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Chapter 1468- Surrender


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   “Lin Feng, have you really decided?”

   In the World of Mountains and Rivers, there was a hidden realm covered by lush ancient trees. In this realm, the chief of the Long YiClan, the chief of the Hu YiClan, the chief of the Hei Yi Clan, and the chief of the Bai Yi Clan, as well as the chief of the Zu Yi Clan, all gathered together.

   After hearing what Lin Feng had said, all the chiefs of the Yi Clans and their cultivators were shocked. They had been staying in the World of Mountains and Rivers, and didn’t know how far Lin Feng had been in the outside world, but their fear of the World Dragon Clan was far beyond Lin Feng’s expectations.

   The three experts of the Zu Yi Clan hadn’t told them about Lin Feng’s achievements yet, so these clan chiefs had some doubts and worries.

   Lin Feng listened to the chief of the Hei Yi Clan, and couldn’t help smiling. He shook his head and said, “It doesn’t depend on whether I’ve decided, but that have you decided?

   “For me, the World Dragon Clan can be ignored. The confidentiality between us is very good. The World Dragon Clan also didn’t notice my abnormality, so they have not been making any moves.

   “Later, when I became stronger, and wiped out Jun Hall at last, they were even more afraid to act. The World Dragon Clan even sent envoys to tell me that all the old grudges should be forgotten, and they hope I don’t mind.”

   Lin Feng smiled faintly, and then stared at each chief. All those except for Miss Eight were shocked, even amazed. For example, the Leader of the Bai Yi Clan couldn’t imagine that the World Dragon Clan would take the initiative to repair their relationship with Lin Feng. Lin Feng was extremely strong today!

   Several clan chiefs looked at one another. Apart from being at a loss, there was only shock left in their eyes. The calmest men were the top Holy Godly Ancestors of the Zu Yi Clan. They never doubted their partners, and they didn’t interrupt, which proved that this was true.

   The old man played with his beard and smiled. They finally did it; their investment had finally paid off. Lin Feng really didn’t let them down. He had really become a powerful cultivator in the World of Battle. Although he may not have reached the level of an Overlord, he was almost that strong, right?

  The old man still did not expect that the Region of the Eight Corners had surpassed any established power. Its overall strength had become very strong, rivaling the Human Clan, the Demon Clan, and the Western Buddha.

   ” Lin Feng, are you sure that the World Dragon Clan won’t come after us?” After a long silence, the chief of the Bai Yi Clan asked carefully, somewhat embarrassed. He touched his nose and smiled. After all, he was doubting Lin Feng’s strength. 

   Lin Feng listened to his question, but didn’t have any dissatisfaction. These cultivators were originally in the World of the Mountains and Rivers, and had no contact with the outside world at all, so it was no surprise that they didn’t know his achievements.

   “It has nothing to do with whether they will or not, but they dare not!”

   “They dare not?” The Bai Yi Chief saw Lin Feng’s confident smile, but was puzzled. He was still confused, but he had started to believe Lin Feng.

   “Well, anyway, we chose Lin Feng from the beginning. Now that he says it’s the time now, let’s trust him.”

   “I trust Lin Feng.” The chief of the Long Yi Clan waved his hand to signal everyone not to question any more. If they continued to do so, they would only annoy Lin Feng. Whether Lin Feng was that strong or not now, they would know it after they went out.

   “Chief of the Bai Yi Clan, go back to prepare. We will return to the World of Battles!”

   “Chief of the Hu Yi Clan, you can go back and prepare, as well. After Lin Feng resolves the Blood Dragonlings, we will go out together.”

   “Chief of Hei Yi Clan, Chief of the Zu Yi Clan, you also leave to prepare.”

   The chief of the Long Yi Clan told all the branches of the Yi Clans to prepare. Although it was not urgent, they were very much looking forward to it. Whether it was a blessing or a disaster, they had to face it now. Maybe it was as Lin Feng said, and the World Dragon Clan was afraid to fight Lin Feng!


   All the chiefs and cultivators of the Yi Clans had left, while the Long Yi Clan took Lin Feng to the place where the Blood Dragonlings were being raised.

  Lin Feng arrived at the place where the dragonlings had been placed. This was a basin, a low-lying area hundreds of miles wide. The basin’s bottom was the place where the dragonlings lived.

   “Now the Blood dragonlings’ intelligence hasn’t developed, so they are easy to manage, but if they don’t develop after they grow up, they will be useless,” the chief of the Long Yi Clan murmured, and Lin Feng could not help nodding. That was why he came here so urgently.

   “Chief, go ahead and get busy. After I solve this problem, I’ll meet you on the mountain outside the Long Yi Clan.”

