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Chapter 1482 – Traces of the fake Cheng Shan

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“Darling, my mother asked me to tell you that the three-year agreement is invalid!” Qian Jin Cai Yue lat in Lin Feng’s arms, full of happiness, but did not forget what Ni Huang had told her for Lin Feng.

   After returning from the Tai Qing Sect, Lin Feng came to Qian Jin Cai Yue’s boudoir. He still felt guilty for her, he had things to make up for. As for how much he could make up, time would tell.

“Okay, it’s invalid,” Lin Feng nodded and agreed with Ni Huang’s request. After all, after accepting Qian Jin Cai Yue, Ni Huang was his mother-in-law. Of course he could not fight with his mother-in-law. The previous three-year agreement was just a gamble. Now, Ni Huang had handed over Qian Jin Cai Yue herself, so he would not have any conflict with Ni Huang.

   The three-year agreement would be abandoned, and their duel would not occur.

“Now there are more and more things happening in the World of Battle, it’s becoming more and more complicated. The Alliance of Young Geniuses in the World of Battle has disbanded inexplicably. The Human Ancestor is in closed-door training, and the Demon Ancestor is the same. All these things are abnormal.

“At the same time, the new ranking competition of List of the World of Battle is about to start. We are not sure when the Ancient Demon will appear. At that time, chaos will appear in the World of Battle.”

“Cai Yue, at that time, you must protect yourself. If I’m too busy, you should go back to Ni Huang’s World and stay with her. Ni Huang should be strong enough to protect you.”

   Lin Feng was full of concern. The World of Battle was getting stranger. No one knew when chaos would happen. Once the Ancient Demon appeared, it would be a great crisis for the World of Battle. 

He was not afraid to live in the Spiritual World with his women and children all his life. But it was not a long-term strategy. Once the Ancient Demon found out about the existence of the Spiritual World, then he and his relatives would be in danger. At the critical moment, he would still need to solve this issue. Right now, even the Human Ancestor could not solve the problem. How could he do so?

“Don’t worry, darling, I will take care of myself!” After spending so many days in the Region of the Eight Corners, Qian Jin Cai Yue understood Lin Feng’s worries and the coming crisis in the World of Battle, so she would not make trouble for Lin Feng and Ni Huang.

“Well, that’s good. I have something else to do. You stay here.” Lin Feng smiled happily, then left Qian Jin Cai Yue’s embrace, and departed her boudoir under her reluctant eyes.

   Closing the door, Lin Feng hurried in the direction of the meeting hall. As soon as he entered the hall, Zi Jin Xiao rushed up, his face was full of excitement, “Lin Feng, yes, yes, ha ha!”

   Lin Feng looked at Zi Jin Xiao with a puzzled face, wondering why he was looking so surprised and incoherent? “What happened? I’ve never seen you so excited?”

“Ha ha, the fake Cheng Shan, we have found traces of the fake Cheng Shan.” Zi Jin Xiao’s face was full of excitement as he nodded repeatedly, staring at Lin Feng. 

When Lin Feng heard what he said, he was very happy. His heart couldn’t beat any faster. “Really, have you found him?” Lin Feng was more excited than anyone else. He once doubted many times that the fake Cheng Shan was the man in black who killed Zhan Qian and took Lin Zu away. Now that he had found the fake Cheng Shan, he couldn’t let him go.

   It was a threat keeping such a person alive. He didn’t know when the fake Cheng Shan would plot against him secretly, so he should eliminate the danger as soon as possible!

“In the Mo Forest; the fake Cheng Shan seems to be looking for something,” Zi Jin Xiao nodded solemnly. He guaranteed it was absolutely true with his personality, because it came from the reports of people in the Mo Forest.

Hearing that, Lin Feng no longer hesitated and directly rushed out of the hall, going straight to the cave world, and from the cave to the Mo Forest.

   Today’s Region of the Eight Corners and the Mo Forest were connected by cave worlds. These cave worlds were built by the cultivators of the Yi Clan, and were much faster than the previous cave worlds leading to the various Regions. It used to take a day to get from the Region of the Eight Corners to the Mo Forest, but now it only took two hours to get there.

“Inform the Holy Godly Ancestors to immediately go to the Mo Forest!” Zi Jin Xiao was afraid that there would be some conspiracy that would enable the fake Cheng Shan escape, so he immediately ordered his servants to help the five Holy Godly Ancestors, so as to ensure that the fake Cheng Shan could not escape.


   Two hours passed quickly. Of course, in the cave world, Lin Feng felt that a day passed as if it were a year, it was so long, and his anxiety couldn’t be hidden. It was something that Lin Feng rarely felt. 

 After arriving at the Mo Forest, Lin Feng directly found some of the Ancestors of the Yi Clan, namely Miss Eight and the others, and invited them to search for the whereabouts of the fake Cheng Shan together with him. The disciple in charge of delivering the message took Lin Feng and all of them to the forbidden area of the Mo Forest.

   Since Lin Feng had taken over the Mo Forest, the forbidden area was no longer a secret. Some people would go in. It didn’t matter if they met an ancient Overlord. As long as they were not of evil mind, the ancient Overlord would not care about anything. But at present, they still hadn’t met any ancient Overlords besides Yi San Ren and Ancestor Ta.

“The fake Cheng Shan was in the forest in front of us!” The disciple pointed to the specific location in the forest.

