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Chapter 1462 – Taking Precautions

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   “The road to the Ancestral World has been sealed. Our ancestors set up a road of time and space, but with the decline of the Sima family, nobody has managed it. As of now, it has been completely blocked,” the old man explained in a deep voice, his tone remorseful for his family’s decline.

   Hearing this, Lin Feng was still amazed. As he expected, the Sima family had really connected two worlds that were not in the same dimension. Lin Feng couldn’t imagine how.

   In the Taoism of time and space, a cage built in the same time and space was easy to break. The most difficult cage to break was the one to a different time and space. The cage to a different time and space could never be smashed. If someone didn’t know the Dao of time and space, he would be trapped there for eternity.

   But it was hard to form a cage to a different time and space, let alone the ability of the Sima family to build the channel to a different time and space, which was astonishing! 

   “Where is that passage now?” Lin Feng was still curious. Although he knew they were unable to communicate with the Ancestral World through the channel, he still wanted to see it.

   “We will take you there,” the girl smiled, and stood up with the old man. The father and his daughter stood beside Lin Feng. Lin Feng felt a jolt of displacement, and suddenly there were all stars around him. It was very dark, there was no light.

   Not only that, it was hard for Lin Feng to feel where he was at the moment. He was just like a passer-by who had lost his sense of direction. He could not tell right from left, so he could only let the Simas lead the way.

   This Taoism of time and space had gone far beyond Lin Feng’s own understanding, and now he felt he was so ignorant. It was so scary.


   Finally, fifteen minutes later, the three of them stopped and landed on the ground.

   Lin Feng looked around, but it was dark. Except for the stars around, he could not see anything. He couldn’t help wondering, “Where are we?”

   “Above the World of Battles!” the girl chuckled and said softly, pointing beneath them.

   Lin Feng was shocked when he looked down. Looking at the magnificent mountains and rivers, which were all so small, it was indeed the World of Battles. Were they in space now?

   All of a sudden, Lin Feng was happy. It was outer space. Could he find Earth? Could he go back to his real hometown? Lin Feng breathed faster than ever before.

   The Simas didn’t know what Lin Feng was thinking. They just thought Lin Feng was excited, so they dared not talk and let Lin Feng look around by himself.

   Lin Feng kept flying around; there was a slight sense of being light-headed. After mobilizing his energy, the feeling disappeared.

   “This is the channel to the Ancestral World?” Lin Feng asked.

   “Well, there’s only one space-time area between the Ancestral World and the World of Battles. As long as we go through this space-time area, we can arrive at the Ancestral World,” the girl answered with a smile. She was very happy and satisfied that she could help Lin Feng.

   Lin Feng looked there seriously, who could come here? It was impossible for Earthly Godly Ancestors to fly over the World of Battles, let alone lesser Ancestors. But the Simas could!

   “Let’s go back.” After a long time, Lin Feng calmed down. He knew that what he was dreaming of just now could not be realized. He didn’t know how far Earth was from here.

   “Alright,” the father and daughter nodded, and dragged Lin Feng back to the sky. Lin Feng felt dizzy again.


   A moment later, Lin Feng was back in the main hall. Lin Feng was standing on the ground, and the Simas were still kneeling on the ground, as if everything just now was an illusion. But Lin Feng was very clear that it was not an illusion, it was true!

   “Since your ancestors have been to the Ancestral World, they must have a description of the Ancestral World. You can tell me about it.” Lin Feng sat down and had the Simas stand up.

   The girl looked at the old man, but the old man was hesitating. Since the important treasure of the Sima family had been handed over to Lin Feng, what else couldn’t he learn?

   “The Ancestral World is different from World of Battles. Ninety percent of the Overlords in the World of Battles are human cultivators. There are only a few godly beasts on the List of the World of Battles: the Four Godly Beasts, Ancestor Long, the Leader of the Demon Dragon Clan, and the Dragon Mother Goddess. But in the Ancestral World, you can see that in their List, except for a few human cultivators, most of them are godly beasts or demon beasts.

   “The Ancestral World is a chaotic world. All the human cultivators are under control of the beasts. The powerful beasts rule the entire Ancestral World, making it difficult for the Ancestral World to keep developing. The weaker the human cultivators are, the stronger the beasts are.

