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Chapter 1463 – The Trip to the Dragon Clan

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   “Leaving in such a hurry?” “Ancestor Tai was shocked. Lin Feng was here for less than two days. How could he be ready to leave so fast?

   Nian Ling Jiao sat aside and was silent, but her eyes were full of disappointment. As for the reason such emotions had suddenly appeared, Nian Ling Jiao didn’t know.

   Lin Feng stood in front of Ancestor Tai and Nian Ling Jiao with a wry smile. Although he thought Ancestor Tai would be surprised, he didn’t think that he would be so shocked. However, he really wanted to leave the Zhen Wu Dynasty. First, there was nothing worth his attention here. After the Sima family’s affairs were solved, he naturally wanted to leave.

   Without this event, he would not have returned to the Zhen Wu Dynasty. Lin Feng thought this time was a real farewell.

   “Alright, just go as you wish,” Ancestor Tai sighed. He shook his head, but what could he say? Lin Feng had become the King of the Northwest. Ni Huang might have to step back and support Lin Feng. Once that happened, Lin Feng would not be willing to stay in the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

   At that time, if he met Lin Feng, Lin Feng might be stronger than him! 

   “Well, thank you for your understanding. I will come back when I have a chance,” Lin Feng raised his fist and bowed, then looked at Nian Ling Jiao. He believed that the girl had something to say, but he didn’t know what.

   Lin Feng stared at Nian Ling Jiao, and Nian Ling Jiao looked directly at Lin Feng. Nian Ling Jiao tried to smile and simply said, “Take care!”

   “You…” Lin Feng wanted to ask Nian Ling Jiao if she wanted to say something, but he gave up after careful consideration. How could a girl say something from her deep heart? He nodded heavily and smiled, “Yes, I will. Princess, take care of yourself.”

   “Well, as long as you don’t forget that there was a girl who saved your life when you were in need, that’s all!” Nian Ling Jiao tried to smile. Although she tried to be polite, she was still lost and unable to control her emotions.

   Ancestor Tai didn’t understand the meaning of those words, but Lin Feng did. In order to save him, Nian Ling Jiao didn’t hesitate to let him see her body. That kindness, Lin Feng would never forget, not ever.

   But there were too many women in his life, and he had begun to get tired. Otherwise, he would definitely take responsibility for Nian Ling Jiao. If Nian Ling Jiao was in danger one day, he would treat Nian Ling Jiao as if she was his own wife, and wouldn’t let her suffer.

   Lin Feng left the hall quietly, then ascended into the sky. He adjusted his position and flew to the east, in the direction of the Dragon Clan.


   Gradually, Lin Feng disappeared from sight. Nian Ling Jiao breathed out, and she looked a little lost. Maybe she wouldn’t meet Lin Feng again…

   Gritting her teeth, she knew she couldn’t waste her life like Qian Jin Cai Yue, for such a man with so many women. She had fallen in love with Lin Feng, but not that much. She should be able to get rid of the love soon.

   Nian Ling Jiao made up her mind, but soon she smiled bitterly. She wanted to do so, but it would be so hard. To love someone was like taking a chronic poison. There was no medicine for the poison.

   Love was just that kind of poison.

   Ancestor Tai looked back at his daughter. He could only shake his head and sigh. Maybe Lin Feng shouldn’t be here. Maybe Lin Feng shouldn’t see Nian Ling Jiao again. Maybe he, as a father, shouldn’t have put Nian Ling Jiao and Lin Feng together.

   Looking at it that way, his daughter was the one being hurt.

   Ancestor Tai breathed deeply, and said solemnly, “Ling Jiao, you should go to the Imperial Mausoleum to guard tomorrow. Don’t come back for a year!” He turned around and left the hall, disappearing from the sight of Nian Ling Jiao.

   When she heard the words, she had some expectations. Maybe guarding the imperial Mausoleum was also a relief. At least in that dark place, she could temporarily forget everything in the world and purify her mind.


   Lin Feng was flying through the sky. Although he was fast, it was a long distance. Between the Southwest and Southeast was still the vast area of the South, the territory of the Demon Clan.

   Thinking of the Demon Clan, Lin Feng thought of the Ancient Demon King, the Xuan Yuan Demon Emperor, and the fake Cheng Shan. He was sure that all three of those people belonged to the Demon Clan. The Mo Clan naturally belonged to the Demon Clan.

   “I don’t know how they are doing,” Lin Feng chuckled, looking forward to seeing the three again.

