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Chapter 1478 – Meeting Qing Xin Yue Again

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  Row upon row of disciples were speechless with astonishment. Looking at the disciple in front being scared to this level, they were all shocked.

“He, he is Lin Feng!” the young man in white robes finally cried out loudly, frightening all the disciples.The other disciples’ reactions were almost the same as the young man in white robes. They all looked at Lin Feng fearfully. Although they were holding weapons, no one dared to step forward at this time.

“You, are you really Lin Feng?” one of these disciples asked, trembling and shaking from fear. The atmosphere of near-panic spread quickly. All the disciples of the Tai Qing sect on the square were quavering. For some reason, all the strength they had previously disappeared.

  Lin Feng’s face became serious. If only one disciple of the Tai Qing sect was afraid of him, it was understandable. Moreover, the disciple was within the boundary of the Region of the Eight Corners. It was inevitable that they would be nervous. But Lin Feng had come to the Tai Qing sect. These disciples were still afraid! This was absolutely abnormal…

  There must be someone spreading rumors about him, and the content of the rumors must be that he massacred and slaughtered innocents at will. The rumors must describe him as a ruthless murderer who killed people who incurred his dislike. How could these disciples be so afraid of him if rumors had not been spread out?

“Take me to Qing Yu Sheng!” Lin Feng didn’t speak any unnecessary nonsense, directly yelling at the disciples in front of him. These disciples were scared witless, but one of them still took the initiative and led Lin Feng to the residence of Qing Yu Sheng, neglect Lin Feng.

  Of course, it would be easy to imagine how great the torture the disciple was suffering in his heart along the road to the residence. He was listening to Lin Feng’s footsteps and breathing carefully on the way. He was afraid that if something went wrong, it would make Lin Feng angry.

  Lin Feng felt the young man’s fear and couldn’t help asking, “Why are you so afraid of me?”

“No! I dare not! I dare not!” The young man’s face turned pale, and he shook his head repeatedly. He was afraid of offending Lin Feng. Seeing such behavior, Lin Feng grew even more angry.

  Who in the world spread rumors in the Southwest and made his reputation so bad? Why were all the people so afraid of him?

  Lin Feng was silent the rest of the way. Ancestor Ta followed along. 

  The young man led them to the highest mountain, leading Lin Feng and the Ancestor Ta to the highest chamber. Standing outside the room, the young man took three steps back. He turned to Lin Feng and said cautiously, “This is where our sect leader is. You can go inside.”

“You may leave.” Lin Feng didn’t want this disciple to suffer, which might hurt his advancing in the future.

  The disciple fled down the mountain in ecstasy as soon as he received the command and quickly disappeared. Lin Feng turned around and looked at the Ancestor Ta, who smiled gently and said, “Your notorious reputation is really awesome!”

“Someone must have spread rumors. Otherwise I wouldn’t make them so afraid.” Lin Feng shook his head and walked into the chamber directly, Ancestor Ta following closely.

  The interior decoration of this attic also showed a trace of the ancient style. It was not very extravagant, but there were no extravagant places in the Tai Qing sect, either. The Tai Qing sect was so simple and plain, reflecting the character and conduct of Qing Yu Sheng.

  After passing through the room, they came to a large hall with tables and chairs on both sides. There were various kinds of tea on the table. The tea was still steaming.

  Seeing this, Lin Feng knew that Qing Yu Sheng had predicted his arrival a long time ago, and had prepared all these things in advance. He deserved to be called an Overlord. No one else had the ability to predict this.

At this moment, an old man in a blue robe came out of the back hall. “Alliance Leader Lin comes from afar. Please forgive me for my poor hospitality. Ha ha!” The old man had a brilliant smile on his face. Before he said more, he clasped his fists and made a bow to Lin Feng, his hands folded in front.

  Lin Feng did not dare to neglect his own courtesy. Qing Yu Sheng was the elder, anyway, so he had to be courteous and respectful. Lin Feng also clasped his fists and bowed to Qing Yu Sheng, and then he put down his hands. He watched Qing Yu Sheng walk over to him.

“You’re welcome, elder. We all know the reason why I’m here now, you don’t have to be too courteous.” Lin Feng said the purpose of his coming directly, and warned Qing Yu Sheng that he wouldn’t talk about any other things in advance.

“Ha ha. You speak too seriously and strongly. Have a seat!” How could Qing Yu Sheng not know Lin Feng’s purpose? He wouldn’t talk any nonsense. After Lin Feng sat down, Qing Yu Sheng saw Ancestor Ta beside him, and he felt his tremendous aura. His face gradually became solemn and said, “Who is this elder?”

“The Ancestor Ta. He is an Ancient Overlord!” Lin Feng answered. He clearly stated the origin and background of the Ancestor Ta in a simple way. It immediately shocked Qing Yu Sheng. Qing Yu Sheng widened his eyes and stared, and it was hard for him to calm down for a long time. At the same time, he had heard that there was an Ancient Overlord in the Region of the Eight Corners. It was true, and there was not just one! It must be true…, Qing Yu Sheng thought to himself.

“Please forgive me for being shortsighted. Please don’t mind!” Qing Yu Sheng hurriedly retreated to the side and bowed respectfully, trying to help the Ancestor Ta sit on the central seat. 

