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Chapter 1475 – A Letter from Tai Qing Gate


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  It was a killing, and a large-scale one. The Ancestor of the North Kun Dao had tried to stop it, but he still failed to protect the Spiritual Warriors Clan. They were unable to avoid their doom.

  In addition to Zhan Ling Yan, more than seven thousand disciples of the Spiritual Warriors clan were killed. As for Zhan Ling Yan, he committed suicide himself. Only the eight elders of the Commandment Hall were saved. Lin Feng let them go for the sake of Zhan Qian and Zhan Han.

  The eight cultivators of the Commandment Hall were not killed, and they also made it clear that thought they would not work for Lin Feng, they would never make trouble for him. They would like to return to the mountains and forests, live idle lives, and never join any other forces.

  With Zhan Han’s full guarantee, Lin Feng was moved with a little compassion and agreed that the eight cultivators could go retire to the mountains… but they must do so in the Region of the Eight Corners in order to ensure that they would not be out Lin Feng‘s sight, and it would be convenient for Zhan Han to meet them.

  They also agreed to this. In this way, the incident was concluded.

 To the people of the World of Battle, it created one sudden shock after another. Lin Feng had just destroyed the Jun Hall a while ago. After less than three months, he also killed the Spiritual Warriors clan, a powerful clan.

  In this way, the cultivators of the whole World of Battle completely changed their attitude towards Lin Feng, the Region of the Eight Corners, and even the Northwest of the World of Battle. More and more clans sent people to be ambassadors. They were willing to establish a stable relationship with Lin Feng, so they would not have much conflict with Lin Feng in their regions.


  Lin Feng led all his people back to the Region of the Eight Corners, so he could deal with these fussy things in person. It seemed trivial, but in fact, it was all about the fate of the whole region. If there were forces willing to establish friendly relations, how could he refuse?

  In this way, Lin Feng established relations with more than three hundred clans of the World of Battle, including the Dragon clan, the Zhen Wu Dynasty, the Tai Qing Gate, and even Ancestor Nü in the Northeast.

  Of course, they did not move or gain much attention from the Demon Clan, Western Buddhists, and Human Clan. These top forces did not disclose too much of themselves, nor did they announce whether they wanted to establish friendly or hostile relations with Lin Feng.

  Lin Feng, however, stayed at a respectful distance from these particularly powerful forces. The Human Clan and the Western Buddhists would not make fools of themselves. In addition, the Demon Clan’s influence was not low. It had the top cultivator in the World of Battles; Lin Feng was not the opponent of the Demon Ancestor.

  But through this battle, he had shown himself. If Kun Dao competed for the rank of the List of the World of Battle, he might not rank higher than twentieth. The strength of the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was estimated to be similar.

  More and more new people would show up. It was estimated that when the List of the World of Battle was updated, there would be a number of new faces on it, possibly a large number. Of course, the top ones would not change. After all, they were the prime movers of the World of Battle. They had no worries in a fight.

  During this period of time, the Region of the Eight Corners was extremely stable. No major event or great events happened. It would remain stable unless the ancient demons arrived to disrupt the whole World of Battle.

  Qing Rong Jiao, the scion of the Dragon and Phoenix blood, had always been with the Blood dragonlings. It seemed that he felt closer to them. Lin Feng was happy to see this scene. In a word, it was not a bad thing for Qing Rong Jiao to stay with the blood dragons.

 Lin Feng continued to comprehend the second level of Emperor Yan’s Scripture in his room. Lin Fen had penetrated the Tao, the second level among the three levels so far, so he had a solid foundation to break through to Earthly Godly Ancestor.

  Lin Feng thought that if he understood the meaning of the second level, he might break through to Heavenly Ancestor? Or was it necessary to continuously comprehend two more levels to break through to Heavenly Ancestor. Lin Feng was not clear about it.


  At this time, there was a knock outside the door, and also the voice of Zi Jin Xiao. “Lin Feng, a letter from the Tai Qing Gate has arrived for you!”

  “Big brother Zi Jin Xiao, come in.” Lin Feng smiled faintly, and let Zi Jin Xiao come in.

  The door opened with a creak. Zi Jin Xiao came in with the letter in his hand and closed the door behind him.

  “It’s a letter written to you by Qing Yu Sheng, the leader of Tai Qing Gate. The disciple who sent the letter said you should open it in person and that there was something important!” Zi Jin Xiao was fully in charge of the Region of the Eight Corners, so naturally this letter also fell into his hands, and he would pass it on to Lin Feng.

“Sit!” Lin Feng nodded and let Zi Jin Xiao be seated. He took the letter and opened it.

“Here…” Lin Feng frowned. There was no handwriting on the letter, only a medicinal flower. What did that mean?

“Are you sure this is the letter from Tai Qing Gate?” Lin Feng turned to look at Zi Jin Xiao and asked again, because it was really difficult to understand the meaning of the letter.

“I’m going to call the disciple of Tai Qing Gate!” Zi Jin Xiao nodded, got up and was ready to call him.