   “After our ancestors entered the Ancestral World, three of them died. Only two survived!” the old man said with fear in his eyes. It looked like it was not his ancestors who had entered the Ancestral World, but him!

  After listening to the narration, Lin Feng also felt anxious. 

   “Since the channel leads both ways, can the beasts or cultivators from the Ancestral World come through it?” Lin Feng suddenly frowned. He felt something was wrong. If the Sima family built such a channel, when they were chased by the beasts, the beasts could have found the channel.

   Once they found it, they would surely come!

   Lin Feng’s response also made the old man nervous. He was afraid that Lin Feng would ask such a question, but he did. He could only reply, “The Ancient Demon, it is…”.

   “Don’t tell me, this is the channel through which the Ancient Demon entered the World of Battles?!” Lin Feng was shocked. He clenched his fist subconsciously.

   The old man smiled awkwardly, but he could only nod. This was the only mistake the Sima family had made, and it could destroy the World of Battles. The Sima family would be the culprit.

   “Ah!” Lin Feng was so angry that he could only pound his fist. Maybe all of this was destined.

   But now that the channel was blocked, things were easier. The Ancient Demon couldn’t contact the Ancestral World, which was beneficial for the World of Battles. At least they didn’t need to worry about the reinforcements from the Ancestral World rushing into the World of Battles.

   Even if the Ancient Demon was strong, they could unite 50 Overlords on the List and all other Godly Ancestors to fight it. Lin Feng believed that they would surely win. 

   “Can you create another channel to connect the Ancestral World and the World of Battles?” asked Lin Feng.

   “As long as we have enough battle coins!” the old man nodded solemnly. The Sima family was excellent at building channels, the only thing they were proud of.

   Lin Feng was very satisfied with his answer. He had to prepare in advance, while fighting the Ancient Demon, because he would like to go to the Ancestral World.

   A world with beasts and monsters, he really looked forward to, but at present he had no chance to do so.

   “When I leave the Zhen Wu Dynasty, you should come back to the Region of the Eight Corners with me!” Lin Feng would not let them go. Talents in the time and space area would surely make the Region of the Eight Corners stronger and stronger.

   “Yes, my Lord.”



   Lin Feng came out of the mansion of Lu Zhan the next day. He had spent the night in the house of Lu Zhan. After all, without the official position of Bodhisattva, he had no mansion. Besides, he didn’t plan to stay in the Zhen Wu Dynasty very long. He was ready to leave after learning of this event.

   However, Lin Feng thought of the suggestion from the Demon Kirin. The leader of the Dragon and Phoenix was in the Dragon Clan. Should he go to see Ancestor Long?

   He did not have a good impression of Ancestor Long, but it was not unchangeable. Looking back, Ancestor Long had deliberately grabbed him. Maybe they wanted to explore the secrets in his body.

   Since Ancestor Long was so interested in him, he might go see him. Right now, the Human and Dragon Ancestor were dealing with the sinkhole. Maybe the Human Ancestor was also there.

   He had seen Ancestor Tai, Ancestor Long, and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, as well as the Phoenix Ancestor Ni Huang, but he hadn’t met the Human Ancestor yet. He believed the Human Ancestor Fu Yi had a relationship with Fu Xi. Fu Hao, the Leader of the ancient Human Clan in the World of Eternity, might also be connected with Fu Xi.

   If not, Fu Xi would not have appeared in the World of Battles and left so quickly. After all, he was the Ancestor of Yan Huang. But since he could come here, he must have left a foundation here, which was supposed to be the Human Clan.

   Did Ni Huang know something about Fu Xi? Did she know the relationship between Fu Xi and the Human Ancestor? It was still a mystery, but he would like to meet the Human Ancestor.

   The only connection between Lin Feng and him was that when Lin Feng was fighting with Fu Dao, the Vice Leader of the Alliance of the Geniuses, an order suddenly came from the Human Ancestor, and Fu Dao was strictly punished.

   The Human Ancestor could command the world! 

   Although he wanted to leave, he still went to the Imperial Palace to say farewell to Ancestor Tai and Nian Ling Jiao.

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