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Chapter 1466 – Another Visit to the World of Mountains and Rivers

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   Half a day later, the World of Battles was stable and peaceful again. All the skyholes and craters had disappeared. 

   Lin Feng kept hearing words of gratitude from many Overlords. He was very happy. He was making friends with these Overlords accidentally. He would have fewer enemies now!

   “The Mother of the Earth, Goddess Xuan Tu, asked me to tell you that you have solved the problem of the World of Battles. She will respond to any of your requests in the future!” Ancestor Long mentioned Goddess Xuan Tu, who had not appeared recently, and no one had seen her in a very long time. But she ranked fourteenth on the List of the World of Battles, and was well-known in the world.

   There were fifty Overlords on the List of the World of Battles. They could be divided into four levels. The 50th to the 40th were included in the last level. Leader Xiao Hun, the Leader of the Tai Qing Sect, and Qing Yu Sheng all belonged to that level.

   The 39th to the 20th belonged to the third level, the 19th to the 10th belonged to the second level, and the 10th to the 3rd belonged to the first level. Hong Meng and the Ancestral World’s leader were the best Overlords.

   Those were levels above the List of the World of Battles. The Earth Mother belonged to the third level. She was weaker than Ancestor Long, but not by too much.

   In addition, although the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points ranked 15th, he was comparable to Ancestor Long.

   “Well, please tell Goddess Xuan Tu that it was my duty to protect the world. No thanks is needed, please!” Lin Feng nodded and smiled at Ancestor Long.

   “Well, are you leaving now?” Ancestor Long smiled, although he didn’t want Lin Feng to leave immediately. After all, the Dragon Clan should thank him greatly after he had solved such a big problem. But, Lin Feng was in a rush!

   “Master, I’m really in a hurry. I have something to deal with in the Region of the Eight Corners. In addition, since the Ancient Demon is about to appear, we should prepare for it, so as not to be flustered when he comes!”

   Lin Feng spoke cautiously. There would be a greater crisis ahead for Ancestor Long and the other Overlords, which couldn’t be solved by a single man or Overlord.

   “Well, take care of yourself. If you come back to the Dragon Clan, we will welcome you ceremoniously.” Hearing Lin Feng’s words, Ancestor Long admired him a lot. He didn’t say anything more, just nodded and let Lin Feng go.

   After saying goodbye to Ancestor Long, Lin Feng looked back at the young man, and then they flashed into the sky. The two of them soon disappeared into the distance.

   Ancestor Long watched them go silently. He was very moved. At the same time, he was shocked and he felt a sense of bitterness.

   “The Lord of the Dragon and Phoenix Blood is also following Lin Feng. In addition to Ni Huang, the Northwest Overlord, Lin Feng was able to compete with an Overlord from the middle and lower level. In addition, the two ancient Overlords and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points are also helping him. Lin Feng might be the biggest winner.”

   Ancestor Long was unable to imagine what Lin Feng’s achievements would be in the future, but he would not be weaker than Ni Huang. He might be able to dominate the whole World of Battles.

   Days had passed. Lin Feng had solved the biggest problem in the World of Battles, which had become a topic that everyone discussed every day. Many of the cultivators also showed their admiration for Lin Feng, and Lin Feng also encouraged them to guard the World of Battles.

   Lin Feng never thought that his unintentional move not only made the Overlords give him their blessings, but also made cultivators from all over the world follow him. The World of Battles became united again.


   Lin Feng took the young man and flew from the Southeast of the World of Battles to the Northwest, and the Region of the Eight Corners. Of course, during this period, Lin Feng asked him something. After all, the Lord of the Dragon and Phoenix Blood was becoming a member of the Northwest world. He should know the basic information. If there was a problem, it should be solved in advance!

   He got a lot of information from him. First, his name was Qing Rong Jiao!

   He was born with the power of the Dragon and Phoenix Blood. His parents also had the Dragon and Phoenix Blood, but his was purer.

   Qing Rong Jiao could use the power to do many things. This ability was not limited to fighting. Of course, he had never used this ability before. He was not very interested in it.

   As for why he ranked ninth on the List of the World of Battles, it was said that he had fought with Ancestor Long before. The final result was that Ancestor Long was slightly better than him, so Ancestor Long was ranked eighth, and he was ranked ninth. It was not clear whether such rumors were true or not.

