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Chapter 1469 – Congratulations from the World Dragon Clan


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   “From now on, the Yi clan will be part of the Region of Eight Corners. All the Yi clans will live in the Mo Forest!”

   Lin Feng was sitting in the meeting hall. In addition to all senior people from the Eight Corners, several chiefs of Yi Clans and the strong cultivators of the Zu Yi Clan were present, as well as the Leader of the Blood Dragon Clan.

   “OK, I’ll arrange it right away.” Zi Jing Xiao nodded, a little surprised. He couldn’t believe Lin Feng would do this. Could the Yi Clans dwell in the Region of the Eight Corners? However, if the Yi Clans lived in the Mo Forest, it was not bad. At least they didn’t need to send cultivators to guard.

   The huge combination of Eight Corners and the Mo Forest could not be controlled by Lin Feng alone. The territory was vast, which meant Lin Feng needed some help. Now the strong cultivators of the Yi Clans had arrived!

   “If you don’t dislike it, you can stay in the Man Yu Region, or choose a region you like. Of course, you can go to Mo Forest with the other Yi Clans, whatever you like.” Lin Feng looked at Miss Eight and the strong cultivators of the Zu Yi Clan. They were all Holy Godly Ancestors. Naturally they couldn’t be easily arranged as the other Yi Clans.

   Respect was important to the Zu Yi Clan. If they were forced to live there, it showed Lin Feng was too overbearing, regardless of their dignity. In this way, even if the strong cultivators from the Zu Yi Clan didn’t say anything, they would still scorn him.

   He stated matters clearly. At least he would let the strong cultivators of the Zu Yi Clan understand that he took their thoughts into consideration.

   Miss Eight and the others, even the old man, were very clear on Lin Feng’s purpose. However, Lin Feng thought it was a bit awkward. Lin Feng arranged things deliberately to avoid hurting their dignity.

   The old man flicked his beard lightly and said with a smile, “Thank you, Leader. The Zu Yi Clan is also a member of the Yi Clans. Naturally, we will follow them to the Mo Forest.” 

   After hearing that, Lin Feng nodded, “So far, so good, I will tell the whole World of Battle about the alliance between the Yi Clans and the Region of Eight Corners. You have some doubts in your minds. You can quietly look forward to the response of the World Dragon Clan.

   “I’m very clear about the grudges between you and the World Dragons. I’ll tell you about our relationship, and the World Dragon Clan will make relative preparations. You will understand the strength of the Region of the Eight Corners by their actions.” Lin Feng was smiling, but he still had some grudges in his heart. After all, many members of the Yi Clans doubted the strength of the Region of the Eight Corners.

   Their doubts must be resolved, so the solution was to let World Dragon Clan admit it or be overwhelmed by the Region of Eight Corners, so as to dispel the concerns of the Yi Clans! 

   “The blood dragons can live in the Man Yu Region for a while. If you have any requirements, please tell me. This is your home!” Lin Feng looked at the Blood Dragon youth. Ao Ce was the founder of the Man Yu Region in the past. Now that the Blood Dragon Clan was back again, this was reasonable.

   “Well, we will obey our master’s orders,” the young man nodded heavily. The two dragon horns on his head looked strange. It was hard to imagine that he was a dragon.

   Lin Feng smiled; he had warned the young man several times not to address him as master.

    “Go ahead, release the news out, and wait for the actions of the World Dragon Clan. Wait with me quietly!” Lin Feng smiled slightly, signaling to the chiefs of the Yi Clans not to leave now, but to wait patiently.

   Some people were embarrassed. It seemed that Lin Feng would let them understand clearly. In fact, there was no need to use the response of the World Dragon Clan to show the strength of the Region of Eight Corners. When they arrived at the Region of Eight Corners, they had reached a conclusion. The strength of the Region of Eight Corners was no longer at the same level as that of the World Dragon Clan.

   But Lin Feng wanted them to wait.


   Soon, the news spread all over the world, the North and the South, and even in the West ruled by the Buddha. As long as you knew Lin Feng or had heard of Lin Feng, you would hear about this.

   Lin Feng was stronger than he was a year ago. One year ago, Lin Feng might have had some reputation. Later, he gained some fame in the Ni Huang realm, then he fought with the Alliance of Young Geniuses, which made the whole North familiar with Lin Feng.

   A year later, Lin Feng had achieved a status where everyone knew of him. He was no longer a random young man.

