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Chapter 1464 – Begging the Demon Kirin Again


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   Lin Feng was flying over the World of Battles. He didn’t know where the Dragon Clan was. He could only release the Blood of the Dragon and the Phoenix. He hoped the Clan could sense it.

   It finally worked. After flying for thousands of miles, he felt a very familiar aura in the distance… the power of the Dragon and Phoenix Blood, and it was much purer than his own! Lin Feng was solemn. At the same time, he was sure that the Lord of the Dragon and Phoenix Blood was there.

   The Lord of the Dragon and Phoenix Blood ranked ninth on the List of the World of Battles. He had the blood power of Ancestor Long and the Phoenix clan. To some extent, Lin Feng was the same as him, but the Lord’s blood was pure, which had been the case since he was born. Lin Feng had just integrated the Blood Dragon Qi and the power of the Phoenix.

   If Ling Feng met him, he would immediately feel the gap between orthodox blood and biased blood, but that could be ignored as well.

  Thinking of the Blood Dragonlings, Lin Feng remembered that they were still in the World of Mountains and Rivers, being looked after by the Dragon Ant clan. Their wisdom still had not been released.

   He was thinking and then a young man in white robe appeared in front of him. He was very handsome. His appearance was not only childish, but feminine. What’s more, there was an aura in his body that Lin Feng was very familiar with, the power of the Blood of Dragon and Phoenix!

   “Take me.” The young man didn’t say any nonsense words, going straight to the topic. Lin Feng didn’t think that he would have such an urgent request. He looked at the young man and didn’t know what to say.

   “Where do you want me to take you?” Lin Feng couldn’t help asking.

   “I’ll follow you; I don’t have a home!” It seemed that the young man didn’t want to say too much. He just said a few words, expressing himself.

   Hearing this, Lin Feng nodded. Although he didn’t know the background or the place Lord of the Dragon and Phoenix blood came from, Lin Feng would not doubt it.

   “Before I leave, I want to meet Ancestor Long and the Human Ancestor!” Lin Feng also told the young man what he wanted. After all, he didn’t come here just for the Lord of Dragon and the Phoenix blood.

   “I’ll take you there!” the young man nodded. He turned around directly and flew into the clouds. 

Lin Feng followed him closely. He was also an Earthly Godly Ancestor. Although the young man was a strong Overlord, Lin Feng could still catch up with him.

   Soon, he saw Ancestor Long coming in a hurry. Seeing Lin Feng and the young man, Ancestor Long roared and glided to a halt, turning into an old man wearing golden Dragon Robes, elegant and dignified.

   “My friend, why did you come to the Dragon Clan today?” Ancestor Long laughed and looked at Lin Feng with a bright smile. At the same time, he bowed slightly. He was not supposed to do this because of his status, but he still did. Lin Feng doubted his purpose and motivation.

   The Lord of the Dragon and Phoenix blood frowned and asked plainly, “Do you have something to say to him?”

   “Yes,” Ancestor Long nodded solemnly. He knew his old friend’s temperament very well, so he didn’t dare talk nonsense with him.

   “I’ll go down and wait for you,” the young man nodded and left with the wind. A golden light came down, and the man disappeared into the sky.

   At this moment, Lin Feng and Ancestor Long were left alone, standing face to face in the sky.

   “My friend, I’ll come straight to the point, then. Please help us fix the crater and the skyhole!” Ancestor Long looked solemn as he clasped his fist tightly and begged seriously. He would never ask help from such a young person if he was not desperate.

  Lin Feng was not surprised to hear this, because one of the purposes of his trip was those very items, and he knew that Ancestor Long might ask for help, but he didn’t expect him to be so resolute.

   “It seems that you and the Human Ancestor have not solved the problem!” Lin Feng said directly, even if Ancestor Long might feel embarrassed. Ancestor Long couldn’t reply. It was true that they hadn’t solved it.

   Although the Human Ancestor temporarily closed the holes with his own power, he hadn’t completely sealed them. There was still a stream of poisonous gas falling continuously, which affected both the Human and Dragon Clans, the Eastern and Southeast of the World of Battles.

