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Chapter 1480 – Ta Zu Reclaiming his Family

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“Of course, since they are disciples of the Country of Eternity, they can naturally join the Eight Corners. After all, the Eight Corners is their sanctuary!” Lin Feng nodded. Of course, he wanted these geniuses. The Eight Corners had gathered many strong people and had the strength to protect them. In addition, he also needed to gather these geniuses.

   After listening to Lin Feng’s words, Qing Xin Yue’s expression brightened. She had spoken with those geniuses for several times. When they heard Lin Feng’s status in the World of Battles, they looked forward to being in the Eight Corners. At the same time, they also heard that the Alliance of Young Geniuses in the World of Battles were specifically oppressed geniuses of the lower world, all of whom were saved by Lin Feng.

“Brother Lin Feng, how about letting them in, and you can take a good look at them!” Qing Xin Yue had a pure smile on her face. She really hoped that geniuses of the lower world would be well settled, except for herself, who was from Tai Qing Sect. She would surely be a strong competitor for Leader of the Tai Qing Sect in the World of Battles in the future, and would also be cultivated by Tai Qing Sect.

“Yes” Lin Feng nodded, and looked out of the hall. After Qing Xin Yue clapped her hands, three geniuses soon came in from the outside, followed by Qing Yu Sheng and Ta Zu.

“Lord Lin, please don’t mind my hospitality!” After Qing Yu Sheng came into the hall, he quickly admitted his mistake. Now Lin Feng was not just a genius, but the Leader of the Northwest. He was obviously a man that others would not dare provoke.

“No worry. It’s not a big deal!” Lin Feng nodded and didn’t take the matter seriously. He looked at the three geniuses from the World of Battles.

“Where do you all come from?” Lin Feng looked at the three people calmly and asked in a deep voice. After hearing Lin Feng’s question, the three geniuses were all quite excited. They saw the kind of attitude Qing Yu Sheng had shown towards Lin Feng. In their eyes, in recent months, Qing Yu Sheng was a very powerful person, but now they had just realized Lin Feng’s importance and status.

“Lin, Master Lin, I’m a disciple from Tai Qing Sect!” a fellow in a blue shirt stuttered a little, a bit excited and nervous. After hearing that, Lin Feng just laughed it off. He looked at the other two geniuses, who were both young men in black.

“Master Lin, we both practiced on our own!” Compared with the former disciple, the two young men in black looked more casual. They didn’t belong to any group, so they were not so nervous and excited.

“Good, it’s good to be independent.” Lin Feng looked at the two young men in appreciation. It was not easy to not belong to a group, but still cultivate in the World of Battles. It meant that they were brave and talented.

“These three people wanted to join our Tai Qing Sect. Ha ha, of course, if the leader of the alliance wants them, I dare not refuse!” Qing Yu Sheng clearly knew that Lin Feng’s purpose of this trip was not only to meet Qing Xin Yue, but also to graps the geniuses of the Country of Eternity. He dared not prevent them from leaving.

“Is this difficult for you?” Lin Feng looked at Qing Yu Sheng in surprise. 

Qing Yu Sheng’s expression suddenly changed. He quickly waved his hand and said with a smile, “Ha ha, how could it be?”

“Well, that’s good. I hope you don’t mind if I take these three into the Eight Corners.” Lin Feng nodded and let go of the little worry in his heart. The Eight Corners was now strong enough to ignore the second-class force of Tai Qing Sect, but it was also a force, after all. It was not good to rob people from other’s hands.

“Lord Lin, are you leaving now?” Qing Yu Sheng asked in a hurry.

“Of course not. I have something else to do in addition to meeting Qing Xin Yue.” Lin Feng shook his head and put his eyes on Ta Zu, who was a little nervous after he understood what was going on. Of course, he wanted to recover those lost memories, but he had never had the chance. If Lin Feng could help him, it would be great.

“What’s the matter?”

“I’m wondering if senior could find Ta Mu Xuan, the leader of Ta Cheng!” Lin Feng looked at Qing Yu Sheng. His eyes were heavy and his voice was low. It was a big event and the most important thing.

“Of course, but I don’t know…?” Qing Yu Sheng was in doubt. He didn’t know what Lin Feng’s intention was.

“Ta Zu may have something to do with the leader of Ta Cheng!” Lin Feng pointed to Ta Zu beside him solemnly. 

After glancing at Ta Zu, Qing Yu Sheng could not help nodding. He had been secretly looking at this ancient Overlord since he had gone out. Later, he found that Ta Zu and Ta Mu Xuan were more and more alike. They looked almost the same.

  Qing Yu Sheng had also heard that Ta Mu Xuan’s father was an ancient Overlord, but in the later period, he disappeared inexplicably and never appeared again. It had been several hundred thousand years since then.

“I’ll write a letter right away, and I’ll send it immediately.” Qing Yu Sheng dared not delay. He hurriedly went out and told his disciples what to do. If Ta Zu was really a relative of Ta Mu Xuan, then the Southwest would increase its strength. It was even an ancient Overlord! 