   “Alright, I’m going back then.” After making sure again and again, the chief of the Long Yi Clan left in a hurry. They had the most people of all the clans, so they were the most troublesome to arrange, and time was pressing. 

   Soon only Lin Feng was left in the basin, watching the scarlet Blood dragonlings below, some of which lay on the ground to rest, some played together, and some hovered in the air.

   He took out the Sky View Mirror, the flawless bronze mirror obtained in the Tomb of Ao Ce. It was the most important treasure for Awakening the dragonlings, and was also a Godly Ancestor Weapon.

   Lin Feng, holding the Sky View Mirror in his hand, stepped out, flew over half the basin, and then landed directly in the middle. The Dragonlings were startled, roaring one after another, and staring at Lin Feng coldly.

   With a smile, Lin Feng released the Qi of his Dragon and Phoenix Blood. The dragonlings promptly surrounded Ling Feng as if they had seen their family. The dragonlings pressed in on him eagerly, tightly binding him. Although Lin Feng was not in danger, his activities were limited.

   Lin Feng pushed the dragonlings away, then stepped back, opened the Sky View Mirror, and shone on the dragonlings.

   A blood-red light shone over the basin, and then refracted again, straight into the brows of all the dragonlings. The dragonlings who were playing happily suddenly calmed down, and every Blood Dragon Cub narrowed its eyes. Gradually, the two dragon horns on their heads grew longer and longer, ending up nearly half a meter long.

   The Blood Dragons’ scales were growing thicker. From a few pieces to scaly armor, the dragonlings’ Qi was also slowly rising. Lin Feng knew that their intelligence had been triggered, and some time should be given to these dragonlings.

   The thunderous sound of their roars rang out through the whole World of Mountains and Rivers. The roars of the dragonlings could be heard for tens of thousands of miles. It could be imagined what it was like when more than one thousand blood dragons were Awakened, almost filling the basin with no space to spare.


  There was a flash of sword light. Lin Feng was dazzled, but then a young man with blood armor was standing in front of him. The young man was handsome, and there was a red dot at the center of his eyebrows. The two dragon horns on his head were very special.

   “You will be the leader of the Blood Dragons in the future?” Lin Feng asked the young man in front of him cautiously.

   “Well, you can call me Ao Guang. I’m Ao Ce’s nephew!” the young man nodded lightly.

   When Lin Feng heard this, his face brightened. Finally, he knew the relationship between Ao Ce and these Dragonlings. No wonder Ao Ce wanted to protect so many blood dragon eggs. They had blood connections!

   “Ao Ce also belonged to the Blood Dragon Clan?” Lin Feng asked again.

   The young man shook his head and said, “No, uncle Ao Ce belonged to the Earth Dragon Clan, but his brother, my father, was the Blood Dragon King.”

   “My grandfather had the genes of both the Blood Dragon Clan and the Earth Dragon Clan, so his three sons are different from each other. The first one was an Earth Dragon, the second one was a Demon Dragon, and the third one was a Blood Dragon.”

   “A Demon Dragon!” After hearing this, Lin Feng’s face changed again, and he thought of Long Gang, the leader of the Demon Dragon Clan, who ranked twentieth on the List of the World of Battle.

   “Do you mean Long Gang?” Lin Feng couldn’t help asking again.

   “I don’t know. I just vaguely remember some things. If you hadn’t Awakened my intelligence, I might not remember these things.” The young man shook his head, showing that he didn’t know.

   Hearing that, Lin Feng no longer pressed, as he knew he wouldn’t get an answer even if he continued asking.

   “Tell all the blood dragons… follow me, we’re leaving!” Lin Feng said and flew inthe direction of the Long Yi Clan.

   “All members, keep up!” the young man roared loudly. All the blood dragons rose into the sky. Dragon bodies hundreds of meters long almost covered the sky.

   Lin Feng was flying ahead, followed by more than a thousand blood dragons. If such a scene was seen by people in the World of Battle, they would probably faint.


   The members of the Yi Clans were waiting on the top of the mountain. When Lin Feng led more than a thousand blood dragons over to hover in the sky, all members of the Yi Clans were endlessly envious, especially the Long Yi Clan. They also had the blood of dragons, but could only be on the ground, and could never fly like a dragon.

   “Go!” Lin Feng didn’t land, but waved his hand to indicate all members of the Yi Clans to follow.

   The Painting of the World of Mountains and Rivers was thrown out, and the blue space-time light reappeared. Lin Feng waved his hands, and with his Buddhist power, the space-time tunnel was widened by hundreds of meters.

   “All members, leave in order!”

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