   Once, nobody wanted to choose Lin Feng, but now no force dared to recruit him!


   The World Dragon Clan was very quiet after they heard the news. The Yi Clans had joined the Region of Eight Corners. It was more appropriate to say it was submissive than an alliance. The Yi Clans were not strong enough to start an alliance with the Region of Eight Corners. 

   When every member of World Dragon Clan heard the news, at first, they were angry. But then they thought about the strength of the Region of Eight Corners and Lin Feng, and they could only smile and shake their heads.

   “Do any of you think that the World Dragon Clan will send strong cultivators to continue to pressure the Yi Clans?” After a few moments, Jie Xuan smiled and looked at the other members of the World Dragon Clan. The other members also looked at each other. Everyone shook their heads and didn’t know what to do.

   “Once, we were united with the Spiritual Warriors Clan to make an ambush and try to kill Lin Feng, but we retreated. So many strong cultivators from the Spiritual Warriors Clan were killed by Lin Feng. Zhan Han and Zhan Gan, two elders of the Spiritual Warriors Clan, also turned to Lin Feng.

   “I believe that Lin Feng will let us go because we stepped back,” Jie Hong said. At present, he could only pray Lin Feng was not too strong. If he had vowed to kill the World Dragon people, maybe they really would be wiped out from the World of Battle.

   “No, that retreat was because we were afraid. So, Lin Feng won’t let us go.”

   “We sent a strong cultivator to kill the dean of Xing Yue College, and sent someone to encircle Lin Feng. Will he possibly forgive us?”

   “Don’t forget what happened to the Jun Hall! The Jun Hall was also destroyed by him!” Jie Xuan looked serious. Although his words were exaggerated, he was telling the truth. With the strength of the Region of Eight Corners, it was too easy to destroy the World Dragon Clan.

   “What can we do?” Jie Hong had no idea. As the two chiefs of the World Dragon Clan, they were always inseparable. When Jie Hong had to make a decision, they would discuss things together.

   Neither of them had any idea now.

   “At present, we can only prepare for the end,” Jie Xuan sighed and shook his head slowly. The World Dragon Clan seemed calm and powerful. But with the announcement of the alliance of the Yi Clans and the Region of Eight Corners, more and more people were waiting to see what happened.

   The enmity between World Dragon and the Yi Clans was well known. Be it the old generation or the young geniuses, the fact that the World Dragon bullied the Yi Clans was true. 

   The Yi Clan was one of many clans who were bullied. So was the Ju Ying Clan, who were almost destroyed by the World Dragon Clan.

   Now the cultivators from the World Dragon Clan were regretting their past deeds.

   “Congratulations, we will congratulate the Region of Eight Corners. We will send representatives to congratulate the Region of Eight Corners on its alliance with the Yi Clans.”

   “Second, inform the Northern Ancestor Kun Dao that we want to turn to him. After allying with Kun Dao, Lin Feng will not dare act rashly.”

   “Third, have Jie Qing Tian leave the World Dragon Clan immediately and never come back. If Lin Feng really destroys the World Dragon Clan, then Jie Qing Tian will bear it, and wait to take revenge for us.

   “Qing Tian is now an Overlord of the World of Battle list, ranking thirty-seventh, and the highest within the World Dragon Clan. Even if we all die, we need to keep Qing Tian safe.”

   Jie Xuan proposed clear orders step by step, and Jie Hong sighed. Jie Xuan could finally calm down. 


   In the afternoon after Lin Feng announced the alliance between the Region of Eight Corners and the Yi Clans, the World Dragon Clan sent representatives to congratulate the Region of Eight Corners and the Yi Clan on a smooth alliance. They said a few words and left in a hurry.

  All the chiefs of the Yi Clans now knew that the Region of Eight Corners was indeed different now, and Lin Feng was no longer the young man they could bully anytime. 

   All members of the Yi Clans left the Man Region and headed for the Mo Forest, where they would live in the future.

   “Ah, I can’t believe that Lin Feng is so powerful now!” The leader of the Long Yi Clan was deeply moved as he shook his head. He still remembered that when Lin Feng was given the Painting of Mountains and Rivers a year ago, he was bullied by others. He was not able to solve that problem.

   But now, every problem was easy for Lin Feng to solve!

   The old man stroked his beard, and said, “Lin Feng, what a monster!” 

   “The Yi Clans will live forever, ha ha ha!” The chief of the Hu Yi Clan was excited. After so many years, he had finally solved the problem!

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