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Chapter 1481 – Disbanded Alliance of the Geniuses

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A few people were standing on the top of the mountain below, while some were kneeling. At a glance, Lin Feng saw Su Qing, the patriarch of Alliance of the Young Geniuses in the World of Battle. As for the kneeling people, according to the exclamations of the three geniuses behind, it was not hard to figure out that they were all geniuses from the Kingdom of Eternity.

“It seems that the heart of Alliance of Young Geniuses never learns!” Lin Feng murmured, his eyes suddenly narrowed, and the three geniuses behind him grew anxious when they saw Qi Qiang and others kneeling on the top of the mountain with pale expressions, ugly and full of great anger and despair.

“Master Lin, please help them…” One of the young men in black was worried, and turned around and looked at Lin Feng. The only one who could save the geniuses was Lin Feng.

“You go down, bring them up” Lin Feng didn’t wait for his words ending, he directly waved and indicated him to go down, and suddenly the face of Geniuses in pale changed a little. When he saw Lin Feng’s solemn expression, he was not hesitated anymore and was determined, clenched his fists, feared for nothing.

Flying straight to the top of the mountain from the sky.

Su Qing and several members of Alliance of the Geniuses were ready to humiliate the new Geniuses from the lower world. During this period, the Alliance of Young Geniuses had been keeping a low profile. Both the Leader of the Alliance and the Vice Leader of the Alliance were worried about Lin Feng. Su Qing was not willing to be subordinate to Lin Feng. He was going to bully these geniuses today to show them the strength of the World of Battle!

“Master, look, there are people on it!” Just as Su Qing raised his arm to slap them, a member on the side pointed to the flying black clothed man. He was slightly shocked. Su Qing looked up and saw the black clothed cultivator.

“Who are you?” Su Qing frowned and looked cautious, but this person one was nothing but an Ordinary Godly Ancestor. Su Qing relaxed and didn’t pay any attention.

  The man in black landed on the top of the mountain, looking at Qi Qiang and others kneeling on the ground. Qi Qiang also looked surprised and exclaimed, “Teng Hui, help us!”

“Teng Hui? Ha ha, there’s no place to go, no effort to come. Are you Teng Hui, the remaining sin of the inferior world?” Su Qing was stunned at first, and then was full of surprise, and even laughed recklessly.

“Master, now we have all the people here!” a member smiled with a ferocious face, looking forward to what was going to happen. Su Qing stared at the newcomer, but couldn’t help laughing to himself.

“Let them go, or someone won’t let you go!” Teng Hui’s face was a little gloomy, and he was worried. Remembering Lin Feng’s determined face calmed him down.

   Su Qing stared at Teng Hui, then asked in surprise, “Are you sick? Let go of the remaining evil element! Ha ha, is it possible?

“You are also from the Country of Eternity. Don’t you know what’s happening? Don’t know what our Alliance of Young Geniuses is for?” Su Qing said, laughing louder and louder, as if he heard the best joke in the world, which attracted the other Young Geniuses’ laughter. Teng Hui’s face was gloomy, and Qi Qiang’s group’s faces were pale.

   Knowing this, they shouldn’t have joined the Human Clan. They didn’t expect there to be so many members of the Alliance of Young Geniuses. Them joining the Human Clan was equal to the sheep entering the wolf’s mouth. It would have been better to join the Tai Qing Sect at the beginning.

   But they were unwilling. They were all famous geniuses in the ancient Human Clan from the Country of Eternity. Why should they be bullied by geniuses when they entered the World of Battle? While they were angry, resisting with their strength seemed useless!

   Now they could only wait for humiliation, there was no other way!

“I’m giving you one last chance; let them go!” Teng Hui roared angrily.

   Su Qing was surprised. It was the first time that an inferior class man dared to speak to him. Of course, that was except for Lin Feng. Who dared to provoke a monster like Lin Feng?

“Haha, it seems that you are really looking for death. Let’s help you!” Su Qing’s face was cold, and he had no patience to continue with these inferior geniuses. He was ready to clean them all up together.

   Suddenly, the atmosphere became tense, everyone was breathing fast. Qi Qiang was extremely anxious, and Teng Hui was at a loss what to do after seeing Su Qing’s ugly grimace.

“Su Qing, it seems that your Alliance of Young Geniuses still has no conscience even today!”

   A soft laugh broke the silent and intense atmosphere on the top of the mountain. The laughter was full of irony and cruelty. Su Qing’s face suddenly changed after hearing the familiar devilish voice. He raised his head and saw Lin Feng standing in front of Teng Hui. Lin Feng was looking at Su Qing and grinning.

   With a thump, his heart began to race, and his face turned pale. Pointing at Lin Feng, he couldn’t finish a complete sentence, “You, how did you…?”

