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Chapter 1470 – The Game of Extermination and Salvation


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Qing Rong Jiao stared at Lin Feng silently for a while and requested straightforwardly, “Give me the Blood Dragons!”

 Lin Feng looked at the Dragon and Phoenix descendant. He seldom spoke at ordinary times. Today, he had taken the initiative to talk to Lin Feng, so Lin Feng had no reason to reject his request.

“Very well. In the future, the Blood Dragon family will be given to you,” Lin Feng smiled faintly. After hearing this, Qing Rong Jiao turned around and left the hall. He didn’t say anything else, and went straight to the home of the Blood Dragon family.

  Zi Jing Xiao watched as Qing Rong Jiao left the hall, and he couldn’t help saying, “I’ve never seen such an impassive man!”

  “He’s not a man, he’s a Dragon and Phoenix descendant,” Lin Feng murmured, but he soon laughed bitterly. Why did he tell Zi Jing Xiao this? It was better if fewer people knew this kind of secret. There were too many cultivators in the Eight Corners. The Northwest was only weaker than the four strongest forces in the World of Battles – the East, the South, the West and the North – now, right?

  Lin Feng considered things in silence. It might sound a bit boastful, but it was true. Along with Ancestor Tai from the Zhen Wu Dynasty in the Southwest World of Battles, there was also the Hell Judge Han Yan, the Governor of the Imperial City Duan Rong, Tai Qing Men’s leader Qing Yu Sheng, and Tian Dao Yuan’s leadership. The leader of Ta Cheng was also strong, but he was not an Overlord yet…

  Aside from Ancestor Nü from the Northeast, there was only Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian, Godly Ancestor Bei Jian, Bai Mu Xiao, and the Overlord of Xiao Hun. Lin Feng could even ignore the latter.

  He was not sure about the strength of the trumps of the Dragon family in the Southeast, but it probably was not much different than the Northwest World of Battles.

“After hiding my ability for so long, it’s time to let them shine. Otherwise, everyone will think that I’m timid!” Lin Feng murmured, and curled his mouth coldly. Zi Jing Xiao saw his a smile at the side, and his heart trembled.

“What are you going to do, Lin Feng?” Zi Jing Xiao knew that Lin Feng’s different smiles had different meanings, so Zi Jing Xiao could be sure that something important would happen again, but he just didn’t know where Lin Feng would be aiming this time.

“The Spiritual Warriors Clan! It’s time to clean it up!” Lin Feng smiled lightly and patted Zi Jing Xiao’s shoulder. He left the hall silently, leaving Zi JingXiao in shock for a long time.

  Exterminating the Spiritual Warriors Clan?

  Zi Jin Xiao wiped away his cold sweat secretly. Lin Feng was getting more and more powerful. It was so easy for him to eliminate the family of an Overlord? This showed absolute confidence in his own strength and in the Eight Corners.

  As for Lin Feng’s action of patting him on the shoulder, Zi Jing Xiao could understand Lin Feng’s intention right away, since he was a smart man. He immediately sent out the news, using twelve groups of people to each direction to publicize the news. The more widespread the news was, the better it would be for them.

  That was the effect Lin Feng wanted, because the influence would be stronger. After the Spiritual Warriors Clan was exterminated, none of the forces in the World of World of Battle dare to covet the Eight Corners. That was when the Eight Corners would reach its real peak. 

  The news that Lin Feng was going to eliminate the Spiritual Warriors Clan soon spread to all parts of the World of Battles, but most of them were not very surprised. Everyone in the  World of Battles knew about Lin Feng’s temper, especially the Zhen Wu Dynasty. As their Lord Bodhisattva, they knew Lin Feng best!

  The Zhen Wu Dynasty soon acted. That night, Ancestor Tai issued a command in person. He would pick a hundred of the three hundred people from the Law Enforcement Army, and send them to the Northwest to help Lin Feng.

  This news was like a huge bomb. It blew out everyone’s ears and made them unbelievably shocked. The Zhen Wu Dynasty had never been involved in the issues of other territories. They had never dealt with outsiders, nor provoked any opponents.

  But this time, in order to help Lin Feng, the Zhen Wu Dynasty didn’t hesitate to put in more. It irritated the Spiritual Warriors Clan. What’s more, the Spiritual Warriors Clan was now subordinate to the Ancestor of the North, Kun Dao. In this way, Zhen Wu Dynasty’s actions would enrage Kun Dao as well. 


 In the Northern World of Battles, in the palace of Kun Dao…


  A huge copper tripod was kicked loudly by Kun Dao and broke into two parts. Kun Dao still felt angry. The people on the side were all submissive, afraid of causing unpleasantness. The atmosphere in the hall was extremely solemn.

  Zhan Ling Yan stood aside and said nothing, but he was very worried. Lin Feng had made it clear that he was going to wipe out the Spiritual Warriors Clan. They had run into each other several times, but Lin Feng didn’t take any action back then. Now the Eight Corners was fully equipped, so it was time for him to aim at the Spiritual Warriors Clan.

  Kun Dao was very angry at the moment. It was understandable that Lin Feng wanted to kill the Spiritual Warriors Clan. After all, this was a grudge that had accumulated for several years. But it was unrelated to the Zhen Wu Dynasty. How could the Zhen Wu Dynasty send cultivators to help Lin Feng? Just because of the unclear relationship between Lin Feng and Nian Ling Jiao?