   Lin Feng asked him, “Why do you want to follow me?”

   Qing Rong Jiao replied, “Intuition!”

   Lin Feng didn’t ask anything else. He took Qing Rong Jiao directly back to the Region of the Eight Corners. As usual, since Lin Feng had ordered all the separatists killed, no one dared pull any tricks anymore. The Region of the Eight Corners would exist for as long as Lin Feng was there.

   Back in the Region of the Eight Corners, Lin Feng went to meet the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, and introduced Qing Rong Jiao to him. When the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points heard that, his face suddenly turned pale. He had never seen Qing Rong Jiao, even when he set up the List of the World of Battles, which was only based on rumors.

   Qing Rong Jiao didn’t say much. He knew of the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. As the Lord of the Dragon and Phoenix Blood, he knew how to deal with this kind of relationship.

   Lin Feng left the hall and went to meet Zi Jing Xiao. Zi Jing Xiao had temporarily replaced Song Chou Jiu as the Administrator for the Region of the Eight Corners, and was in charge of everything. Lin Feng ordered Zi Jing Xiao to prepare a quiet place for Qing Rong Jiao to live.

   Lin Feng didn’t expect Qing Rong Jiao to go off and follow Zi Jing Xiao directly after he ordered this. He obviously wanted to go to the quiet place, and didn’t want to follow Lin Feng around.

   “What a freak.” Lin Feng had never seen such a silent man. It was hard to imagine being born with such a character. Perhaps his silence was because no one had spoken to him for a long time.

   There were more important things for Lin Feng to deal with. First, the Blood Dragonlings in the World of Mountains and Rivers should be Awakened, or the development of their intelligence would likely be delayed.

   In addition, the deadline given by the Zu Yi Clan had not been reached. But with their own strength and the power of the Region of the Eight Corners, the World Dragon Clan was no longer a threat. 

   Therefore, the Zu Yi Clan announced their alliance with the Region of the Eight Corners. 

   The third thing was that after the Jun Hall was destroyed, there were still people from the Spiritual Warriors Clan who had not been eradicated. It was important to eradicate the Spiritual Warriors Clan, or they might cause more trouble in the future.

   The fourth thing was the coming update of the List of the World of Battles. It was important for the Earthly Godly Ancestors who wanted to enter the List, but it had nothing to do with ordinary cultivators.

   These matters all needed to be resolved soon. Of course, they had to be addressed one by one, especially the last one, which could not be solved by him alone. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points would set the rules of updating first, then it could be continued.

   “The Painting of Mountains and Rivers?” Lin Feng murmured, shaking his head to take out the Painting of Mountains and Rivers inside his ring. He went back to his room. At the same time, he ordered Miss Eight and Shui Yu Sheng to come.

   As time passed by, some gaps had grown between Lin Feng and them. Miss Eight was putting all her efforts into becoming an Earthly Godly Ancestor. Shui Yu Sheng had no chance to become an Earthly Godly Ancestor.

   “Are you going to the World of Mountains and Rivers?” After hearing Lin Feng’s intention, Miss Eight was a little surprised. Of course, she was also excited.

   She was very clear about the strength of the Region of the Eight Corners. Besides Lin Feng, who was an Earthly Godly Ancestor, there were two ancient Overlords, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, and the Fire and Ice Spirits. They were no longer afraid of the World Dragon Clan. The relationship could be announced!

   It was just that Lin Feng had been dealing with other things, which made her a little disappointed. She always thought that Lin Feng might forget his agreement with the Zu Yi Clan. If so, they might return to the Zu Yi Clan as soon as the time limit arrived.

   But she didn’t expect it when Lin Feng suddenly said he would start dealing with it. How could she not be excited?

   “Yes, let’s go back to the Zu Yi Clan.” Lin Feng nodded, then opened the Painting of Mountains and Rivers, reciting the mantra silently. The blue temporal and spatial light pattern appeared on the Painting, and a huge force directly inhaled Lin Feng and three strong cultivators from the Zu Yi Clan into it.

   The Painting of Mountains and Rivers closed and disappeared from the table.

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