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Chapter 1473 – Turn the Tide


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“Hum, Lin Feng, if you admit failure, I can leave you a whole body!” Kun Dao’s face was extremely cold, and his voice was full of ridicule and contempt. He always had a kind of confidence from the bottom of his heart. As he fought, he was sure that this confidence was the way to win.

Lin Feng was under more and more pressure. It was obvious that he could not bear the situation. Many powerful people in the Region of the Eight Corners wanted to help Lin Feng, but Ancestor Ta stopped them. Ancestor Ta didn’t make a sound. Instead of worrying about Lin Feng’s safety, he wanted to see what Lin Feng was up to.

The present situation was almost certain…

“Not necessarily, ha ha! Kun Dao, do you really think that I am suppressed by you and have no rebound power?”

At this moment, Lin Feng also smiled, with a brilliant radiance around his mouth and cold eyes. After Kun Dao saw it, his face couldn’t help changing, and a bad feeling rose in his heart.

“You…” As soon as Kun Dao spoke, he saw Lin Feng’s whole body suddenly burst out with golden radiance. This radiance not only had the Buddhaist light, but also had the unimaginable power of the Kirin. Although this power of Kirin had a hint of magical attributes, it added holy power under the protection of Buddha’s light.

“Thank you for your constant attacks and giving me the time to organize a reply. Kun Dao, since you are so confident, try the meal I prepared for you!” Lin Feng laughed coldly. Even as he waved his arms, the glory of the moment swept for thousands of miles around him. The strong cultivators of both sides retreated several more kilometers, and were still affected.

This golden energy was like a shockwave, except faster. It was like a hot sun, covering the land and sky in an instant. There was no time to prepare. As it converged over thousands of miles, Kun Dao was attacked.

Lin Feng put ninety percent of this glorious power on Kun Dao, and made a big impact, just like golden thunder in the sky, hitting Kun Dao heavily.

Kun Dao’s white robes were torn in countless places, and split apart. His face was full of embarrassment, which no one had ever seen before. Often advantages and disadvantages were only in one’s mind.

“If you are too optimistic, you will always be sad!” Lin Feng sneered coldly, clenched his fists, and the terrible golden light burst out again. 

 Kun Dao was fully prepared, and was no longer in such a mess as he was at the beginning. However, even so, Kun Dao found it very hard to manage the brilliance. He used the evil spirit to weaken it down, in addition to the physical strength he had used to press Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was pressured by Kun Dao’s strength, but he had saved a lot of his vitality and physical strength, so at this moment he burst on the attack, enough for Kun Dao to ‘enjoy for a while’.

“Do you think you can win this way?” Kun Dao tied his hair, and then took out a tunic as fast as he could to put on. His aura slowly stabilized, and he looked at Lin Feng with murderous intent.

He had no more illusions about Lin Feng at this moment. Killing Lin Feng was his only purpose. The more Kun Dao thought about it, the tighter his fist was and the more sinister his face was.

“Of course not. I just wanted to prove to you that if you want to defeat me so easily, it’s your imagination!” Lin Feng didn’t care to curl his mouth and smile. He stared at Kun Dao with a cruel expression.

Kun Dao breathed deeply. There was no mistake in Lin Feng’s words. Indeed, it was impossible to rely on one side’s fantasies to win. Lin Feng was really strong. To a certain extent, Kun Dao could not easily defeat him. If he didn’t use his trumps well, he might lose!

Kun Dao could not let that happen, so he must fight for victory with all his strength, even if he paid a tragic price. Once he lost, the Spiritual Warriors Clan would be killed by Lin Feng. That would be a disgrace. Once it got out that the Ancestor of the North defied him in person, and Lin Feng still killed the Spiritual Warriors Clan?

Such a joke, he could not bear it, could not let him live, so killing Lin Feng was everything!

“Evil reverence comes to purify the world!” Kun Dao clenched his fists and put them on his chest. Evil bloody light radiated out instantly. This evil light was like a blood-colored sword, fast and hard to catch.

In an instant, the rapid condensation of bloody light replaced Lin Feng’s Buddhist light. The atmosphere of both the sky and the earth became solemn and even a little creepy. Blood red dyed every space red, every inch of the land red. At this moment, there was no other color in the world, only the bloody light, scattering the Buddhist light. 

Even Ancestor Ta and others were frowning; it was really hard to deal with. Kun Dao deserved to be the new Ancestor of the North. Although he hadn’t entered the List of the World of Battles, and had been recognized as an Overlord by the whole World of Battles.