“Ancestor Tai, that old man. He must be determined to ally with Lin Feng!” Zhan Ling Yan was furious and clenched his fists. His fingernails were cutting deeply into his palms, and his blood flowed.

“I heard about the relationship between Ancestor Tai and Lin Feng, but it’s hard to believe. But this time, it’s a crisis for the Spiritual Warriors Clan and even for the World Dragon Clan.”

“I don’t believe that Lin Feng will stop after killing the Spiritual Warriors Clan. The grudge between him and our World Dragon Clan is no less than that between him and the Spiritual Warriors Clan. Now the Eight Corners has accepted the Yi Clans. Given the Yi Clans’ temper, they will definitely avenge their people.”

“In order to obtain the Yi Clans’ loyalty, Lin Feng will surely help the Yi Clans destroy our World Dragon Clan. So, now it’s not only your Spiritual Warriors Clan’s business, but it’s also our World Dragon Clan’s business!” Jie Xuan declared in a deep voice. His face was full of prudent and complex expressions.

  But after hearing this, Zhan Ling Yan grew furious. He pointed at Jie Xuan and roared, “How dare you mention that? If your World Dragon Clan had not been cowards, how could our Spiritual Warriors Clan have lost so many powerful people? Perhaps Lin Feng would be dead by now!

“Now what do you mean? Jie Xuan, do you really think I’m stupid?” Zhan Ling Yan was extremely angry. Back then, if the World Dragon Clan had continued to fight against Lin Feng together with the Spiritual Warriors Clan, they would not be so worried now. In the end, it was all because of World Dragon Clan’s incompetence and weakness.

  Jie Xuan was embarrassed and ashamed. That was indeed the biggest mistake their World Dragon Clan had ever made, and it had caused the Spiritual Warriors Clan to suffer much greater damage than World Dragon Clan did. At the same time, the Spiritual Warriors Clan had also lost two major elders of the Lü Jie Tang. There were ten elders in Spiritual Warriors Clan’s . Each of them was a Holy Godly Ancestor.

  However, after that encirclement and suppression, the most senior elder Zhan Gan and third elder Zhan Han had both surrendered to Lin Feng!

“It’s our World Dragon Clan’s fault. I apologize.” Jie Xuan bowed and clenched his fists slightly, as an apology to Zhan Ling Yan. 

But Zhan Ling Yan still pointed at Jie Xuan angrily and roared, “That’s it? Do you know…”

“Enough! Where’s all this bullshit from?” At the demanding shout from Kun Dao, Zhan Ling Yan immediately stopped arguing and dared not talk any more. Jie Xuan’s expression remained unchanged, but he was sneering in his heart. He deserved it!

“No one can change what Lin Feng wants to do. Since he wants to kill the Spiritual Warriors Clan, we will save it!” Kun Dao clenched his fists and made the final decision. His eyes were extremely cold.

“Heh heh, do you really think that only he has the Ancient Overlord as a final card, but I don’t?” Kun Dao smiled coldly, but Jie Xuan and the Spiritual Warriors Clan behind him were very happy, so they all came together.

“What do you mean?” Zhan Ling Yan asked tentatively, but Kun Dao just stared at him. Zhan Ling Yan touched his nose awkwardly and dared not ask again. Jie Xuan sneered at him again.

“This is a game of extermination and salvation. Who can win the game depends on their own abilities!” Kun Dao squinted and looked out the window at the sunrise with a smile.

  After Zhan Ling Yan and Jie Xuan left, Kun Dao finally lost his steadiness and became impatient. He paced around the room. He had sent out letters, but there was no response from the other side. Was it really that difficult to invite an Ancient Overlord?

 Lin Feng had met two Ancient Overlords by chance, but he, why did he have to beg for another to come?

“If the Ancient Overlord still does not appear, should we give up the Spiritual Warriors Clan this time?” Kun Dao had a complex expression. He was unwilling to give up the Spiritual Warriors Clan. Once he had given them up, it was like slapping his mouth. But if he didn’t let go, he might not be able to defend against the attack of so many strong cultivators from the Eight Corners, let alone those from the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

” Ancient Overlord, please don’t let me down!” Kun Dao murmured, and his eyes became extremely complicated.

“Heh heh, it seems that the Lord Ancestor of the North has no confidence in me?”

  Just as Kun Dao finished his words, a sneer came from the outside, and then a dark shadow appeared in the hall. The door of the hall was still intact, and there was no sign of it opening.

 Kun Dao’s expression chilled. His halls were all set up with formations. No one could open them, except himself.

  If someone didn’t walk through the door, he could not get in at all, but this person could get in and out freely?

“You’re here!” Kun Dao’s expression was ecstatic. Without any doubt, he took the initiative to grip the old man’s arm.

  The old man was dressed in a simple blue robe. His white robe was long, but rolled up. His face was like a crown of jade, with some wrinkles. His eyes were as deep as a pool of water, but there were also waves. His mouth was slightly hung with a hint of fun, but there was no sign of frivolity.

  This was the Ancient Overlord invited by Kun Dao, Ancestor Tian Qi!

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