   “The Human Ancestor went into seclusion. He won’t come out for a short time,” Ancestor Long explained. Lin Feng was a little shocked. He felt weird as well; how could the Human Ancestor be cultivating now? He had just finished cultivating!

   Once finished, the chance to break through was gone. If he wanted that opportunity again, he might have to wait for many years. But the Human Ancestor had started cultivating again immediately, which was really unexpected.

   “The Human Ancestor didn’t really stop cultivating. An avatar was dealing with the crater. His original body was supporting it, but when the time came, the avatar had to go back. Otherwise, the Human Ancestor might go crazy.

   “Originally, the Human Ancestor thought that he could solve this problem, but who knew that it is so complicated, and the Ancient Demon would appear? The Human Ancestor was worried that the World of Battles will fall into an absolute crisis in the future, so he made a vow that if his breakthrough fails, he will bear the tribulation and become a useless man!

   “But he believes that he would be able to break through the realm of Heavenly Godly Ancestors, because this is what he must do as the Human Ancestor.

   “Only in this way can we defeat the Ancient Demon and even kill him, not just seal his soul.”

   Ancestor Long spoke with reverence on his face. The greatness of the Human Ancestor was unimaginable to anyone. The Leader of the Human Clan was also one of the most important Overlords in the World of Battles. If he ignored the crisis in the World of Battles, there was no hope for the world.

   Lin Feng was silent. The Human Ancestor was worthy of his supremacy. He was always thinking about the World of Battles. Lin Feng looked back on some other Overlords – Dong Fang Yu Qing, Zhan Ling Yan, and the Overlord of Xiao Hun – who had never taken on any responsibility for the World of Battles. 

   If they did something, it was because they were pressured. Otherwise, they would never bestir themselves for the sake of the World of Battles. After all, no matter who the Leader of the World of Battles was, they were still Overlords! 

   Lin Feng was silent for a long time, then said lightly, “Master, take me to the crater.”   All the craters and the skyholes had to be resolved before they would stop spreading poison, otherwise they would only kill more people.

   Although the ancient Overlords speculated that the Ancient Demon might appear again, there was no information about him. He had not claimed anything.

   However, it was true that the Ancient Demon angered the Demon Kirin, who unconsciously destroyed many places in the World of Battles, creating this disaster.

   As the only one able to communicate with the Demon Kirin, he was also very clear about the Demon Kirin’s mindset. The Demon Kirin wouldn’t destroy the World of Battles, because he lived with the world. They relied on each other.

   Maybe it was accurate to call the Demon Kirin the World’s Soul!

   “Please!” Ancestor Long looked very happy. He immediately made a gesture to invite Lin Feng, and used the word “please”, something he hardly ever spoke.

   Lin Feng waved his hand repeatedly, indicating that Ancestor Long was showing too much respect, but Ancestor Long smiled lightly. 

  When Ancestor Long saw Lin Feng looking for the Lord of the Dragon and Phoenix blood, he smiled. “Don’t worry about him, he will follow you by your aura.”

   Lin Feng nodded, then left with Ancestor Long, and went straight to the skyhole.

   Being carried by Ancestor Long, Lin Feng felt quite proud!


   In only half an hour, Ancestor Long brought Lin Feng to the skyhole at the boundary of two World of Battles. Lin Feng looked serious. It was the first time he had seen the missing sky.

   There was a huge hole in the sky, ten thousand miles in diameter. Bloody poisonous gas was dispersing from the hole. The gas had spread for hundreds of thousands of miles around.

   “Take me to the sinkhole, I have a solution!” Lin Feng sighed to Ancestor Long again.

   Ancestor Long did not doubt it. He carried Lin Feng to the territory of the human clan, where the sinkhole appeared.

   As for how he learned that Lin Feng was able to resolve the skyhole, he was told by other cultivators.

   Lin Feng was standing on Ancestor Long, his mood complex. He could only ask the Demon Kirin for help again to resolve this problem correctly.

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