Ancestor Ta just waved his hand and said lightly, “You don’t need to do this. Do what you should do. I’m just Lin Feng’s footman this time!”

“Footman?” Qing Yu Sheng repeated, stunned. Then he smiled wryly. It was too easy for Ancestor Ta to say that. A footman? Lin Feng, the genius, had a powerful Ancient Overlord as his footman? If this kind of message was spread out in the world, Lin Feng would be very famous in the World of Battles!

“That’s fine. That’s fine. Just be my guest.” Qing Yu Sheng had a general understanding of the Ancestor Ta’s temper now, and no longer put himself into an awkward situation. After all, his impeccable etiquette had already been displayed.

  Qing Yu Sheng sat in the main seat. Lin Feng sat in the first place on the side of the hall. The Ancestor Ta was standing at the door of the chamber and looking into the distance with his hands behind his back. He didn’t take a seat.

“You don’t have to worry about him, you can talk about this letter.” Lin Feng saw that Qing Yu Sheng was still a little worried about Ancestor Ta. He smiled lightly and took the letter out of his pocket.

  Qing Yu Sheng did a double take when he drew a medicinal flower on the letter. It truly had a special meaning. Lin Feng should have understood it, otherwise he would not have arrived at the Tai Qing sect so quickly.

  The atmosphere in the room was a little quiet. Qing Yu Sheng was rubbing his hands. It seemed that he was worried about something. He didn’t want to speak with Lin Feng about his worries. However, after much consideration, he thought it was better to do so. After all, all the geniuses from the lower world had become the attendants of the Region of the Eight Corners.

  No matter where they were in the World of Battles, they would be humiliated and blocked by the Alliance of Young Geniuses. It was only safe in the Region of the Eight Corners!

“Just half a year ago, the Four Battle Ancestors teamed up again and opened the road between the World of Battles and the Country of Eternity. They selected ten outstanding geniuses in the Country of Eternity, and then brought them to the World of Battles.”

“This time, they chose a place at the foot of a mountain of the Tai Qing sect only dozens of miles away from here to meet and guide the ten geniuses. So, we were the first to hear the news. We also had lost no time to sending cultivators of our sect to select the geniuses!

“Of course, it was not just the Tai Qing sect whoparticipated in the selection of geniuses. The Zhen Wu Dynasty, Tian Dao Yuan, Tian Ji Men, and the Su Family all joined in.”

“In the end, the Tai Qing sect successfully selected four geniuses, two of whom are from the Tai Qing sect in the Country of Eternity. Of course, they are disciples of our own sect. The other is from the Human clan. Another one is a free cultivator.”

“Elder, let’s just come to the point!” Lin Feng frowned slightly. He was impatient after hearing this diversion from Qing Yu Sheng. Qing Yu Sheng should know that he didn’t want to hear this.

  Qing Yu Sheng smiled wryly, nodded, and went on, “Qing Xin Yue, the leader of Tai Qing sect in the Country of Eternity, was selected by us this time. She asked me to draw this medicinal flower on the letter I gave you after she heard that you were in the World of Battles.

“This girl should have a good relationship with you!” Qing Yu Sheng smiled lightly and put the letter on the table, then picked up the tea cup to sip the fresh tea.

  Lin Feng’s heart was a little turbulent and nervous. As expected, Qing Xin Yue came to the World of Battles. Almost two years had passed since then, ten new geniuses had sprung up in the lower world, including Qing Xin Yue!

“Senior, can I…” Lin Feng’s expression was a little complicated, but he still wanted to see these geniuses. However, he broke off in the middle of the sentence. 

Qing Yu Sheng laughed loudly and said, “Ha Ha. I knew you must want to see her! Please invite Qing Xin Yue and the three geniuses from the World of Eternity!” Before his laughter was over, he shouted to the outside of the hall. The disciples carried out the order immediately.

  It didn’t take long. Three men and a woman followed the disciples of Tai Qing sect soon entered the chamber and came into the hall.

  Lin Feng turned around and immediately saw the woman among the four people at a glance. Her pretty little face was snow white, and her cheeks a little red. Her pink lips were slightly pursed, and her long black hair was coiled. Her dress was blue and white, her straight legs visible to everyone.

  After two years, he had met Qing Xin Yue again. The yearning in his heart was magnified to the extreme rapidly.

  Qing Xin Yue also looked at Lin Feng. She had been missing Lin Feng for a long time. Now he had changed so much. He was thinner, and stronger than before. He had also experienced many of the vicissitudes of life. Compared to the handsome fellow from before, he was more sedate and mature now. At this moment, he was a powerful man!

“Um, let me go out first.” Qing Yu Sheng couldn’t bear this strange atmosphere. With a cough, he stood up and led the other three geniuses out. Ancestor Ta also left the room with them.

  The three geniuses were very surprised. They had met the legendary genius, Lin Feng, who also came from the Country of Eternity. They had briefly learned about the World of Battles in recent months. When they learned that almost the whole Northwest of the World of Battles was possessed by Lin Feng, their admiration of him was higher than the mountains and deeper than the seas!

  Of course, they also knew that the relationship between Qing Xin Yue and Lin Feng was not simple. This had been spread around the Country of Eternity, but no one dared to talk about it.

  Now, intuition told them it was true!

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