 Lin Feng waved his hands, shook his head and said, “No, I’ll go with you!”

  Lin Feng and Zi Jin Xiao both left the room and went straight to the meeting hall. A young man in a white robe was sitting in the meeting hall. There was some tension on the young man’s face. After all, Lin Feng had just killed the Spiritual Warriors Clan. The fighting spirit in the Region of the Eight Corners was pervasive. As a little disciple, he could not help being nervous.

“It’s him…”

  After Zi Jin Xiao and Lin Feng came in, Zi Jin Xiao pointed to the young man in white in front of him. When the young man saw Lin Feng, his face turned white with fear. He quickly stood up and stepped aside. He lowered his head and dared not speak.

  Lin Feng smiled bitterly and sighed. Was it necessary to be so afraid of him? Lin Feng shook his head and didn’t understand, but he smiled at the young man and said, “Don’t be nervous, I’m just asking a few questions.”

The young man was still a little nervous and stammered, “P-Please ask!” He was a genius in the Tai Qing Gate, but somehow he was afraid of Lin Feng. If the letter was sent back to the Tai Qing Gate as an insult, his vanishing would be laughed off, right?

  Lin Feng shook his head and smiled. Since the other party was so afraid of him, he didn’t have to embarrass the young man. He asked the question directly, “Tell me, this letter was written by Qing Yu Sheng himself?”

“Yes, it was written by the headmaster himself!” the young man nodded quickly, afraid that he would be killed by Lin Feng.

  Lin Feng nodded slightly, and after getting a general idea, he asked, “Did your leader himself ask you to deliver this letter?”

“Yes, yes!”

“Have you seen any changes in the Tai Qing Gate recently?” Lin Feng stared at the young man’s eyes and continued. 

 The young man lowered his head and nodded slightly. “Tes, more geniuses from the lower world arrived recently!”

“Lower world?” Lin Feng’s face suddenly froze when he heard that, and then he showed a trace of excitement. The same was true of Zi Jin Xiao. He and Lin Feng were geniuses from the Country of Eternity. They had been here nearly two years. Now there were new geniuses in the World of Battle. How could they not be excited?

“How can somebody from the World of Battles go down to meet geniuses? Isn’t there a rule between descents in the World of Battles?” Lin Feng couldn’t understand what was wrong with the World of Battles at this moment, and why they recruited geniuses from the lower world so frequently.

  When the young man saw Lin Feng frown, he thought that Lin Feng was impatient and wanted to kill him. He was so scared he knelt on the ground, shivering and begging for mercy. “No, don’t kill me, I don’t know!” The young man was about to cry, but he dared not.

  Lin Feng and Zi Jin Xiao looked at each other, and then they both smiled bitterly. It seemed that rumors in the World of Battles were not right. How could they think Li Feng was a murderous demon king? Lin Feng was worried. He wondered if other forces in the World of Battle thought the same thing.

  Li Feng had never oppressed people with power, nor thought about killing idly. As for the destroyed Jun Hall and Spiritual Warriors Clan, they deserved it!

Lin Feng frowned and said, “Get up, I won’t kill you!” It was clear that no matter how much he talked with the youth, it would have no effect. His heart had already determined that Lin Feng was a demon who killed people without blinking an eye. No matter what Lin Feng said, he would not believe it.

“Your sect leader gave me this letter. Did he say anything else?” Lin Feng asked the youth again. This time, his tone was dignified, and he would not say any more nonsense.

  The young man trembled all over, and did not dare refuse to answer, “He says for you to come to the Tai Qing Gate at once! Your old friend wants to see you!”

  Sure enough! After listening to the youth’s words, Lin Feng could probably guess some points. He was not completely sure, but he could be sure that there must be some acquaintances in the Tai Qing Gate. Besides Qing Xin Yue, who else could have such a close relationship with the Tai Qing Gate?

  A medicinal flower… it probably represented Yao Yu Yan? Yao Yu Yan was the original name of Qing Xin Yue. Since the World of Battles had been opened again, it was not surprising that Qing Xin Yue would appear in the World of Battles, as a genius of the Country of Eternity.

“Lin Feng, I guess that’s good. It should be…” Zi Jin Xiao was a little excited, just wanting to say his name, but was stopped by Lin Feng. Zi Jin Xiao’s face fell silent, nodded, and didn’t say anything, but looked at the youth. The youth at the moment was so scared he was prostrate on the ground.

“Go back and tell your sect leader that Lin Feng will come!” Zi Jin Xiao shook his head repeatedly. He didn’t want to let the young man to stay so afraid. It was good for everyone to let him go as soon as possible.

“Thank you, thank you!” When the young man heard this, he was very happy. He hurriedly got up and backed out of the meeting hall. He swore that he would never come to the Region of the Eight Corners a second time in his life, and would not dare to see Lin Feng again.

  Lin Feng stared after the young man who had left for a long time, and finally smiled bitterly, and looked at Zi Jin Xiao with a bitter smile.

“Am I that terrible?” Lin Feng murmured to himself.

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