“I wanted to give you a chance, but you didn’t know how to cherish it. I reminded you not to think about geniuses of the lower world anymore. Why didn’t you take it seriously?

“Well, if you really don’t have a long memory, then I’ll impress it on you again!”

   Lin Feng disappeared before he finished talking, Su Qing could only vaguely see a vague figure passing by him, then disappeared again, and then, bang!

   “Ah, my meridians!”

  Countless screams were heard all over the mountain. Looking around, Su Qing could hear them all clearly. At their screams, Su Qing’s heart was about to jump out, and his pale face was covered in cold sweat.

“No, no!” His trembling voice was full of unprecedented fear. He had no courage at all facing Lin Feng, who had slaughtered Jun Hall and the Spiritual Warriors Clan! 

   Teng Hui and Qi Qiang were proud of each other. They stared at the scene in front of them, surprised and happy, even shocked. Su Qing, who had been so proud, was so timid in front of Lin Feng, as timid as a child. Lin Feng didn’t teach him a lesson. He just taught the several followers behind him.

   But still Su Qing face was so afraid that they could never forget this scene.

“Do you want to let people go now?” Lin Feng flashed in front of Su Qing again, only half a meter away from the latter. His hands were on Su Qing’s shoulders. His voice was very low, but it was full of death, making Su Qing’s heart pound.

 He had to keep nodding, “Let, let them go!”

“Really? Don’t you want to abuse them again? I can wait here. You can abuse them, okay? I won’t step in?” Lin Feng looked at Su Qing lightly, asking in a cruel way.

“No, how would I dare, dare not.” Su Qing grinned so hard, his face looked frozen in a rictus.

   Lin Feng nodded and no longer embarrassed Su Qing. He glanced at Qi Qiang and the other geniuses. Teng Hui immediately waved his hand. Qi Qiang stood up and walked over to Lin Feng. They finally knew that the one in black was Lin Feng. They had heard Lin Feng’s name many times in the Human Clan.

“Your name is Qi Qiang?” Lin Feng asked lightly, looking at the man in blue in front of him.

Qi Qiang nodded respectfully, “Tes, Master, I am Qi Qiang.”

Lin Feng nodded and smiled, then glanced at Su Qing and ordered Qi Qiang, “Well, go, slap him and help him remember!”

   Qi Qiang was startled, but it soon subsided. He nodded and turned to Su Qing. Su Qing dared not show his anger, but could only grit his teeth. Qi Qiang thought about all the previous humiliations, and his anger could not help but burst out.

   Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa!

No one knew how many times he slapped Su Qing. People only heard the continuous clear sound. Lin Feng could not help enjoying himself. 

“Let me try!” Teng Hui screamed coldly. He stepped forward and stretched out his hand directly. The sound of slapping once again spread all over the mountain.

“Let me try!”

“And me!”

…At this moment, all the geniuses of the lower world put out their hands, and slapped Su Qing. Lin Feng did not expect them to jump forward just because he let Qi Qiang did it, but finally all the nine geniuses did the same.

   A little bit later, Su Qing was not as handsome as he used to be. His face was swollen like a pig’s head, and he could not open his mouth and speak loudly. His tears were accompanied by blood and water, which was very embarrassing. As for the other geniuses, their meridians were broken now, and Lin Feng has destroyed all their cultivation. How would they care about Su Qing?

“Well, it’s time to go!” Lin Feng shook his head and stopped the geniuses with a deep voice. Su Qing should not die right now. This humiliation would drive Su Qing crazy.

Do not cross the line ever!

 Qi Qiang and Teng Hui withdrew their hands, but the other seven people were still not happy, and they slapped him a few times more before withdrawing reluctantly. Although their hands were numb, it was worth it. After Su Qing humiliated them, they could not let him go easily!

“Let’s go!” Lin Feng glanced at several people, but not at Su Qing. He stepped out and flew up to the sky. Nine geniuses followed him towards the Region of the Eight Corners.

   At this moment, Su Qing and others on the ground fainted, some of them were because of pain, some because of anger, but Su Qing fainted from humiliation.


   Time passed. When Lin Feng returned to the Region of the Eight Corners with nine geniuses of the lower world, a great event was announced in the World of Battle.

   The Alliance of the Young Geniuses in the World of Battle was disbanded!

   When the news came out, it created a public sensation. All the parties in the World of Battle were shocked, and countless geniuses were stunned. They wanted to audition for the Young Geniuses Alliance; how could they announce its dissolution?

   Under this kind of doubt, another piece of news came out gradually, which silenced the people of the World of Battle.

   It was said that the dissolution was because of Lin Feng!

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