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Chapter 1467 – Enemy from Xue Yue

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“Boy, are you awake?” The man in black looked at Lin Zu, who had already sat up. Lin Zu’s face recovered from a pale one to a red one at the moment, but there was no tension or fear on his face. He looked indifferent, or even cold.

   “Oh, you are so calm at such a young age. You are indeed his son!” the man in black smiled brightly. He was surprised and pleased. Of course, he felt satisfied. If he had caught a weak and incapable child who was frightened and crying, it would be too boring. Obviously, Lin Zu didn’t let him down.

   Lin Zu stared at the man in front of him coldly. His hair was black and long, and his face was extremely gorgeous. It was hard to see any traces of time on his face. He smiled, which made it even more difficult to guess what he was thinking.

   Is this the deadly enemy of father?, Lin Zu thought in silence, but at the age of seven, he was not as afraid as most of the children his age would be in a crisis. Instead, he was quite calm. Maybe he was born like this, or it was because of the teachings of his mother, or maybe he was influenced by his father, Lin Feng.

   It was said that like father, like son. Lin Zu followed his father all the time. Although his personality seemed a little indifferent, he had never disrespected his father. He had heard about his father’s deeds from Liu Fei.

   In this way, when the crisis came, he could calm down and think about the man’s purpose.

   It was just that the man in black was far stronger than him. Whatever Lin Zu thought of, the man in black was able to see it in his mind, but he was still shocked by Lin Zu’s calm.

   “Are you not afraid that I’ll kill you now, and send your body to your father?” he asked, looking at Lin Zu playfully while narrowing his eyes.

   Lin Zu looked at the man in black and shook his head coldly. It would be a lie if he said that he was not afraid, but since he had been caught by the man in black, no matter how afraid he was, it would be useless.

   The man in black was less and less able to understand this kid, who was only seven or eight years old. Lin Zu’s composure and endurance were first-class, which made him hard to figure out. What kind of child was he?

   Of course, he didn’t know that when Lin Zu was born, the Ice Spirit had decided that this boy would be the Second Human Ancestor in the future. 

   The man in black stared at Lin Zu silently, and then subconsciously murmured, “Naturally, your father’s debt cannot be paid by you as a son, but your father’s debt to my father is going to be collected by me!” which attracted Lin Zu’s attention.

   “Your father was the deadly enemy of my father when he was in Xue Yue. Later, he killed my father. My mother took me away from him and even the people around him. Maybe he didn’t even know my father had a child?

   “But even so, my mother and I were still cautious, afraid of being killed by him. But later, we learned that Lin Feng is not that kind of person, but the hatred between him and my father had been planted, and could not be taken back.

   “Now I can only follow my father’s wishes and find a chance to kill him. It’s my filial piety as a son!” the man in black murmured, as if hoping to be heard by Lin Zu, as if speaking to himself. Lin Zu heard him clearly.

   “This is just unwise filial piety. If I were you, I would try to rebuild my whole family, and then I would think about how to get revenge, instead of making myself like you,” Lin Zu said, questioning the ideas of the man in black.

   The man in black looked at Lin Zu coldly, and shouted. “What are you talking about? How do you know what it’s like to lose your father, when yours is not dead?”

   “Aren’t you planning to kill my father now? When I was in your situation, I would do what I just thought. Make the Lin family bigger and stronger, and then ensure you have nowhere to hide, and let you completely despair!” Lin Zu smiled coldly.

   “Haha, do you know that death is not the scariest thing? The scariest thing is that living is worse than dying. I want to die, but I can’t die. I’m tortured. If you kill my father and I live in the world, then I will treat you that way, ha ha!” Lin Zu smiled faintly, the words he said making the man in black look like he was struck by lightning.

  The man in black stared at Lin Zu coldly and asked in a deep voice, “Do you know what you mean by saying that?”

   “To me, it means you are inept!” Lin Zu chuckled, his words full of sarcasm. Hearing the words, the man in black looked angry. However, he finally gave up on the idea of killing Lin Zu. He could not kill the key tool of his revenge if he lost his mind.