   “Was Zu-er kidnapped by the fake Cheng Shan? I hope everything will be answered.” Lin Feng also thought about the tragic death of Zhan Gan and the missing Lin Zu. Whether the fake Cheng Shan had done those things needed to be verified, but the fake Cheng Shan shouldn’t have been able to fight against Zhan Gan with his strength.

   Zhan Gan was not weak, having been at the peak among the Holy Godly Ancestors. Unless the false Cheng Shan broke through to Earthly Godly Ancestor, which was almost impossible, he should not have been a match…  

“If it was not the fake Cheng Shan, who was the man in black?” Lin Feng shook his head. He couldn’t figure out how many enemies he had offended invisibly, but his character inevitably caused trouble. If he was allowed to live life over again, he wouldn’t have so many women and children, so as not to affect them like this.


   Time passed by slowly. From noon until evening, Lin Feng was getting closer to the Dragon Clan in the Southeast of the World of Battles. He would soon enter the Dragon Clan’s territory.

   Looking up, he could see the whole sky was bloody. In the distance, he could vaguely see a hole in it, pierced right through. Anyone who saw it would be nervous.

   When the sky broke, it meant that the World of Battles was no longer safe. Even the sky was broken. What else could people trust?

   “I can’t believe that the Human and Dragon Ancestors haven’t fixed this crater yet?” Lin Feng looked at the great sky-hole, which was extremely attention-grabbing.

   He also knew that only The Demon Kirin could fix the hole. After all, it had done all of this. If the Demon Kirin was willing to repair them, the hole would disappear quickly.

   But he had been disconnected from the consciousness of the Demon Kirin, and couldn’t get in touch with it anymore. If he went underground and found its resting place, he might persuade the big fellow, but that was almost impossible.

   At present it was not the focus of the World of Battles. These holes were not really crises at all. Although the Ancient Demon said that when he reappeared, the sky would break, where was he?

   Perhaps finding the Ancient Demon, or learning its moves, was what the powerful cultivators in the World of Battles really wanted to do…

   A crisis was like a colorless and tasteless poison. It was getting closer, but no one could feel it. People were forced to accept the crisis and try to solve it.

   The fact that the Human Ancestor gave up attempting to break through to Heavenly Godly Ancestor meant that as the Leader of the Human Clan, it was his duty to solve the crisis. As a godly beast, Ancestor Long could not shrink back at the critical moment, which proved the courage of the dragon clan, not to mention Ni Huang and Ancestor Nu. At present the only figure that wasn’t clear was the Demon Ancestor.

   However, Lin Feng believed in the Demon Ancestor. Although he was a demon cultivator, he had not heard of any person killed by the Demon Ancestor or any despicable deeds for many years. Emperor Xuan Yuan and the Ancient Demon King might be under his protection, but in the face of the crisis, Lin Feng would not be so stingy that he only cared about his hatred.

   “I don’t know where the palace of Dragon Ancestor is. The great Southeast of the World of Battles holds more than the Dragon Clan. It seems that I can only release the power of the Blood of the Dragon and Phoenix to attract Ancestor Long.”

   When Lin Feng thought of that, there was nothing left to do but shake his arms out. The aura of the Dragon and Phoenix Blood swept out in a flash. No matter where it went, the bloody Qi in the sky could only retreat. Lin Feng continued to fly inside, and the strength of the Dragon and Phoenix Blood was unchecked.


   A young man in a white robe stood on a mountain peak somewhere in the Southeast of the World of Battles. His black scarf was hanging over his shoulders, and his white and tender skin was beautiful. At the moment, the young man was watching the falling sky. How to solve this problem had become an irritation for him.

   Suddenly, a familiar aura came to his nose. At that time, the young man’s face changed greatly, his face was suddenly frightened. He stood up and looked to the west fanatically. His eyes gradually became solemn.

   “What do you feel?” Ancestor Long stepped in from the side of the courtyard, covered in a golden Dragon robe. He naturally felt the spirit of the Dragon and Phoenix from outside.

   “I feel the aura of my family,” the young man replied calmly, his heart unsettled.

   “I need to leave the main palace. I’m going.” The young man waved his jade hand, turned around and flew out of the yard. His elegant posture soon disappeared from the sight of Dragon Ancestor. Ancestor Long’s face was extremely complex, but he knew that Lin Feng would arrive at the Dragon Clan soon.

   “Is that Lin Feng? He really had the power of the Blood!” Ancestor Long murmured.

   “I’m going to see him, too!” Ancestor Long’s face suddenly changed, and he turned into a golden dragon flying in the sky, flashing to the west. 

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