Hearing that, Lin Feng, Miss Eight, and other cultivators wasted no time, and rushed hurriedly into the deep forest, looking for the fake Cheng Shan.

   Lin Feng was the most familiar with the aura of the fake Cheng Shan. His senses became stronger after he broke through to the realm of Earthly Godly Ancestor, and he could locate the fake Cheng Shan within a short time. 

“Right here!” Lin Feng solemnly and firmly murmured, and looked around the deep forest. The ground was a little muddy, and there were some footprints there, just like the footprints of the fake Cheng Shan. The fake Cheng Shan’s aura here was also the most intense.

“All of you, search for him separately, and don’t let him escape!” Lin Feng whispered to the strong Ancestors of the Yi Clan. They nodded slightly. They scattered from Lin Fengso as not to alert the fake Cheng Shan, which might let him escape again.


   Jia Cheng Shan really was in the deep forest, and his purpose being to find an ancient Overlord, so he did not hesitate to take a huge risk. He certainly knew that the Mo Forest was Lin Feng’s territory, but he thought the most dangerous place was also the safest place.

   An ancient Overlord was quite precious. If he could find an ancient Overlord and even gain his favor, he might be able to compete with Lin Feng. Both Lin Feng and the Region of the Eight Corners were too strong otherwise.

He could not almost bear this strength anymore. He wanted revenge, so he could not stop. Once he stopped, revenge would only be a dream.

“I can’t let Lin Feng grow. I have to get my revenge!” As he walked, Jia Cheng Shan made up his mind. He thought this adventure was worth taking, and there was no other way. He could only gamble once. If he won, he could do it. If he lost, he would die!

   He was very clear about the situation.

“Lin Feng is getting stronger and stronger. I’m afraid that in a few days, the new competition will begin, and Lin Feng will become an Overlord, so I must find an ancient Overlord  before the competition begins.

“I don’t believe I can’t find an ancient Overlord. I don’t have Lin Feng’s good luck; he can find two ancient Overlords, so why can’t I?” As he walked, Jia Cheng Shan felt life was extremely unfair. Lin Feng was not just an enemy anymore; Jia Cheng Shan was more and more envious of Lin Feng and everything about him.

“Huo Wu is useless now, and we can no longer control her parents’ clan. This time, I should kill them all!” Jia Cheng Shan lost his patience. After Huo Wu was exposed by Lin Feng, she could not continue to deliver messages.

The family members and clans of Huo Wu did not need to exist anymore. He should kill them all! 

“It seems that you are really determined!”

   Lin Feng had been standing behind him for a long time. However, with the strength of the fake Cheng Shan, a Holy Godly Ancestor, how could he be aware of it? Lin Feng had been listening to the fake Cheng Shan murmuring quietly until he talked about Huo Wu, at which point Lin Feng could not help revealing himself.

   The fake Cheng Shan was trembling all over, like being hit by lightning. The moment when he saw Lin Feng, he was amazed. He was trembling inside, and thought that he would die now. It was all over. This time, he might lose the bet!

The Demon Ancestor could not save him because he was in closed door training, and there was no reason to save him. The reason why he saved him at the beginning was just due to a mutual agreement. He had something that he needed. Now, whether he was in closed door training or not, the Ancestor would not save him.

   Jia Cheng Shan was very clear that he could only rely on himself.

“Ha ha, I didn’t imagine that the most dangerous place was indeed the most dangerous place!” Jia Cheng Shan smiled, his face was bitter, but his sight was cruel. Even if he died this time, he was not willing.

“I didn’t expect that you would appear in the Mo Forest. It’s your own choice. Don’t blame it on me!” Smiling, Lin Feng’s heart had calmed down. Today’s fake Cheng Shan could not escape. First of all, he had no place to escape to. In addition, there were still the Ancestors of the Yi Clan and the Region of the Eight Corners around him.

   Under this encirclement, it was impossible for him to escape. Death was the only way.

“Lin Feng, the last thing I regret in my life is I didn’t have a chance to kill you and avenge my brother!” The fake Cheng Shan’s face was ferocious. He clenched his fists and wished he could kill Lin Feng now, but he finally smiled bitterly.

“Sure enough, your last name is Luo!” Lin Feng sighed, and finally the speculation in his heart was confirmed. As he had speculated, the fake Cheng Shan was the Luo brother, and only he would be associated with the Huo Wu family.

“Lin Feng, kill me as you like, but I won’t tell you where the Huo Wu clan and their relatives are!” The fake Cheng Shan clenched his teeth. Even if he died, he would let Lin Feng fall into endless worry. Even if he could create even some trouble for Lin Feng, it would be enough!

   Lin Feng shook his head. The fake Cheng Shan still remained unrepentant, even now.

“Your existence means that my brother Cheng Shan was killed by you, and I have no reason to keep you alive for the family of Huo Wu!”

“Hahaha, nonsense! Will you keep me alive? You, Lin Feng, kill people without blinking an eye, and show no mercy to the enemy. Will you keep an enemy alive?” The fake Cheng Shan’s voice was full of sarcasm as he glared at Lin Feng. Then he clenched his fist, tensing up, “Come on, I will hurt you even if I die!” With a ferocious smile, the man rushed to Lin Feng, preferring to die in battle rather than be killed so easily.

   The roaring wind and speed of the fake Cheng Shan both surprised Lin Feng, and he watched the fool rush at him.

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