If Lin Feng could break this move, he might find a place in the future List, and not in the top fifty, but the top twenty. With Lin Feng’s current strength, there was no problem being in the top twenty!

Everyone stared at the scene in front of them. They had forgotten that they were in danger, but they didn’t care at all. The clash between Lin Feng and Kun Dao was too shocking. It used to be a golden array, but at present it was a bloody one…

“It’s my Evil Reverence to Purify the World. Lin Feng, if you can break it, I will admit that you are not weaker than me. How about that?” Kun Dao was smiling, and he was very confident. He wasn’t worried that Lin Feng would break this move, because it was impossible.

As the Ancestor of the North, Kun Dao had seen many things over many years. It was impossible for Lin Feng to defeat him!

However, everything was not absolute; to Lin Feng, the same was true!

At the moment, Lin Feng’s brow was really frowning. It was really hard to break such a move. This was one of the most important trumps of Kun Dao, he could be sure of that. Therefore, to break such a move needed not only courage, but also absolute strength and a Godly Tao Skill as support.

However, the Three Heavy Waves of Fire and Ice of his Godly Tao Skill were obviously not going to have any effect on the Purification of the World. The only thing which could break the bloody sky was Emperor Yan’s Scripture. However, Emperor Yan’s Scripture was his most important card. Once exposed, it might be difficult to use it against others later.

“Don’t use the Emperor Yan’s Scripture, my cold air is enough to break the World of Purification!”

As Lin Feng was deep in thought, the voice of the Ice Spirit in his Spiritual World came out, still ethereal and beautiful, but without any emotion. Lin Feng listened as a cold power went straight to his mind.

The Ice Spirit and the Fire Spirit had changed. Before, they might have had more emotions. However, since the last event, they suddenly became very indifferent and no longer had any emotions, especially for themselves.

Lin Feng didn’t know what happened, but it was okay.

“How can your cold air break through his Purification?” Lin Feng asked the Ice Spirit curiously, waiting for her answer.

“You don’t have to ask, take it!” The Ice Spirit did not want to talk with Lin Feng more at this moment, disappearing back into his Spiritual World.

Lin Feng took back his divine sense, looked at the cold power, and smiled at the corner of his mouth. Maybe in Kun Dao’s eyes, he really could not break the bloody Purification of the World, right? That was why he was brave enough to let Lin Feng try to!

He wondered how Kun Dao would react when he really broke it…

“Ice and snow!” Lin Feng’s face was very plain as he said the words coldly. His voice was not loud, but Kun Dao could hear them clearly.

Kun Dao was shocked, looking at Lin Feng in surprise. How could Lin Feng use ice cold Qi? There was something wrong about this, but when he thought about his Purification, he was back to normal again.

Lin Feng didn’t care what Kun Dao thought. In a word, as soon as the aura of the ice and snow came out, whether it was the sky or the earth, it was frozen by the cold air. Even the bloody light was no exception. The blood light was completely frozen and became a blood-colored icicle.

Kun Dao’s face finally changed. He had been full of confidence, but now he was worried about his body and mind. He wanted to kill Lin Feng at once, so his Purification would not be broken.

But it was still too late. His confidence and self-confidence had led to failure again and again. They would inevitably spread out, and would certainly become the laughingstock of the World of Battles.

For thousands of miles around the earth and in the sky, the bloody light had frozen into bloody icicles. Lin Feng manipulated the icy air and froze the heaven and the earth into ten thousand feet of ice. It was cold and full of white fog.

Not only that, Lin Feng was able to mobilize every bloody icicle, which surprised him a little. Since that was the case, these bloody spears of light should also be returned to Kun Dao!

“Kun Dao, these I return to you!” With a cold smile and a wave of his robe, Lin Feng sent out all the bloody icicles at one time.. Even Lin Feng could only see a little.

Kun Dao’s face changed greatly. He finally understood what it meant to lift a stone and hit his own foot!

“Hateful, it can break my Purification! Lin Feng, you really have strength!” Kun Dao roared, but unexpectedly an icicle rushed over and landed on his rib. With a bang, the icicle broke, but he also broke a rib!

Ever more quickly, the bloody light icicles continuously shot at Kun Dao, and he was not willing to move. Of course, he still had a few trumps he had not used, but he dared not use them now. Once he used them, would Lin Feng have new moves to deal with them?

Kun Dao’s heart was faltering. He dared not continue to fight, but he didn’t want to give up. Although the Spiritual Warriors Clan was nothing, at least Zhan Ling Yan was still an Overlord and had some value.

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