   “Maybe, I am not scheming like you, but you will never feel the taste of losing your father, nor the days when my mother and I were living cautiously!”

   “My mother died when I was seven years old. I made a vow in front of her grave. I must take Lin Feng’s head for revenge!

   “At that time, Lin Feng was the leader of the Snow Region. When I broke through to Emperor level, he was a Heavenly Emperor. But when I broke through to Heavenly Emperor, he became the Ruler of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. I’m moving forward step by step, but I’m always far behind him.

   “But I’m not disappointed or giving up. I also realize that I can’t cultivate at his pace. If I try to catch up like that, I might go nowhere in my life, so I took a road of my own.

   “When he left for God’s Country from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, I became the strongest man in the Continent, but I never spoke up, and did not pay even attention to his grandson Lin Tian. I also left the Continent of the Nine Clouds for God’s Country.

   “In God’s Country, I joined a region and started to cultivate alone. Fortunately, the elders in that region finally passed on their skills to me. At that time, I successfully broke through to Godly Emperor.”

   “I also learned when he left from God’s Country for the Country of Eternity. I still followed him silently, but I didn’t expect this to be an opportunity for me to change my destiny. Ha ha, you will never imagine how it feels to be humiliated…

   “But I’m not afraid. In order to get revenge, I willingly contributed my own dignity in exchange for great cultivation resources, cultivation skills, and even cultivation support. I used that opportunity to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer. At that time, Lin Feng was only at the peak of Godly Ancestor, but I knew it was at the expense of my dignity and body.

   “I lost my wife and four children the day I left the region that supported me!

   “I continued to lurk in the Country of Eternity, but Lin Feng left the Country of Eternity and entered the World of Battles. I was very clear that the World of Battles could not be entered casually, so I waited.

   “Finally, this year, the World of Battles opened the channel again. The four Battle Ancestors once again stood on the Country of Eternity, and I got third place in the qualification battles to enter the World of Battles, and successfully entered here!

   “After entering the World of Battles, I didn’t need to inquire at all. Your father is well-known in the whole Northwest, so I joined the Demon Clan quietly, because I knew there were some enemies of your father in the Demon Clan!

   “In this way, I have been taken care of by the Demon Clan, by the Ancient Demon King,  Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, and Jia Cheng Shan. I also ushered in my own expansion period.

   “Although I managed to break through to Holy Godly Ancestor, I know I’m not competent enough to fight your father, but I won’t give up. One day, I will kill him!”

   When he finished, he took a deep breath and felt that he was in a better mood. He didn’t know who he could tell this to, but he finally told Lin Feng’s son.

   Lin Zu listened to the man in black silently, but felt something was wrong from beginning to end. Although he narrated it seamlessly, how could his cultivation be so simple? How many years did father endure before he broke through to Holy Godly Ancestor, but this man was a Holy Godly Ancestor already?

   Lin Zu considered silently. Of course, he didn’t know that Lin Feng was now an Earthly Godly Ancestor, as it happened after he was kidnapped.

   But there was one thing he was most certain of: the man in black was an enemy from Xue Yue!

   Xue Yue was a familiar yet strange name. He was familiar with the fact that Liu Fei, his mother, was from Xue Yue. Liu Cang Lan, his grandfather, was the general of Xue Yue. Many of his aunts, such as Duan Xin Ye, were also from Xue Yue.

   “Who is your father?” Lin Zu frowned and asked for the first time, because he wanted to know who this enemy was. He was so determined to get his revenge. Only his father’s deadly enemy could be like this.

   “If I say, in some way, I need to call Lin Feng uncle, what would you think?” the man in black said coldly.

   When Lin Zu heard this, he had an idea. The royal family of Xue Yue, the Duan family!

   It wasn’t clear whether he was Duan Wu Dao’s child or Duan Wu Ya’s child. But no matter whose offspring he was, he and Duan Xin Ye were surely closely related.

   The man in black sighed, turned around, stood in front of the window, and looked at the sun high in the sky. Of course, he hid the most important point of why his strength had grown so fast.

   It was because he had betrayed the World of Battles!

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