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Chapter 1465 – Solving the Problem

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   The skyhole was in the territory of the Human Clan, but if Ancestor Long went there, nobody would stop him. Under the current situation, the Dragon Clan and Human Clan could only work together to solve the crisis.

   Lin Feng and Ancestor Long appeared at the sinkhole. The sky was dark, and colored blood red. The skyhole with a diameter of thousands of miles was not as large as the Ye Region’s, but it was still frightening.

   Lin Feng clenched his fist and said to Ancestor Long, “I need to enter the skyhole, I hope you can wait outside.” The purpose of inviting Lin Feng was to solve the problem, so it was not an issue.

   Lin Feng glanced at the crater below, where he was unable to see the bottom. At last, he disappeared directly in the sinkhole. Ancestor Long waited anxiously outside, and behind him, the young man in white also waited silently.

   Looking at the Lord of the Dragon and Phoenix Blood, Ancestor Long could only sigh. Soon he would leave the Dragon Clan with Lin Feng. It would be harder to meet him again.


   Lin Feng went deep into the sinkhole. Naturally, he wanted to find the Demon Kirin, but the World of Battles was so large. He had to fly to the underground of the Region of the Eight Corners. The Demon Kirin was sleeping under the Region of the Eight Corners.

   Lin Feng also knew that he couldn’t be in too much of a hurry. He could only fly slowly to find the Demon Kirin.

   Lin Feng and the Demon Kirin had a mental connection, which had been cut off by the Demon Kirin. The Demon Kirin only wanted to sleep, and didn’t want to be disturbed at any time. Otherwise, he would not have been so angry when the Ancient Demon provoked him.

   Lin Feng was dropping down in the crater. There were countless tunnels moving off from the dark hole, but all of them would lead directly to the underground of the Region of the Eight Corners and also to the Demon Kirin.


   Lin Feng had been flying for several hours in the deep hole. If he had been outside, he would have already flown back to the South, but he could only get to the Northwest after crossing the western World of Battles.

   Lin Feng was helpless about taking such a complicated journey, but he had to solve the crisis for Ancestor Long and the World of Battles. The Region of the Eight Corners was stable, but the World of Battles was far from safe, and it was unknown when the Ancient Demon would appear.


   Lin Feng reached the underground of the Region of the Eight Corners. He slowed down and heard a slight gasp. The aura around him changed suddenly. He couldn’t feel anything.

   Lin Feng sensed the changes, and stopped flying immediately. He landed in the tunnel, looked closely ahead, and then asked tentatively, “Master Demon Kirin, is that you?”

   There was an inhalation in front of him. It was like dozens of hurricanes blowing in Lin Feng’s ear. It was the breath of the Demon Kirin. He was very familiar with the sound.

   While Lin Feng was thinking, the voice of the Demon Kirin suddenly came into his mind, “How dare you come here? Are you not afraid that I will kill you?”

   The Demon Kirin was not joking, but Lin Feng didn’t care what the Demon Kirin thought. He could only tell him his purpose,” Master, I hope you can help resolve the problems caused by the skyholes and the craters.

   “I know that you have no responsibility to solve the problems of the World of Battles, but the skyholes and the craters were caused by you. Naturally, they should be fixed by you as well!”


   Before Lin Feng finished speaking, he was hit by an arm of the Demon Kirin and flew away. Lin Feng landed heavily, suffering from severe chest pain and spilling some blood. But he could tell that he was not injured internally.

   He could tell that the Demon Kirin was just angry at the moment, but didn’t mean to kill him. Lin Feng said, “Master, you can kill me if you want, but I will not change my words!”

   “Hum, you are the first creature who dares to talk to me like this, Lin Feng!

   “Also, you hurt my eyes before. I let you go that day, and because you are connected to my mind, I didn’t take vengeance on you.

   “But I didn’t think that you would dare to ask me to solve your problem? Do you think I’m too weak, or do you think you can command everything?”

   The Demon Kirin’s words were indifferent, but Lin Feng was very clear that the Demon Kirin would not ignore the World of Battles.

   “Ha ha, you have scolded me already. Then, could you please go solve the problem with me, master!” Lin Feng smiled brightly, and looked at the Demon Kirin’s eyes and his giant arms.

