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Chapter 1472 – Lin Feng vs Kun Dao!


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“Ha ha! So there seems to be no other solution to our relationship, my junior fellow apprentice?” Kun Dao stared at Lin Feng coldly. He didn’t want to fight with Lin Feng. After all, it was unnecessary. In addition, Lin Feng’s strength was growing day by day. If he couldn’t defeat Li Feng with only one fight, so be it!

  Kun Dao regretted not going to the Region of the Eight Corners to kill Lin Feng. At least his odds had been better then. Instead, Lin Feng was more formidable now. It made Kun Dao very regretful. He didn’t know how to deal with this.

  At that time he had not paid any attention to Lin Feng. After all, he was too weak back then…

“I’m sorry, according to the seniority rules, you should not call me junior fellow apprentice now, !” Lin Feng said cruelly, glancing at the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points again. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Point also laughed coldly.

Hearing the words, Kun Dao suddenly burned with anger, and he could not help asking in a cold voice, “Do you mean the Old Mentor accepted you as an apprentice?”

“It could be true, but so what? It has nothing to do with you!” shot back the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Point, staring coldly at Kun Dao. Kun Dao was no longer his apprentice, so it was unnecessary to act friendly with him.

  Kun Dao’s eyes grew colder and colder. He really couldn’t understand why everyone gathered around Lin Feng. What was good about Lin Feng? 

   Why did the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Point dislike him? Was it the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points who was sorry in the first place? Or was it that Kun Dao who had deceived his master and nearly killed him before the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Point admitted his mistake?

  Nothing could happen by itself. There must be a fuse. It was a pity that Lin Feng trusted the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Point’s words. As for Kun Dao’s words, even if they were spoken, they could only be a joke, so Kun Dao wouldn’t say them himself.

“Zhan Ling Yan, what? Dare not fight against me?” Lin Feng ignored Kun Dao, but looked at Zhan Ling Yan behind Kun Dao with a cruel smile. Zhan Ling Yan’s face was also sullen, but he was afraid to speak up.

“Lin Feng, you know that Zhan Ling Yan can’t beat you now. Why are you humiliating him?” Kun Dao took a step forward and stopped in front of Zhan Ling Yan, berating Lin Feng coldly. Since he had decided to protect the Spiritual Warriors Clan and the World Dragon Clan, he won’t let Lin Feng hurt Zhan Ling Yan.

“Is that right? He is an Overlord. I’m just an Earthly Godly Ancestor. How could I beat him? How can you raise my ambition and destroy the prestige of your own people?” Lin Feng heard Kun Dao’s angry words, but he just smiled and didn’t pay attention to it.

  Zhan Ling Yan was angry, but he was even more scared. He didn’t know how powerful Lin Feng was at this time, but Lin Feng had to be more powerful than him!

  Lin Feng did this only to humiliate me, Zhan Ling Yan thought silently, but he still did not dare to fight.

  When Lin Feng saw that, he waved his hands dismissively. He thought it was boring. The Spiritual Warriors Clan didn’t dare fight, so his plan had failed. He had to work out a new way.

“Kun Dao, you also know the purpose of my coming today. Let’s just come to the point. I want to destroy the Spiritual Warriors Clan!” Lin Feng frowned, no longer wasting any time, and said the purpose of his coming directly, which everybody knew. It was the first time he said it directly.

  Kun Dao’s face was gloomy and his face cold, but his heart was enraged. He couldn’t stand being provoked. After all, he was the Ancestor of the North. If he continued to be bullied by Lin Feng, it would be a big joke!

“Don’t talk nonsense. You and I will fight one battle. If you win, you can deal with the Spiritual Warriors Clan. If I win, you will let me kill all the people you brought here. How about that?” Kun Dao laughed coldly. He had planned for a long time. It was a very good chance, so he ventured the words.

“Well, I think so, too!”

  However, Lin Feng was not afraid at all. Instead, he looked at Kun Dao with a bright smile. He looked like he was bound to win, which confused Kun Dao.

“Are you joking?” Kun Dao shouted coldly, and then looked around at the many cultivators behind Lin Feng. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Point and Ancestor Ta behind Lin Feng had strength which was no worse than him, but Lin Feng still had the confidence to win.

“Of course, I’m not joking with you,” Lin Feng still smiled lightly, waving his hand, like he didn’t care at all. Kun Dao’s heart was even colder, but Lin Feng’s words were not trivial, because Lin Feng had such confidence.

  In addition, he also wanted to find the most powerful opponent, and see where his limits were. Although the Ancestor of the North was not listed in the World of Battles, he was still recognized as an Overlord, so this time he would try to fight against an acknowledged Overlord!

Kun Dao waved his hand, turned around, and shouted, “Everyone, retreat one kilometer!” Zhan Ling Yan and others immediately withdrew, leaving space for Lin Feng and Kun Dao.