This was not a small matter. It did not necessarily help the Tai Qing Sect, but he was happy to help things along.

   Lin Feng sat back in his chair and continued to talk with Qing Xin Yue. When they talked and laughed, Ta Zu seemed a little embarrassed at the side. So were the three geniuses.The four of them left, leaving the two people in the room.


   Time passed slowly. About three hours later, it was early in the morning. Qing Yu Sheng quickly came back in, followed by someone else. It was Ta Mu Xuan, who was dressed in plain clothes and looked very excited. It was obviously what he was looking forward to.

   After seeing Lin Feng, Ta Mu Xuan didn’t have too many polite words. He asked directly, “Lin Feng, where is my father?”

“Ha ha, how do you know that must be your father, senior?” Lin Feng smiled. He saw that Ta Mu Xuan was so confident that this matter was affirmed, but he still wanted to ask it for sure.

“Oh, you boy, stop beating around the bush!” Ta Mu Xuan smiled bitterly. He was in a hurry. How could Lin Feng still want to make fun of him?

   Lin Feng nodded, and he didn’t dare to joke. He looked out of the hall. At this time, Ta Zu came in slowly. Ta Mu Xuan heard the footsteps behind him, turned around suddenly, and then exclaimed, “Father!” 

Ta Mu Xuan was so excited that he knelt in front of Ta Zu with a plop, he couldn’t control himself. He hadn’t seen his father for a very long time. Now, Ta Zu was old, and his hair was grey, but his outline hadn’t changed. It was still the same as before.

“Are you…?” Ta Zu’s face was full of doubts, but seeing someone so similar to himself, his heart beat faster for a while, and his brain was a bit confused. After thinking about everything, his eyes gradually became clearer.

“Xuan Er!” Ta Zu was shocked. All the things before, including his identity and family, as well as the things he had done when he was young, returned vividly to his mind.

   Ta Zu woke up in a flash. Ta Mu Xuan was so excited the Lin Feng and Qing Yu Sheng couldn’t help feeling excited. The father and son finally met again. After several hundred thousand years, the joy of meeting again was beyond anyone’s experience!

“Lin Feng, I’ll return to the Eight Corners in a few days. Now I’m going back to Ta Cheng with my son. I’m sorry!” With a solemn face, Ta Zu turned around and said. Then he led Ta Mu Xuan out and disappeared from the main hall. The two vanished from the Tai Qing Sect.

   Lin Feng smiled a little. He was happy that Ta Zu regained his memory, and he was happy for his good deeds. Qing Yu Sheng also grinned to the side; everyone was happy.

“Well, senior, I should leave, too. The Eight Corners has many things to deal with!” Lin Feng saw that Tai Zu’s issue was solved, and the matter of Qing Xin Yue was over. All the things he worried about were solved, so he needn’t stay here anymore.

   He stood up, bowed to Qing Yu Sheng, and then turned around to look at Qing Xin Yue and said, “You don’t have to be too deep in your thoughts. Some things cannot be forced, let it be!”

“I will remember brother Lin Feng’s words!” Qing Xin Yue nodded, and then sent Lin Feng and the three geniuses out of the hall together with Qing Yu Sheng. They left the square, and all the disciples scattered to both sides. No one dared to come forward.

   When Lin Feng saw this scene, he remembered and asked Qing Yu Sheng, “Senior, why do I have such a bad reputation in your Southwest World of Battles? All the disciples are afraid of me?”

“Er? Since you’ve asked me, I wanted to ask you. Who is not afraid of the fact that you have already spread the news about destroying the Spiritual Warriors Clan?” Qing Yu Sheng replied with a wry smile, and shook his head. This left Lin Feng confused. Was exterminating a clan that terrifying, making people panic?

“Lord Lin, in addition to the fact that World Dragon Clan nearly killed the Ant Clan and Ju Ying Clan, I haven’t heard of anyone who could kill an entire clan! What else do you expect?” Qing Yu Sheng guessed Lin Feng’s thoughts, then couldn’t help laughing.

   When Lin Feng heard this, he laughed and nodded too. It was true that no one else could do anything like destroy a clan as he had, which would naturally cause some notoriety. This was also unavoidable. It would only dissipate with time.

“Xin Yue, senior, goodbye!” Lin Feng stood on the square, said goodbye to Qing Xin Yue and Qing Yu Sheng, and then went straight into the air with the three geniuses, flying north.

   Qing Xin Yue and Qing Yu Sheng watched the four people leave until they disappeared.


   On the way, Lin Feng asked the three geniuses questions from time to time. Some of them were about the Country of Eternity, and they all answered them honestly, not daring to hide anything.

   Time went by bit by bit. They were very close to the Western Buddhist World, but at this time, one of the three geniuses suddenly stared at the top of the mountain below and exclaimed, “Isn’t that Qi Qiang? What are they doing?”

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