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Chapter 1471 – Not Qualified


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“Recently, I’m a little unsettled, Lin Feng. Have you taken any action recently?” They were in Yi San Ren’s room, where Lin Feng sat respectfully and listened to his instruction. But at this moment, the old man was uneasy, without any reason.

“Yes, sir, I have spread the news. At noon today, we will kill the Spiritual Warriors Clan!” Lin Feng slightly frowned and nodded, looking at the Old Mentor.

The Old Mentor frowned a little. Some were surprised that Lin Feng would decide to kill the Spiritual Warriors Clan so quickly. The Spiritual Warriors Clan was a clan with a long history, and not just anyone could destroy it. Moreover, there was the support of the Overlord’s cultivators. An ordinary force would not provoke them easily.

  Lin Feng was so arrogant this time that he wanted to kill them directly. Yi San Ren didn’t doubt the strength of Lin Feng and the Region of Eight Corners. They had destroyed the Jun Hall; it was not difficult to kill the Spiritual Warriors clan. 

“What’s the trouble?” The Old Mentor was still concerned about his little apprentice and couldn’t help asking.

“The trouble is that the Ancestor of the North, Kun Dao has announced in public that the Spiritual Warriors Clan will become his subordinate clan, just like the World Dragon Clan!” Although Lin Feng claimed it was a problem, he didn’t have any signs of fear or anxiety at all.

  The Ancestor of the North Kun Dao was not regarded as an opponent by anyone. It was only those Overlords in the North who really scared them. As for the Ancestor of the North, any Overlord in the Region of Eight Corners could beat him.

 Lin Feng also looked forward to his first fight with him, and firmly believed that this war would come today!

“What are you waiting for now, now that you have a plan in mind, right?” A group of people asked Lin Feng in surprise. Since they were all ready, why should they delay? They were a little confused.

“Because I’m waiting for friends from the Zhen Wu Dynasty!” Lin Feng couldn’t help laughing. After hearing this, the crowd also couldn’t help laughing. 

Lin Feng shook his head with a wry smile. Lin Feng was blessed by misfortune. He was locked in the dungeon of the Zhen Wu Dynasty by Dong Fang Yu Qing, and then unexpectedly became the Bodhisattva of the Zhen Wu Dynasty. Moreover, he killed Dong Fang Yu Qing!

Dong Fang Yu Qing was the Overlord ranked forty-third on the List of the World of Battle. Although there were many powerful people now and Dong Fang Yu Qing might not place on the new List, it showed that Lin Feng was qualified to compete for Overlord!

“The time for updating the List of the World of Battle has been set for January of next year. It will last for three years before a substantial adjustment!

“Your elder martial brother is at the helm. I will assist him, as well as Ancestor Ta. We three will be responsible for recording. In this way, chaos will be avoided, and prevent some people from manipulating events.”


  Lin Feng continued to sit and listen to this group talk about updating the list. At last, Lin Feng was disturbed by Zi Jing Xiao outside.

“Master, I’m going.” Lin Feng got up and bowed with a clasped fist, turned around and shook his robe, leaving the room directly. Soon he went down the mountain with Zi Jing Xiao and returned to the center of Man Region.

  At this moment, a hundred soldiers from the Law Enforcement Army, led by Lu Zhan were all in place. These hundred Law Enforcement soldiers were all Holy Godly Ancestors, but their fighting power was slightly inferior to other Holy Godly Ancestors. It had a lot to do with being corroded by secular power.

“Your Bodhisattva!” Lu Zhan knelt on one knee, solemn and fervent at the same time.

“Our Bodhisattva!”

“Our Bodhisattva!”


There were countless orderly crumps between armor and the ground, a mighty wave of sound. The people looking on could not bear the big bump sound wave. This kind of aura was really terrible. After all, it was made by a hundred Holy Godly Ancestors!

  The cultivators and geniuses of the Region of Eight Corners were excited. They were not excited at the arrival of Law Enforcement armies, but for Lin Feng’s influence. He was their leader, he was the backbone of the Region of Eight Corners. He was Lin Feng!

  One order, one hundred echoes!

“The Law Enforcement soldiers will be led by Lu Zhan. Where are cultivators of the Region of Eight Corners?” Lin Feng’s left hand waved out, and his Godly Battle Sword was clasped in his hand. The blood-red sword was shining, and his killing intent was growing stronger, making many powerful people in the Region of Eight Corners tremble silently.

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

  Their response was uniform. Although there were only forty-some people, it was not any worse than the Law Enforcement soldiers. Maybe they were irritated by the Law Enforcement armies, or maybe they were aroused by the strength of Lin Feng.

  Forty Holy Godly Ancestors were cultivated in the Region of Eight Corners, and this did not include ten Holy Godly Ancestors of the Ancestor Ant Clan, nor the Holy Godly Ancestors of Phoenix battle world. They were the most talented and strongest members of the Region of Eight Corners.

  Lin Feng nodded in satisfaction, and then looked to Ancestor Ta and Ancestor Earth, who were standing on the high ground. The Old Mentor wasn’t coming, but Ancestor Ta loved to have fun, and Ancestor Earth had a feud with Ancestor Kun Dao. It was impossible to let go of such an opportunity.

“Okay, go!”

  A thunderclap roar broke the peace and quiet of the Region of Eight Corners. The spies who were lurking around also left quietly at this moment and went back to report to their masters.

  Lin Feng leapt into the air and ascended to the front of the army. Behind him were more than one hundred great Holy Godly Ancestors and Earthly Godly Ancestors. 

