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Chapter 1477 – Going to Tai Qing Gate


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 After a night, Qian Jin Cai Yue finally fell asleep. Looking at the red cheeks of Qian Jin Cai Yue in his arms, Lin Feng’s guilt was finally relieved. For a long time he had been tormenting the girl, and he didn’t know how much loss and despair she had suffered.

“Don’t worry, you can only be my woman in this life!” Saying this, Lin Feng kissed on her cheek, then slowly got off the bed. He covered her with the quilt, then quietly left the boudoir, closing the door.

 Qian Jin Cai Yue couldn’t stop her tears as she lay on the bed, but her face was filled with happiness and satisfaction.

  Lin Feng, who had left Qian Jin Cai Yue’s room, went directly into the meeting hall. There were generally many people gathered here no matter what was going on, in order to prevent anything from happening and going to solve it together. When Lin Feng arrived, the Old Mentor, Ancestor Ta, the Ancestor of Five Cardinal Points, and some Holy Godly Ancestors of the Eight Corners were there, and all looked at Lin Feng with complicated faces.

  When Lin Feng saw this look, he was just a little uneasy, but he didn’t say much. Last night’s incident could be heard by anyone except the deaf, let alone by these powerful experts. It was because he didn’t set up a border, really a mistake.

“Ah, the energy of young people is really enough!” After a long time, a group of people could not help sighing. Their faces were full of envy, but they felt pity because they didn’t have that much energy any more.

“Haha, if you envy him, I will find one for you myself. You can try it!” Ancestor was fanning the flames, not afraid of making things worse.

  Hearing this, Yi San Ren’s face suddenly changed, and he angrily roared, “Fuck off, you old thing, who can’t say good words!”

“Haha, you see, you are angry. Ah, the magnificent four Ancestors are not as good as Yi San Ren of the World of Battles. I think it’s the past!” Ancestor Ta grinned, but his smile faded slowly and his face turned severe. There was a little more bitterness in his heart. The others also looked up and saw Ancestor Ta. The two elders looked at each other and the complexity in their thoughts.

“Lin Feng, aren’t you going to Tai Qing Gate today? Why not?” Zi Jing Xiao felt that the atmosphere in the main hall was a little unnatural. He could not help but change the topic to break the silence in the end.

“I’m going soon, but I hope that Ancestor Ta can come with me.” Lin Feng nodded lightly, then looked aside at Ancestor Ta, whose expression was complicated.

  Hearing this, the face of the Ancestor Ta sharpened. He looked at Lin Feng and asked, “Why do you want me to follow you?”

“Elder, you don’t have to ask about the reason. You go with me. Naturally you will know. Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you.” Lin Feng shook his head. He couldn’t speak the reason. There were so many people here, he couldn’t let them all know the secret of Ancestor Ta.

  Ancestor Ta frowned, as if he had thought of something, but he was still not sure. But he trusted Lin Feng. He had helped Lin Feng so much, and Lin Feng was not ungrateful, so he would not harm him.

“Okay, I’ll go with you.” Ancestor Ta nodded. He got up and walked over beside Lin Feng.

 Lin Feng held his fist tightly and looked at the scattered people and The Ancestor of Five Cardinal Points. He said in a deep voice, “Sir, elder brother, this time I’m going. Maybe when I come back, Ancestor Ta won’t be able to come back. Please forgive me.”

“What? Is Ancestor Ta not coming back?” The Ancestor of Five Cardinal Points’ face suddenly changed. He spoke urgently, but the Old Mentor waved to  not to make such a fuss. He understood why Lin Feng had to take Ancestor Ta with him, and Ancestor Ta himself knew a lot and didn’t need to be reminded.

“Hey, old man, I don’t know when we’ll meet again. Take care all the way!” Yi San Ren tried to smile, but the smile was a little reluctant and bitter. After seeing the smile, Ancestor Ta felt like a knife in his heart. He had a good relationship with the Old Mentor. After living in the Eight Corners, their relationship had been more consolidated. It was really hard to give up this friendship.

“Don’t worry, old man. I’ll come back and continue to jeer at you. How can I not come back?” Both of them laughed, but they were still a little bitter. Ancestor Ta turned around and said to Lin Feng, “Let’s go, let’s go.”

“Master, everyone, farewell.” Lin Feng also turned around and said goodbye to all the people in the Eight Corners once again, stepping on the road to the Southwest.


  In the past few months, he had been to the Southwest World of Battles three times, twice to the Zhen Wu Dynasty. This time was to the Tai Qing Gate, for the sake of a few acquaintances and friends from the lower world.

“Lin Feng, can you tell me now?”

  In the middle of the flight, Ancestor Ta was sitting on the clouds. He couldn’t help but feel uneasy and ask questions.

  Lin Feng nodded slightly and said directly, “Elder, there is a clan named Tacheng in the Southwest World of Battles; the founder of Tacheng is Ta Mu Xuan! This tower… “

“Ta Mu Xuan, Ta Mu Xuan!” Without waiting for Lin Feng to finish speaking, Ancestor Ta fell into deep thought. At this time, his face showed a trace of complexity and pain, as if he was trapped in a dead end and could not be helped by others, so he could only help himself.