   The Demon Kirin frowned slightly, and his pupils narrowed. He had never met anyone like Lin Feng. He was moved by Lin Feng’s frankness.

   The first time he met Lin Feng, he was angry at him. This time, he appreciated him. He would still solve the remaining problems with Lin Feng.

   Otherwise, he wouldn’t have come here from the underground of the Region of the Eight Corners before Lin Feng even arrived. Lin Feng couldn’t sense the mind of the Demon Kirin, but the Demon Kirin could feel the mind of Lin Feng anytime and anywhere.

   “Don’t talk nonsense, so you want me to block off the other skyholes and craters?!” The Demon Kirin stared at Lin Feng angrily as he yelled, but he finally moved. His arms moved, which was a big indication.

   “Come up here!” the Demon Kirin jumped out and roared to Lin Feng. Lin Feng jumped onto the head of the Demon Kirin and they headed straight to the exit of the crater.

   Lin Feng stood on the head of the Demon Kirin. He felt only a vague sense of the wind.

   Along the way, he didn’t hear any words from the Demon Kirin, and Lin Feng didn’t ask any other questions. The Demon Kirin was much faster than he was. 


   Ancestor Long stood outside the sinkhole, and the Lord of the Dragon and Phoenix Blood didn’t say anything. The two Overlords had been waiting. Ancestor Long was worried, but the young man was unconcerned, as if he didn’t doubt that Lin Feng could solve these problems.

   Time passed slowly. Some cultivators from the Human Clan reported that Ancestor Long was on the territory of the Human Clan near the crater. When the leaders heard about this, Fu Lang Po went there in person. He was the son of the Human Ancestor, and supposed to deal with all these things while his father was cultivating.

   Human Ancestor had two sons. The eldest son, Fu Qi, ranked seventeenth on the List of the World of Battles, but people hardly saw him. Most affairs were dealt by the second son, Fu Lang Po.

   When Fu Lang Po arrived at the skyhole, it was already so far in the night it was close to dawn, but the whole sky was still red.

   “Master, where’s Lin Feng?” Fu Lang Po had heard the news that Lin Feng had come as well, but when he came to the crater, he didn’t see Lin Feng, so he asked Ancestor Long.

   Ancestor Long didn’t say anything, but pointed to the depths of the crater. Fu Lang Po was shocked, then speechless.

“Does he really know the evil beast?” Fu Lang Po had heard his father talking about Lin Feng before. 

   “Oh! Oh!”

   All of a sudden, the roar of the Demon Kirin rose from the crater. The sound shook the whole world. Even Ancestor Long and the young man looked serious after hearing it.

   Their faces changed when they heard that roar. How strong would the Demon Kirin be?

   Fu Lang Po looked pale. He was an Overlord, but compared to the Demon Kirin, he was weaker.

   After the Demon Kirin roared, he rushed out from the sinkhole. His arms and legs were like mountains, as black as ink. His blood-red pupils were extremely dazzling, and his huge mouth and sharp teeth were scary.

  Lin Feng stood on the top of the Demon Kirin’s head and shouted at Ancestor Long, “Step back, master!”

   Ancestor Long flew away instantly. Fu Lang Po and the young man also disappeared from the place.

   “Master Demon Kirin, please.” Lin Feng jumped down from the top of the Demon Kirin’s head, bowing hand over fist heavily.

   “Don’t worry, I’ll fix it. It’ll be ok then!” The thoughts of the Demon Kirin came into Lin Feng’s mind again, and the giant crater disappeared from the ground.

   The crater started to heal, and the hole disappeared soon. The three men all breathed deeply, especially Fu Lang Po and Ancestor Long, who smiled sincerely.

   The problem was solved!

   Boom boom!

   There was another deafening sound, and the skyhole also disappeared. All the poisonous gas had been swallowed by the Demon Kirin. The gas was in his stomach before, so it wouldn’t hurt him.

   “You can go. I’ll go to other places and solve the problems!” The Demon Kirin disappeared into the sky.

   The sun rose, and a new day came. People in the World of Battles all felt warmer, and smiled sincerely.

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