  This was only sixty percent of the power of the Region of Eight Corners, the other forty percent were responsible for guarding the Region of Eight Corners and the Mo Forest. There were also two potential Earthly Godly Ancestors, Shi Yu and Song Qiu Jiu.

Shi Yu was about to break through. Ancestor Shi had come here to inform him personally. Lin Feng was very happy. Song Qiu Jiu still had no news, but Lin Feng was very clear that it would come soon.

“I want everyone in the Region of Eight Corners to bear a glory that belongs to the Region of Eight Corners. I want every strong person in the Region of Eight Corners to be able to walk all over the World of Battle. I want every strong person in the World to respect my Region of Eight Corners!”

  Looking back at so many strong cultivators Lin Feng felt deeply proud. A boiling desire for battle started to heat up his blood. His Ancestor’s Body roused a golden light wave. The Kirin aura was stronger, and the Buddhist power flowed beneath it.

  Since sharing the consciousness of the Demon Kirin, his Ancestral Body had been drawing out the strength of the Blood of Dragon and Phoenix and integrating it with the blood of the Kirin. In this way, his Ancestral Body had become even more powerful. Lin Feng thought that even if he didn’t fight, he would not be hurt or wounded if he let five Holy Godly Ancestors attack with all their strength.

  This was the power of his Ancestral Body!


  The Region was not far from the border with the Northern territory. Within two hours, they entered the territory of the North. All the Northern cultivators felt the dark cloud pressing down on them. The dark cloud felt like it could destroy the city, making many cultivators tremble.

  The sky was covered by the cloud of Godly Ancestors. None of them were Godly Emperors. That was the truly frightening fact!

  Everywhere they went they were preceded by a terrifying aura. The effects spread out for thousands of miles around them. The Godly Battle Sword in Lin Feng’s hand seemed to penetrate for thousands of miles, as if it wanted to split the sun in two.

Ancestor of the North Kun Dao had prepared for this. When Lin Feng led his forces to rush forward, the Northern Army led by Kun Dao surged out to meet them.


  The two forces didn’t collide, but the vigorous Qi smashed together. The impact made eardrums bleed and blood vessels boil. Some weak people trying to spectate bled directly to death.

“Holy shit, why are you all still here, are you waiting to be killed?” A weaker cultivator scouting things out found the situation worse than he had thought, and was going to flee. He would rather not gain any news than be killed.

“Want to go? Stay!” Ancestor of the North Kun Dao just wanted to find someone to vent his anger on. Seeing the watcher fleeing, he wanted to kill the man to vent his anger. He struck out with a palm full of evil black light. 

When the scout saw Kun Dao’s killing palm, he paled, and closed his eyes in despair.


  There was a violent collision, but the man didn’t feel any pain. He opened his eyes and saw Lin Feng in front of him, holding back Kun Dao’s palm with one hand. The terrible shockwave still hadn’t disappeared, extending for thousands of miles around.

“Humph, this none of your business!” With a cold curse, Kun Dao reluctantly took back his fist and immediately returned to his previous position.

  Lin Feng glanced back at the man. Seeing that the scout hadn’t left, he couldn’t help cursing, “Why are you here still? Are you keen to be killed? “

“Oh, thank you my lord Lin, thank you my lord Lin!” The man just came back to his senses, and hurriedly fled far away, soon disappearing.

  Although this entire episode meant nothing, it made the surrounding atmosphere more intense and the killing intent much stronger, as if everyone’s heart had sensed a sharp dagger ready to be driven in at any moment.

  Lin Feng returned to his forces. The Law Enforcement Army of the Zhen Wu Dynasty and the powerful people of the Region of Eight Corners stared at the Ancestor of the North Kun Dao. 

  The Ancestor of the North Kun Dao waved, and Jie Xuan and Zhan Ling Yan both came up, and actively raising their fists to greet Lin Feng. “Lord Lin, haven’t seen you for a long time, everything going well?”

“I’m fine, but you may not be!” Lin Feng’s expression remained the same, his tone a little cold. Such a decisive attitude made their faces change again. It was almost certain that there was no other way to compromise here.

“Since we may not be, then not indeed!” the Ancestor of the North Kun Dao chuckled and waved. Zhan Ling Yan and Jie Xuan retreated. 

  When Lin Feng saw this, he couldn’t help sneering, “Two Overlords on the List of the World of Battle have become your hired thugs. Tut, so sad, so sad!”

“Lin Feng, you fucking…” Zhan Ling Yan’s face was furious. He clenched his fist and was ready to rush out. However, he was stopped by Jie Xuan first, who shook his head at him, telling him not to be reckless.

 Zhan Ling Yan breathed deeply and retreated reluctantly.

“Ha ha, don’t stop him! Zhan Ling Yan, you are so disdainful of me. Why don’t we have a fight?” Lin Feng grinned, his smile brilliant, looking straight at Zhan Ling Yan.

 Zhan Ling Yan’s face suddenly changed with sudden fright. Fighting Lin Feng equaled looking for death!

The Ancestor of the North Kun Dao could not bear it anymore, so he shouted, “Lin Feng, in my territory, you are not allowed to speak so arrogantly, are you?” He wanted to eliminate Lin Feng’s arrogance!

“No matter whose territory it is, no one is entitled to ask me not to speak!” Lin Feng retorted, not giving any respect to Kun Dao.

  The atmosphere grew even more taut, as if thousands of arrows were ready to shoot at any time. The scene was frightening, and their aura was even more frightening.

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