maker must have had the same idea.

   “Lin Feng, I didn’t know the origin of the Ancient Demon before. I thought he just wanted to conquer the World of Battles. Now it seems that it’s the Ancestral World who wants to take over the World of Battles. What do you think?” Ancestor Tai looked serious, and felt tense. He was quite worried about the World of Battles.

   “When the time comes, it comes. The world is already in chaos, and every place is full of blood, which shows that the Ancient Demon has made up his mind to conquer the World of Battles.

   “What we can do is to protect this world from invasion. After all, we are not Heavenly Godly Ancestors. If the World of Battles is destroyed one day, we can only blame destiny!”  Lin Feng felt nervous as he replied. His words left Ancestor Tai more and more unreconciled.

   But it was true that Heavenly Godly Ancestors were the most important figures for the World of Battles. 

   “The Human Ancestor was going to break through the realm of Heavenly Ancestor, but the sinkhole interrupted him. He gave up the chance to break through and went out to fight, which resulted in an injury. If he wants to break through again, he will need to wait for a few more years.” Ancestor Tai felt that if the Human Ancestor had broken through the realm of Heavenly Ancestor, they would not be afraid of the Ancient Demon.

   “The Demon Ancestor is also breaking through the realm of Heavenly Ancestor. He hasn’t made it yet, but he is not trustworthy. After all, he is a demon cultivator.”

   Ancestor Tai was interrupted by Lin Feng. “What’s the matter with demon cultivators? Must demon cultivators be evil? Must demon cultivators be demons? Must demon cultivators be killers?

  Ancestor Tai was stunned for a moment, and then remembered that Lin Feng was also a demon cultivator to some extent, but Lin Feng never thought of hurting anyone. He was a little embarrassed.

   Lin Feng ignored Ancestor’s face and continued to shout, “In my eyes, there’s no difference between demons and immortals!”

   “Are Immortals bound to be kind? How about your nephew, Dong Fang Yu Qing? Demon cultivators are bound to be evil? But the Demon Ancestor has never killed anyone. Demon cultivators seldom kill people recklessly.

   “There has never been an accurate definition between the kind and the evil. What is kindness and what is evil?” Lin Feng kept on speaking. For a while, Ancestor Tai was stunned. When he heard Lin Feng’s last question, he was silent. 

  What was kindness? What was evil?

   Perhaps no one could clearly distinguish them, but if a man was kind-hearted, then he was good.

   The atmosphere was quiet for a while. Lin Feng was angry. He had never scorned Daoist cultivators. Why would Daoist cultivators despise demon cultivators? The demon cultivators were also good? The best cultivator among the demon cultivators was even ranked third on the List of the World of Battles!

   “Bring the father and daughter of the Sima family.” Ancestor Tai felt embarrassed. He could only look out of the hall and shout to the guards.

   Hearing this, the bodyguard immediately went out and wiped his sweat as he walked. Lin Feng was so domineering that he even taught Ancestor Tai a lesson. He had never seen his Majesty being scolded by a young boy. But he dared not to say it, otherwise, he could die.

   Soon, the father and daughter, led by the bodyguard, came up to the main hall and finally knelt in front of Ancestor Tai, their heads bowed, looking nervous.

   “Raise your heads!” Ancestor Tai ordered, waving his hands. They raised their heads. The old man was very thin, wearing rags. The girl was good looking, but in the Zhenwu Dynasty, there were many beauties like her.

   Lin Feng looked at these two people he had saved from Pin Guan. He didn’t expect that they had the List of the Overlords of the Ancestral World.

   “How did you come to have this List?” Lin Feng asked, holding up the List.

   The old man bowed his head slightly, but the girl raised her head and smiled politely. “My lord, although the Sima family is a small family and not well-known in the Zhen Wu Dynasty, our family has a very unique ability that no one else has!”

   “What kind of ability?” Ancestor Tai asked in a deep voice, interested now. He was eager to get this ability. However, the girl lowered her head, and the old man didn’t talk.

   Ancestor Tai was a little embarrassed. Then he looked to Lin Feng and suddenly he understood something. He stood up and smiled, “Okay, you three have a talk. I’ll go out for a walk; there are still some official documents that haven’t been dealt with”.

   Ancestor Tai walked out and closed the door to the main hall. Soon the three were alone: the father, the daughter, and Lin Feng.

   “Tell me, what ability?” Lin Feng knew that since they had indicated that they would not talk if Ancestor Tai was here, then only he could learn of this ability.

   The old man and the girl looked at each other; they nodded slowly, and suddenly disappeared without a trace. Lin Feng’s eyes sank suddenly, and felt a strong force, but it soon disappeared.

   Even he, who was familiar with the power of time and space, could not catch up with them.


   With another sound, the father and daughter were still kneeling on the ground, as if they had never disappeared. Lin Feng could not help nodding, and said in some surprise, “You’re amazing. This List of the Ancestral World was obtained by someone in your family who has been to the Ancestral World, right?”

   Lin Feng was clear on this. Everyone in the Sima family had mastered the ability of crossing time and space, and it would be hard for even him to catch them!

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