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Chapter 1474 – Exterminate the Spiritual Warriors Clan!


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“Play all your cards. I’ll take them out one by one!” Lin Feng, a brilliant smile on his face, stared at Kun Dao before him. Kun Dao’s eyes were cold, but his heart was extremely complicated. He was ready to give up the Spiritual Warriors Clan. It was unnecessary for him to expose all his trumps in this fight.

Lin Feng’s eyes were bland as he stared at Kun Dao, but he was extremely nervous. If the other continued to use his trumps, he really had no other trumps of his own, except for Emperor Yan’s Scripture. If Kun Dao insisted on fighting, he might still lose in the end!

Lin Feng was very clear on that, but he was confident. After all, Kun Dao was an Overlord and the Ancestor of the North. His strength was not inferior to that of the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. Therefore, Lin Feng did not really have the qualifications to defeat him.

Fortunately, Kun Dao had a suspicious personality, which was also his biggest drawback. After discerning this suspicious character, Lin Feng would not let it go. Lin Feng firmly believed that psychological warfare would definitely make Kun Dao retreat.

Lin Feng was gambling. He believed that he would win no matter how he gambled.

Sure enough, when Lin Feng asked that, Kun Dao’s face fell. More people believed that Lin Feng had enough trumps to deal with him. He didn’t know much about Lin Feng, but he was surprised at the increase in his strength. When he invited Lin Feng to fight at the beginning, Lin Feng didn’t have any doubts, which meant that Lin Feng had confidence in his strength.

After fighting so many exchanges, Lin Feng didn’t lose much power in either close-up attack or Qi attacks; he could not continue to fight this way. Once his last trump was exhausted, it would be dangerous!

He didn’t care about Lin Feng, he couldn’t forget that there were two other Overlords here. Ancestor Ta was even an ancient Overlord! If he and Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points attacked together, Kun Dao would definitely lose.

In order to ensure his own safety, there was no need to take risks for the Spiritual Warriors Clan.

“You and I are tied in this fight!” After a long period of hesitation, Kun Dao finally refused to back down. Of course, this was not what he said in his heart, but he had to do so for the bottom line.

Lin Feng chuckled, and finally he was relieved. He had guessed right! Kun Dao’s suspicious character made it impossible for him to continue to fight, in order to protect his remaining trumps!

“Of course, but that way, you cannot decide the life and death of the Spiritual Warriors Clan!” Lin Feng smiled contemptuously, and then looked at Zhan Ling Yan and the cultivators of the Spiritual Warriors Clan, and at Jie Xuan.

Jie Xuan felt the cold eyes, and his heart sank. He knew that Lin Feng wouldn’t let go of the World Dragon clan, be it because of Lin Feng’s grudges with the World Dragon clan or the grudges of the Ant Clan and Blood Dragon clan. Lin Feng did not say that he would exterminate the World Dragon clan right now, but he didn’t say that he would never exterminate the World Dragon clan in the future.

His sense of crisis was growing more and more serious. Jie Xuan secretly clenched his fist. If Lin Feng wiped out the World Dragon clan one day, then before that, he must send the geniuses of the World Dragon clan out to prepare for revenge in the future.

“Ancestor of the North, you…?” Zhan Ling Yan was frightened and his face paled. Once Kun Dao gave up backing the Spiritual Warriors Clan, how could the Spiritual Warriors Clan withstand the attack and encirclement of so many powerful people?

He was panicking. Suddenly, an Overlord on the List of the World of Battle was useless. Instead, Lin Feng, who was not an Overlord, threatened to kill him. He dared not contradict him!

“Needless to say, I will not interfere in the affairs between you, but…” Kun Dao waved his hand, his expression complex. He looked at the Law Enforcement Army of the Zhen Wu Dynasty behind Lin Feng in the middle of his words. Those one hundred Holy Godly Ancestors frightened him the most.

“I won’t, but you will not let the cultivators of the Zhen Wu Dynasty fight, either. Since it’s your enmity between the Region of the Eight Corners and Spiritual Warriors Clan, naturally no one else should fight! ” Kun Dao’s saying that was the last way to protect the Spiritual Warriors Clan. It would only hold back the cultivators from the Zhen Wu Dynasty. As for the cultivators from the Region of the Eight Corners, whether they could kill the Spiritual Warriors Clan was beyond his control.

This was also the end of his benevolence and righteousness. Kun Dao was very clear about his own situation. Once there was a big problem, he might be removed. What’s more, the Ancestor Tian Qi he had invited today, once he heard it was about Lin Feng, had just turned around and left!

This infuriated him. What did Lin Feng have, to be so afraid of? He couldn’t figure it out, but without the help of Ancestor Tian Qi, Kun Dao could only endure alone.

Kun Dao stepped back and stood with Jie Xuan and Jie Hong Yu Kui. They pushed Zhan Ling Yan out. There was no other choice. They had made decisions after discussing with several other Overlords. Someone must be responsible for this matter, didn’t they?

Seeing the indifference of Kun Dao and the merciless actions of the other Overlords, Zhan Ling Yan’s heart was almost broken. He couldn’t help but laugh at the sky and shed tears.

“Hahaha, good, good The Ancestor of the North, good Kun Dao, I, Zhan Ling Yan, understand now!” Zhan Ling Yan clenched his fists, exhaled deeply, and wiped away the regretful tears from the corner of his eyes. He turned to look at Lin Feng directly, and said in a deep voice, “Lin Feng, I admit that I sent someone to encircle you, and I also admit that I have repeatedly challenged you.