  Lin Feng nodded slightly, and Ancestor Ta behind him led the many powerful men and quickly withdrew a kilometer. There was no one in the whole area, which was suitable for a large-scale battle.

“If you want to die, then don’t blame me!” Kun Dao scolded him coldly. His silhouette disappeared and appeared in front of Lin Feng’s chest. There were less than two meters between them.

Lin Feng was startled. He didn’t expect Kun Dao to be so fast!

  He dared not be neglectful. Lin Feng’s fists burst out and a thousand kilometers of vigorous Qi followed, straight out along his fists. Even if Kun Dao was so fast, he couldn’t hide from the terrible vigorous Qi of the fists. 

   But he didn’t want to hide from it. Instead, he took the powerful fists straight on.

“You are using this move to test me, Lin Feng. Are you stupid or just too confident?” Kun Dao smiled coldly, then a palm went out, and the other palm also followed closely. There were bursts of evil light in the area. The evil light spread for several kilometers, and blood mists burst out one after another.

  Lin Feng was not slow, either. After dodging several blood mists, he stepped out with one foot. His power was centered on this foot and spread out. This energy was not less than the previous vigorous Qi, spreading out with a few threads of murderous Qi.

  Kun Dao’s face was solemn, and he had no time to humiliate Lin Feng. Although Lin Feng’s move couldn’t hurt him, if he was a little careless, it would lead to an irreparable situation.

  Lin Feng’s repeated moves were faster and almost didn’t give Kun Dao any chance to attack. All of this was designed to find the loopholes and mistakes in Kun Dao’s moves. Unfortunately, this kind of mistake wasn’t there. Every move of Kun Dao could be said to be watertight. After a long time, Lin Feng couldn’t bear it.

  If he mobilized his pure Qi and Ancestral energy to fight intensively on a large scale, Kun Dao couldn’t withstand it. But Kun Dao’s defense was seamless, and Lin Feng couldn’t find any openings, so the battle fell into a stalemate for a while.

  Lin Feng was in a dilemma, but Kun Dao was smiling. It was time to attack!

“Ha ha, are you tired after attacking for so long? Then let me try!” Before Kun Dao’s voice faded, his silhouette had disappeared in front of Lin Feng. As soon as Lin Feng’s brows tightened, he felt Kun Dao appear behind him. Lin Feng’s face changed quickly, and he dared not be slow. His fists flashed out behind him, and his domineering fists rolled in waves, which made the vigorous Qi burst out.

  However, Kun Dao obviously had more time to prepare. His legs had more power than Lin Feng’s domineering fists. In this case, Lin Feng only felt the sharp pain in his arms, and pain in his chest tearing him apart. He retreated continuously.

  It didn’t matter if he didn’t retreat. Once he stepped back, Kun Dao’s smile became more and more brilliant, and his eyes flashed with blood cold light like daggers. They flashed in the cold wind and snow, and an indescribable killing intent came forth.

  Lin Feng retreated for hundreds of meters and stopped, but Kun Dao’s attack started again. It was no weaker than his previous attack. As for how strong it was, it was only after the fight that they could appreciate it.

“It’s not good. He’s at a disadvantage just after the beginning of the fight. How will he fight back?” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points shook his head and looked confused. He should have stopped Lin Feng. With his current strength, no one could be sure if Lin Feng could beat Kun Dao or not. 

 Kun Dao’s strength was not any less than the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. That was to say, Kun Dao had a chance to enter the top fifteen on the List of the World of Battles. If Lin Feng wanted to win, he had to risk his life!

  The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points also didn’t know how much strength Lin Feng had, and he had never seen Lin Feng go all out. He wanted to see how much strength Lin Feng would show. Once he was defeated, he and Ancestor Ta would save Lin Feng and eliminate the Spiritual Warriors Clan.

  Since they had more powerful people, why did they need to be afraid of Kun Dao?

  The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was full of worries, but Ancestor Ta didn’t say a word from the beginning to the end, just staring at the battlefield in front of him silently, occasionally frowning.

  The battle was still going on, and the situation seemed to be more and more clear. Lin Feng seemed to be unable to fight against Kun Dao. Every move of Kun Dao grew more and more vicious. He was attacking every key part of Lin Feng. His face, chest, abdomen, and even Dantian were assaulted. Although Lin Feng dodged quickly, it was not the best way to continue.

  As time went by, the trend of victory was becoming more and more obvious. Kun Dao was excited. Now he had a completely free hand. He only wanted Lin Feng to die. There was no more important purpose than killing Lin Feng. Once Lin Feng died, he would have no worries!

  Therefore, he was more and more ruthless as he attacked. When Lin Feng made a mistake, he would die!

  Lin Feng was clenching his teeth and sweating. It was more and more difficult to fight right now. This kind of pressure was growing more and more intense, and more and more terrifying. Now, his shoulders, ribs and abdomen were all in pain.

  But Lin Feng still insisted. Hold on, wait, it will be better soon!

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