  Along the way, Ancestor Ta kept repeating the name of Ta Mu Xuan, while Lin Feng manipulated his Cloud, crossing the border between the Northwest and the West, heading for the Southwest World of Battles.

  Entering the West, Lin Feng felt that his whole body was becoming purer and brighter. He was like a big Buddha in the sky, his whole body covered with the essence of Buddhism.

  While they were moving through the Western Buddha’s region, countless young monks saw Lin Feng at a high altitude, and silently recited prayers with their hands together respectfully. In their eyes, those who could fly in the sky and spread the Buddha’s light all over must be Buddhas too!

  They had practiced all their lives in order to become Buddhas. When they saw a Buddha, they would naturally be respectful.


  There were countless temples and golden Buddhas all over a mountain. Atop the mountain were gathered twelve Ancient Buddhas, thirty-six Buddhas, seventy-two Buddhist Dharma Protectors, and One Thousand Buddha Emperors.

  The Buddha and the Buddha Emperors surrounded a child who was only one and half meters, but this was not a Buddhist child. His golden eyes were full of endless Buddha light and his whole body was covered with an extremely bright Law of Buddha. His every move could change the amount of Buddha’s Qi.

 He was the greatest Buddha on the mountain of Buddha’s Sorrow. He was also the Buddha, Buddha’s Sorrow!

“The inheritor of the Ten Thousand Buddhas’ Dharma, who we chose, has flown over us again. This is the third time he has come to the West and failed to come to us!”

  The Buddha finally spoke. Although he seemed like a child, the sound was steady. A Buddhist clock in the ancient temple sounded, and the sound reflected a holy strength, like petals floating on the sky, or waves in the river.

“Buddha forgive me, benefactor Lin Feng doesn’t want to visit you now. After all, he hasn’t become an Overlord!” one of the twelve ancient Buddhas couldn’t help but explain for Lin Feng. He was the one who taught Lin Feng the Ten Thousand Buddha skill. Twelve Buddhas were among the seventy-two Dharma Protectors.

“Burning Flower Ancient Buddha, didn’t you pass on the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill to him at the beginning, which seems a little too rash?” another Ancient Buddha asked in a faint voice, but his tone was full of a sense of unkindness and blaming.

  When Burning Flower Ancient Buddha heard the words, his face remained unchanged. He repeated “Amitabha!” with his palms together. He said, “Right or wrong, everything has a certain destiny!”

“He has seen Lin Feng. Can you tell me what kind of person Lin Feng is?” The other Ancient Buddha looked at the two children sitting under the seat next to the Buddha, that is, the Buddha children. Of course, they were not children.

“Amitabha, the benefactor has a clear sense of gratitude and resentment. There is no difference between justice and evil in his eyes, only a difference between good and bad.

“In his eyes, there is no difference between the just and the evil. It’s not justice or evil when it’s called justice or evil. In his eyes, people are divided into good and bad. Alas, it’s the highest realm of Buddhism and Taoism!” Fauner’s put his palms together, his face full of admiration.

  Hearing this, the other ancient Buddhas and Buddhist Dharma protectors changed their faces dramatically. One thousand and one Buddha emperors were all showing admiration. He had such a high understanding of Buddhism, which only ancient Buddhas could reach.

“Well, he’s the most suitable benefactor to inherit the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill, not bad!” The Buddha, who had not spoken, finally chuckled and nodded. At this moment, no one dared to contradict him, and they were silent.


After a day, the two finally entered the Southwest. Lin Feng inquired from a passing cultivator before flying to the location of the Tai Qing Gate.

  When they arrived at the Tai Qing Gate, it was evening. The sun had already set. It was not very cold outside. The breeze was mild, but refreshing. Lin Feng and Ancestor Ta both landed on the ground. Ancestor Ta stored away his Cloud, followed Lin Feng, and slowly walked into this magnificent mountain.

  The top of this mountain was the residence of the Tai Qing Gate, also called Tai Qing Mountain. In the past, many people came here to practice, and Tai Qing Gate never stopped them. Those who came to practice were Taoists.

  Over a long period of time, the reputation of Tai Qing Gate had greatly increased in this area. There was no one who didn’t know about it. Of course, compared to the Zhen Wu Dynasty, it was a lot smaller.

  When he arrived at the top of Tai Qing Mountain, Lin Feng saw the palaces and magnificent buildings, but they were not luxurious, holding a hint of ancient spirit. Under this kind of impression, a wide square appeared in front of him.

  The square was surrounded by many halls, layered until they reached the top of the mountain. It was a pavilion, thousands of meters long. It was also the most magnificent building in the Tai Qing Gate.

“Who are you? How dare you break into the Tai Qing Gate without notice?”

  When Lin Feng was looking at the scene in front of him, a row of disciples of the Tai Qing Gate burst out into the square. They were all white robes, holding long swords in their hands, and they were cool and unrestrained.

“Ah? You, it’s you?”

  But just at the moment when all the disciples were magnificently set up, the face of one of them paled, and his sword fell to the ground, shocking everyone.

“What’s the matter?”

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