“I also admit that the original ancestor of Stars and Clouds was killed by a powerful cultivator of our Spiritual Warriors Clan. I know all of that!”

“The only thing I ask is… can you let go of the disciples who were not involved in the encirclement and suppression of you and the University of Stars and Clouds?” He was desperate to the extreme. There was no point in seeking out Kun Dao. He had given up Spiritual Warriors Clan strategically.

At present he could only ask for Lin Feng’s mercy. If Lin Feng agreed, he would die in peace. If Lin Feng didn’t agree, then he could only say that the fate of the Spiritual Warriors Clan was that. He couldn’t blame others.

“Alliance leader…” Zhan Han murmured, trying to say something, but he shut up after the two words. He almost forgot that he was not a man of the Spiritual Warriors Clan, but a man of the Region of the Eight Corners, and there was no reason to plead for the Spiritual Warriors Clan.

Lin Feng naturally heard Zhan Han’s voice and hesitated. He also knew what Zhan Han wanted to say, but as for his decision, he could not be irresolute and hesitant.

If they were to encircle the Region of the Eight Corners, would they let the innocent Region of the Eight Corners people go? They might not, would they? Leaving behind clansmen was undoubtedly the seed of future revenge, and they would cause trouble in the future.

In the past, so many examples had made Lin Feng fully understand that he could not be irresolute and hesitant. If he showed a little kindness, he would be doomed!

People could not be too good!

“All the people of the Spiritual Warriors Clan are going to die!” Lin Feng smiled coldly and pointed to all the people. His face was very firm.

Zhan Ling Yan’s heart trembled wildly, and then he smiled. He nodded his head and understood very well. Maybe he would do the same himself. He admired Lin Feng’s ruthless decision, and he had achieved the point of no weakness, even losing his kindness.

“Thank Lin alliance leader! But before we die, could I have a word with Zhan Han?” Zhan Ling Yan smiled bitterly, despairing all over his face, but he had a wish to fulfill before dying.

Lin Feng listened, and could only slightly nod, 

Zhan Han looked at Lin Feng’s complicated eyes, hesitated a little, but walked over slowly to Zhan Ling Yan, then squatted down and looked at Zhan Ling Yan, his former patriarch.

“Elder Zhan Han, your Commandment Hall had never been involved in the affairs of Spiritual Warriors Clan, but only taught us Spiritual Warriors Clan wholeheartedly. I hope you will ask Leader Lin to spare the Commandment Hall!

“I know that the Commandment Hall was a place where you still had the hard work of Zhan Qian and Zhan Man. The ten elders of the Commandment Hall were compassionate, so I beg you to let the elders leave the Commandment Hall!”

“In order to dispel Lin’s doubts, I would like to leave the Commandment Hall to the Region of the Eight Corners domain, okay?” When Zhan Ling Yan said that, Zhan Man’s face changed greatly with three kowtows. He quickly helped him up.

The so-called “dying in the end” was that. This was an example. Although Zhan Ling Yan had done all the bad things and was domineering, he had done a good thing before dying.

Although the Commandment Hall belonged to the Spiritual Warriors Clan, it had never been involved in the affairs of the Spiritual Warriors Clan. As for the encirclement and suppression of Lin Feng, there was no involvement. The Commandment Hall also needed to cultivate resources. Sometimes it had to listen to the orders of Zhan Ling Yan.

Zhan Ling Yan’s request could stir Zhan Han’s heart.

Zhan Han stood up and silently walked over to Lin Feng. He didn’t speak. He just looked at Lin Feng and waited for his answer. He believed that Lin Feng could hear Zhan Ling Yan’s request. He didn’t have to repeat it.

Lin Feng glanced at Zhan Ling Yan, kneeling on the ground in the distance. He had no love for life and death, but Zhan Han was full of hope. He also hoped that Lin Feng could be merciful and let go of their martial brothers in the Commandment Hall.

Lin Feng hesitated, but he could only sigh when he looked at Zhan Han, and remembered Zhan Qian, who died for his little son Lin Zu.

“Very well. In the face of Zhan Qian and Zhan Han, I will not kill the people of the Commandment Hall, but they must sign a blood oath with me!”

“I agree on their behalf!” Zhan Han’s face was overjoyed, but Lin Feng didn’t say anything, so he took the initiative to answer the question. It didn’t matter. As long as his martial brothers in the Commandment Hall didn’t die, it was enough.

Lin Feng nodded slightly, then turned around. His robe moved with the wind, and his hair blew back. His eyes were carved with the same cold as a blade, and there was killing intent in them.


With a word, when his hand was waved out, all that could be left was the blood and corpses on the ground. Zhan Ling Yan’s heart would never be reconciled and was regretful, but his heart would never move again.


Time flew by. When the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points killed Zhan Ling Yan, he broke their spirit, and rushed to the other cultivators of the Spiritual Warriors Clan. This moment was the end of the Spiritual Warriors Clan. Their time had come!

“Let’s go!” Kun Dao waved and turned to leave directly, but no one noticed the ferocity and helplessness in his eyes.

Kui and Jie Xuan looked at each other; they could only leave with a sigh.

Lin Feng had exterminated the Spiritual Warriors Clan. Who would be his next target?

For a while, the atmosphere in the North was solemn. Many people returned to the Northwest with a lively attitude.

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